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Claus Appel

A few days ago I got a box with stuff in it, and a little note with this message:

"I had a dream.

Some time ago I had a dream in my sleep.
I dreamt that I was shipping millions of boxes around the world
(which is exactly what my company Sweex is doing).
And in spire of useful products in them,
I experienced an empty feeling in myself.
I sat with the dream for a while and pondered over it.
Then I realized - I needed to fill the boxes with my wish for you.

Here is the content:

"Dear receiver of the box, from the bottom of my heart
I wish you a life full of happiness, peace and wellbeing"

Now the boxes are full.

Founder and owner of Sweex"

This was the best box ever! :D
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Jeg skal se Ørkenens Sønner live næste uge. :D
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Jeg var ude i mit hvide jakkesæt i dag. For første gang lykkedes det mig at holde det (næsten) pletfrit en hel aften! :D
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Jeg laver hemmelige revyprojekter. :)
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Det var godt at hænge ud med Carsten Birck i dag. Ham havde jeg ikke set længe.
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Jeg er tilbage fra min første forretningsrejse. Det var spændende.
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"Transformers III: Dark of the Moon" was awesome. The new girl was unimpressive, as expected. The robots kicked epic butt. It was everything I expected, plus the humour was (often) very funny.
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Hvem vil se "Transformers III: Dark of the Moon"? Det bliver søndag 10/7 kl. 21:30 i Falkoner Biografen.

Skriv jer på denne krusedulle:

Nu skal der sparkes numse i selskab med kæmperobotter fra rummet. Kom glad. :)
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Jeg skal på min første forretningsrejse. :)
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