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I tend to like my sci-fi more in the Space Opera vein with lots of aliens living in a fairly cosmopolitan society. My Google-Fu appears to be pretty weak in this arena, but would anyone be able to point in the direction of conversions that have been done covering Star Wars, Star Trek, or other franchises to Traveller. I'd rather not completely re-invent the wheel, and I'm still a novice with the system, so seeing how others put together alien races would be beneficial. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I'm still alive
It's been a while since I've posted anything...a long while. This summer has been brutal on my free time. Between sports for both boys this year (hello to the new normal), being sick all through July (that royally sucked), and then the usual day-to-day stuf...

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A Brief Interlude
I've been playing through the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 (excellent game, I highly recommend it), which is partly the reason the posts from be have trailed off of late. As it commonly happens, as I'm playing through Geralt of Rivia's world, ...

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Species Write-Up's Going Forward
I've been thinking about the species I've been posting lately and I'm going to make a few changes. First off, I'm not going to detail religion, mutations, cyberware, and psionics unless one or more of those areas are integral to the species background. Inst...

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I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I'm spending a least some of it writing up some more species for Mythic Space. Here are Star Wars' Cereans in my continuing series of the Founders of the Concord. R

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Founders of the Concord: Cereans in Mythic Space
serenity, intelligence, and wisdom are all words that come to mind when Cereans
are brought up. Cereans are quick to react, but when you have two brains
constantly processing information, it’s easy to react quickly while still
thinking things throu...

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Here's Babylon 5's Centauri for my Mythic Space setting.

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Founders of the Concord: Centauri in Mythic Space
members of the Concord fully embrace the ideals of co-existence and mutual
protection and aid, others, like the Centauri, see the Concord as a necessary
evil they have grown to be too reliant upon. They would love to return to the
days of glory when th...

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Founders of the Concord: Caitians in Mythic Space
  At one
time, the Caitians thought all was lost. They were driven from their home
system by the Illithids, only a few hundred thousand of their kind remained
alive. They sought refuge with anyone who would take them, most of whom were
stellar nations that ...
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