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JUSTIN TOCHI commented on a post on Blogger.
We need a daily those of these to stay afloat of the skimmings of the our enemy the devil 

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JUSTIN TOCHI commented on a post on Blogger.
money does not make a man but it brings out the real MAN in a man weather good or bad its just the icing on the cake.....lovely article 

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Bacteria powered lamp (forget electricity)
While surfing the internet I came stumbles on
this article. Whenever bacteria is being mentioned  the first thing that subconsciously come to
our minds is sickness, diseases ,infections bla ,bla,bla .But indeed I was surprised
at what these bacterial can do...

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Apple iPad Pro to be 12.2-inch
iPad Pro which has been long expected has been rumoured to have gone into
production after a mould used to manufacture the device rear panel was leaked
on the web. Apple fans are anticipating a larger bussines oriented version of
the iPad at its pre...

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The 25 best video games of 2014
 Titanfall – the ridiculously intense sci-fi shooter – has stomped into our list at number 25 Photograph Here we go
again. From blockbuster mainstream hits to lesser-known indie gems, these are
the 25 games that have kept our reviewers glued to their gigant...

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BlackBerry manufactures 'self-destructing' phone
smartphone maker BlackBerry will help Boeing with its self-destructing “Black”
phone, designed for government agencies with a need for secrecy. The
device has been in planning since 2012 and is thought to include biometric
scanners for security a...

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The best Android games of 2014
valley, the room two, Clumsy Ninja and much more in our pick of games released
this year through the Google Play store 1.       Monument Valley 2.       The Room Two 3.       Clumsy Ninja 4.       The Walking Dead 5.       Threes! 6.       80 Days ...

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Nexus 6: bigger than brilliant
When Google launched its
latest Nexus mobile phone, staff encouraged journalists to think of its biggest
handset yet not as a mobile, but as a device through which to access the
internet. The shift in mindset is reasonable as fewer and fewer of us use

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The biggest technology flops in history
Apple Newton  Bad products, good products that had bad luck and everything in
between. Matthew Sparkes looks at the biggest technology flops of all time.
First up is Apple's earliest foray into mobile computing. Long before the iPhone or the iPad were on th...
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