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Inventory Buyers
Bulk Inventory Buyers is in the business of helping people and companies who have excess inventory or closeout merchandise
Bulk Inventory Buyers is in the business of helping people and companies who have excess inventory or closeout merchandise


Professional Closeout buyers
Having a relationship with reliable and professional closeout buyer or liquidation buyers can be great business decision. Sometimes distribution issues arise when a company needs to closeout merchandise. The company’s current customer base can sometimes be affected. Discount pricing may occur in nearby outlets and often causes issues. Working closely with a closeout buyer can help elevated problems. We can control and manage distribution if discounted merchandise. Liquidators can often resell goods to certain non-conflicting areas of the country and also can export merchandise oversees. It is important to be able to have trust in your liquidator.
Inventory Liquidators Help Unload Unwanted Product
Professional and reliable closeout buyers should be considered an important component of any company’s sales strategy. Being able to unload product packaging changes or discontinued items fast and efficiently will save unwanted headaches. The closeout buyer will also purchase unassembled components of a product or over-ordered components of a product. We’re also a excess inventory buyers for that inventory that just that you just bought too much of thinking it would sale.
Buyers Who Focus on Your Needs
365 days a year you can count on Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc. to take care of your closeout needs, no matter what they may be. We strive to always be available to give you a fair price on a offer, to answer any questions we may be able to help you with or yo otherwise share our buying experience with our clients if it’s needed. Isn’t it a good time to turn that stock that’s just sitting there into fast cash that could be used elsewhere?
A Simple Mutually Beneficial Closeout Buyer Process
As for our process here at Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc., we put the customer first when these use us as their closeout service. It’s simple. Just call, or e-mail. One of our buying specialists and give a good description of what you are trying to sell. We’ll return with a fair offer, as quick as can be. Once we come to a mutual agreement on a fair price, we’ll schedule a time to pick up the merchandise that’s totally at your convenience! Working with a closeout buyer couldn’t
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Excess inventory buyers can help turn slow moving and unneeded inventory into cash.  There are many reasons why businesses have excess and surplus inventory. Excess inventory buyers work with companies that need and/or must sell of inventory. There are many reasons why companies have excess product…. Discontinued products, packaging changes, cancelled orders, slow moving products, over-ordered production, warehouse space expense, company relocation, change in distribution strategies, bankruptcy and/or liquidation. The list is completely endless, but no matter how why you have it, we’re willing to buy inventory from you.
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How To Sell Inventory – Being Prepared Helps!
There are many thing you can do to help sell inventory fast
Being prepared is very important and get make the process easy and efficient. When you have excess or unwanted inventory, it can cost you a lot of money and selling it fast should be your goal. Being organized and prepared is the key. The following is a list of things to do and/or keep in mind:
Have quantities, descriptions and photos
This may sound basic but all inventory buyers will need this information. Sometimes your inventory will be scattered. You need to organized it and count it!  As you do, take quality photos! Take photos of the product as well as all packaging. Also take photos of the case it comes in (if the product comes in case packs). If there is a UPC Code on the product, take a close-up photo of the code. Put all this information on a spreadsheet or document and save it on your computer. When talking to potential buyers, you will be able to easily send this information.
Have your inventory boxed and ready to ship
If you want to sell inventory fast, you will need your product ready to ship. Having the size and weight of the entire shipment will be needed and requested by any buyer. Freight costs are super important and will/can make or break a deal. The inventory buyer needs to know the zip code, weight and volume (size of boxes or sized of pallets) in order to get a freight rate for the buy. This information should also be saved on a spreadsheet or document so it can be easily available to send to a potential buyer.
Do your homework to truly determine what your inventory is worth
Inventory buyers are not looking to rip you off or buy cheap to make money. Many factors go into their bid and it is easy to feel you are not getting enough money for your merchandise. Wholesale buyers sell the product to other wholesalers and/or to retailers. In this process, all parties need to make money. There are freight costs, marketing costs, warehousing costs and handling costs involved. You must be realistic and understand this process. If an items is retailing for $2.00 in the traditional retail marketplace, that same items will probably sell for at the most half that ($1.00). With all the margins, freight, handling, etc., that item needs to be purchased from you at the most $.15. It is reality!
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Inventory Liquidators Help You Free Up Expensive Warehouse Space
One of the ways to save you money is to free up expensive warehouse and storage space. What seemed to be a good idea at one time (keeping inventory arounf int he hopes to sell it!) can cost you money and drain your bottom line. Inventory Liquidators like Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc. can pay you upfront and quickly pick-up your excess inventory, freeing up that expensive overhead. With days, your product can be pick-up (on our dime of course) and the bleeding can stop. Inventory Liquidators can provide much needed consultation with your excess inventory challenges.
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Inventory Liquidators Pay Upfront For Excess Product
Inventory Liquidators Pay Upfront for Inventory
One of the fastest ways to liquidate your inventory is working with reputable inventory liquidators.  Professional and knowledgable inventory liquidators can quickly help you anaylze your surplus inventory challenge and guide you to the most effective solution possible. The best solution is to get the most amount of money as possible and doing so quickly. Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc. can help you do this. If for some reason we cannot, we will honest and try to guide you to the best solution… even if that means we give you a phone number and contact at a different company. It is how we operate!
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How Much Money Can I Get for My Overstock Inventory In My Warehouse?
While other overstock liquidators will try to offer you prices for your merchandise that aren’t quite fair, we pride ourselves on taking the opposite approach. In fact, at Bulk Inventory Buyers, we value the fact that you take the time to submit your inventory to us. As a result, we only offer you fair prices that allow you to recoup some of your investment while also re-investing that money in your business.
Choose the Liquidators That Develop Long-Term Relationships With Our Clients
At Bulk Inventory Buyers, we look at buying your liquidated excuse merchandise as the beginning of our working relationship. Join together with our services to turn your merchandise back into revenue and see how warehouse and overstock liquidation can put your business on a path to success.
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Curious if We Accept the Overstock Products That You’re Selling?
As your inventory buyers, we know that selling excess inventory can be quite difficult. However, this is exactly why we’ve taken the steps to make it easier than ever before.
When you work with Bulk Inventory Buyers, there’s no wondering whether or not we accept the products that you’re selling. Instead of limiting you to the categories on our site, we encourage all submissions. This means less time spent looking around and more time spent focusing on what really matters: your business.
If you find yourself needing our services multiple times throughout the year, don’t fear! We are always available to help, regardless of the day. This means that you always have easy access to the services that your business depends upon 365 days per year, giving you a way to rid yourself of the merchandise that you no longer need or can use.
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We’re Liquidators Ready To Purchases Your Overstock Inventory Regardless of How Big or Small
No matter what products you have and how many of each that you have, Bulk Inventory Buyers can help. Whether you need to clear out inventory that is taking up space in your warehouse or clear out stock to make way for next season’s goods, you don’t have to simply throw everything away. Rather than letting it simply take up space, you can get rid of it, and make money doing so.
When you choose to sell to Bulk Inventory Buyers, the process is easy. We serve as your liquidation service, allowing you to take your inventory off of your hands instead of you having to throw it out. This means that you get the capital that you’re looking for to pursue new ventures and grow your business.
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Sell Your Bulk Inventory to Overstock and Warehouse Liquidators
Excess inventory doesn’t mean lost profits. In fact, when you work with overstock or warehouse liquidators in order to sell your excess goods, you can return a significant amount of revenue to your business.
If you’ve never worked with a overstock liquidator before, you might not know how it works. Luckily, there are no extensive processes or requirements involved. As a matter of fact, it is significantly easier. When you work with Bulk Inventory Buyers, this is even more prevalent.
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Leading Inventory Liquidators Make Selling Your Excess Products Easy
When you’re looking for quality liquidation services for your company, Bulk Inventory Buyers is the right option for you. We have the resources and capital to purchase your excess goods, giving you a resource that you can turn to 365 days per year regardless of your needs.
For quality liquidation services that you can depend on, Bulk Inventory Buyers is can help. Free up your warehouse space and revenue today by contacting us and submitting your inventory!
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