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Where to get the Android N update for my lil shamu?

Lately, lots of voices says nexus should make a phone with Sony, However I prefer a flagship Nexus LG, they did so great on 5 and 5x, which is medium priced phone, can't they make a flagship nexus?

Funny that 90 percent people run stock but 90 percrnt posts are Nova Launcher/ Cyanogenmod themes and UI.

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Stock launcher, +Erica Griffin​ for wallpaper

Can anyone explain why I should upgrade a n6 for a n6p, I know 6p is a good deal but there are some functions in 6 that I love it (wireless charging and OIS and the price, which is at least 150 cheaper in amazon.

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Tmobile nexus 6, finally!!!! 

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Nexus 6 Tmobile users you guys got your Tmobile Marshmallow update yet?
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Please comment, I am a beginner, no BM please, I know its not the best, stock launcher.

I use English as my language settings but my circles are still Chinese, how to rename your circles?
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