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Theron Conrey
computer geek, telecom hobbyist, brewer, tinkerer, family man.
computer geek, telecom hobbyist, brewer, tinkerer, family man.

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vmunderground general tickets were gone in four (yes 4) minutes. Whoa.

My yahoo email account was compromised over the weekend. Spammed my yahoo address book. As I only used that email address for junk mail, and for IM at a previous employer, damage was minimal. I don't have any idea where the attack got through, always use a silly strong password. Hate the not knowing more than anything. Yea Monday!

Anyone have good tips for identifying / fixing these types of attacks?

Friend: "are you going to move away from twitter now that you're on google+?" Me: "I'm still on IRC" Friend: "oh....."

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New vSphere 5 licensing will be interesting in seeing how it effects upgrades vs. new deployments. There are still customers that are coming onboard, and this changes how licensing is perceived. Moving to a service provider was always an apples and oranges conversation. Now, at least with VMware, it's not.

This also changes the vmware vs. $other conversation to an apples to oranges conversation.

While being able to flash a gingerbread rom on my android phone seems pretty cool, the need to do so is my biggest complaint.

With all the marketing around this announcement tomorrow, vmware better be bringing the nachos. Still time to register for tomorrows event:

Monday is as Monday does.

Anyone seen a thumb drive with my itunes VM on it? This is just getting silly.

Ready for the weekend. Brewing day tomorrow if anyone wants to swing by casa de conrey.
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