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Even in Arcadia
A Fantasy Steampunk Webcomic, Updates every Thursday
A Fantasy Steampunk Webcomic, Updates every Thursday

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If you are a fan of Even in Arcadia, you might be interested in the first volume that is now available for purchase. :)

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( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


New comic page is up.

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Not his usual political games...

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"Wait" you might be saying to yourself at this moment, "why isn't this page in colour?"

Well, dear reader, Even in Arcadia will be going black and white from now on. If you have taken to reading the comments, my twitter or the blog section of this website, you will know that colouring every page takes far too long to be able to regularly update this comic. So, for now it will be in black and white. Will this mean more updates? Probably. As to how many, I'm not sure yet. I want to try out this process for a few weeks before I decide.

But, don't despair. The first issue of Even in Arcadia will be put into print shortly, and it will be entirely in colour. In about 6-8 months from now, when the second issue comes out, it will also be in colour. So the online version will remain black and white, and free to read.

I hope this doesn't put you off too much, it was a difficult decision to come to, but in the end it was make a change or stop making the comic unfortunately. I'm always overly ambitious to start out with, but don't worry, I'm learning. Thanks for being patient with me, I really appreciate it.

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New page!

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The Holidays are over, so it's time for a new page of Even in Arcadia!
Regular weekly updates are starting again, let me know what you think of the comic.

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There's a new page of +Even in Arcadia for your reading pleasure! I hate to waste good tea like that... but it had to be done.

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Hey Plusmanauts! The new page of Even in Arcadia is up.

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Even in Arcadia - The Gift of Emperor KangXi, page 4

I hope you enjoy the update! Making that fire was a lot of fun ^^

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That's right, it's a new update :D
Page 40, for your reading pleasure.

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