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Integrated recruitment software focusing your workforce
Integrated recruitment software focusing your workforce


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Resume Management: from centralization to integration

If you have a centralized resume management system now. Congratulations.  you are already better than 88% of the others who struggled to fight the incompleteness of their resume bank.

However, centralizing all the resumes among different computers is just the first step to manage resume for your organization.  Have you ever wondered what can you get from from those resumes for your organization?

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7 Features Every Resume Management System Should Have

A good resume management system is the basis for all recruitment activities.
Managing resumes consistently will bring in a lot of high quality resumes and future candidates. And these valuable data will also lay a good foundation for future recruitment, for especially in some industries, top candidates can't be recruited in a short time from the job market, the recruitment manager need good tools to
follow up those people and keep in touch.

Although many RMS’s claim to blend seamlessly with the organization’s recruitment process, growth in productivity is a question that goes unanswered.
The following features will help you determine how much productive you can get with your Resume Management System.

- Attachment uploading, parsing and full-text searching;
- Can be customized to fit specific skill hierarchy, and manage candidates' skills by the hierarchy;
- Talent pool management;
- Powerful search functions, including structured search and full text search capabilities, so it is easy to find the qualified candidates;
- Centralized storage and management, to keep all recruiters on the same page;
- Integration with candidate management system;
- Cloud based, high performance and automatic backup, no need to worry about deployment.

TalentLists Resume Management System supports all the features mentioned above, and integrated with candidate management, talent planning and other recruitment features. And all these features are integrated together, with an intuitive, simple and easy-to-use interface.
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TalentLists Launches Its Resume Management System Based on Powerful Full Text Search Engines

Recruitment management system vender TalentLists Launches its Resume Management Software today. Built on powerful full text search engines, TalentLists Resume Management System helps customers manage, parse and search multiple formats of resume attachments. The system also allows customers to create skill sets, record interviews for every talent, candidate or applicant involved in recruiting process, and to build talent pools for critical job positions.

Nowadays centralized resume management is a must-have feature for companies with a lot of ongoing hiring activities. For each single day companies are receiving a lot of application resumes. Without an efficient screen solution, companies can't hire top talents they expected.

Resume management with full text searching is critical to improve recruiting efficiency. To meet the requirement of ever-changing hiring tasks, being able to quickly filter qualified talents is the key. 

Full text parsing and searching greatly helps recruiters' productivity and reduces their workload,  by spending less time on re-formatting resumes and form-filling on the Applicant Tracking System.

TalentLists Recruitment Management System saves all the resumes into a cloud-based database, and parses and indexes them at the same time. Then a quick search would get the materials which recruiters expected.  Customers would never need to worry about the storage and backups. And all resumes is sharable and accessible throughout all the organization. 

And after recruiters upload and process those resumes, they can go even further. Base on the talent resumes in the system, they can create talent pools, and improve talent management by define skill sets and record interviews for each talent. 

Beyond the basic resume management feature, TalentLists recruitment solution also provides applicant tracking, candidate management and interview scheduling features to streamline customers' hiring processes. And all the related information are stored in centralized databases, accessible throughout the organization. These include but not limit to: 
- Basic talent information: contact details, education backgrounds and work experiences;
- Talent skills/competencies: skill level and evaluation notes for each skill;
- Interview and candidate-ship histories;
- Resumes and attachments, Word,Excel,PDF,HTML…;
- Descriptions and comments.

TalentLists Resume Management System is designed as a friendly, easy-to-use recruitment software and candidate tracking system. The system also helps customers to track workforce demands forecasting and manage interviews. Customers can improve their hiring efficiency through the automation of hiring process built on those features.

TalentLists Recruitment Management Software is provided as cloud software service(SaaS), which simplifies the deployment and maintenance tasks. 

About TalentLists

TalentLists is a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for the human resources industries. 
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