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People will talk negatively when you try to better yourself, the devil will try to pull you down by lies and gossip when you choose to follow Jesus, but even through all that we are assured that trusting in God will lead to victory and salvation.

AL Monsanto

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This pocket sized printer moves its way along the paper as it prints.

How badly do you want it?
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Great Quote!
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What we send out comes back, what we sow we reap, what we give we get - it makes sense to want to create ♥good #karma☻ :)

In physics they say action force = reaction force.  :) Thank you to all who send peaceful healing thoughts-energies towards the presidents of US, Russia, China, etc, so World Peace♥ manifests sooner. We can wish/help/ask all presidents to recall the idea of karma... so that diplomacy prevails.  Meditating and enveloping world leaders in peace, contentment and transforming compassion♥☻ could truly save many lives - and it is good karma coming back to us.  It will help us bring an amazing future of ♥☺World Peace☺♥ and Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Telepathy and Physical Immortality as described at     (link has video on Physical Immortality from the Google Director of Engineering too)

May Peace prevail... and may all build ♥positive karma:)...  Some say  the Universe will help the most those nations and groups of nations that work towards a global nationless village of peace. In the future, a peaceful world of trans-linguistic telepathic nationless shapeshifting teleporting Shimmering Physical Immortals will manifest and all nationalism will die out, since inside we are all longing for this world of Peace free from the nonsensical violence of our history so far. Michio Kaku explained that there are Immortal aliens who can vastly influence our world if needed ►  Nobody will use languages when they can use trans-linguistic telepathy a million times faster and more exact.  Nobody will support nations or fixed location when they can teleport.  The future is so amazing! :)  Let's speed its arrival. :)

We can build positive astral karma, we can astral travel and change the course of history.  Astral chi can do wonders while one is bilocated as a post on chi explains ►  Thru opening the soul/mind to ever greater ♥compassion, we can multilocate in more places...:) to shower the peace and bless the world...♥  There are many research centers documenting proof that humans can soul travel and remotely heal/calm others who are in need of healing... ►,,,, etc. has a  good collection of out of body experiences too., have lots of soul travel and other spiritual experiences.   ♥☺☻

It's very good karma to focus on World Peace, on what we want, instead of fighting the old.  "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new". - Socrates♥. Put it another way: the secret to good karma is not on fighting the old karma, but on creating new good karma thru new forms of service...   There are a thousand astral♥ and physical ways to bring peace without wars.  As this post explains, we attract what we focus on.  :)

Astral projection and Tanous at ASPR is a 3 minute clip showing a famous soul traveler doing one of his ESP experiments.  Many predict that one day hundreds of universities will include soul travel in their classes.  :)  Soul travel may allow us to travel trillions of times faster than the speed of physical light and even to meet aliens who are ♥physically immortal.:)  Scientists in Shanghai found that quantum action happens at minimum 10, 000 times the speed of light, one day they could realize some things are a trillion times faster.. than the "maximum" speed.  European researchers claim the speed of light may not be even constant

See a 25 min video on astral travel research by Alex Tanous:  ASPR OBE Experiment 1983.  Alex  explained in the video how he believes we will become physically IMMORTAL one day, i.e. we live in this dimension as long as we want.  :)  Then when we are bored, we could reincarnate (per laws of karma) in another galaxy or dimension in another civilization of Immortals. :)  Alex shared at 7min22sec of the clip how the scientific understanding of spirit/astral energy will enable us to attain physical Immortality - just like understanding electricity brought us a lot of progress in medicine.  Other astral travelers have shared that on other planets, humanoids are Immortal and live in Peace.  :)  Albert Taylor quit his NASA Space station job to do astral space travel.  He's been crew chief for U2 planes, had secret clearance for 27 years. He believes he visited other planets via astral body ( His book ( details his travels; here's a video of him:

All good karma we build this life will help us in the next life, in case we don't become Shimmering Physical Immortals:) this life due to our collective forgetting of how vital Peace is to progress and how vital it is to not waste trillions in war that could be used for Longevity and Physical Immortality.:)  It may take many lives for us to reach that level as a Planet, but at least we start somewhere this life.  :)  

Reincarnation (according to karma) is the belief of most Asians, 25% of Americans ( & 25% of Europeans ( We will get a better future birth if we practice non-violence and support the most peaceful leaders.

For past life cases with hints into how karma works, see the youtube videos below:

0.  Reincarnation of James ► 14 min (REINCARNATION, Past Life Evidence) & 3 min (Soul Survivor The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot)

1. The story of Shanti Devi - 3 min video on reincarnation of Shanti Devi. ♥

This was studied by hundreds of scientists and believed by Mahatma Gandhi who appointed a special commission to investigate its veracity. You can also read a long article about Shanti Devi at ► Other cases are at ►

2. Reincarnation, children remember past lives-2 - 3 min Discovery Channel video about twins coming back in the same family. 

3. Reincarnation -evidence of past lives - 7 min BBC clip on reincarnation memory of a child who had a tumor disappear after he remembered his past life.  ♥

4. Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation (English) - 46 min video of research on how past life recall leads to physical healings. ♥:)☻

5. Reincarnation, children remember past lives-1 - 6 min Discovery Channel video on a rebirth case from Sri Lanka.

6. Reincarnation - Jenny Cockell Case - 7 min UK Living video on Jenny Cockell reincarnation case.

The clip shows how a lady died and reincarnated and was able to reunite her former separated children. In the clip you can see how her Catholic former son says he now believes in reincarnation (as do all her kids).

7. 1 Short Version Anne Frank Barbro Karlen Reincarnation Case - 14 min video on reincarnation of Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank. The video continues in this 4 min clip ► 2 Short Version Anne Frank Barbro Karlen Reincarnation Case
Anne Frank ►

8. The Story of Nicola, Reincarnation Experiments - 5 min video on a boy's reincarnation as a girl Nicola. Nicola recalled at 2 her former past life house. Mom checked records and found they matched the story.

9. An amazing premonition of death followed by a story of rebirth. The story of MICHAEL. - 7 min clip on Mike death and rebirth in the same family. The baby told his mom he is Michael, the nephew who died 4 years before and gave more details.

10. The reincarnation recall of MANDY SEABROOK. An amazing story of a young chid. - 8 min video of reincarnated Mandy Seabrook. At the age of 2, Mandy told her mom that she is the reincarnation of her older sister Mandy (same name) who died before. Mandy had unexplainable knowledge of her dead sister's life. At two years old she instantly recognized the grave where her older sister was buried (herself in that other life), even though she never traveled to that area of the country. She attended the funeral as a spirit and recalled her watching the funeral as a spirit, providing details.

11. Evidence of a past life (reincarnation) - 9 min video of super-skeptical policeman who verified 28 facts recorded during his past life regression.

12. By the Emperor's Command - Chapter 1: Banning Reincarnation (1/3) - 9 min video about Roman Emperors removing reincarnation from the New Testament for their own political goals, as other dictators changed history books too. There are many Gnostic and other Gospels where Jesus teaches reincarnation and says he is one of many teachers, basically making Christianity almost identical to Buddhism, Hinduism and all native religions believing in reincarnation. This is a reason why 25% of Americans/Europeans believe in reincarnation. Some claim different emperors/kings/scribes removed reincarnation from the first 5 books of Old Testament (the Jewish Torah) too and added some 'not so nice' paragraphs.
13. Jesus In Kashmir (India) - Documentary by Indian Govt. - 56 min video on Jesus in India & Buddhist places by the Indian Government. ♥

14. Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC Documentary WWW.GOODNEWS.WS - 49 min BBC video on Issa or Jesus, the Israeli teacher of reincarnation who went to India. It's not just a quarter of American Christians who believe in reincarnation. Millions of Muslims ( & Jews ( believe in rebirth too.  Madonna & many celebrities believe in rebirth. So did Henry Ford, Napoleon, Benjamin Franklin.

15. Scientific cases for Reincarnation by Dr Jim Tucker - 21 min video by Professor Tucker on Ian Stevenson's past life research. Professor Ian Stevenson studied 2500 rebirth cases and wrote 14 books on reincarnation Geddes MacGregor, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at  USC wrote a book on rebirth too ►  Other reincarnation researchers are Satwant Pasricha, Godwin Samararatne, Antonia Mills, and Erlendur Haraldsson.

Some scientists argue that any sufficiently advanced alien civilization that's been around for 900 trillion years can do Big Bang type events, creating 13 billion years old universes like ours, and 'tiny particles unknown to our physics' bodies that appear to us as 'lightbodies' or souls who evolve by reincarnation in multiple dimensions and galaxies. :)  If they live trillions of years, they could be very calm.   It may be that they setup this baby universe (Michio Kaku video on parallel universes: Multiverse Theory by Dr Michio Kaku) as a school for consciousness, with us exploring arriving at Physical or Inter-Dimensional Immortality.  

some words of Albert Einstein:

"Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit♥ is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble... The human mind is not capable of grasping the Universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are covered to the ceilings with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written these books. It does not know who or how."


Jack London: "I did not begin when I was born, nor when I was conceived. I have been growing, developing, through incalculable myriads of millenniums. All my previous selves have their voices, echoes, promptings in me. Oh, incalculable times again shall I be born."

Leo Tolstoy:  "As we live through thousands of dreams in our present life, so is our present life only one of many thousands of such lives which we enter from the other more real life and then return after death."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:  "As long as you are not aware of the continual law of Die and Be Again, you are merely a vague guest on a dark Earth."

Freidrich Nietzsche: "Live so that thou mayest desire to live again - that is thy duty - for in any case thou wilt live again!"

Walt Whitman:  "I know I am deathless. No doubt I have died myself ten thousand times before."

Ralph Waldo Emerson:  "The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode, and it goes out of it anew it passes into other habitations, for the soul is immortal." "It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again. Nothing is dead; men feign themselves dead, and endure mock funerals… and there they stand looking out of the window, sound and well, in some strange new disguise."

General George S. Patton:  "So as through a glass and darkly, the age long strife I see, Where I fought in many guises, many names, but always me."

Albert Schweitzer: "Reincarnation contains a most comforting explanation of reality by means of which Indian thought surmounts difficulties which baffle the thinkers of Europe."

Jalalu Rumi:  "I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as animal and I was man. "

Carl Jung:  "I could well imagine that I might have lived in former centuries and there encountered questions I was not yet able to answer; that I had been born again because I had not fulfilled the task given to me."

Henry David Thoreau:  "Why should we be startled by death? Life is a constant putting off of the mortal coil - coat, cuticle, flesh and bones, all old clothes."

Socrates:  "I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again, that the living spring from the dead, and that the souls of the dead are in existence."

Voltaire:  "It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection."

Josephus (most well known Jewish historian from the time of Jesus):   "All pure and holy spirits live on in heavenly places, and in course of time they are again sent down to inhabit righteous bodies."

Honore Balzac (French writer):  "All human beings go through a previous life... Who knows how many fleshly forms the heir of heaven occupies before he can be brought to understand the value of that silence and solitude of spiritual worlds?"

Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosopher):  "Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be forced to answer him: It is that part of the world which is haunted by the incredible delusion that man was created out of nothing, and that his present birth is his first entrance into life."

Paul Gauguin (French post-impressionist painter):  "When the physical organism breaks up, the soul survives. It then takes on another body."

George Harrison:  "Friends are all souls that we've known in other lives. We're drawn to each other. Even if I have only known them a day, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to wait till I have known them for two years, because anyway, we must have met somewhere before, you know.”

Mahatma Gandhi:  "believing as I do in the theory of reincarnation, I live in the hope that if not in this birth, in some other birth I shall be able to hug all of humanity in friendly embrace."

Jesus Christ in Gnostic Gospels: Pistis Sophia  "Souls are poured from one into another of different kinds of bodies of the world."  In other Gospel versions, Jesus says "If a soul is not very kind, it must be reborn in order to inherit an Immortal realm where everyone is noble"

Henry Ford was convinced he had lived before, most recently as a soldier killed at the battle of Gettysburg. A quote from the San Francisco Examiner from August 26, 1928 described Ford's beliefs:  "I adopted the theory of Reincarnation when I was 26. Religion offered nothing to the point. Even work could not give me complete satisfaction. Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience we collect in one life in the next. When I discovered Reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan. I realized that there was a chance to work out my ideas. Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock. Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives. Some are older souls than others, and so they know more. The discovery of Reincarnation put my mind at ease. If you preserve a record of this conversation, write it so that it puts men's minds at ease. I would like to communicate to others the calmness that the long view of life gives to us."

Giordano Bruno, astronomer burned at the stake by the Inquisition for his teachings about reincarnation and alien civilizations "The soul is not the body and it may be in one body or in another, and pass from body to body."

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Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't so you can live the rest of your life like most people can't!
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