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There is "happy"!
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Jared Oliver

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I make an ugly woman
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Jared Oliver

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Pretty interesting ideas and awesome presentation about our public education system

Watch "RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms" on YouTube
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms
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I watched the whole thing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Jared Oliver

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ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH? by Phil McAndrew. Bookmark and Share Best viewed at at least 1152 x 864 resolution. Unless otherwise stated, all content is © by Phil McAndrew.
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Jared Oliver

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I'M NOT going to follow my usual practice of mocking the New York Times for bending over backwards to avoid a swear-word.
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Jared Oliver

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Serious note, yes, yes it is.
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Jared Oliver

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Is anyone else tired of being preached to by alcoholic beverage advertising to "drink responsibly"? The people who aren't going to drink and drive don't need an advertisement speeking down to them from their responsibility soap box. The people who are going to drink and drive impaired aren't going to be influenced one way or the other from the commercial.

Plus it seems rather contrived to me that a company who manufactures tastey beverages that cause cognitive impairment should preach about an end users consumption. It's not really their place. I just wish society would place responsibility on the consumer rather than the producer so that the producer can get back to making funny commercials with scantily clad hot babes that don't remind me of the days when I was sixteen and, as I was leaving the house for the night, my mom would be following me to the door reminding me to be safe.

I expect it from her, not from my commercials.
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5 teenagers? God be with you my friend, thats intense.

Glad to hear things are going well
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    Inventory Operations Analyst, 2014 - present
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I'M NOT going to follow my usual practice of mocking the New York Times for bending over backwards to avoid a swear-word.

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