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Connor Fichtner

The ucf health center is awesome!!! They are always so fast and It doesn't hurt that it's free. #ucf #healthcenter #ucfhealthcenter

Can I please have a liberty walk aventador! Please!!! That's really all I want and I would be like the happiest kid ever. #libertywalk #lamborghini #aventador

Holding down the fort! #solodolo

The secret life of Walter Mitty is such an inspirational movie.

Monday morning rise and grind! #managerlife

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What a beautiful story! As a BMW M5 6mt driver myself I can't imagine ever going back to driving automatic. I'm not a racecar driver or even that great at driving manual in the first place but there is a feeling you get from driving a manual that you can not get from any other mechanical object. Its sad that the manual transmission is disappearing, especially on such great cars like Ferraris which were always designed to have a gated 6 speed. 

If there was only one type of sandwich I could eat for the rest of my life I think it would be a Philly cheesesteak! They are so darn good!

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Ayeeeee it's game day #goknights #chargeon

Everyone is freakin out about Ebola and I'm over here like I just want to go surfing

Time to get focused. Quant 2 exam today! Nervous but determined! #examtime #studying
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