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Sweyn Hunter
Orkney-resident show-off, glutton, blether & #localgov ICT worker; pedestrian & parent of unicyclists & footballers. Fan of semi-colons. Irony is my favourite.
Orkney-resident show-off, glutton, blether & #localgov ICT worker; pedestrian & parent of unicyclists & footballers. Fan of semi-colons. Irony is my favourite.

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(See the live blog from the #UKgcX session:

Also, this blog which contains the booklist: )

The idea of a monthly hangout is to pick one of the books on the #bookcamp list each month, and encourage the person who recommended it to lead an online (audio and/or video) discussion of the book via Google Hangout. Everyone else can then pretend to have read the book (or have actually done so), and have a chat, as if it were a standard book group at someone's house. The Hangouts would be open to anyone who was at the #bookcamp session at #UKgcX (or wishes they could have been!). Frankly, this is the only way I'm going to be able to participate in something like this, with most of you, due to geography - and it's a bit of an experiment, as part of a strand of thought/experimentation/demonstration/attempted-culture-change loosely titled #SomehowBeingThere .

What do you think?

I am still trying to work out how to invite everyone to this Google thing, using email and/or Google+ name (when I only really have twitter handles to start with) - a process that might take some time! If anyone can work out how to at least invite Pauline Cato, that would be progress - and please do so!!

In the meantime, I'm going to set the event to Public, and see what happens!

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Sorry - #digitalbroth is off again this week! We'll try to get better organised for next week!!

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There will be no #digitalbroth on 25-FEB-2015 - sorry! We'll be back next week.

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Do you have 30-60 mins a month free for an online chat with people interested in improving public services? If so, sign up here for +LocalGov Digital 's new UnMentoring scheme:

(We need more of these initiatives, which can be accessed without a need to travel much!)

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If you are at a loose end this evening, after ‪#‎ukgc15‬, why not join the ‪#‎digitalbroth‬ G+ hangout? It's been adopted by DigitalOrkney (FB page under construction!!), but there is no change to the format!

To join in:
- wait until 18:30 this evening
- follow this link, and click on the word "Online".

If and when it doesn't work, tweet @sweynh, or ring me on 07796 952788, and I will try to sort it out.

(Alternatively, if it's easier for you, meet me at Helgi's from 16:30GMT (we could connect from there to the rest of the world - if anyone wants to, let me know!), or at my house from 18:30GMT, where there will be soup.)

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Adoption of Constitution and Election of Management Committee
A public meeting was held at 17:45 on Tuesday 15 May 2012, at The Orkney Club, Shore St, Kirkwall, Orkney. Seventeen people present at the meeting agreed to consititute the Orkney ICT Forum, in terms of the constitution elsewhere on this site. Eleven other ...

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