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Balanced Rock in Big Bend

Twilight at the Balanced Rock. I had photographed the Milky Way from here in the dark and stayed for sunrise. As the stars faded and the sky turned blue I was able to make a few images where I could still put a little light on the rock.

Sony A7R with Zeiss Loxia 21mm lens

#wildernessphotographer #texas #bigbend #nationalpark #landscape #sonya7r #loxia #loxia21

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Light on the Quiraing

Dramatic light breaks through the clouds for a few brief minutes on the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye.

Over two weeks in Scotland this was by far the most dramatic light I saw and I was lucky enough to be in a good location when those few moments happened. I had camped at Uig and driven over in rain and howling wind. I started the hike with what looked like zero chance of an image when suddenly the clouds parted and I got this. For a few minutes I made images like mad and then the clouds closed back in and it started raining again.

What a day!!!

Sony A7R with Zeiss Loxia 21mm lens

#wildernessphotographer #scotland #highlands #skye #isleofskye #quiraing #landscape #sonya7r #loxia21

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Snow in the Bear's Paw Mountains

The first snow of the season in the Bear's Paw Mountains of Montana. I was in Montana one fall and saw the mountains go from fall color to winter white overnight. I went out the next day to find scenes like this.

See more on my website and blog.

#wildernessphotographer #montana #bearspaw #winter #landscape 

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Milky Way Over the Towers of Zion

A view of the Virgin River and towers of sandstone in Zion National Park under the Milky Way. The dark sky of Utah, a few clouds passing by, and a little light from my head lamp make the scene.

Sony A7S with Samyang 12mm fisheye lens

#wildernessphotographer #utah #zion #nationalpark #nightscape #milkyway #astrophotography #nightsky #sonya7s #samyang #fisheye 

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Rio Grande and Ghost Mountains

Sunrise forming over the Chisos Mountains and the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park.

Here is a shot from my winter trip to Big Bend and a sunrise I caught overlooking the Rio Grande. With clouds in the sky I set up at a location with a view to the east where I could include the river. I had two cameras so I could shoot the wide view as well as this tighter crop.

See more on my blog and website galleries:

Sony A7S with Sony 55mm lens

#wildernessphotographer #texas #bigbend #nationalpark #riogrande #sonya7s #sony55mm #landscape 

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Yellowstone by Night

A nightscape of the Milky Way, Northern Lights and Erupting Geyser in Yellowstone. This may be #MyToughestShot

I planned a trip to Yellowstone last fall timed with the new moon to see if I could photograph some of the geothermal features of park with the Milky Way. Because it was the end of the season and many campgrounds were closed I was staying in an area I had only driven through once. Looking at Maps, Google Earth and using Stellaium, I picked out a few locations and features I thought I could photograph the Milky Way from such as Grand Prismatic Spring. I also looked for some different areas especially a geyser. Many people will be drawn to see Old Faithful and when it erupts there are hundreds of people there. I wanted no people and no lights.

Photographing around geothermal features is tough. You have to stay on boardwalks. There is no wandering around as the ground is often a thin crust and you literally could fall through into boiling water. Always stay on the boardwalks! Did I also mention that this is Yellowstone and you have to be alert for bears??

So I had an area where I had dark sky, a geyser that was erupting, I was close to it, had the right angle to get the Milky Way (remember the Milky Way moves throughout the year so it is not always in the right direction) and clear sky.

That was what led me to the White Dome Geyser. It is a large cone that you can get close to on a boardwalk. It is off the main drive on a side road away from the Old Faithful area.

I saw the geyser was erupting every 30-40 minutes. I got there for sunset and had the whole place to myself. I set up my tripods and cameras and waited for it to get dark. While waiting for the stars to show up I saw the geyser erupt a couple of times. I heard coyotes howling too.

Finally it was dark enough, I could see the arc of the Milky Way had the Geyser framed for the shot. Then it was just a question of waiting for the eruption. When it happened I would just long enough for about 3 images out of each camera. When it happened I rapidly took the images. One one set I turned on my red LED on my headlamp to light the plume of steam.

It was only after reviewing the images did I realize that I had also picked up a faint aurora to the north!

A little planning and a little luck made it an image you could hope for but not always get. I guess you make your own luck.

Sony A7R with Samyang 24mm lens

If you want to see more of my nightscape images check out my Nightscape Collection here on G+

#wildernessphotographer #wyoming #yellowstone #nightscape #milkyway #create #sonya7r #samyang #milkyway #aurora #geyser #nationalpark #mytoughestshot

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Orion Rising over the Chisos

Orion the hunter rises over Cerro Castellan and the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend on a winter night. As the night sky blankets the land the spiral arm of the Milky Way stretches across the sky from NW to east and ORION. It is a great time of the year to photograph the great arc of the Milky Way spiral arm to the north. Here though I am looking almost east as Orion rises in the night sky.

Sony A7S with Sony 55mm lens.

#wildernessphotographer #texas #texasnightsky #bigbend #milkyway #nightscape #sonya7s #nationalpark #nightsky

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The Set Up and the Shot- Oregon Coast

Here is a shot of my camera set up photographing the Oregon coast. As you can see I am balanced on a rock and the waves are crashing in. This is one of those situations you really need to be careful. The rocks are slick. It would be easy to fall and get hurt or for your tripod to fall and destroy your camera or a rogue wave to knock you over or soak your camera. They say, never turn your back on the ocean. Luckily I was on just a big enough rock that I was fine. At a calm period before the sunset I even backed up to grab the shot of my camera and tripod.

This was a few years ago before I made the switch to Sony and is my old Canon 5D2 with 17-40 lens on my Feisol 3401 tripod.

As the sunset got closer I added on a solid neutral density filter to help slow the exposure into the 2-4 second range. The final shot was at 2.5 seconds to add motion into the water.

I posted just the final image a couple of days ago and it got more views, plusses and comments than any other image. I appreciate that.

You can see more on my website and blog:

#wildernessphotographer #gear #landscape #oregon #sunset #feisol

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Happy Earth Day

A little piece of Texas paradise for Earth Day, the Big Falls of the West Fork with high water. I went out to the West Fork of the Trinity River this morning and the river is up since last week and the Big Falls were roaring. I was able to carefully wade my way to get this shot of the water going over the falls and even spilling around the side.

Use less, save more, reuse when you can. Leave the world a better place. Inspire others to do the same.

We have only one Texas, let's protect it!

Sony A7R with Zeiss Loxia 21mm lens

#wildernessphotographer #texas #trinityriver #westfork #earthday #landscape #waterfall #sonya7r #loxia #loxia21mm #CreateaBetterEarth #CreateCommunityEarthDay2017

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Pacific Coast Sunset

Waves crash in as I balance on a rock watching the sunset from Ecola State Park in Oregon. A business trip had me in the Portland area and not one to miss an opportunity, I drove out to the coast and caught this sunset.

#wildernessphotographer #oregon #sunset #landscape
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