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When I took this shot I thought I had something. Then I got home and said "wow it's so boring, why did I take this". Two years later I looked at it again for the first time since I shelved it and said, "I think I can work with this". It just goes to show that you should never delete your rejected images*. It might not work now but there's always a chance for later.

*I make exception for the photos of my toes, blurry insides of camera bags, and accidental captures of nudity
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Good advice +Carole Buckwalter! The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. i took a picture of some white orchids and everything in the photo turned out to be white and boring. I decided to invert the colors and I was rewarded with something much more exciting.

I definitely keep way more pictures than I need to just in case I go back later and see something I really like that I missed originally.
*here is my photo in case you are curious:
thisis vies coooooooooooood im lik