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Promising Practices Event
The 2014 Promising Practices event took place
at RIC on Saturday November 1, the day after Halloween.  We were all very tired and it was raining, and honestly I  wasn't  really looking forward to it, but I think after it was over it was definitely worth it....

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Article Connection #3 - Shor
“The typical classroom is framed by the competition, marked by
struggle between students (and often between teacher and students), and riddled
by indicators of comparative achievement and worth. Star charts on the wall
announce who has been successful at le...

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Article Connection #2 - Johnson
It wasn’t until I
heard Emily and Erika ’s Pecha Kucha presentation that I realized really what
Johnson really meant.  I agree with every
thing that they said about having privilege and not even realizing it.  These thoughts probably wouldn’t have even

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Empowering Education - Shor - Quotes
          "Empowering Education" by Ira Shor discusses different methods for learning, and teaching in the classroom.  It discusses how classrooms today are too focused on drilling information and memorization rather than thinking critically and making conn...

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Unlearning the Myths that Bind us - Christensen - Hyperlinks
           "Children's cartoons, movies, and literature are perhaps the most influ­ential genre "read." Young people, unprotected by any intellectual armor,
hear or watch these stories again and again, often from the warmth of their
mother's or father's lap...

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“Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome” by Christopher Kliewer- Reflection
This weeks
reading “Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome” by Christopher Kliewer made me think
a lot about the way being ostracized can affect a student, for whatever
reason.  This article focuses on children
with special needs, mostly down syndrome, but it happ...

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Literacy with an Attitude- Finn (Reflection)
When I was
reading some of the other blogs in our class I was glad to see that I wasn’t
the only person who struggled with this article a little more than usual.   Like Dennis , I also thought that it was
lengthy and dry and hard to get through.   I am look...

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Kozol- Amazing Grace (Revisited)
In his article "Amazing Grace" Jonathan Kozol tells us about his experience in Mott Haven the people he met there, and the conditions in which they live.  He tells us about the disease, poverty and neglect they live through in order to show us the clear lac...

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In The Service of What? -Extended Comments
This weeks reading "In the
Service of What?" by Joseph Kahne and Joel Westheimer looked at service
learning, and the benefits and learning that students can take out of helping
the community by serving those in need.  In her blog post, Karissa  says that sh...

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Safe Spaces - Reflection
         Growing up I went to a very small, Catholic K-8 elementary/middle school .  Then I moved on to another very small, Catholic high school .  I had little to no exposure to any LGBT students, or bullying not only because my schools were so small but a...
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