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Erin Hofteig
This is where we attempt to be witty in a small amount of space...
This is where we attempt to be witty in a small amount of space...

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New study by Mashable: 1/2 of FB users post political messages. How many on G+ so far?

(surprised by the amount of people who believe Fox is 'Fair and Balanced' but OK...)

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share this with everyone you know who is budgeting campaigns, approving staff or consultants and/or advising them...
Today's Tip: It takes time to build a successful online program. Invest early, build a strong OPTED IN list and don't think you can start your campaign three months before an election and raise as much money as the President. :)

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I cannot overstress this point enough...
Today's tip: Building relationships with bloggers in multiple spheres is important. Take the time to read some of their work, cultivate the relationship and get to know them. They don't only want to hear from you when you need something, make your email important to them.

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this is a really good tip! (and not just because i wrote it....) :)
Tip for today: The most effective emails have an intriguing headline, a clear focus and easy to follow instructions for action.

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Just launched our business page on Google +. Swing by and add it to your circles!
Hello Google+ -- Looking forward to sharing our clients successes, and a few best practices along the way.
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