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Prepping for Demo Day - Barclays Accelerator - Powered by Techstars / Tel Aviv

Saturday afternoon in Tel Aviv.

The sun is shining. The weather is amazing. People at the beaches, out strolling, hanging out in cafes. It’s the Sabbath and tomorrow is a holiday, Shavuot.

On Rothchild Boulevard over at Mindspace, Barclays has built out two floors that house 10 teams that make up the first class of their accelerator that is powered by Techstars.

Today, Sarah Drinkwater from Google Campus London (left) Yotam Yarden who is a data scientist (center) and Aamar Hussain (right) and I all convened at Techstars to help Aamar work on his pitch for the upcoming demo day.

Aamar is here building FinancialJuice, with his team. He, like, Sarah, are based in London. Yotam lives here in Israel and I float between San Antonio and Tel Aviv.

Taking a break for sushi, ice cream, and coffee, the four of us compare notes on ecosystems, our individual backgrounds, current political events, and then we go back to thinking through Aamar’s pitch.

It’s the breaks in between, the way we reveal ourselves and share our backgrounds that new insights and approaches to what Aamar is doing that come to light.

Having helped startups at Techstars Cloud in San Antonio, Techstars Berlin, and now the program in Tel Aviv, I feel blessed to get to meet such wonderful entrepreneurs and the mentors that are all collectively dedicated to the companies’ success.

Managing Director, Liron Rose, Program Managers, Jasmin Bowen and Mark Lazar and over 100 Techstars & Barclays mentors have been working with the companies.

Demo Day is the culmination of thousands of hours hard work over a 13 week cycle.

On June 22 from 9:30AM, these 10 companies will be presenting at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv.

I hope you will join us.

If you would like to attend, send your request to

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IoT and Innovation highlights from the Tel Aviv Startup story with videos in The Times of Israel....

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This video walk-through of TAU Innovation Conference 2016 - and specifically the Tel Aviv Startup Challenge is just a sampling of what goes on here in Israel all the time.

The video is about 10 minutes long, includes some random encounters with people I know, people I have connected on this specific trip with James Brehm in search of connecting the dots in the B2B IoT sector, and the magic that just happens here.

Kudos to +Oren Simanian  (Happy Birthday),@Dan Balter, Hila Glick Elena Donets and the whole team who put on this incredible event, bringing more than 6,000 people from all over the world together.

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I am on site today (Wednesday) at the Tel Aviv Startup Challenge.

If you are doing anything that is B2B IoT, I would love to meet you, even if it's just to spend a few minutes in person and continue from there.

Call or text me: 054-321-6176.

I am a member of the team with - one of the leading IoT consulting and market intelligence firms and we're always looking to see what's next and where we can help you.

Follow +James Brehm  if you want to get a pulse of the space.

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Barclays Accelerator / Powered by Techstars Demo Day on June 22 Shines a Light on 10 Fintech Startups.

When close to 400 companies apply to a Techstars program, and only 10 are selected to participate in a program, there’s a high degree of vetting that goes on just in order to get into a class.

Add into the mix that the program is sponsored by one of the world’s leading financial institutions it raises the bar even more. The partnership between Barclays and Techstars brings two global networks together that offers entrepreneurs unprecedented access not only to a leading bank but also to Techstars network of tens of thousands of community leaders, founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners.

With accelerator programs in New York, London, Cape Town, and now in Tel Aviv, The Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars also lets the companies visit the different facilities to collaborate with specific mentors, prospective customers, and to understand local market needs.

Over the last 13 weeks, Managing Director, Liron Rose, Program Managers, Yasmin Nachum and Mark Lazar and over 100 Techstars & Barclays mentors have working with the companies. Demo Day is the culmination of this hard work. On June 22 from 9:30AM, these 10 companies will be presenting at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv.

If you would like to attend, send your request to

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I am in Israel for three more weeks...

If you are doing B2B / Enterprise focused IoT (Internet of Things) and we have not connected, please PM or email me -

I want to meet you.

+James Brehm  and I met with 26 different companies and I am in the process of meeting more.

We are one of the leading IoT consulting and market intelligence firms and expanding our practice into Israel.

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I like to re-share things I write that never change....stick to basics, focus on core, and more than anything, start with listening....

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Thank you, +Robert Rivard  for letting me share my commentary about creating ones own reality about where one lives.

In my case, I live in San Antonio and Tel Aviv (actually I float around all of Israel).

In today's globally connected world, you too can create the life you want to live, and the reality that works for you...

Here's my story.

How about you?

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My old business card from way way back in 1984....

I guess some things never change... yes... I did a mix of ad stuff, direct marketing and of course, PR, where I focused and evolved. Lots of things changed and many did not.... you still need a voice, a message, a communications strategy....

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Jeff Pulver Explores How We Communicate

Jeff Pulver has always helped us explore how we communicate. He does it in a way that let’s us see over the horizon sooner, with greater clarity, and sense of purpose.

On May 18–19, he’s holding the Pulver HWC Summit, which takes place in Los Gatos, California.

Before we move forward, let’s take a slight look back in time, taking us back to 1996, at Jeff’s first gathering to further understand Voice and Video on the Internet that helped seed the Internet Communications revolution.

Looking back, many of the people who attended that first summit became the movers and the shakers behind more than 200 startups. One year later, this gathering morphed into what became VON / Voice on the Net conferences and events.

Up until 2008, VON became the meeting place where the future of communications evolved and where VoIP became the standard of the global telecommunications industry. 

The conversations that Jeff advanced helped explore the state of the technology, the gaps in the markets of the then current products and public policy as we collectively looked into the future.

From the opportunity presented, billions of dollars were raised and many delegates became competitors, players and positive disruptors in the telecommunications space, resulting in the largest boom of innovation in communications in the past 50 years.

During the days of VON over 120 of the exhibitors were acquired by 7 of the community’s exhibitors. Quite a number of startups went public and at times VON hosted delegations from 40 to 65 different countries at the US events.

And now at the PulverHWC, “How We Communicate,” Jeff will pick up on a new emerging industry. 

These days, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter dominate our personal communication space. One to one, one to many and many to many communications continue to evolve, both personally and professionally.

Many of Jeff’s friends are intuitive and want to explore how technology help us to listen better. And for those who are spiritual, there are ways to feel more connected with the world outside of our digital domains.

So Jeff wants you to be part of the conversation, and to share your ideas on to where we are headed.

Over the planned series of events, Pulver HWC will begin to explore the questions and answers with a multi-disciplinary approach across many industries which impact the evolution of communications.

He’s am kicking things off with an intimate gathering of people, similar to what he did back in 1996 in a catering hall in New York City.

This time the event will be taking place at the Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos and will include old friends responsible for changing the way the world communicates, together with new friends who help answer questions related to the umbrella question of “How We Communicate.”

Cisco and Symphony as presenting sponsors and Polycom, Vodia Networks and — are the community sponsors.

So far, there are over 40 people speaking during the two days of the Summit. And while everyone will enjoy and be inspired by the conversations, the best part of any Jeff Pulver happening are the conversations and incredible networking opportunities that happen.

Use this code for a coupon — VON16 and save $300 from the registration price. Sign up and register here.

As we approach the second half of 2016, this might be a good time to start looking ahead and get a jump on the future. 

You’ll find it there at the Pulver HWC Summit.
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