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This is one of my all-time favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. If the print is too tiny, it reads: Calvin : I thrive on change. Hobbes : You do?!  You threw a fit this morning because your mom put less jelly on toast than yesterday! Calvin :  I thrive on mak...

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reading Rabbi Alan Lew’s ז״ל  This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared — again. I never finished reading it the first time I picked it up, and it's all new to me
now, having forgotten most of what I had read back then. It outlines a spiritual jour...

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The cry of the shofar on this past Rosh Hashanah morning was lifted by my tears and those of my sweet grandson. We laughed. We cried. Read the whole story.... Gamar chatima tova.

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The Cry of the Shofar
Was it something Rabbi Ezray said? Did his words unlock a
piece of unprocessed grief within me? Did his healing prayer trigger something,
or was it just some fleeting holiday nostalgia passing through? I don't know if
it was any of these things or maybe all...

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Baseball on the Seder Tray?
I’m in a quandary. I love Passover. It combines so many elements — family
gathering, feasting, drinking, the telling of the timeless story of our people,
rejoicing in the miracle of freedom, contemplating the plight of oppressed
people in all times and in a...

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With a Little Help From My Muse
Okay, it may be a bit meshuggah ,
well a lot meshuggah , but some things
are beyond my control. Sometimes the muse inspires poetry, sometimes prose.
This week it happened to be Passover song parodies. So it goes. It was the 27th
of Shevat, 5724—fifty years ...

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Another Milestone
I passed another milestone yesterday, and thank God, I
stepped back over the line in the opposite direction today. It was not a
milestone to which I have aspired, so receding is a good thing. It has to do
with my weight. It’s been going in the wrong directi...

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Sukkot on the Farm
Four elements. One pair of blue jeans. What has this to do
with Judaism, or with Spirit? In this case—everything. I turned off the Cabril...

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God Is Not Impressed!
The following is the text of my remarks to Congregation Beth Jacob of Redwood City CA on Yom Kippur 5774. Before we talk about thi...
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