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Found in the wild: While testing an API for a German math publisher's service, I found a "X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett" response header.

Based on the headlines people keep posting here and on the book of faces, you'd think Gene Wilder was in only "Willy Wonka".

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Tim Harford is British, and is talking about Brexit. But I think his remarks are probably appropriate and forewarning for Trump as well.
‘We are quite capable of clinging on to our beliefs by picking whatever facts support them’ So what happens now? As the aftershocks of the Brexit vote rumble on, people keep asking me to predict the future. I am not sure that is a useful exercise. But…

My phone (an LG G3) is nearly 2 years old and will be off-contract next month. It also runs real hot and drains batteries fast when doing Pokemon Go (full charge to 1% in less than 3 hours). I've been thinking about an upgrade for a while.

I was considering a Nexus 5X, being an LG phone similar in form-factor to the G3, but with several improvements (including stock Google Marshmallow), but that phone is itself now nearly a year old, with (theoretically) the next Nexus offerings due out soon. Other manufacturers have released better phones since then as well.

What phones do you recommend?

My preference is for a phone I don't feel I have to root to get the crap off of. Right now I can't use Android Pay because I have a rooted rom, and I'd like to try that service. That does heavily weight towards Nexus, but I'm willing to listen to alternatives.

Is there any reason to have multiple copies of the same pokemon? Or is the best strategy to take my redundant pokemon, sell them to the researcher (if that's what he is, and not a furrier) for candy, and feed that candy to the one I keep. Or, in other words, is there any reason why I shouldn't just feed my extra Weedle's to my other Weedles?

Which is better: getting new front brakes this week and rear brakes next week, or vice versa?

Joyous Canada Day, all!

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In the "no docs are bad docs" department today, go to and look at the page. Scroll down so you can read it all, then the Docs link and/or the "Try it now" link (they go to the same place). If you want, you can also follow the "Plugins" link. The one other link on the page, "Twitter", I didn't bother following.

After all that, tell me, in simple terms, what does it do?.
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