4thWall dev post: I just posted my first "/dev/log" video. My first few attempts were overdone, which explains the delay. I settled on keeping it super simple: Describing the process which led me to our current third-person camera system.

Short and to the point. I know it's not a super spectacular first showing, but the idea here is for me to show one detail at a time. All of the usual WIP disclaimers should be applied. =)

Note: This video is demonstrated using example models from UDK and does not yet contain any 4thWall character art.

I do hope I get better at these. Every time I speak into a microphone I'm painfully aware that my enunciation is terrible. The truth is I'm not entirely new at the mic, I'm just not as comfortable with it as I should be.

4thWall /dev/log - Third Person Camera - Dec 23, 2011.


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