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A small, simple PHP MVC framework skeleton that encapsulates a lot of features surrounded with powerful security layers.

miniPHP is a very simple application, useful for small projects, helps to understand the PHP MVC skeleton, know how to authenticate and authorize, encrypt data and apply security concepts, sanitization and validation, make Ajax calls and more.

It's not a full framework, nor a very basic one but it's not complicated. You can easily install, understand, and use it in any of your projects.

Core Features:

- Authentication & Authorization
- Prevent Session Concurrency
- Defeat against Session Hijacking & Fixation
- Session Expiration
- Remember Me Tokens
- HTTP Method Validation
- Domain Validation
- Form Tampering
- CSRF Tokens
- User Verification via Email Tokens
- Forgotten Password
- Defeat against Brute-Force attack
- Captcha 
- Block IP Addresses(When same IP Address failed to login with multiple emails)
- SQL Injection(Using prepared statements)
- Encryption(Encryption Class is responsible for encrypting and decryption of data)
- Validation(A small library for validating user inputs) 
- Error and Exception Handler
- Logger
- Sending Emails(with PHPMailer)

Application Features:

**An application that uses the above core features. It's much like a small social system, or call it whatever you want.

**Most of the actions performed(create, edit, delete, update) are done with Ajax calls.

- Dashboard(quick links, statistics & latest updates)
- Profile(Edit user profile, and upload profile picture)
- News Feed & Posts & Comments(Edit, Create, and Delete in-place)
- Uploading and Downloading files(Secured way, progress bar, ...)
- Notifications(Whenever something is created - using Triggers)
- Report Bugs
- Handle Registered Users(Only Admins)
- Backups(Only Admins)

There are exerted efforts behind. If you learnt something, or I saved your time, Please support the project by spreading the word.

The script is Built under MIT license.
GitHub: https://github.com/OmarElGabry/miniPHP
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