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John M Smart
Foresight, Tools, and Strategies for a World of Accelerating Technological Change
Foresight, Tools, and Strategies for a World of Accelerating Technological Change

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Please enjoy this video, friends. It has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur! Get foresight, and change the world!

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Do you run? Want tips on running long, without overtraining? Check out my new Medium post: Ten Tips for Running Long (26.2M+), with Just Five Hours of Running Time a Week - Why and How to be a Go-Slower Endurance Athlete for Life

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Just posted my 23 min talk on The Near-Term Future of Immersion (Smart Agents & Mediated Reality) for VRLA Summer Expo.

What an amazing and disruptive world we're co-creating!

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Dear FB Friends,
Just finished my new Medium Post:

The Three Camps of Brain Preservation (Life Suspension):
Reanimators, Uploaders and Uncertains — Which Are You?

Take the Transporter Test and Find Out

Let me know what you think. Thrive!

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John Smart Futurist - Your Personal Sim - The Brave New World of Smart Agents (16min, BIL LA 2016)

My 16 min talk at BIL Los Angeles (2 Apr 2016). Intelligent personal software agents are going to be key drivers of social change in the next two decades.

I hope you like this intro. It's a bit too excited and hand wavy, but see my Medium series for the deets.

Thanks for your feedback and shares friends!

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Your Personal Sim: Pt 4 — Deep Agents (Grokking Deep Learning/Natural Intelligence)

Hey friends! My new post on Smart Agents is up on Medium.

This one is my most important post so far in this series. It goes into the technology (deep learning, conversational coding) and neuroscience (connectomics) that tells us why smart agents are going to get rapidly smarter and more personalized every year.

I believe smart agents will enable the biggest social, economic, and scientific changes that 20th century humans will EVER see. They will also offer hundreds of millions of us a very seductive way to solve the problem of our inevitable biological aging and death.

Your Personal Sim: Pt 4 — Deep Agents
(Grokking Deep Learning/Natural Intelligence)
The Brave New World of Smart Agents and their Data

A Multi-Part Series
Part 1 — Your Attention Please
Part 2 — Why Agents Matter
Part 3 — The Agent Environment
Part 4 — Deep Agents (this post)

More later… Thanks for hearting them if you like them, and please share your feedback/insights if so inclined!

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My new post on Smart Agents. This one explores our increasingly virtual agent environment. I think our personal sims, agents, and their data will be the biggest social IT advance of the next generation. They are “the human face of the coming tech singularity.” Agree? Disagree? Let me know, thanks!

Your Personal Sim: Pt 3--Inner Space and Mediated Reality.

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My new post on Smart Agents. I think these will be the biggest social IT advance of the next generation, and the human face of the coming tech singularity. Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

Thanks deeply for liking, sharing and feedback, public or private!

Your Personal Sim: Pt 2--Why Agents Matter.

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Hey Friends!

My talk on the future of Smart Agents at BIL LA 2016 is here (individual talk posts coming later, this is my timecode in the livestream). So great seeing all my LA buds.

A bit ranty and ravy so I apologize for that, but it does get across my conviction that these are going to be the single most important IT development of the coming generation. Our next-gen sims will hugely empower or limit us, depending on how they are built, trained and used, by each of us.

Checkout my multiweek series on Medium about that if you'd like more details. Part 1 is here:

Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!

Major thanks to Christy Fair and Fedje Lang for organizing LA's event, and to Cody Marx Bailey for co-founding the BIL Conferences in 2008. Bottom-up unconferencing is an awesome way to share our passions!! Cheers.

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Your Personal Sim: The Brave New World of Smart Agents and their Data

A Multi-Part Series, Posted on Wednesdays on Medium

Part 1 — Your Attention Please: A New World Is Almost Upon Us

Summary (tl;dr)

This series will explore the five- to twenty-year future of smart agents and the knowledge bases they use and build. These may be the most socially important forms of AI that will emerge in the coming generation.

As we’ve seen in the headlines about deep learning since 2012, the AIs are presently awaking all around us, whether we want them to or not. They are also coming in our image — in their neural form and function — again whether we want them to or not. To paraphrase futurist Stewart Brand, “We are gaining superpowers, so we better get good at using them.”

A new kind of software agent called a personal sim is the most empowering and intimate form of AI on the horizon. We’ll soon be using sims that model our interests, goals, and values in their knowledge bases, and which act as our assistants and digital interfaces to the world.

In their early years we’ll likely think of sims as bright but slightly autistic children, much better at many tasks than we are, but still unschooled and unwise in many ways. At the same time, the knowledge bases our sims use will be full of errors, and won’t be sufficiently open at first.

The takeaway from this series will be that we will need to build and raise our sims and their knowledge bases well, with love and care, as they will be central to how billions of us live our lives in the 2020s and beyond.

For more, please see Your Personal Sim: Part 1 on Medium. Thanks!


John Smart is a futurist exploring the intersection of technology and culture from universal, acceleration, and evo-devo-based perspectives. These posts are excerpted from his new 15 chapter book on the foresight profession, The Foresight Guide. The Guide will posted free online, as a permanent, page-commentable blog, on June 30th at To be reminded when it goes online, leave your email address at
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