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I think that if you share something from games to a circle with non-google+ people in it, it automatically goes to their email, even if you don't normally share things to their email. bad google.

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I have nothing to say about this other that "heh"

anyone else refreshing somewhat regularly to see if the games tab has appeared?

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I started checking the original vs. adaptation vs. remake vs. franchise question again with regard to all wide release (>600 theaters) movies in the US to get a better picture of what Hollywood is actually making. I've only done the last 3 years so far (and it's based on wikipedia, which isn't completely consistent in their format for presenting things), but what's clear is that remakes really aren't as dominant as they seem to be.

A few wide release movies were documentaries or spoofs, and I decided to not count them toward any of the groups.

Green = franchise movies (prequel/sequel or later) from original scripts
Purple = franchise movies from sources in other mediums

Here's the data table as well

ok, so I just discovered that if you post a youtube link in a comment here, it will turn it into a hyperlink with the text of the title of the youtube video

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+Jamie Noguchi posted a blog last week where he brought up an issue that comes up frequently amongst folks who frequent movie theaters: the seeming glut on the market of remakes, and the general absence of original screenplays. I decided to do some math, and y'know what? If you thought there were fewer original screenplays making it big, you're right. Of the yearly top 10 highest grossing movies from 1981-2010, there is a clear, significant decline in original screenplays.

At some point, I might take a look at the full yearly releases to get an idea of the larger picture of Hollywood's releases, but I thought this was interesting enough to post already.

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So I started a new tumblr account...

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That I can't +1 things while using google reader still blows my mind

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