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Live life, have fun, and get er done!
Live life, have fun, and get er done!

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Don't forget to vote friends. #iVoteBC

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Help decide where the money goes. Google is listening.

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Appeal Type: Portal reinstatement
Portal Name: Rattlesnake Gulch
Approx Location: 46.347624, -119.471825
Address: US Reservation Road, Benton City, WA 99320

The portal exists where it is claimed to be, in a safe parking lot area with public pedestrian access (there is a car parked pretty much on top of the portal in the sattelite pic), and meets current portal criteria. Rattlesnake Gulch is a false-storefront type prop old west "town" for use in old west style re-creations and competitions. It qualifies as a portal because it's a really neat and functional piece of artwork, and a local attraction bringing visitors to the park both to see it and to compete in and watch coybow-action sporting events.

Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility where they are located is open to the public, although not all the time. It is on public land and operated for the Benton County Park Board. Their web site is and the URL and hours are clearly posted on the gate. The side where the portals are is open for competition events, which are listed on their web site under the calendar. Free to the public to attend, no access restrictions. In addition, anyone can join the club and volunteer their time to have 24/7 access.
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Corruption at its best.

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Times are bleak these days #Ingress.

I've reported over 20 accounts in the past few days and at this rate I don't expect anything to change until this unicorn rumored 2.0 version drops with an entire new client and server code base. The huge abuse of cheating is growing and it's causing agents to leave or simply quit playing. I know there are probably hundred of accounts banned before they do any action, but I only know about those that get through the cracks.

The Tampa area has been dealing with a huge influx of bots. We have one account that is L6 (BetsyRoss1752 - #321979/#317160) and based on public COMMS is just ADAing all green guardians.

Since I've started counting, I've seen 15 flip cards thrown from that account which doesn't even have 10KM walked yet. I've witnessed the account flip portals at times that simply are not possible. Hitting portals in closed trails while I sat in parking lot waiting for someone to come out.

Additionally, we have myself and other Resistance agents in Tampa losing guardian portals across the world (Yes even across the sea) to random L5/L6 accounts that once again (For those that share stats) have barely any KM walked and are ignoring portals in the action circle of the target portal. It's very suspicious to take a 2h hike up a mountain and only claim 1 portal despite multiple being in range of that one.

So it seems there is a war of guardian bots and that doesn't even begin to describe what is going on.

Next up we have the spoofers. Living in Florida makes battling over the Gulf an interesting battle. It's nothing like playing in Arkansas so building fields or controlling the links across the Gulf is fun.

One account (Benl324 - green - #320877) has repeatedly claimed credit by pinging involved agents of operations that he will kill any portals involved in gulf operations and sure enough he does, time and time again from an account that is not his.

1. WC272 - blue - (#320871)
2. UDix0 - green - (#321542)
3. KaHood - blue - (#319434)
4. lnnamoramento - blue - (#317149)
5. SlickChip - blue - (#317162)
6. YesTHATagent - blue - (Banned before I could report)
7. CCurr - blue - (#316318)

All the accounts above have killed strategic portals around the gulf. Some of these portals are on islands or areas that simply cannot be visited at the times killed. Obviously Niantic agrees as 3 - 7 are already banned so thank you.

However, with every account banned a few more pop up in their place and by the time they are banned the damage has already been done. People have stopped planning these trips to islands and more, because whats the point when it will be spoofed down within hours or even minutes?

Next up we have an interesting bot known as the shit mods bot. These accounts (almuxop - #324588, iksrmanx - #324663) wait on common green farm locations and the instant a mod slot is open they throw common shields or something not preferred like link amps.

I've been watching these accounts and I can't find any link/capture/deploy notification in COMMS. These accounts are obviously fake and being used simply to spam shit mods onto known green farms. They are either accounts ran by known agents and silently hack and get gear drops or another form of spoof bot. Almuxop is already banned but was quickly almost instantly replaced by iksrmanx which is still alive.

There are just too many to report. I haven't played in days because my time is spent writing detailed reports, but soon I will lose the drive to even do that.

I don't even want to talk about the COMM spam. I can't even hold a conversation with a new agent because every minute 3-9 messages that are multiple lines spam my feed. These accounts are banned very quick however. Just try and view the profile of one of those accounts, chances are its already banned.

Maybe it's time to enforce 1,000 XM picked up before allowing messages. Force these accounts to actually bot themselves in an automated fashion to send messages. I'm tired of looking at SPAM all day and it hurts recruiting new agents.

I know its probably a big rewrite of the client, but maybe hide messages from our COMMs if that account is banned and L1? Just any improvement is welcome.

You log so much information from us. Please start using some of this information and start issuing some real bans. If a banned account dropped gear to an unbanned account, it's probably safe to say that account is involved. Issue some bans or warnings to get people scared.

The only reason there is a market for the COMM spam is people are obviously not getting banned for utilizing those. It's time for that to change.

Since I'm already talking. MUFG Capsules are obviously laying in too many dormant accounts. People register a 2nd account and throw their MUFGs in them. It's nearly impossible to prove this -- but as someone who plays with 1 account and has no significant other to leverage for gear, some people I'm convinced are sitting on backpack accounts.

Something as simple as not duplicating gear in MUFG capsules if that account doesn't play will really force the hand of all these dormant accounts.

I saw the transparency you did with Pokemon Go, maybe its time to bring some of that to Ingress. We've waited too long to constantly be left in the dark of what is going on.

// iBotPeaches (connor)

+Niantic +NIA Ops +John Hanke +Andrew Krug +Anne Beuttenmüller

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Awesome work! #Niantic #Ingress
AAR: OP Gate Keeper

“Then the dreamer awoke from his dream into the nightmare of reality time and time again. Skies of blue as far as the eyes could see, next to untouchable by mortal hands.”

Smallest Layer - 941,486
Largest Layer - 964,936
Largest Number of Layers - 25
Total Standing MU* - 17,159,856
Septicycles won - 2
Consecutive CPs BAFed - 5, 18, 5

Septicycle Scores

NR13-ROMEO-03** : RES 4,400,000 to ENL 120,000
NR13-ROMEO-02** : RES 2,700,000 to ENL 151,000

NR13-ROMEO-03 : RES 1,100,000 to ENL 205,000
NR13-ROMEO-02 : RES 580,000 to ENL 441,000

Anchor Teams:@Mitallust @JustJaime @colourist @NeddLudd @psydpope*** @ubic @JMACT @LoveBird85***

Clearing Agents: An incredibly awesome group of [redacted] agents.
Planners:@Ba1r0g @Mitallust @GMontag451

Fun Ruiners Takedown Agents:@kongg, @unwittyusername, @einsteinmcgee(x2),@spiraleyedbear, @Brome0sDad

*Calculations for this are complicated, since some parts were standing while others weren’t, multiple regions, etc. The VanRE does not guarantee the accuracy of this metric based off our napkin math.

**Highest known cycle score for NR13-ROMEO-02 and -03 and score discrepancy for both cells according to previous claim in this sitrep:

***Onyx Illuminator unlocked, congrats!

+Andrew Krug  #ingress   #aar   #sitrep   #baf   #reswueisawesome #onyxilluminator   #ingressreport   #ingresssitrep   #ingressaar  

#illuminatorsforall   #boourns   #noilluminatorsforanyone #boourns   #illuminatorsforsomeminatureresistancepinsforothers

  #ilikebluebafsandicannotlie   #youotheragentscantdeny   #whenabafdropsinwithadurablekeyigetsome  ( #MU )
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It is an exceptional adventure going to this portal. I have heart problems and arthritis, but have still made it to Leechtown Cairn twice. There is no reason for this portal to be removed. it is accessable, historic, and on public land. 
Appeal Category: Portal Removed
Portal Title: Leechtown Cairn
City, Region and Country: Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
Lat/Long: 48.495777, -123.711601
Reason/comments: This portal was one of the original seed portals, as was evident by the fact that the image associated with it was from Panoramio. Located on a road to the now-abandoned gold rush town of Leechtown, the cairn marked the entrance to what is now a ghost town. It commemorates the fact that the town once existed, and is a true part of Vancouver Island's history.

The portal is not accessible by vehicle, but can be reached by foot or bicycle via the Sooke Potholes and Kapoor Regional Parks, from the well-maintained Galloping Goose Trail that runs throughout Victoria and the Capital Regional District. It has been captured by both the Resistance and the Enlightened in the past - the Resistance captured this portal in August of this year from its previous Enlightened owners, who had made the trip a few months earlier.

Other than a long journey by foot or bicycle, there are no issues around access to this portal, and as such it should be reinstated.

Ingress Intel Link:,-123.711601&z=17&pll=48.495777,-123.711601
Google Maps Link:,-123.712314,15.5z
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My girls and I at Yoho and Glacier National Parks
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