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I am a good girl...... :)
I am a good girl...... :)

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My experience about being a mum... :) do read and share with others if you like...

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A year into motherhood...
Motherhood... its been a year for me now... and let me tell you, nothing, basically nothing, in my life (or your's, my dear reader, if you are a mum) will ever compare with this experience. Honestly, I had never given this particular aspect of life much tho...

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The story of one strong willed woman through the dark times of South African politics... a story of sheer perseverance, courage and enormous tenacity...

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A lone woman's journey through transition...
Sophie Mahlangu, trudges up the steep slope towards the ‘Retirement
Village’ in Silver Lakes Golf Estates in eastern Pretoria. It is 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning
and early morning golfers are preparing for a tee off at the nearby golf
course. She spots a...

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Is e-waste a sleeping monster? Why should South Africans be wary of electronic waste?
waste or e-waste is the largest growing waste stream in South Africa. With
increasing dependency on electronic appliances, the waste from electronics or
electrical equipments also increases. Sreerupa Sanyal investigates into the
current situation...

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The science behind recycling: Turning scrap into gold: Part 2
The recycling compound at DESCO DESCO, one of the largest e-waste recycling company of South
Africa boasts of a huge facility where hundreds of workers are engaged in
recycling electronic waste. Behind their office premises, a vast cemented compound,
the si...

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The science behind recycling: Refurbishing Computers: Part 1
DESCO's office at Kempton Part In Kempton Park, Johannesburg, amidst vast tracts of unattended
land, stands the largest e-waste recycler of South Africa, DESCO. A first time
visitor here can easily confuse the place with that of a secret laboratory
where sc...

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An important consideration of the information age

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E waste: An ethical concern for information age?
Piles of e-waste at DESCO Many academics, especially in developing economies, are pondering on the question of whether
electronic waste and its proper management should be placed as an ethical
concern. Most developing countries lag in the management of

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Informal Recyclers: The lure of electronics: Part 2
Simon Baloyi, Manager, Hatherly Landfill The road leading to the Hatherly landfill is littered with plastic,
garden residues, broken glasses and other scrap materials, some which have been
trampled by passing trucks. Mounds and mounds of dirt and dust add t...
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