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I Help Make The Internet A Beautiful Place To Live!


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The History of Progressive Taxes In America
It appears many folks are confused what a 90% top marginal tax rate means. The charts below will shed some light on this confusion.

First two things to notice: 1) The number of brackets we have today is 50%+ less than in the past. 2) We had a 94% top marginal rate after WW2 to pay off war debts.

In 1986 the top margin was 50% but we only had about 15 brackets. Yes, that means Reagan's recovery was due to higher marginal tax rates.

In 1944/45 (ww2 ending) the top rate was 94%, with 25 brackets.

The brackets mean: We each pay the exact same percentage of taxes for that bracket. Another words, today we all pay 10% tax on the first $17k earned, if you only make $17k or you make $1m, you pay 10% on the first 17k.

The result of higher tax brackets was two things, first corporations invested in jobs and second they paid more as a percentage of overall income. If you want to balance our budgets, pay off our debts, have more jobs that pay higher wages....then you'll support a 90% top marginal tax rate.

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Very creative....if you don't want Iran to get the bomb, then support the freaking agreement!
Diplomacy is the absolute best way to go!

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The 35 women who have made accusations of rape or sexual assault against Bill Cosby. The New York article comes a few weeks

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Shouldn't Cheney have a phone on each ear and group of people standing around him....something, anything other than sitting with his feet propped up on a desk?

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This is why politicians shouldn't politicize tragedies like the Chattanooga shooting. ~ Semper Fi

"The Department of Defense issued a directive, not a law, in 1992 -- when Bush’s father was president. It did not ban firearms outright; it limited them to military personnel who held certain jobs, such as positions in law enforcement. And while the Army issued a regulation implementing that directive in 1993 -- two months after Clinton was in office -- experts say it is not the sort of matter that would typically rise to the attention of a president."

#GOP   #democrats   #bush   #chattanooga   #marines   #usmc  

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Truly an amazing article, highlighting how complex and extreme the southern border crisis really is....starting with American citizens.

"Prine and photojournalist Justin Merriman then spent two months traveling more than 1,900 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, from the southern toe of Texas to the Pacific Ocean. Traveling by vehicle, boat, and on foot, they interviewed dozens of people along the way to document the impact of smuggling on human residents and communities there — and beyond."

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FedEx (the Company) Indicted For Drug Dealing

The Indictment

#fedex   #doj

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#Obama  needs to send the National Guard to the border States to PROTECT the immigrant children (and all illegals), from the crazies in America.

Grats Germany and Goetze for finding the big open gaping hole to put the ball in.

Whoever sets the rules for the #TSA maybe it's #HLS , they are putting all air travelers at extreme risk. You, me, all of our families, every air traveler is in danger due to illogical policies.

My wife was asked to start her Laptop, Phone and Camera, at security, with at least a 100 people around.

Hello logic, if the battery or device was a bomb, it would have killed everyone at security.

Now that we check devices, why wouldn't they just target the airport?

Someone should be fired for making such a dumb and extremely dangerous rule.
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