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HootSuite Business Team

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Awesome times with DaveO and Gunnr!
HootSuite . is hanging out with 1 person right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairJon Morter

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Whoa - he's actually a cool dude.
Who-the-heck was that guy with Madonna?

Wondering who that guy was in the toga balancing and jumping on a wire with Madonna in the Super Bowl halftime show? Wonder no more. Here he is: Andy Lewis doing what he does best - slacklining.

#superbowl #halftime #madonna

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Christmas Beagle -- Los Angeles, CA

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So good.

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Did apple just design a library? Seriously. This needs to be built immediately.

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Excited about this one!
Check it out -- we’re working with a handful of social media management companies to test Google+ functionality in their tools. This effort will roll out gradually, initially to a subset of their clients to help manage their Google+ pages.
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