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Did I hear the fridge door opening?
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Hit my head and bam fridge

Biglarrythefirst opened
I hit hard and I dont remember open fridge let alone me taking food? I claim amnesia (but boy was the food good).

Kevin J
What's in there that he wants
That would be my dog. Food obsession!
He looks like a little bear, too hungry jjj, beautiful 
Somebody has no idea how to train a dog.   
lol wow. But, that's kinda nasty. 
Dude I think your dog's hungry
Close the fridge door before the dog gets to it! Serve him right thinking he has that much liberty!!
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did i hear the fridge open!?!?!?!? quick jump in before it's too late!
woah calm down boy
He smashed into the cabinet!
What sort of a feral would let their dog do that
who he runin from
it's funny, but my dogs would never get away with that.
Thats the guts...thats one dog that knows when its time to eat
Dumb Assed dog !!!! First it slams into the cabinets and then they let the filthy little bastard crawl all over the food !!!! Cute my ass,more like revolting (GAG,HURL) . Nasty assed people !!!!!!
that  its nice if i get a pet one day on usa and good life this one example 
I bet it was going after it's Frosty Paws dog Ice Cream! 
Uhh well someone don't know how to train a dog!!!But then again funny little clip!!!x

Or was that your arms slowly moving to receive a welcomed hug?
My dog slides across floors and hits the wall, cabinet, table and in one instance, my head.... so I don't think anyone pushed him, he just built up too much momentum.
I'm the same way, everyone I hear someone open the fridge
That's like my nephew... -ish.
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