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musings #2
past: in the past 2 weeks I have: felt relieved that January was over, worked a lot, cried a bit, finally tracked down vegan Ben and Jerry's, done yoga for 12 consecutive days, made a lot of plans, finished 2 books, done a lot of online shopping (and sent a...

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the fire
"Here is a pen, I say. Use them. Write me how it feels" If your house was on fire, and you had 5 seconds to grab one item, what would it be? I'd reach my hand under my mattress and pull out this my heart and fears and tears and thoughts bled onto the pages ...

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A brain dump. Yes, my last post was an existential crisis. And this one is too. But I feel sad. So here's my head. In its most vulnerable fashion. I feel lonely. I feel socially lonely and romantically lonely. I feel bleurgh about the fact I have so few fri...

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ce soir, je me sens un peu seule. In fact, I feel every emotion. Except the good ones* bleurgh. I am feeling an amalgamation of every fear and every sadness and every loneliness and every trigger is causing me to existentially fret and I think my mind might...

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Towards the end of 2017, I bought a disposable camera and it went on a few adventures with me. A couple of weeks ago I got the pictures developed and I thought I would share my favourites. They explore a month filled with trips to London and Oxford and drun...

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This post feels very old school, but I kind of love that. New Years Eve was slightly anti–climatic but we won't talk about that; I enjoyed spending the end of 2017 with my bffs so I guess thats a winner. I did, however, love my outfit and makeup and was jus...

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(forewarning: this post is ridiculously long and after reading Lexie's 2017 review, I realise unnecessarily so. Conciseness never was my strong point) 2017 opened in bed, crying. Start as you mean to go on, they say. I was terrified  about the end of exams ...

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calm amongst the chaos
This christmas has been a weird one–filled with tears and family dramas but also laughs and fond memories and happiness.  I haven't really been able to relax (possibly perpetuated by my total exhaustion) and have a strong sense of undeserving: of relaxation...

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update: 2017 goals
I will be composing a lot of 2017 update posts, partly because it has been a monumental year and partly because I need to process everything thats gone on. I also want to remember this year, and how I survived, despite continuously thinking I wouldn't 1) Re...

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the battle of my mind
the battle of my mind who can ruin it first? the pulsing adrenaline of overdrive, pushing harder seizing, singeing  the flames of burnout licking at my core or the narcissistic cries of perfectionism  unattainable expectation that will never be enough  eith...
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