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New Mexico Hunting Guide, Client Wounded in Border Ambush
Laura Bryant


While guiding an aoudad hunt in Presidio county Texas, a New Mexico hunting guide was shot in the abdomen and seriously wounded Friday night after what appears to have been an attempt to kidnap his clients on the Mexico border.
The guide remains in critical condition in a Texas Hospital. His client was also shot in the arm and is expected to recover.
Multiple assailants fired upon an RV parked near a hunting lodge where the party were staying for the hunt. The contracted hunter and his wife were asleep in the in the RV when the attack began. Walker Daugherty 26 of Chloride NM was wounded while attempting to stop the assailants from taking the RV with his clients inside. He was assisted by another guide Michael Bryant; the men were staying inside the lodge with their wives.
Per a family source, everyone was in bed preparing for an early hunt, the guides and cooks inside the house and the clients in the rental RV parked nearby. Walker heard voices outside and went to see what the noises were, he witnessed men with guns attempting to take the RV, he then ran back inside to get help. Walker and Michael armed themselves to defend and protect the client and to attempt to deter the assailants while the hunter attempted to escape in the RV which was being shot at repeatedly. The vehicle is riddled with bullet holes from the attack and suffered other structural damage.
The attack lasted long enough for Walker to run back to the house and get more ammunition, when he was close to the door his sister, saw him get shot and was able to drag him inside the house and away from the gunfire. The women in the lodge were able to get a spotty cell signal and call 911.
The family has been earning a living guiding and outfitting out of the remote ranch for years. The business had experienced several thefts and had been working with the US Border Patrol to apprehend illegal aliens in the area in the past month. The theft events and the attack occurred in the United States.
The attack has the family concerned that the attack was not just an attempt to rob the property. They believe the assailants intended to kill all the party. The attackers were strategically placed around the lodge and the men were fired upon from different areas.
The client’s wife, a nurse was able to help keep Walker from bleeding to death while they waited several hours for a medivac helicopter to take him to El Paso. It took local law enforcement over an hour to get to the remote scene. The family says the men and their wives were grilled about the veracity of their account by Law Enforcement and the assailants got away and likely returned to Mexico. Kidnapping along with drug and human trafficking, has become common along the Mexico border especially if there are reasons to believe that an intended victim is a person of means. The family however are self-employed outfitters earning a living as guides although the clients were likely the intended targets.
Friends have set up a go fund me account to assist with medical expenses and the long recovery process that Walker is expected to endure. He is uninsured.

Walker Daugherty was shot in his side while out hunting with his fiancee and friends on the Texas/New Mexico boarder. They were involved in a shoot out with some illegals when the illegals tried to steal Walker's hunter's RV, with them still inside it. He went in to surgery this morning, and is s...
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This remote spot was in my old precinct. Extremely rare for something like this to happen. Large, large area. Not sure how far it is from Candelaria, far northwest area in Presidio County along the Rio Grande. Which is usually dry here this time of year until it picks up water from Mexico's Rio Conchos at Presidio/Ojinaga. But you can drive/walk across in places here. So I wouldn't think it was some well-orchestrated, commonly used plan -- like the story suggests -- that makes the Mexican border dangerously unsafe for U.S. citizens. ... like we NEED that WALL of Trump's! Here's the part I object to: "Kidnapping along with drug and human trafficking, has become common along the Mexico border, especially if there are reasons to believe that an intended victim is a person of means." A "person of means?" Folks, you'll be hard-pressed to find any other place in the country farther into "the middle of nowhere" than this stretch here? I smell a rat! And a huge one!
What the hell difference does it make if it's in the middle of nowhere or if it's a person of means or not?

Someone jumped our border illegally and shot several innocent people without provocation!! 
I agree with Brandon! LE must take steps to ensure these people are safe from the animals that cross the US border and attempt to prey on Americans! It's just too bad the guides did not get a few of them!
Unfortunately, it sounds like they will come back!

Dan I think your the rat you smell! At this point I don't care what your having a problem with! These people are family! They are citizens of the United States assaulted by people illegally in this country. I think your remarks clearly show that you are part of the illegal immigration problem. 
Another reason to build that wall and strengthen our border security. May God be with all who were involved and may his wrath on the enemy be swift.
We have been to this place, Circle Dug several times and it is about 1/2 hour up a dirt road from Candalaria. This story is very scary for all of us and I pray they will be found and persecuted. Nothing like this has happened out there.
I pray that the injured are healed quickly and that the terror they all felt is lessened. I do wish the assailants had been caught or better yet, shot and killed before the LE's arrived!! It is truly better to have only one side to a story and it be yours!! It is a shame that we cannot go out hunting and enjoy the great outdoors with the constant fear of being attacked.
I am in favor of the wall being built, deportations reinstated and anything else that can help make this country safer, but not naive enough to think that will solve all our problems! It will take many years to see a change, but at least Trump is willing to make a start and not just opening our borders for all to come here! Unlike what we have had for the last 8 years!!
This incident is a terrible situation for all involved and I pray that the victims make a full recovery. Be careful out there and never be alone!! 
Ron, don't hold your breath while waiting for LE to "take steps to ensure people are safe." Even if it was practically possible (which it is not), there is no real motive for them to act in such a manner. The old government check will arrive whether or not crime is prevented. In fact, the motive is the opposite of that--the more crime the more of the stolen money they get.

The one and only "solution" is a well armed citizenry--by constitutional definition a well regulated (meaning trained) militia. Something like the Israelis do it but even more intensive--every man, woman and responsible child with a fully automatic, gas operated, shoulder weapon (aka M16) slung over their shoulder every where they go. 
Build the wall. Or a fence with sensors. It'll happen.

There isn't a single news story anywhere in the media about this. That's very odd. They've raised $14,000 in 48 hours. Smells like a scam to me.

Rat or no rat, this kind of stuff has been going in south Texas for years. Years ago as a security consultant and contract personal protection officer I attended a advanced pistol and carbine course about an hour south of SA being instructed by a couple of well vetted ex SF also ex LEO guys. At the start of the courses I was told of the situation by the instructors which was corroborated by a local rancher. At one point I was the only person on property in the bunkhouse at night and was told to lock the place down, stay well armed at all times, don't get caught in the open and if something happened I was pretty much on my own as help would be awhile. The Wall can't be built fast enough.... It's time for the insanity of the past 8 years to end.
You won't find it on the news, they don't want you to know.

Just because it isn't on the news doesn't mean it didn't happen. The MSM only reports what they want us to hear.

As a friend of the family, I have to say, the only rats were the ones who shot walker and the other hunter. This did happen and it is real. As someone who has spent a good portion of my life living on both the Texas and New Mexican borders I can tell you that things like this do happen, more often than is ever reported in the media. Most people dont know the realities of living, working on the border. It doesn't really matter if you be live it or not, however, it's happening and innocent Americans are dying. Time to build the wall! Protect our borders, our families, and our right to live and work in our own country!
+Martin Lunsford lol The Main Stream Media is THE number one source of Fake News. Everything the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS) and the Communist News Network (CNN) say is a lie to one extent or another. 
+Dan Bodine There is no rat, the kidnapping angle is pure speculation. All of the above did happen and the only thing that makes sense is what has been opined in this article. I know it's speculation I wrote it, I spoke with the victims. Speculation is legitimate in this situation since there is no real explanation for the attack on people who were only making a living.

+Martin Lunsford If you type "presidio Texas" into the Google news search bar it brings up multiple articles from different sources confirming this attack. There are lots of scams on GoFundMe but this appears to be legit.
+Martin Lunsford This is no scam there is no rat, unless you consider local law enforcement potentially stymieing a real investigation. tourism is important you know. 
I live in Brewster county (next door to Presidio county). What is the most "mystifying" to me is what the Presidio County sheriff meant when he said "there is no evidence to support the allegations of a 'cross-border violence.'" Did I hear someone say something about "law enforcement potentially stymieing a real investigation."

Presidio county has traditionally been extremely corrupt. In fact, a few years back, the Sheriff got caught at the county fairgrounds with a stock trailer full of cocaine. They sent him away for a looooong vacation. lol 
Thank you for keeping us updated, are there any updates on the men?
Yeah, and the local yokel news media is not getting or putting out much information. Last I had was that these guys shot each other but that was all that was said about it.

The Border Patrol, who has tracking dogs, and agents agents specifically trained in tracking has determined that there were no tracks coming in or out of the camp. Several Law Enforcement Agencies have said that there was no "Cross Border Gun Violence". Several news outlets are reporting today that members within the camp shot each other.
Now my question is, when will the money that was collected under false pretenses via GoFund Me be returned to the donors? $23,000 plus dollars is a pretty large amount of money to be collected under false pretenses.

For those wanting an updated story, I am attaching one. - Authorities say two men -- a New Mexico... - Albuquerque Journal | Facebook
The fact is still this, nobody knows who shot walker, the bullet is in him and there was no gun to match it.  The client has no motive to hide anything why would he make up a story?  So with the fundraiser being for Walker's medical bills and being used only for that, I doubt it's necessary to call it collecting under  false pretenses.  If you gave money and want it back say so outright.
+Marcey Love Did you read all the articles, perhaps the one where the sheriff says if you leave the illegals alone they aren't much of a problem. I urge you to review the above article. Keep an open mind and be a little less judgemental of these folks.

What do you mean there is no gun to match it? I am extremely well versed in gun training. What you mean, and is being reported by Law Enforcement is that there will never be ballistics testing on the Bullet that is in his chest, because it is too close to his heart to be removed.
The fact that there has been this big grand story of "The Illegal's /assailants storming the camp and attempting to rob and murder them is so disturbing, disheartening, and quite frankly downright disgusting. Evidence says that there were no tracks coming in or out of the camp. And Every. Single. Recently. Spent. Casing. came from a gun belonging to one of the campers in the party. Do you suppose "The Illegals" had time to pick up all of the brass before they fled the camp? Did they not think their story would be checked? No.. they heard something.. mistakes were made, but rather than tell the truth, they took the easy and sensational way out. The way that people wouldn't make fun of them. And the way they could garner attention and raise money easily.

Looks like they're singing like a Canary now!

From reporter Etta Pettijohn in reference to the shooting case in Texas involving our neighbors and friends. After the Sheriff told the world it was a confused paranoid self inflicted shooting. "I called the SD and requested a police/incident report. If I am not mistaken they have to file something. Maybe (law enforcement friend) can explain. Anyway, the dispatcher (phone answer at non Emergency number) said they have no report, because the investigation is ongoing. Then she hung up on me. An official FOIA request has been requested."
No report but fine and dandy smearing the reputation of every person involved. And this is what's wrong with law enforcement today. Nobody has denied that the situation was confused, they have all clearly stated it happened fast and because there were threats and shots going on.
There are documented reports filed with Border Patrol from the guides involved in the weeks past reporting thefts and traffickers, there have been arrests as well and property returned.
The guides and clients were all over the ranch as well as those who didn't belong there, but still the sheriff is stating there is no sign.
We will never know where the bullet in Walker came from for sure, that is now clear, it is never going to be able to come out.

There are no completed ballistics report.  Therefore there is no conclusive evidence how this happened other than all 6 eyewitness accounts.  There is no reason for 3 sheriff dept press releases that are clearly defensive in nature.   Hold off on judgement please.
+Marcey Love you know nothing whatsoever about the investigation, there is no singing like a canary. They have not even been interviewed. They are not charged with anything. I wrote the press release they did not. They told the story they witnessed and I speculated and wrote what I understood. What part of ongoing investigation do you not understand?