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Huh, I didn't know that this is egg foo young. I guess I've never had it... I thought it was a soupy eggy translucent mixture over rice.
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I made the same mistake recently. I wanted a 'soupy eggy translucent mixture over rice', and instead ended up ordering something that was essentially a dry pork sausage omelette. Any idea what the eggy mixture over rice is called?
I remember my dad ordering as "xia long hu. " sound familiar?
nope. Sounds kinda like the name of one of my relatives though
what the hell is that?! for some reason I also assumed it was also soupy egg over rice, but with tomatoes
That's so weird! Maybe we've all heard "egg foo young" and thought it was the soupy stuff. But WHY?!?! btw i like the soupy stuff
I love the soupy stuff! I've definitely had beef with tomatoes and some type of veggies mixed in an eggy sauce over rice, and it was so good and comforting. I don't want to order any more omelettes by accident.
i don't think i've ever had egg foo young either. i'd much rather have the eggy soupy mixture over rice. it's called 滑蛋___饭. where the blank is whatever meat or other stuff is in it. usually it's beef and called 滑蛋牛肉饭. for those who prefer pin yin, it's "hua dan niu rou fan" and here is an example image:
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