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"O si è un'opera d'arte o la si indossa"
"O si è un'opera d'arte o la si indossa"

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Karima Bélaichouche of Karima Illustrations
Art & Expression Hi, guys! The protagonist of this month of Art & Expression is a young canadian artist, very fresh and talented. I've found her
few time ago and I immediately fell in love with her amazing artworks. Her name is Karima and it's a real pleas...

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New York Fashion Week S/S 2015
Hi, guys! It's just ended the latest New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 , the firts I had the chance to watch in person and I have to admit it was such an amazing experience I will rember for the rest of my days...  Models, designers, paparazzi, starlettes and ...

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Fashion Icon of the month: Miranda Kerr
Hi, guys! The fashion icon of this month is the super model Miranda Kerr , one of the most beautiful women in this planet, a perfect mix of beauty, grace and elegance. Class 1983, Miranda is an australian girl, grown up in the countryside with her grandma w...

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I love shopping around the world: Tel Aviv
Hi, guys! Our globe brings us, this time, into one of the most beautiful lands of the Near East, placed on the coast of Mediterranean, in the heart of Israel: Tel Aviv , the biggest and most populous metropolitan area of Israel, elected as "World Heritage S...

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Giada Raucci
Art & Expression Hi guys, in this post for Art & Expression column I want to talk you about a great illustrator I've recently discovered: she's Giada Raucci , an amazing italian artist. Her works are so incredibly glamorous and cool that I've immediately fe...

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Happy birthday, Marilyn
It was 1926 when, in a day of June, from the sky felt Norma Jeane Mortenson , one of the brightest star the world has ever knew, rare gem of Hollywood's golden age, icon of an era, loved, imitated and idolized by entire generations: the unforgettable Marily...

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First Aid Kit
Music & Fashion: First Aid Kit Hi, guys! The music icon I chose for this month is a music band that T've recently discovered: the First Aid Kit , the Swedish duo composed by sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg ... everything you need to listen if you want t...

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z "Run" trailer
Who had any doubt on the fact that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the royal family of show business, will have to change his mind after that. Only they could give life to something more similar to a trailer of an action-movie than a video to promote their new forthc...

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Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection S/S 2015 in Monaco
In the wonderful frame of a sunny and prestigious Principality of Monaco, in the halls of Place du Palais , in front of Prince's palace, held yesterday the fashion show of the Cruise Collection s/s 2015 signed by Nicholas Guesquière for Louis Vuitton , with...

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Fashion Icon of the month: Chloe Grace Moretz
Ash-blond hair (sometimes dyed in a sophisticate choccolate brown, for script requirements), green eyes and all the exuberance of a teenager united with an air of a consumed diva. She's Chloe Grace Moretz , fashion icon of this month. Enfant prodige and ris...
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