Hello everyone!

Our first beta for Cal for Android is finally here!

In order to be a beta tester for Cal, you need to:
1. Join our "Any.do super users" community
2. Opt-in using this link:

After you opt-in, click on the download link on the same page. If you get an error - just try again in an hour or so. It should take a few hours until the app will be available to everyone.

If you already have a previous Cal version - please UNINSTALL it first.

We put in a lot of work to bring you the best calendar experience to your Android device. We would LOVE to hear your feedback on the appropriate channels on this community, as listed on the left ("Cal Discussion", "Cal Suggestions" etc.).

We remind you - this is a BETA version. This version is not fully stable and crashes/bugs may occur. Please report crashes using the "Report" option on any "Force close" message you get, with a description of what you did.

Thank you all for being our super users, and helping us bring a quality calendar app to Android.

- The Any.do team

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