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Updated as the link to youtube had broken - here's the post with a different version of September Gurls

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The death and possible rebirth of pop: Animal Collective in hip London times.
I can't think how music actually exists these days.  None of it makes sense. I think the time is right for bailing out. I don't actually understand it anymore. It's beyond me. I tried getting a handle on it and then it kind of fell away. There's too much ou...

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Dreamers: A Night with the BMX Bandits
Independent pop
music in 1986 was genuinely that – it was independent – fierce in spirit and
attitude – it was not part of the plan – it was immediate – simple and
available from the right record shops or fanzine networks and tape
exchanges.   I remember th...

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I wrote for luck - they sent me you
All documentary
programmes about Manchester will discuss the pivotal moment The Happy Mondays
and The Stone Roses played Top of the Pops. They will argue how it redefined
the centre of pop – how it re-presented the working class as saviours of music
– how i...

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Do you remember when Gedge was cutting edge?
Do you remember when David Gedge was well known? The
pinnacle of independent hipness in your home town? He was all front cover this
and all of that - guesting here and there - I got the NME today - it was from a
guy in   a hi-vis jacket outside Covent

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Girl on a train: Sleaford Mods whilst the city never sleeps
hadn't planned on being at this concert, gig, shindig - I was bought a ticket
from the other half - a birthday treat as her birthday fell the very next day
after it - late night outings and present opening mornings. She knows how much
I love a rant - a ra...

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A little bit of roogie boogie on a Sunday
This concert kind of rushed up on me - a sudden posted video and
tour dates - Euros Childs was coming to town again. It had been a busy weekend
- up to the Forum on Friday - birthday walks and meals (I was cooking not
celebrating - I mean I was celebrating ...

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