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kinda wish I had the source code from my old android projects. some of the code would be useful. think they may be on my 1TB ext or one of these old sata samsung drives.

Strange I am still unable to get to the main page of but I am able to get the tools page...

How can I not have a single copy of the ADK packaged for Linux or a computer with them installed? #fail #ftl

so how long has been down?

Trying to watch netflix yesterday.turned on my ps3, system update, switched over to my 360, system update.

Dammit facebook I was reading one of my friends political rants and you updated my news feed due to focus. Now I don't know if I should be offended!!!

Bed at 5 awake at 7... Today its going to be a long day.

it is now a musical now bring me my Tony #seoulfood  

Bring me Wayne Bradey and Psy and they can be lovers that fight over who gets to perform each night. #Seoulfood

Someone needs to make a sitcom about a black man and a Korean man opening a restaurant together. The show shall be called a "Seoul Food"
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