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After a year of hard work and Investigation, The Law Offices of Musa M. Ghanayem, L.L.C. with the help of Co-Counsel Harold Buckler, Esq. have procured a dismissal on a DeKalb County Double Homicide. 
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Once a Gentleman, always a Gentleman. A true honor.
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That is pretty darn cool, Musa.
I imagine you'll always have it with you from now on.
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One Victory at a time
CBS Atlanta asked Musa Ghanayem, former Clayton County Sheriff's attorney, Tough Questions on Friday.
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Have them in circles
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A company's bonding privileges have been suspended after it raised concerns about writing a bond for former Clayton County sheriff Victor Hill.
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Special prosecutor responds to claims Hill arrest politically motivated
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Musa M. Ghanayem, Representing Victor Hill
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Here is an older clip of Musa Ghanayem, representing a Defendant in a high profile credit card fraud case. This case was profiled by a number of media outlets, including Dateline NBC.
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