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"I’ve always liked personalised jewellery so very pleased to finally own a name necklace".

Read more about Imogen here & her unique style >>

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Planning a #wedding?

Be sure to read these 5 quick do's & dont's when it comes to #accessorising for the #bigday:


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"I have to admit I’m not one to wear a lot of jewellery and tend to stick to my favourite pieces".

Want to know what Sue REALLY thought of her new necklace?

Read her full review here >>

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"In today’s "cookie cutter", and mass-produced society, finding anything unique is getting more and more difficult" - do you agree?

Read more about Sydney Fashion Hunter and see which name necklace she chose:

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Gold vs Silver! Which is your style?

See our silver collection here:
Gold lovers view here:

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Love the classic Carrie Name Necklace?

Rock your own style just like Carrie in Sex & The City:

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Ever struggle to find the perfect jewellery for her?

Read our quick guide on choosing the perfect piece of personalised jewellery, guaranteed to make her smile:

#giftsforher #jewellery #fashion
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