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Wendell A. Brown
'Writing poetry is a breath of life to me,'
'Writing poetry is a breath of life to me,'

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Let loves harmonies flow together From the  deep river that lies within Let The life given waters from above Have their moment of peace to begin Let the minds and hearts we possess Meld together always joining as one Let the light of his heaven up above Shi...

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You have kept me from being a prisoner You have kept me from being a slave You have given me something to be thankful for Real answers to the prayers... I prayed You save me from my worst enemy And kept me from falling down And now each day I have a need  d...

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For I See
Can you pray to me and speak honestly That in your heart you truly love me? When you say you hate your brother or sister I cannot see how this could be Can you tell me you love me When in your heart I alone do see The hatred you hold for others With such a ...

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My Life's Song
My life’s song is,,, Set to the tune, that You Alone did create and Compose For its melodic harmonies Have sweet beginnings Which  have their birthright In the deep roots in heaven The voice of Your spirit moves Me to always seek to accomplish What my body ...

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The Same Way
One sees a rose enjoying its beauty, Its color,  and its softness… and I look at You that same way. I want  You, but I do not lust after You, for I want You so completely… If that is possible. I need You,  as I need water to survive, for I need Your spirit ...

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For My One Love
A song is sung from Deep in my heart where, Your love does always Lie... Its melodies are so very Pleasing to me that, they Bring my eyes to softly cry For the song even though It is happy is sung each day With many emotional tears Because of the happiness ...

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Deep Within
One might take away The stars from the Night, leaving a Very dark and empty Sky One might try to take The sun away, causing It's radiant light to fade And die One might be able to Take the rain away, So that our tears We can no longer hide But one can never...

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I Pray For You
I pray for you Lord That your energy Will never ever cease I pray that your
power Will never fade or dissipate Or lose its vibrancy I pray that your love Will never change, that You will always walk With me… Whether I am wrong Or right I pray that you never...

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I Shall Wait On You
I shall wait for You, Any where of your Choosing… For indeed You are Are worth waiting For. The thought of Your Coming fills my heart With a splendid joy And my heart happily Beams forth, because I know You will come In a time unknown to Us, yes a time that...

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The Flames of Love
Why is it when I see you I always fall in love again Why is it when I touch you Loves fires  will begin Why is it when I kiss you I want you so much more Why is it when I'm near Of one thought I am quite sure I need you like the grass the rain Or the sky ab...
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