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Marshmallow is out for Z580C/CA

Well, I would really like to thank all of "us".

We pushed Asus, we demand, we cry, we waited ages, but its here.

I really think our efforts also helped just a little bit, to say the least, to reach this day.


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#### The objective is to gather information on what ASUS reply once questioned. ####

Can someone also please call,email ASUS to gather some information.
Ask them about Android Marshmallow to Z580C and Z580CA.
Ask them also about security updates for the 5.0 original version.

Leave your comments bellow. 
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Android M
Android L + security updates

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This is why we should not let Asus get away without at least one upgrade.


Yo Asus, have you heard about brand loyalty.
That's what you get when people understand the added value on a brand vs their competitors.

What are you expecting ? That people will buy the next tablet from you, just to get stucked on a particularly version ?
Or not to receive any security updates ?

Really ?

What was the plan in the first place ? To get the people to buy one tablet per Android version?

Are you serious ?

Are you "Asus" trying to compete in what world ? Cause here on earth we don't like to be fooled.

Mark my words, this way you will only sell ONCE.

Please keep this marketing strategy if you really need to shut doors.
That is the right path if you want to shutdown business.

Based on the trust people put into Asus products, you have expanded your product line into other business areas just so you can double cross people ??

Just shutdown ops outside pc components.

Hi guys and gals.

Portugal / Marshmallow 6.0.1 / 6045K / Unlocked

Just pop


ASUS Zenpad S 8.0 Z580CA

No marshmallow update
No security updates
No performance upgrade

Im done with ASUS.
Only PC parts are worth.

Yo Asus, check this out.

Great hardware without firmware update or boot loader unlock = never buy again.

I dont care about Intel droping. Its your problem.

I pay full price, not half. 

Portugal still waiting for MM.
5.5" dual sim, Unloked 6045k

Alcatel and ASUS are the worst about providing a solid and fast MM upgrade.
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