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So You Want To Be A Stay At Home Mother?
I was home 10 years raising my children.  I don't think the author of this blog will make it. I Want To Throw Myself Into Traffic: An Essay On Being A Stay-At-Home Mom  about Hannah January 8, 2014 The following is a talk I gave to a group of Moms a few mo...

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Relationships For The New Year
Happy New Year. The  new year makes me think about relationships, I guess
it's the lyrics to the song.... Relationships are ever changing. We change, we
age, we grow, we mature, or not?  Why shouldn't  our friendships?  Easier said
then done, I think.   ...

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Happy Holidays Revisited 12/12
Teachers know all of the holidays.  Especially early childhood teachers. Each holiday, and there are many, I prepared worksheets, poems, and an art project or two, or twelve... and sometimes we cooked a traditional dish. Eating projects were always a favori...

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Back To The Future... Florida
I called to reactivate my mother's T.V. service, in Florida. " I need the
social security number of the person  on record for this  account.  The person
on record is deceased. My mother has been paying the account.  I am sorry what
is the person of recor...

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The Tea Party
It  was Thanksgiving, the apartment was warm, the TV was on. We had eaten
and enjoyed the food. There were eleven of us, family and friends. The two
toddlers entertained, because they were adorable, and smart. They jumped and
danced and spun and fell. Wh...

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How To Be Happy...
I wish I had written this article. It makes a lot of sense. I hope it speaks to you, as it does the me. The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy WELLNESS   •  ASHLEY FERN  •  JUL 19,  11:44AM Everyone has one common goal in life: to achieve true happine...

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I Am Now A Commuter
I am now a commuter.  True,  I only commute on the railroad one day a week.
I have to buy daily tickets and don't wear my monthly pass around my neck, or on
my phone like the " real" commuters.  I am learning.  As I wait on the
platform I see what the co...

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UPDATE...MY CO- Worker the Convicted Sex Offender
This blog is about a man I worked with in my last years of teaching.  I came to the school, not knowing anyone.  It felt strange for a long time.  One of the teachers I worked with closely was in his 30's.  he was a family man. His children were young, s...

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The Fantasy Magazine
It was in the early 1980's. I was a stay at home mother.  My time was spent
in different activities.  My challenges seemed never ending.  The days had many
more hours in them then.  Small children need a lot, of everything.  I had made
a new friend. I wa...

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When It Comes To The Past...
When it comes to the past everyone writes fiction...  Stephen King   I just finished reading a new Stephen King novel, Joyland. It's about a
college student and his summer working at a carnival.  By King standards it was
very mild.  It brought to mind the...
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