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New information from DECC regarding the Feed - in Tariffs

DECC yesterday, laid before Parliament draft licence modifications which, subject to the Parliamentary process set out in the Energy Act 2008, makes provision for a reduced tariff rate (from 1 April 2012 onwards) for new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 3 March 2012 under the Feed – in Tariffs scheme (FITs).

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said:

“I know this is a difficult time for the sector and I want to do as much as I can to end the current uncertainty created by the legal challenge.

“We must reduce the level of FITs for solar panels as quickly as possible, to protect consumer bills and to avoid bust in the whole Feed-in Tariff budget. We’re appealing against the court ruling that’s challenged our proposal for a December reference date. This remains our aim, and we are waiting for the judgment of the Court of Appeal. But this is too important for us to sit and do nothing while we wait. Today we’re putting in place a contingency that will bring a 21p rate into effect from April for installations from 3 March.

“However, we are still pressing ahead with our appeal and if successful, we retain the option of introducing a December reference date. In the circumstances we believe this gives the industry as much certainty as is possible. And it puts us in a better position to protect the budget for everyone involved.”
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Tempo Energy Services is assisting vulnerable homeowners this winter via the Warm Front Scheme. The Warm Front Scheme is designed to assist homeowners and tenants in England to more efficiently heat their homes and so reduce their heating bills and carbon emissions.

Around four million people are affected by the severe winters the UK has experienced recently and the Warm Front Scheme now allows Tempo Energy to directly refer householders to the scheme. This ensures that as many people as possible can benefit from saving money, keeping warm and keeping safe.

Tempo Energy

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Government Launches Green Deal | Intelligent Land Investments ...
The Government's new Green Deal has been launched this week. The scheme aims to reduce fuel poverty by making energy efficiency measures such as.
Tempo Energy is a specialist provider of home energy products
Tempo Energy Services provide energy efficient installations for your home. We offer a full range of energy saving solutions from supplying domestic heating systems for gas, oil and LPG and central heating repairs, to cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and exterior wall insulation. Currently there are many insualtion grants available across the country to help keep you warm and reduce your heating bills by up to 29%.
Tempo also offer Solar PV and Solar Thermal design installation services. Solar panels can reduce your bills and help the environment by cutting your carbon emissions.
The Team at Tempo Energy Services are passionate about service. We understand that any work being carried out in your home can be stressful; Not only will we provide a high level of technical expertise and competence - we will ensure that your experience with the Tempo team is a positive one.
The services we offer bring a benefit to your home through saving energy and ultimately money. We must also remember that all our solutions are also helping us to protect our environment too! So if you need to get your home in shape for the Winter and a lower carbon emission future, contact us now.
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