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Residency Update: Preparing for Fellowship
Years ago I wrote a post about prepping for a career in Sports Medicine , and I admitted in the post that it was likely too early to be writing a "how to" post considering that at the time DrH was only in his second year of med school. This post is it's seq...

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Slow Clapping for Goodness
Scott's usual choice: The Tyler (sometimes it's not the menu, but luckily the staff always remembers the combo) We are regulars at ModPizza  here in Wisconsin. They draw you in with the concept of build your own artisan, brick oven pizza, but you stay for t...

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Life Snapshot: April 12
Hale House Fish Fry Friday was delish! Wisconsin Tidbits: Firstly, we tried out the Fish Fry at Hale House and really enjoyed it. Our favorite fish fry is still at St. Martin's Inn, but we declare Hale House to be foodie delicious and plan to visit again. S...

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Hugs are For the Comforter
I'm no expert. I can't say what's good or normal in grieving, but I can tell you that it has felt good to be distracted and it felt worse, with all the feelings reemerging, when I was hugged. There's something about receiving sympathy that has made me feel ...

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Charitable Thoughts
In church today, a women who was speaking in Sacrament Meeting talked of caring for the poor and needy. Though I know it wasn't the speakers intention, just saying that phrase, "poor and needy" brings to mind the image of a ladies club straight out of The H...

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Life Snapshot: February 28
What I'm Reading:  I'm slowly making my way through The Orphan Keeper by Camron Wright. It's an interesting read, so I'm not sure why it moves so slowly for me.  Part of My Spiritual Study: As part of the faith experiments that we challenged our young women...

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Encouraging Faith Experiments
Last week we had an event at church called New Beginnings for the Young Women aged 12-18, as well as those little ladies who would be turning 12 in the coming year. During this event, current Young Women members introduced what the program entails for anyon...

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Residency Update: Night Shifts in PGY2
Dr. Chandler (here out referred to in true doctor's wife text as DrH, for Dr. Hubby) just finished five weeks of night shifts, a couple weeks delivering babies on his OB rotation and then moving to an in-patient care rotation on Purple/Yellow team (known am...

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Making Christmas Wishes Come True
I know it was your secret Christmas wish to celebrate my birthday with me! My brother asked me what kind of special plans I had going for my birthday, and I told him I've kind of gotten used to celebrating holidays and birthdays on unofficial days or over a...
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