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Apartment BuildingToday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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"...from this experience I will NEVER rent an apartment again."
" was a little tricky to navigate since there at 4 apartment complex inside."
"The fact that customer service is horrible makes me not wanting to live here."
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Shelby Lynn's profile photo
Shelby Lynn
2 months ago
Great place to live if: •You dont care how much AC or heat escapes through doors, windows and the chimney. •You dont have any children •Dont mind if you dont have hot water for several weeks •Or sometimes water at all for that matter •Partake in illegal activities •Never need any repairs •Want to wash all your dishes by hand •Have a horrid roach problem that the office claims they will fix •Dont ride the bus, because who knows if the Audelia gate is ever open or closed •Dont mind walking around the building to your car at night •Not having adequate night security •Or if you dont care if you live in a neighborhood where someones been stabbed to death!
• • •
Simone H
4 months ago
Please do not move here. We were told it was quiet but there's a party almost everyday. We have to call security every other day to get the neighbors to turn down the music at 1 am. The security people are nice and the staff is friendly. It's not a safe place to live though. My neighbor was broken into twice before they moved. We had a murder just last week with one resting in peace and two that I hope make it...this was AT THE COMPLEX. I had to call security as a woman was being beat and drug out a car AT THE FRONT GATE where "security" is supposed to be. I called but no answer from security by the way we've had three different security agencies hired since I've been here (over a year). They do try to do community events. expect parking to be hard to find after 5 pm and multiple apartment "inspections" (I think they actually came 1 out of 5 times) they sent notices in the last two months. Lots of stray cats (I don't mind, others don't). We also had black mold around the tub when we moved in disgusting (I got rid of it with bleach soaked cotton balls). The bathroom also has a lot of loose tiles that cracked when the water turned on (they fixed it once and the second time we told them about it they still haven't fixes it). There are roaches no matter how clean you are, not a lot but I've seen two or three. The gates DO NOT WORK! There are people right outside smoking weed and drinking at night loudly. You'll see a man ringing a bell to sell "stuff"... (no). Lots of loud unattended children. The other side is that it's cheap and there are some good people here and there. It's close to the highways and grocery stores. If you use the Dart there is a stop near by.
• • •
Guinevere Navid's profile photo
Guinevere Navid
3 months ago
The fact that customer service is horrible makes me not wanting to live here. I had to wait almost over 2 hours just to sign my least and can't ever getting was on the phone. so I always walk-in, but I have to wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes before I can talk to anybody about mitans issue. If i wasn't looking for immediate move in, I would have never signed a least here. I can't wait till I'm out of here.
Brianna Allen's profile photo
Brianna Allen
5 months ago
The worst ever!!!! Living here now and can't wait to leave. Maintenance doesn't own up to their word on fixing things when they say they will. We have a big MOLD AND MILDEW PROBLEM AND THE WORST PART IS THAT IT'S BLACK MOLD. They came yesterday and completely tore the ceiling above our bath tub because you the MOLD and mildew and just left and said they would come back at 9 a.m. this morning today and HAVEN'T SHOWED UP TO FINISH WHAT THEY STARTED. Not to mention when we first moved here the apartment wasn't even ready when we came In. Cabinets were crooked, no locks on bedroom, bathroom, or closet door and they don't even close all the way because the doors weren't placed properly I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO MOVE HERE THIS PLACE IS SO UNRELIABLE, IRRESPONSIBLE, AND ALL OVER THE PLACE and not to mention the fact that our next door neighbors at the time got their door kicked in and tried to kick ours in as well DO NOT MOVE HERE UNLESS YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN COMPLETE HELL
• • •
whoat gyrl
3 months ago
I've been here 3 months and nothing has been taken care of since I moved. I have NO complaints about my neighbors my problem is the office staff. They're TOTALLY WORTHLESS. There was a killing 2 weeks ago in an apartment located leasing office, so now everyone has been punished for the lack of security that should been in place. Residents that live on the Audelia street side can't exit the complex on Audelia (whether it's by car or if you're on foot) you must walk all the way the the Forest Lane side of the complex. Traffic t entering and exiting the complex is horrible, it's causing backed up traffic on forest Lane. Now the pedestrians trying to exit the complex or getting caught in the traffic. (quite obviously they're not thinking about safety issues. Saturday 8/1/15 I asked one of the ladies office if there was a code for the Audelia street (for residents that don't have car (I was told that she needed to ask maintenance for the code) Today I stopped at the office to ask her if she found the code for the gate, she said "that gate will never be open" (WTF) Also on Saturday I told her that the kitchen ceiling light has been out for 2 weeks(she has nerve to say that the maintenance guys are for EMERGENCIES ONLY) she offered me some light so I could change them.....gain today I asked about the lights, she said :the maintenance guys are gone for the day(once again, she offered me some light bulbs (I told her that's not my job to do that i told her if I have to fix the broken items, please believe that I'll deduct all costs from my rent. I had a patio door that wouldn't lock( I got someone to fix that for me) 1.The laundry room door is hanging up by one side. 2.The AC unit shoots spark whenever on adjust the temperature. 3.There''s a gap in the linoleum next to the tub.4.Several tiles are loose in the shower. 5.The bath tub handle is stripped. 6. The water backs up in the tub when you take a shower. 6)n this past Saturday. I stepped on a rusty nail that was sticking out of the living room rug. You can ALWAYS see someone walking around (OUTSIDE) picking up trash but you can''t find someone to fix things INSIDE the apartment . There tons of laundry facilities here (I've to 3 of them (each one has 4 washers and dryers) the 2 I went to only had 2 working washers. Also on Saturday, there was a huge water issues near the leasing office Trying to contact someone in the office is really a waste of time (granted this a large complex) so it's hard to get some things done but don't treat the residents like you're doing them by answering the phone. The staff here is so unconcerned about anything that happens here. I have NO intentions on renewing my lease here, I'm in the process of trying to find another complex....I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody.
• • •
Ginger Clark's profile photo
Ginger Clark
5 months ago
I currently live here. I try calling the front office and cannot get a response. Stayed on hold for 15 minutes only for them to hang up on me without saying a word to me. The others on here saying the neighbors are ridiculously rude is the truth. I had to call the police on someone blaring their music RIGHT outside my bedroom window. The cops came, told them to turn it off, and as soon as they left they turned it right back on. The upstairs neighbors do absolutely nothing about their children running, stomping, and apparently cannon-balling onto the floor like it's a swimming pool! They do this well into the early morning. I have to WORK the next morning with very little sleep! And yes, this place is also roach infested. I keep my house clean but they seem to be coming in through the vents. The only good thing I can say about this place is when you submit a maintenance request online they are out there to fix the problem the next day or at least will call you the next day to tell you when they can get to it (which has always been in less than a week). This is my first time living in an apartment and from this experience I will NEVER rent an apartment again.
• • •
Newman Oyee's profile photo
Newman Oyee
a month ago
Went to visit a friend here. Pretty great serene place to live. Although it was a little tricky to navigate since there at 4 apartment complex inside. I wish they numbered their buildings in a well put order. It all seem scattered: there is bldg 13 here, then 24, then 12 all the way over in Egypt. Good place overall. Its okay.
Larry Rainey
3 months ago
I been live here going on 3 yr. My wife has been there 3x that . This has to be the WROST apartment I have ever live in service and getting repair done is close to never. If you can find something in thee range PLEASE go there