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We have a great selection of tires to choose from, give us a call today.

Cooper rebates are now in effect.
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Our second pair of items in our "Winter Survival Kit" for your car:
3) Extra warm clothing. An extra stocking cap, extra gloves, and an old blanket our great items to keep in your vehicle for winter. Often times people will just hop in the car in the garage lightly clothed, then take off to run an errand, expecting little 'outside time'. Just think about how bad it would be if the car broke down at -23*F and you had on a t-shirt and sweats. . .
4) Jumper cables are something most people have. Great idea. One better. . . One of those new compact "power packs" that can power up your phone, jump start your car, and more. Often these things start at just over $100, and some models are over $200. Why carry one of these instead of just jumper cables? Simple. You need somebody else to happen along to help you with the jumper cables. You can be self sufficient, and be on your way within minutes with one of the power packs.
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We'll start off our "Winter Survival Kit" set with the easy stuff. . .

1) Make sure you have a cell phone AND a car charging cord for it in the car.
When you need it most is when bad things can happen. Sometimes more than one phone call is required to get things handled in an emergency.

2) Keep your gas tank full of gas. 
This cuts down on the presence of moisture in the gas tank/lines, which can freeze and cause trouble. If you do get hopelessly stuck in a blizzard, the amount of time that you have to spend in the car may be much longer than you'd like. In really cold may want to run the car for heat periodically....or to keep the car battery charged (and so you can use the cell phone charger)

More to come!
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Having experienced, caring people working here is what we're all about....but it's not enough.
That's why we've invested in new, state of the art alignment and air conditioning equipment this year.
We love working on cars, and we want to be the best at it.  :)
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Our shop will be closed June 30th - July 4th for training, vacation, and the Holiday.
The office will be answering phones and scheduling upcoming service on Monday June 30, Tuesday July 1, and Wednesday July 2.   
Loaners are available for our loyal customers, if needed.
Have a fantastic holiday!
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We are super busy at the shop this week.
We'll be on vacation next week, like most of you.

The week of July 8th - 12th has openings left...but I don't imagine for too long.

Be safe out there.  Make good driving decisions!      Good driving decisions start with planning ahead, driving a safe vehicle, and keeping it up to date with inspections, maintenance, and repairs.
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Stop in and let us check your tire pressure today.
Tires last longer, and perform better when properly inflated.  
They really should be checked regularly.
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When is the last time you had your transmission serviced?  Take care of your car with regular vehicle service and inspections. 

(I bring this up, because a lot of the cars that are here this week could have been much cheaper to rectify their current issues, if we had done some simple repairs/maintenance earlier on)
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We're doing a wide variety of automotive services and repairs this week.

In addition to the usual: Tires, alignments, driveability troubleshooting & repairs, transmission work - we've got a few older vehicles in this week getting custom work done to them.

So happy to help people get what they need and want from their automobiles! 
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