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To go along with the collected 3rd party interviews, these are all of the collected D&D 5th edition official product reviews that I have done since last fall.

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For anyone interested, the link provided is for all of the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG reviews that I have done since last fall.

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I went through and updated the reviews that I have been doing since last fall into a few categories. This is the link to the D&D 5th edition 3rd party products that I have reviewed so far.

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I finished up four more reviews for Shadow of the Demon Lord, and the link included is for the whole slew of reviews that I have done over the past week.

The batch that I finished up this morning include Tombs of the Desolation, Terrible Beauty, A Glorious Death, and Uncertain Faith.

Also, spoilers . . . there is a very rare sighting of a five star review in there.

I own the Strange. I hope to run it someday. I really like the setting and the implied style of campaign.

That said, I am so not interested in Ardeyn. With all of the potential recursions out there, that one just leaves me kind of cold.

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Current game is being run as an Adventurer's League game, and we're not broadcasting it. However, when we are done with Storm King's Thunder, and we before we switch to another game system (we decided to do this at the end of SKT previously), we are going to cap the campaign by playing +Christopher Sniezak's adventure from The Book of the Tarrasque.

The game will, obviously, not be an AL game, but unless some thing changes between now and when the party finishes SKT, we will be running it in a Hangout on air and posting the session to YouTube.

Not really sure how long until we do this, as tonight the party was doing their best Final Fantasy grind for XP impression, but eventually . . . or maybe when they TPK and get brought back to life years later in game time . . . ;)

At some point in the evening, while the party was flying around in an airship, intentionally looking for more encounters instead of advancing the plot, the group suddenly look at one of the airship crew and named him Cid.

Looking at my RPG backlog list and trying to find some not fantasy to cleanse the pallet after I finish up all of the Shadow of the Demon Lord books. I want to make sure I'm keeping my brain well hydrated with different genres.

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Who knew running a campaign using a given ruleset would give you incentive to tear through your backlog of material from that game? Another Shadow of the Demon Lord review, this one for Exquisite Agony.

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This makes me want to run a Freeport Campaign with the same characters, but cycling through every game system that the setting has been released for the setting on a weekly basis.

Running DCC and Fate back to would make for an interesting experience.
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