Lesson learned from D&D night--If you are running the game using a theater of the mind presentation, keep reminding yourself to present things in that way.

For example, when players ask how far they are from something, I keep screwing up and saying things like "50 feet away," instead of "farther than you can get unless you use the Dash action."

As soon as you start using more precise measurement, that's how people start formulating their tactics, and if you planned an encounter to be more--amorphous--for lack of a better term--then you start having problems when you introduce exact distance.

I think I keep running into this because I'll glance at maps and see actual distances on them, and instead of fudging 5 or 10 feet to say yes or no when it comes to "are they a single move away" I blurt out what's on the map.

It's not that any one thing is right or wrong, but mixing the two just causes the mental gears to grind a bit.
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