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Alex Maurin (Coyo)
Youth and Animal Rights Activist
Youth and Animal Rights Activist


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another photo of inkface coyo
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a better quality photo of me with some silly ink on my face. i'm considering a tattoo.
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considering a tattoo something like this. i suck at drawing on myself, but this is essentially the design. what do you think?
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testing my shiny new phone's camera
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Hey, haven't chatted here in awhile.

My name is Coyo, not to be confused with that other Coyo,

I am the black, green and silver Coyo, the coyote demon.

I am Alex IRL, 26, male, and I live in Dallas, Texas, Murrica. I love bodybuilding and nutrition, programming, architecture, writing, composing, playing Guild Wars 2, 420 activities, cooking and gardening.

I hate government, religion, socialism, communism or any other system that believes it has the right to tell me how to live my life. I love anarchism without adjectives, and am interested in multiple flavors of anarchism: green anarchism, queer anarchism, libertarianism, objectivism, syndicalist anarchism and social anarchism.

I am a devout atheist, but hate mainstream science. I hate the mainstream in general. I enjoy shamanism and neopaganism, but I don't take any of that seriously, and I am not interested in astrology. I am, however, interested in space colonization and astrophysics.

I am a college student, studying theoretical physics with a minor in astrophysics. I have a crowbar, and I will travel. IN SPACE!

Hey all, ENTJ here. Compared to most INTPs, i'm very extroverted, and most Meyers-Briggs tests place me as an extrovert. Although I'm a devout anarchist, I believe in order and the taming of the wild. I only believe in "taming of the wild" under specific circumstances, however. Firstly, all animals, human or not, should be given respect, and not forcibly bred to be submissive to the point where they will accept anyone to be masters over them. However, I do believe that, in an ideal society, the fabric of society is made up of voluntary BDSM-style dominance-submission relationships, forming a healthy hierarchy. The concept is similar to the social contract, but taken up a few notches. However, that's an ideal. In reality, good, responsible and loving masters are vanishingly rare. Most masters are douchebags who believe it's their right to be served. They either do not realize or don't care that submissives have reason to submit, because they want something from the dominant. Namely, they want to be better people. A dominant is supposed to push a submissive to become a better, stronger, more skillful and powerful person, to push the submissive to become more than what he or she was before signing a power exchange contract. Submissives are willing to make this a mutually-beneficial relationship, but it is not a one-way street.

How this relates to inter-type relationships is because the ideal match for ENTJs are INTPs, for several reasons. Typically, INTPs are psychologically self-contained. There is no real motivation for INTPs to come out of their shell and interact with others. When I'm in a more negative mood, I refer to INTPs as socially inert, like a rock. They have little experience with socialization, and have no motivation to change that. Some unhealthier INTPs have no motivation, period. They are unmotivated, and thus, do not improve as people, nor do they seek self-actualization. This self-actualization can be achieved by external motivation. That's where people like me come in.

As an ENTJ, I love to travel and see the world. I love organizing and pushing others for its own sake, as well as saving others from suicide, recruiting for good causes, giving my friends homes and livelihoods, and making those who choose to give me their loyalty lead better and more comfortable lives, making them stronger. As an ENTJ, I believe in order, but not order for its own sake, only valid, responsible order. As I am disillusioned with mainstream society, I'm an anarchist, and believe that order that is nonconsentual is true slavery, while BDSM-style order, being sane and consentual, is true and healthy order, the kind that gives rise of healthy and noble societies. If a society is worthy, it produces enough food, water, clothing, medicine and other physical supplies that it can spare them for those who choose not to participate in society themselves. The freedom to walk away is paramount. Without a real choice, society is slavery.

ENTJs are supposed to be a good match for INTPs, as are ENFJs. As you might have noticed, the ExxJ comes out as a strong dominance and will. Since me T is a more mild preference, you should notice some F elements.

What are your thoughts on the relationship between ENTJs and INTPs? What makes them so compatible? Is a more forceful and aggressive ENTJ healthy for the more unmotivated INTP? What do you think?

Hey all. Any furry musicians in here?

hey all. how's this coming along?


My "real" (legal/birth) name is Alex Maurin.

My fursona name is Belenus Gray, though my friends call me Coyo (short for Coyote. Totally original, amirite? The name stuck a long time ago, and I've never been able to shake it.)

In-character, I'm a artificial lifeform created as a companion intended for smoothing over diplomatic relations with neighboring star systems in a galaxy far, far away.

Due to some legal fluke, I ended up being heir to the throne of an empire that spanned four star systems, including my homeworld, where I was created. The rightful prince was responsible for regicide (killing his father, the emperor, who was pretty much my adoptive father), which culminated in a climatic battle, but I lost that battle, and court battle technicians activated an experimental wormhole generator, and the new young emperor kicked me in the chest, flinging me off the imperial courtyard's terrace, casting me down the wormhole's throat.

I, Belenus Gray, fell hundreds of thousands of feet through the throat of that wormhole, and plummeted through the upper atmosphere of an alien backwater planet in a galaxy far, far away from my homeworld.

Can you guess which one that is? On Earth, 17,000 years ago (15,000 BC), The "New World" of North America was not inhabited even by the "Native Americans" that migrated across the Bering Strait.

Rather, there were an ancient extinct seafaring race that had colonized fishing villages. These ancient fishermen witnessed my struggle to control the alien weather systems, brilliant blinding aurorae blazing across the sky as ionizing radiation and powerful electromagnetic flux thrummed out of my flailing helpless body.

I tried, as hard as I could, to summon a substantial enough supercell to form a tornado to break my fall, however, I failed.

Instead, thunderous deafening lightning cracked and pounded hundreds of miles in every direction, artificial blindingly vivid aurorae flared and flickered across the morning sky, so bright it outshone the morning Sun, lightning streaking across the previously cloudless sky, rumbling thunderclouds spontaneously rolling and churning into existence, but far too little, far too late.

My alien eldritch abomination body THUDDED into the loamy virgin forests just outside of a particularly large fishing village, just inland a few miles.

When I came to, I was being nursed back to health by a very quietly reverent and respectful village of people who took very cautious care of me, fearing that letting harm come to me would invoke the wrath of the Powers That Be.

17,000 years later, Belenus Gray lives among us, resigned to a live of exile from his homeworld, cast out of the society of his birth for his eternal existence. As an immortal alien being with the incomprehensible eldritch abomination powers and capabilities of the Other, he has a very hard time, even after 17,000 years, fitting in with humans, so he resorts to being content among subcultures, such as nerds, geeks, kinksters and furries. Sometimes, when drunk enough, he'll show off his people's gifts, but everyone around him is so intoxicated, none of them remember or believe what they saw with their own eyes.

An alien in wolves' clothing, so to speak. An alien pretending to be a human pretending to be a coyote.

This is my character.

IRL, as Alex Maurin, I am an engineer. I love overlay networks, alternative and/or experimental Internet and Ethernet protocols, technical law and policymaking, anarchy, libertarianism, decentralized, distributed and peer-2-peer technologies, particularly anonymity networks.

I love Bitcoin, Tor, I2P, and a few more very obscure technologies.

I love Juniper and Brocade routers, OpenFlow and OpenStack SDN.

I love things like CJDNS, Retroshare, Quagga and Vyatta.

I love minimalist forms of Linux like Arch and Crunchbang, and to a lesser extent, Gentoo.

I love OpenBSD, FreeBSD, ReactOS and Haiku.

I love community broadband and wireless projects such as B4RN, Commotion Wireless, various freespace optics and ham packet radio intended for short distances, FON, DD-WRT and Tomato, and neighborhood unlicensed WiMAX networks.

I'm interested in Wireless AC (802.11ac) gigabit wifi as a community wifi network as a project, but have not been able to work on it.

I'm trying to found a local bitcoin meetup and P2P club, but despite a lot of interest, none of us can find the time to meetup regularly.

Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet all of you fuzzballs. Hai! :3
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