4thWall dev post: I'm going to start posting some of our concept art that's just come in from +John Amor whom is freelancing for us. I love his work and he's nailed our requested style perfectly. If you're looking for a freelance comic book / style artist, you may want to look him up, here's his website: http://johnamorartist.com/category/work/

Concept art for Bard:
Bard will be a notable character during the first mission of our game. He's meant to epitomize the "Administrator" faction. He's large and he's in charge. I asked for an opulent, wealthy merchant look for him and this is what John came up with.

Bard used to be a working-class member of the "Engineers" faction, but he pushed and climbed his way up to a position of power. As an Admin, he still has a strong bias for his previous faction. He is a champion for the workers that keep the Norship running and operational. That said, he enjoys his status and all of the benefits that it provides.

When John has completed the other poses and face expression treatments of Bard, I'll repost with the additional art and post on our 4thWall website as well: http://wall.gameslate.com/


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