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a perfect palce to post yuo ideas stories fanfictions or anything else a palce for authors expericed or jsut starting out and the Mods are active as well and wil lactivly read the material posted but we are in need of more members so please spread the wordÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

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Welcome Members to the one and only Keyshio Acadamy collage to the Outcasted genuis we are hear to teach young Men,Women and mosnters how to control and use their Aura and ablites for better uses thought we have a darker side of things secret the best student fight with us to prevent the Devil Infuance in he world and takeing it over so How wil lyou stand wiht us friend of Foe !?ÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

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Jagger Winberry

OC charicter  - 
name:Mori park 


 gender: male

fighter style:renewal Taekwondo/ITF Taekwondo

Nickname-King of Vermin

national treasure-Kustrigani 

rank; Three Emporor

level:(1-14)-8 ( 29) level changer 
limiter removal level jump (?)


 gp:( alows to use of spirit's power's 15-90 to start) -80

past:an arrogant,carefree child obsessed with fighting. However his true identity is that of the great god Sun Wukong (The Monkey King), leader of the Mount Hwagwa Monkey and one of the Nine Kings of the Sage Realm. He cannot be defeated by human beings as he is not human himself. To truly defeat him, another Demon/God would have to do he does not anger easily but whe nhe does he will not stop until he feels he has avenged or settled a score with the one he is agnered at when the monkey king was young he went to the Heavenly Realm and challenged the gods there eventually gaining a reputation of killing the gods he encountered.He eventually fought against the Nine tailed fox but to the monkey kings dismay their fight was interrupted and the king was captured and put into the 8 trigrams jail. Although he eventually broke out with the help of his army giving him strength. The war lasted for many years but it was inevitably ended with the loss for the Sage Realm. The monkey king eventually fought against them once again, He was captured and upon his return he acted as an emissary between the gods and the Sage Realm. However something happened that caused him to disappear and regress into the form of a baby and encase himself in a crystal.

Apperance- He is of average height and has an athletic build. He is usually seen wearing a sleeping-mask on his head like a pair of sunglasses. His eyes are black with a golden, glowing spot in the center that turns into a cross or cross-hairs that runs to the edge of his black irises when he gets riled up or excited in some way.seen but red eyes/ two X shaped scare on the palm of his hand he fire shockwaves out of 

-Locked -

true apperance-When he is awakened he wears tiger skin clothes and has a winged band around his head which weakens him. His eyes are blue with a black spot in the center that turns into a cross or cross-hairs that runs to the edge of his blue irises. After being in the Eight Trigrams Jail and gaining power from his subordinates his irises can turn red.

Personality-is shown to be playful, honest and lighthearted young man that primarily seeks nothing more than a good fight. He is fairly kind and hospitable to strangers, and develops strong bonds of loyalty with his friends. Apparently he is weak against people he has lost to becoming quite submissive. When angered Mo-Ri usually carries an expressionless face and will mercilessly beat the person responsible for his anger.

Many people who have witnessed his fighting prowess acknowledge his strength and are terrified of ever engaging in battle with him. Despite his tough nature, Mo-Ri was shown to easily tear down when someone mention his parents, thinking they abandoned him in the mountain


 Renewal Taekwondo, a martial art created and taught to him by his grandfather. All his attacks emphasize on speed and power. He only uses his legs when an opponent is deemed worthy otherwise he'll use a combo of punches to beat his opponent. when he fights seriously using his legs. When his limiter is removed, his level becomes 26. Jin Mo-Ri has been stated to be on the same level as The First Crown Prince after fully regaining his powers and memories

Superhuman Strength: Mo-Ri has shown strength numerous times throughout the series which exceeds normal human standards and even exceeding God standards various times through many fights. Mo-Ri has blown apart arenas, buildings and has even demolish a city size environment with a single kick even after fighting for hours. This is boosted when his powers are awakened. At his peak he can lift up to 100,000 tons 

Superhuman Speed: Jin Mo-Ri has shown remarkable speed,several times he has closed the distance from opponents and appear near them in an instant. His true speed is closer to "hypersonic" and beyond. In fact on several instances, Mo-Ri has shown that he can freely go beyond with free instantaneous movement. This is boosted when his powers are awakened.

Superhuman Endurance: Jin Mo-Ri has shown remarkable endurance and stamina. Several times he has received massive injuries from opponents only to continue fighting despite pain and fatigue. This is boosted when his powers are awakened. His durability is so great that he took an attack that nearly cleaved the entire sage realm in half. Comparable to the size of normally sized planets.

Superhuman Agility: Due to the natural strengthening of his body from training with his grandfather he has supernatural Agility. He is agile enough move any any position as he sees fit. He has shown the ability to effortlessly flip and jump around a fight using most surfaces to his advantage. This is boosted when his powers are awakened.

Copy: He also has the amazing ability to memorize and effectively use new martial arts techniques after having only experienced them once in battle. And even more incredibly, he can create entirely original techniques as counters after suffering a technique only once in the very same battle.

Analytical Skill: Like Park Il-Pyo, Jin Mo-Ri possess great analytical skills when he devises strategy for weaker members of his team to beat or injure stronger opponents. He can recognize a martial arts weakness or a technique weakness upon witnessing it once and come up with counter strategies.

Knowledge of the Human Anatomy: Due to reading the book about the Nabong Needle Ryu Jin Mo-Ri is quite knowledgeable about the human anatomy. This is shown when he can find the weak points on an enemies body,can seal blood flow inside his enemies body for internal attacks, can remove limiters on his body for stats boost or seal his pain receptors.

Martial Arts

Renewal Taekwondo

Bo-Bup (Way of Walking): Basically it is a type of movement technique that allows one to appear behind, next to, above, etc their opponent instantaneously.

Hoe Hook (Guard Breaker): It is used to break an opponent's guard by attacking from above.

Hoe Grab: It is used to grab an opponent in a lock position before finally defeating them. The fighter faints a reverse kick with one leg and uses that leg to hold the arm of the opponent and uses the other leg to hit the opponent in the side of their head, completing the move.

Leg Hook: It is used to bring down an opponent by carrying down a high upon their shoulders.

Spinning Top Kick: With one's back towards the opponent, Jin Mo-Ri delivers a kick to the face while turning 360 degrees. It was used in combination with Hoe Grab by Jin Mo-Ri.

Hwechook: An attack that has gathered force through rapidly spinning on a central point. It seems to be a staple point in Jin Mo-Ri's fighting style as it is utilized in several variations.

3rd Stance Hwechook: An attack that has gathered force through rapidly spinning on a central point. The technique is essentially a three step kick, where after knocking the opponent's head in one direction with the initial blow, Jin Mo-Ri follows up by rapidly spinning and kicking the opponents head in the opposite direction. The force from being knocked one way and the collision with the kick coming from the other side causes the damage dealt to an opponent to be two to three times than normal.

Dragon Catcher: This technique is a variation of the Hwechook technique using a "Hoe Hook" application. Instead of extending his Hwechook upwards, Jin Mo-Ri bends down to secure a lower point on his opponent. From there, he reaches up to wrap a leg around an opponent's neck before bouncing up into the air spinning the victim around wildly. Once they are high enough he drops the adversary head first into the ground. It was powerful enough to create a small crater in the ring.

Ground Drawer: A low kick aimed at the knee, Jin Mo-Ri used this technique several times in his match with Han Dae-Wi.

Dragon Sign Hwechook: The technique seems to be a variation of the Hwechook technique that sets up the flow of air to become a whirlwind like vacuum. It is strong enough to render an opponent unconscious evident by the fight with Byun Jae-Hee.

Sickle Kick: A technique performed by lowering ones leg onto an opponents rising limbs to prevent them from carrying out their attacks. It can also be used at the neck of the opponent like a sickle to flip the person.

Scissor:A kick performed in a diagonal motion at the neck of a person forming a scissor shape as he legs go down.

Axe: After jumping in the air then performing a spin while coming down with a foot stretched out horizontally a huge wave of air is generated. The force of this attack is great enough to split the ground.

Baekdu: A knee attack delivered to the opponent causing the them to fly at a considerable distance. It can be combined in quick succession to change the direction of the opponent.

Baek Rok: An upward kick performed to the opponents chin.
Fangs: An attack performed by attacking with the elbows into in a downward direction

Ground Slash: An kick performed on a down or nearly down opponent to get them back on their feet.

Gor Yo: two horizontal kicks performed in quick succession at the head of the opponent.

Jin Mo-Ri Original: Blue Dragon's Kick: It is a technique developed by Jin Mo-Ri in his fight against Han Dae-Wi after observing his Blue Dragon's Storm. It was strong enough to destroy a large circular area twice the size of the ring. He is also able to control the air pressure around him.

Jin Mo-Ri Original: Double Blue Dragon's Kick: It is a technique developed by Jin Mo-Ri in his fight against Han Dae-Wi after observing his Blue Dragon's Storm. It was strong enough to destroy a large circular area twice the size of the ring. He is also able to control the air pressure around him. Later down his mastery of it becomes great enough to generate two dragons at the same time.

Jin Mo-Ri Original: Ice Kick: It is a technique developed by Jin Mo-Ri in his fight against Park Il-Pyo after observing the the turbulence created by the clash between his and Park Il-Pyo's kick, it is created by absorbing both the turbulence created by rounding storm and its reverse and Park Il-Pyo's fire kick and then reversing it, making it pure cold wind. It was capable of completely destroying the ring and overwhelming the fire kick.

Rising Back Kick: A technique delivered by kicking one's opponent after turning his back in an vertical position.

Truth Tornado: A technique delivered by kicking one's opponent, when being performed a swirl of wind is seen around the leg and it generates a massive tornado after it connects.

Reverse Spin: A kick performed by instead of going forward goes backward. It can be performed both high and low and is also called Back Spin.

Low Spin: A kick performed by faking a reverse high kick but by using the momentum of Leg hook is used to spin on the ground performing a kick at the legs.

Front Spin: The opposite of the Reverse Spin performed high instead of low.

Arang: A punch performed at the opponent that sends a wave through the opponent.

Lowest Round Kick: This move is performed after dodging an opponents attack at the upper body by ducking to the ground. Using this force the user does a 180 round house kick that is parallel to the ground aim at the opponents feet. It is used to link to the Dragon Seize technique.

True Round Kick: This move is performed when standing upright. When using this technique the user takes a stance and attacks using the force generated when the user does a 180 round house kick that is parallel to the ground aim at the opponents feet. It is so powerful that it is capable of wiping out an entire mountain.

Dragon Sign Hwechook: Shaft Axon (Kor: žßĄŪöĆž∂ē): While charging, user concentrates their force on the foot which will execute the Hwechook, crushing the ground. When it is released, it creates a twister of impact.

Northern ITF Taykwondo

Rapid Movement: Basically it is a type of movement technique that allows one to appear behind, next to, above, etc their opponent instantaneously. It also enhances all the user's attack following this movement.

Northern Wave Rebound: This is used to bounce off shock wave and send it back to the opponent who sent it.

Northern Style Front Kick: This technique is simply a front kick with enormous strength behind it. When used, it destroyed the battle ring and even hurt the audience in the path of the kick.

Flank Strike: This is a technique where the user grabs their opponents head and smashes it against their knee.

Baekdu: A knee attack delivered to the opponent causing the them to fly at a considerable distance. It can be combined in quick succession to change the direction of the opponent. It is used to entice the opponent to guard.

Northern ITF Taekwondo Right Flamingo: Three-Pronged Strike: Executes consecutive kicks at the head three times in a row either from left or right, followed straight away from the opposite direction, then from behind. If the victim flinches and tries to evade by going back, damage increases. The Renewal Taekwond version of this is 3rd Stance Hwechook.

ITF Right Flamingo: This technique was used by Lee Soo-Jin to counter Dragon Sign Hwechook

Northern ITF Taekwondo Left Flamingo: Straw Cutter: This is a kick performed in a diagonal motion at the neck of a person forming a scissor shape as he legs go down using the left leg. It is similar to the Scissor technique used in Renewal Taekwondo and is in fact used to block said technique.

Northern ITF Taekwondo Left Flamingo: Cutter Hanger: It is used to bring down an opponent by carrying down a high kick upon their shoulder, It uses the left leg.

-locked  ability -

God Powers
In his Godly form all of his natural skills are greatly amplified. He also wields a consorts of various weapons with different abilities and purpose. While in the past The Monkey King was so powerful he was capable of possibly even giving a challenge to the three Heavenly Princes, he was able to kill many gods incredibly easily and even stayed in fire for 46 days. Originally his eyes were blue, sporting black crosses. They appeared to stay that way until he was later captured and imprisoned on the lowest level of the Eight Trigram Prison. There he spent 49 days in intense flames only to break out, his eyes had changed to red color as his strength and power further increased.

Replication: Each of his hairs possesses magical properties, and is capable of transforming into a clone of the Monkey King himself. Just one of them is as strong as Jin Tae-Jin and is capable of copying the skills of others. These clones can release omnidirectional waves of energy that can vaporize a mountain, and can produce destruction on par or exceeding a nuclear bomb. The largest amount of clones he has made was 1,500. He can also make clones through another way: simply thinking them into existence. He can also make copies of objects and weapons.

Perfect Replication x 100: This is a skill that allows him to create a perfect copy of himself only being a little bit weaker that can utilize all of his skills and weapons. He has shown to be ale to use to to copy at least a hundred of himself to wipe out an army of Nephilims numbering 180,900 with one strike.

The Monkey King's Yongpyo are his mystical garments which function as a supernatural armor. It has the appearance of a black jacket with a yellow fur covering his blue pants and a red belt on him. The black jacket has the image of a green dragon on the back. It enhances all his physical capabilities, including his durability, strength, and speed. He can dispel it and make it manifest on others. When not equipped by the Monkey King, it takes the form of a mass of red and black energy which can solidified into razor sharp spikes capable of tearing apart buildings.
Ruyi Jingu

Ruyi Jingu Bang is the mystical staff that Jin Mo-Ri called down from the moon. It appears as a silver bo staff that can grow on command to what the owner says and is capable of killing thousands of gods instantly. A casual strike with Ruyi Jingu killed many gods at once, ripped Taek in half, made a huge tsunami. It extends at faster-than-light speeds and can reach into space. 
Size Alteration: Ruyi Jingu can be altered according to the purpose in each situation. It can grow broader or slimmer and taller or shorter at will. It is extremely heavy, despite whatever size it is. It has been shown to extend far out into space, through the upper atmosphere all the way to the moon. This means Jin Mo-Ri can make it grow around 240,000 miles long and thousands of miles wide, possibly further. 

Kinto-Un is a weapon that the Monkey King can call from anywhere. It is a giant mystical cloud larger than the continent of Asia, and was mistaken as a moving part of the Earth's atmosphere. It is able to manifest itself as the atmosphere of any planet in any dimension. It is actually alive and enables the Monkey King to control the weather. The Monkey King can create miniature versions of it which can be used for transportation.

Atmokinesis: The Sparrow Cloud allows Jin Mo-Ri to manipulate weather phenomena, such as: 
Lightning: Jin Mo-Ri can call down bolts of magical lightning capable of killing multiple gods. This attack will continue indefinitely until Jin Mo-Ri commands it to stop. 
Winds: Mo-Ri can create winds powerful enough to keep all Sky Whales (who were collectively the size of a continent) in the air.
Fog: The Monkey King can create dense fog which is nigh-impossible to see through.

The Gourd is a mystical object carried by the Monkey King. It is usually attached to his waist of the monkey king and contains all of his memories. It is a defensive object and is used to absorb attacks. It was previously in the hands of Mihu but was later returned to him. Inside the gourd is a vast dimension of empty space which is where things that are absorbed go to.
Teleportation: It is capable of teleporting to its owner. It appears to have no set distance and will appear either when called or needed.
Absorption: The gourd has the ability to absorb attacks aimed at the owner.

 Memories: The gourd is able to store the memories and the consciousness of its owner and enables him to relive them.
Sealing: The gourd is able to seal and summon monsters. This is demonstrated when Mihu summoned an army of soldiers from the bottle. It has difficulty sealing a god within it, however it will work if the god is in a sealed state or if it is a demi-god. Mo-Ri used it to seal nearly every human and demon in the Sage Realm

¬†bio: he was trianed at the age of four by his grandfather who was a amster of renwal taekwondo and considerd only equal too jin-tae-jin and his monther who was a master and itf taekwondo and an escape form korea they both trained him at a young age to master these two styles and muta began to become known as a renowned fighter for his beast like strength and speed know knowing how to back down his grandfatehr while doing a top secert mission for the goverment was betrayed by them and ended up becomeing a wanted man and left a football collisum sized hole in africa's center and killed sevral thosand troups and is now on the run his monther is constintly being watched so he entred the G.O.D tonmanet to clear his grandfathers name of all charges against him and to know who his father is as he has never meet him before the ¬†So called King of Vermits given to him in Middle school after whipeing out hte school yard gangs in a singel day for fun¬†ÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

Oc Keyshio Profiles  - 
name:Mia ikabihime 

Nickname- Black Angel

rank-S Class


species:fallen [arch] angel

Aura type-manipulator

eye color: pink


hair: medium White with lone large braid going down her back and smaller braids o neahc sdie of her head

soul wepon:her self [ she can change any part of her self to a bladed wepon as well as her skin is harder than steel but flexibale like skin]

Ablity: "Angel Body"-can alter her self into any form or shape of a blade,knife,sword etc as well as exibits angel proppertys such as wings and black halo as well as as her body is near invsable unless cut with blades with overwelming force/Strenght or going faster than mach 3 she can also give healing ablityies threw her blood/Siliva etc 

personality: calm emotionless, jelous and protective whne she does exibits emotion she get flustred and makes mistakes like burning water and trpping over things 


hatched hand: turns her entire hand into a cleaver with a point at the end to use as her main wepon 

extrend peirce: points her hand forward as a serraded shaped blades springs forward to cleaver her opponet into 
extend pirce multiply: same as extemded pirce only mulitplies the blades amoung to strike numerous spot or enemies
Divine Peirce- the black halo around her hand glows to a massive sized sword stiking up pircing all it touches and shreenking back to her body 

halabert leg : her legs changes form to that of a halabert and kicks with tremdous force of that like an arch angel is capable of 

knife wing's activate: her fluffly black wings changed shape into metal blades with the feather made of butcher knives with are throws like throwing knives and can trach small distances 

Winged Butcher: one or both of her wings turns into a large knife that vibrates violently threw it capable of going threw most materials 
Thousand Bird Commandment: she flaps her wings as the area around her floats hundred of black feathers turing into Butcher knive blades she locks her eyes on ehr target and then command the knives to stike thier 
claymore briad: changes the end of her braid into a very heavy large claymore and slashes at her opponet able to ut threw thick steel beams 

angel mode : her halo grows more and black halos for one her wrists in her pink eyes and around her waist giving her access to her arch angel powers to call down scared blades from heavan

heavy buthcer light  knife: both arms come to geather to make one solid large butcher knife covred in a hot light when swung it will cleave threw anything and everything 

baslistic sword : forms a bastarard sword on her arm and swings with force directly down with explodes into a white fire 

duel bastard blade: bot arms turn into the blastard blades as heavy as they are and duel whileds them in battle

reveal bahamut : both wings grow to large size and froms into two large twisted looking sowrds that can seal and absord power and throw it right back or use it to heal the owner 

bahamut devisation breach : the wings form together making a singel sword as a handel comes down  she grab onto it and vasishes and reappear behind them as the area surronding her explodes in a flash of cuts 

devian sword rain: scared swords fall form the heavan into the area she wises desroying all and everything after wisth their is a flash of light explosion and the ground is trasfred to purgatory 

devian sword rapture: a huge sword of god falls threw the heavan tothe ground and with its power destroying all living life that isent blessed to live my the angel that tosses it down wishes 
Fallen Sword battlefeild: a last restore for Mia were she assumes her arch angel form her braid undoing  four white angel wings from out of her back next to her black set and white halo appears over her hand ontop of her black one as Hundred of thousands of skyscrapper sized sword rangign in side form 40 meeters tall to as small as 12 feet fall form the sky liek asteriods and she can control how they move 

bio:She and her Father angel refused to carry out an order for Gods body guard after witch they were chased out of heavan and they fell thier wings and halos getting chared black by becoming a fallen angel the fatehr guarded Mia form the impact as they landed near jaggers hometown his mother Erean foudn them whe nher son was but 3 years old he made a promsie to the man to look after mia and she stayed in the clan as a palce to say watching jagger grow up¬†ÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

Oc Keyshio Profiles  - 

name: jagger inu akuma

Nickname- King of Dog's


rank:Zero S-Class


Aura type-Widowmaker [Creator- useing nightmare]

mother-erean Tenshi Akuma
Father-Laon the Tarant (Cerberus)
Little sister-Lucy Akuma 16
Little brother-Jason Akuma 17
brother-Danny Death (not by blood)
brother-Elijah rot (not by blood)

Aura type- Widowmaker

species:devil dog king (Cerberus)

Position-one of the three kings of keyshio/Second year student 

Eyes-Sky Blue (turns red when useing powers or on instict)

Hair- Long Dark brown in pony tail hair still sticks up thought (turns white after gate 3 )

idinfing markers- Brown leather colalr around neck with teeth desing on botom half, pair of Two long scars on his right shoulder and Tatoo of his clans symbol on his backin crimson red 

Personality-extreamlly rebelious and rude easily one of the most reckless and struborn people alive alwasy bad mouthing others and useing psysical voiclence to make his point to them but ... he can still be sorta kind and laidback when not provoked and is quite loyal to the ones he cares for 

Soul Wepon-a long katana was a with  red and black wraping on the handle and a fox tail at the end 

Ablities/ Hacks
Ablity-[OverKill] the power to control and manipulate gravidy in any of its forms can condesne it to make black holes or even changing the molecules in them to make fire 

Consumed ablity- Nightmare this is a Creator ablity of the second class he can use this becuase he devowed the soul of a supernova with this ablity it make a blackness substance that had a free flowing form that awlsy makes several demonic eyes and fangs form the substance and can be molded any way and a special effect is that it can allow a Jagger to walk between the spaces makeing teh unltiade backdoor form Other Creator's Spaces

laws 1- it can easily cut/eat threw any materal like you would devow it and jagger would brup as well once its comsumed it ca naslo eat Aura and add it to his own it is a invsiable substance as well begin able to fuse the blackness with his own body

2-nightmare space the blackness can trasport whatever part eaten to a nightmare relm created for it as well as jagger can use it to travel long distance thought it wears him out and is capable of rengrating his limbs back if several or destoyed compellty thought it weakens his stamina severly and can only do so 9 times in a day he can alos do it wiht other as well

3-Relm to with the blackness forms a giant wolfs jaw large enought to swollow both jagger and his opponet trasporting them to a diffrent space away form the battle feild allowing jagger to use his power to their full extent wihtout haveing to worry about large casulties in this space as well he can alter the weight and amount of gravidy but both him and his opponet Will not die when they run out of aura the room will comeplty eat them 

4-Backdoor: a speical effect by walking inot the mouth off the nightmare or comsuming it he can be allowed to walk between spaces by useing the nightmare as a means to move instead and can bright other with him but they msut maintain psysical contact to him or the nightmare will attack and destoy them 
Psysical Hack-[Absoulte-Strength] his psyical strenth far suppass nearly every living being but still seals away most of its potentel wiht his collar at his full relase is suppassing most gods is capable of changing the land with jsut the sheer strenght of his attacks 

Cannine sense- he has superior smell,eyesite and reflexs as well able to react and fight againt opponets

Hyper adrinilen- a good 70% of his blood contrains pure adnilne allowing him to access it at will pulling of increadible feats of mircals and strenght than normal people would not be able to do 

Gravity Block- his body produces its own gravitation pull to witch he is able to alter at will stoping projectiles like bullets as stong as a snper rifle infused aura can stop thing at the speed of light and it auto maticly redirects aura blast keeping him safe thought psysical hits wil lget threw thought he can strength the Pull and push of the force to act as a defence given enought time 

Durable- he has proved over and over that he is able to take a lot of hits and keep fighting he can survive being implaed mulipule time or blasted,shot,stabed and still keep fighting thought he is still injured 

regnration- he has minor regnration able to heal his body slower than ,most but fast enought he can keep himself fighting thought he cannont regnerate instatly and a sevred limb either 

Street fight Master-a master in the art of street fighting as well as beign adept in altering his fighting style to his opponet he also know several diffren amrtials arts but sticks clsoly to a combined form of tai-kwon-do and Full contact karate 

Pyro Gravity- he grinds molecules togetehr in the air by manipulating gravdy in the air creating flames that coat his limbs to do dangeous amoungs of damage 

Ablity Skills -
Press pushes my hand forward sendong a alrge amount of forcefull gravidy out in a single firection that can be speas out has been used to blow holes in mounitans 

Over Drive- his veins bulge in his arm as his nitro-ardeinlen criculates threw his arm or leg he uses it in and forms a fist and swing with 100% raw power channled threw his andrinlien casuing massive damage to whatever he hits and that part of his body alwasy breaks something and displaces the air-flow and pressue in the atmospeare

Black Dog Fist- useing both of hsi ablities he fuses the "Nightmare" into his body makeing blacj fox eats and a total of eight black tails with eyes and jaws formed it the darkness nd both arms and legs with it as well he pants his feet and with everything he has put into one stike swings with all his strenght and condensed gravidy put into it causing massive descutcion it curshes everythign then devowers it nothing could survive if it mades a succefull stike 

Arms nightmare- he coats his arm or legs in teh blackness making claws to move in sharp direction or eat threw anything of any substance like its not even their as use the teeth individual at will as well 

dog-driver- rasies hand hight in the air and drops it down the sky bursts and shakes as a gravidy falls from the sky to a huge area sure to his every enemy and crush their body's to nothing but gore

Dog-Driver direct- Riases open palm high in the air and aims it towards the direction he choses it completly oblitrates anything in the direction taking use of hte gravidy in the sky as well as condenisng a portion in his arm to crush and blow away anything in its path 

White Fang- he place his palm on the ground and sends high dense gravidy into it shattering the ground in a shockwave of grey gravidy that disitigrates anything it hits or crushes 

White Fang Direct- he channels the shcokwave into his amrs vibrating it and tosses it outwards in a fist with high dense gravidy shttering and breaking anything in its way anyhting it hits will be crushed in a white line 

Carnivore Driver- concentrates massive amoung of Aura and gravidy into a single arm eith enought power to bitch-slap a god when hit it will reaparange a land map bring a hole as big as a entire village 

canine shock- stikes hte air with his palm sendign a shockwave at teh speed of light towards wer ehe stuck can be used in rapid succesion as well

Bite- He reaches out with his palm and clsoes it into a fist mimicing him crushing something gravidy crushed togetehr in the area in fornt of him shattering the ground and anything in the spearical shape

Fall- the area in fornt of him crushes into the earth with trmendous cravitational forces 

lift: reverse the flow of gravidy making everything with in a 100 metter area weightless

wolf drive- useing gravidty on his legs to make him much lighter becomes unbeatably fast except for the exception of danny to out match his opponets speed

Gravidy Claw: he stike out in mid air with his fingers extended outward and gravidy pushes out pressue in those posion bulsgeing out it and hitting it with huge amounts of pressue 

wolf gravidy fang - create a giant wolf out og gravidy that sore's then the land and crashes completly anniliating the surronding area to were nothing remailns 

Twin Black-Fox tail: conbines pyro gradiy with reverse wolf spin to make a backward kick with heavy downward gravidy pressue and sneding the fire in a powerfull upwards air-pressue at the same time forming two black-fox's out of hte two going stright up 

Twin Black-Fox Crossed fang- perfomed a heel kicked to the chin stomped the gorund disabling the balace and a solid fist to the chest plate forced threw forced upwards sending them flying outwards used after twin black-fox tail forcing downward and upward gravidy pressue sending fire in the air-flow casuing a ripping effect of them and fomed two black foxes bitting down on them casuign a destuctive spiral of black and red 

Wol- Stright- unliek the Wol-Wong no fire or gravidy was use insted the user croched gathering the air around them and kciks out moveing form the very bottom to a high durection the move you move the stonger teh force pushed outward

Wol-Wong Stright-a kicking perfomed with the entire leg coated in fire he lifts nad bends the knee placeign it behind him spins and skciks out sending a pressurized kcik of fire stight towards him it has enough strength to break bones nad to give second degree burns at clsoe range however it is superheated enough to go stright threw solid objects 

fox-palm: A palm stike  performed at the opponent hat sends a wave through the opponent that reduse them to nothing but gore that can also be sued to injure god's

Halo Kick- spins air and condesned at his foot in the shape of a halo with he grabs onto the opponet and kciked them stight or stight down the force pushing them away as great power and speed to split the are 

Halo-Kick Drop-spins air and condesned at his foot in the shape of a halo spun by gravidy lifted high and droped down on an opponet the force pushing them away as great power and speed to split

Feedback Fist-it takes while but gather up a massvie amount of his Gravidy and compresses thought their is so much that it rusehs out of the gaps in his figners when he unsleahs it in the form of a fist capabel fo oblitratign anything in fornt of his fist thoguht it is is considrbly fast but avioble quite easily 

Basaltic fox Uppercut: An explosive upward punch with enough power to launch multiple opponents in the air. that sets the gournd and sky on fire in a single punch that incenrates on contact 

cerberus disaster howl: takes a deep breath and hol's outward to witch brings down a forece of gravidy so powerful and uncontrolable it will take chunks out of maps can easily deafeat a single opponet 

cerberus hell Kick: A high kick performed by bringing down the leg upon an opponent. that rises a giant tower of condensed gravidy in the air when he smasnes his leg down it slashes in the gorund in a motion almost as fast as lighting that can split mountains 

Cerberus disaster Fist- gathers gravidy into his fist as verins buldge with strength and stikes out with either stright or hooking were ever he stikes it reasles the pressure and gravisy out blasting out crators to level cities or take out singel opponets with a single hit 

Fifth Degree Flame Murder: After the air is ignited and flames are created,  does another twist and kicks the opponent releasing a shockwave of gravidy forces of flames that is capable of obliterating multiple opponets , along with damaging the the point of turning a alndmass to ash 

Cerberus Disaster Kick- a close range move were the user imbute heavy gravity with flames and kicks either stight up or down letting the surge or gravidy erupt for his kick into a stight like pushing heavy gravitational pressure outwards toward the opponet 

Cerberus Palm-a close range finishing move were his concentrates high dense gravidy within his palm when it hits either solid or air it the force form the stike will peel away at the eart in fornt of it and leaving the body it hits either broken or crushed out as a hole 

gravid tap- by taping them with his finger or hands he can put gravidy force dwon on the spots tocuh adding immedse weight to them able to crush bones 

Moonlight-Palm" he tensed his fist at his right side and threw it out as a palm  shockwaves ripped threw the gound 

Nightmare Fox- he combines the Nightmare ablity with his own body makeing the blackness cover his arms and legs and form 7 tails with eyes and jaws with teeth surronding in them as well as his ears cable to useing it in rapid succesion in this form as well a redirecting attacks 

Black Dog- gathers teh blackness up to and swollows himself ganning form of a giant Black-Dog with pointed ears and 8 tails with large horns and pricing red eyes as alrge as a mountain he can use this in or out of his body 
Black Dog Destoyer- the nightmare in his arms swells making it look like his muclues are growing as dense gravidy codneces so fine it turns blace and mixes with his red aura he punps inot his strength as he realses it inot his opponet destoyes them form teh inside and obleterates anything contanting aura to molecules in the direction of hte punch as the nigthmare comsumes it Whole so nothign is left
Pure martial arts
balistic kick: the air pressure surrounds the leg in a hot wind and kick downward making the shockwave sending all around flying back a consitrable distance can easly clear away a good porton of forest 

Truth Hex : A technique delivered by kicking one's opponent, when being performed a swirl of Gravidy is seen around the leg and it generates a massive Blast of force after it connects.

Ssam-Su ¬†(Kor: žĆąžąė Ž≥īŽ≤ē): Strikingly similar with 'Step' skill Almost teleports to where the enemy's ¬†is.

Dragons Staff : Dragon Staff Strike is a technique where a punch is delivered to the opponents stomach. He uses the speed from before hand to increase its power.

Dragon's Horn Heavy Weight: By slamming the user's foot on the ground a small shockwave is created that sends a wave of energy to the opponent knocking them off balance and causing internal damage.

Zero Edge-Stike a move to were the weight of the user inceases X 10 to give them teh extra weight he stike useing the Balistic fist but on a much great scale of power enough so to tear a hole threw a building or bridge but burns the user in the porcess 

Grey-Fox: Three petal lash a move were the user leaps forward focusing all the weight to his legs and at the last second attack the shoulder down, the wasit nad the other shoulder down with a stiright kcik to the middel the resulting shoudl be so fast the kciks cut the oponet open and send them flying enough to cut threw buildings

Grey-Fox: Demon Pirce  -  the user stikes with his hand extend fast into the chest making deep incesion into after with he stikes the same point with his fist blastin him with the force of  shockwave rippiing threw the point of the incision and threw his body like a large calabur rifel of gun 

Flying uppercut- useing the blaistic fist he moves it clsoe to the gorund and cruves his arms and slasmes it upwards as hard as he can forcing the air-pressure threw his opponet 

Diablo/Alter modes

Diablo mark Hells Psyco - this is an ablity unique to him and him alone becuase of his blood line as son of laon red demonic letter spelling out P.S.Y.C.O. appear on each knuckle this increaes his strength,speed,and overall endurace x10 but it is all jsut Raw Power and Energy no tatical uses however it has one solid effect useing this allows him to be able to touch/hit/Injure any liveing being weather they be intangable,Ghost,sport,shadow whatever this is a power passed form his father onto his his Diablo mark

Diablo mark Soul manipulation- intrestingly enough he has another effect while diablo mark is in use but with his soul wepon during this move his soul wepon changes its form to look more dmeon like blade glowing wicked red as it is able to mupliplky itself into any number of perfect copies jsut as real as the orginal thing as he uses all these sword to overwelm his targer it can also a single one grow it gainatic size or extend to long range as well

Last Resorts

Gravidy Battlefeild-Not so much a Last resot as Hell key Unlock but a means to a permenant end to much but for this to work he must furst unlocked at least to the 3 level reasle in his callor and have the Diablo mark active he them creates a Powerfull Gravidy feild around the area spanning a small town in range forcing asteriods and metors form the sky down onto the ground easily being able to wipe out anyhting the lurks within them and jagger to have full control of the mwtihin the feild abel to blow many or a signle emeie to ashes by influcing them with his gravidy,nightmare ablity,brute strength and black hoel distrotion he is able to overwelm and control the situation the draw back is control that large amount of feild take a large strain on his body even for him and lets out his Inner Psycho too 

Hell key unlock- he generates a seal to unlcok the gates to hell witch only he can do since his father is cerberus and the forces genrated sends them both down to witch he enters his true god form in hell to destroy him doing this traps me in hell and him and the land from untterly annilated

Immortal Cerberus God mode
hid FINAL state and his true power comeplty unlocked with enought power to annilate the world his hair truns short blakc and white with four Wolf and fox ears ontop his head nad were his human ears would be the white of his eyes are black and slit white his eye color is a deep dark blue however tribrl blakc marking form around his neck and to hsi shoudelrs were his callor once was held and have cannin legs as well and 1000 long tails from out of him a singel one has the strenght of him in reasled 5 gate his speed would jump to easily better than a devil Lords and strenght enought to surpass every god this would be the final version of hte Diablo-Mark/Demon burst 

Bio-he live as a normal child at his moutan town in the USA were it was normal his mother was the head of a clan of Ventran killers that work for goverment elminating threats to them all over the world but he was the child of laon the Tyrant the Immortal devil lord of Hell guardan to the gate somehow the rest of the clan found this secret out when his mother left they attcked the house like a madden crowed attempting to portect his little sister and brother he hid them in the hiouse and surrended himsefl to him as they grabed him they beat him mentioning how the ywanted to sacrifce him to their gods for power by impaling,setting alflame,handing any method of torture they would now and saying it would happen to all his family this enraged him like no other he went berzerk unlocking his devil ahlf powers and went on a killing spree slauhgtering the 500 men,women and children their in the crowed being only 8 years old impaled them on flag poles a mound of bodie littred the floor as he laughed rorm the top soaked in blood laguing to the moon as he got olderhe went threw nemrous schools in the USA when they started to run out of specail schools casue he was constatly getting into fights and getting kciked out or escaping he was send to keyshio were he meet up with his own best freind danny who was like a brother to his on their way they meet some very intrestign girls who taken a likeing to them as well as made a new brother Elijah as well as haveing ¬†girl named Luluna a Succubus princess and mia a fallen arch-angel who seems to have a serious crush on him together along with them his his brothers Elijah rot and Danny death he wil face againt anything in his path !!ÔĽŅ
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Hey new here to the community and im an Aquarius the water bearer so yeah thanks for haveing me¬†ÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

Keyshio grounds [State were]  - 

Keyshio has opens its gates for everyone to entre for the first time this festivals only happe ntwice a year and this years Attractions open sigh up Martial arts tornament were everyone is welcome to join in and the reward is something form Z.Arthurs personal Artifcat collection a Dyna Stone the opening day of hte tornament Has opened the sigh up sheets

((plase comment if you wish to be part of the arch))

+joseph woody 
+Logan Shadowheart 
+Jazzmen F 
+Amy Sreng, Rp name: Leticia 
+Kasuke Darkness¬†ÔĽŅ
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So if yuo could or know of any Active role players that are good in a Martial arts have then join and make a OC here anyone will do so long as they can be active or come whe ntheir name is taged¬†ÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

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i did a complete communtiy reboot for this it is a marial arts manga that i really enjoy with special powers and ablities that fighters borrow form gods to use but will start otu without any of that mainly Martial arts utnil we get more people so anyone want to join¬†ÔĽŅ
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i have no idea what that isÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

Oc Keyshio Profiles  - 
name: Luluna Bell Oharu 

age: 18

Nickname- Succubus Princess



species: succubus ( daughter of queen so stornger than the usual)

Aura type-Esper

position:secertary's assistant of deisplany commity 

eye color: a light red 

family: older sister hashia oharu 

hair: medium brown with sreaks of silver in them 

soul wepon: twin large calbur rifels that fire pure energy in the shape of bullet (can change to any gun type wepon)

powers: can control any macanical weponized system's threw magic also very agaile and fast as well as strong enough to lift heavy wepons with one hand with ease 

personality: very VERY  giggly and attached also very happy when around jagger inu akuma playfull and know no sense of personal space around him also get's jelouse and  amd when he's with other girls will also shoot at people tryint to harm him 

wings: she can relase wing's/ tail and horns that let her fly at great sppeds increasing her mobility and strength of her soul wepon

demon Purge- she realses her magic in her wings forming a mass if red,black and silver like butterflys wings with her black Horns and Heart pointed heart tail


repent cannon: soul wepon combines and form's into a singel large 15 foot long gatling cannon that fires atomic  atrilery enought to wipe out entire mountain ranges 

bullet rain: fires at a rapid pace and flaps her wings as a large amoung of pure enrgy shell's fall to the ground //NOTE THESE BULLETS CAN PIRECE THREW THICK AMOUR PLATING //

shot wave: gathres enegy at fires it in a wide area at point blank range blating off bodie parts 

amoury selction: summons out up to 30 diffrent gun's in all caliber all pointed at a sertain target and fires upon them with power ranging form small holes to rapid fire to 50. calbur rifels to blast holes in threw woods to grenade launcher

close range berzerker : switches her handgun's to rapid fire blasting her opponet with thosandsof rounds of pure energy a minute 

flintlock bastard rifel: swotches out her ususal handguns for a singel flictlock with grows into a giant 70 ton rifel bracing itself to the ground once fired it can take out an entire battle field in seconds can only use once every 45 miuntes though 

Pistol Bullet blade - chanrges magic into the barrle and blast it out makeing a long blade of magic to give the same damage as someone gettign shot 

pressure revolver : gathers pure energy and air pressure by pulling down the hammer and fireing casung it to level the ground and explode in a mushroom cloud 

zero-precent survial wepon cage ; surond her self and her opponet in a circular area made up of all diffrent types of firearm's to witch she control's were it fires all bullets use are nuckler tiped so nothing it hits will go unscaved 
succubuss magic release : she takes a small crown on her head and her eyes slit as her body over flows with magic to make tank's heavy arttiler nukes and all useing alchimey and magic 

Black Cross Railgun Rifel: useing the Cross wepon obtained form venus it folds out into a long rifel Railgun with enought firepower to blast threw any number of Objects 
Black Cross Calibur handguns: seh turns the Cross into Two Cross chaped handguns with the same firepower as before but in a rapid setting capable of fireing off mulitple shots at once at high power and volocity
Black Cross Revolution Cannon: the cross grows to massive size bracing itself againt the ground and charging up on Luluna's Aura for a massive blast enough to burn a hole threw any kind of battle feild or mosnter 
Black Cross Magic sword: the cross shape changes to small enoguht to act like a sword seprating a small bit to form a handle when she draws the blade is completly made of Magic and Aura but soild enought to cut threw flesh and bone alike

Wooden Sword techuiqes

Mirage-Dance flying Demon-she draws wiht a back hand attacking the ribsto the side switching to the forarm grabing with both hands and slashing form the other rib upward to the neck spining andwith a single hand slashing fomr the other side of the neck down to the rib resulting in a three deep slashes in a triangle on their body and can be used rapidly

gental Demon Step Dog Destoyer - she moves slow but fast and relfexs towards her oppets unseathing the woodend swords outwards taking steps forward after touching the body and then appling the Purge to the sword and forcing it threw severing everything in the direction capablie of cutting threw moutians 

Purge-a power move used while in Demon Purge state she condesne her magic and elecmtal ablies togheter into a swirling mass of enery into he fist and stikes resulintg in a desctuctive force that pirces and explodes outwards in powerfull magical shocwaves 

2th Dance: Vortex: were the user hold a sword or sharp wepon in each hand and eitehr jumps into the air or flying down while turning the body creating a circular stream that covers the oppoent in deep slashes

8th Dance:Stealth palm: were the user turns her body to her oppoents side with thier arms extende outward and stikes the chin or head with her palm resulting in a blast of air to the head 

13th Dance: Counter: This is a technique where the user turns their body in the direction of their opponents attack to simultaneously guard against it and take advantage of the opening to attack immediately.

14th Dance: Sting: This is a technique where the sword is thrown Like a throwing knife capable of flying at high speeds and long distances to hit the opponent.

28th Dance:Hazard: Here an horizontal slash is performed capable of easily cutting through glass and metal using only a wooden stick.

35th Dance: This is a technique where a quick draw is performed capable of hitting at least three persons on numerous locations of their body with one stroke.

41th Dance:Rip: this technique were the user palce the edge of hte wepon on the users body they pressing down rips it away leaving a rought cut on the body

Falling Leaves: This is a technique that delivers a rapid strike to the opponent's head, abdomen and back of the knee. all in a fluid mostion 

Full Moon Rampage: This is a technique where the user rapidly strikes at the opponent in high speeds and inflicting heavy damage at different angles.

Heaven Killer: A technique that has a very wide vertical range, essentially slicing clouds or splitting a mountain in half. while moveing at high speeds 

Unrivaled Technique: Demon Burst : A swordless technique that generates a large blast of wind after giving a straight punch gernating a magic shockwave into the opponet and blasting it into them directly at clos erange 

bio: she live alng with ehr sister hashia and joined keshio acadamy along with her since ehr parents were the suucubus qeen and a fire elemtal one day they two american students transferd their from the us they were danny and jagger hashia took a liking to danny as to were she begin to like and love jagger since's he's alwasy doing his best fighting while alwasy protecting them ÔĽŅ
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NPC last one of the dayÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

Oc Keyshio Profiles  - 
name: Wren Des Ghost

nickname- Phantom Killer

age:[Looks] 24 


rank- Council Member 

Species- Poltrogist reincarnation

Position- Headmaster or Black-Scar

Aura type-Manipulator

Eyes-Dark  grey 


Hair- black when normal while when useing his ablity

Personality- Extreamlly sadistc and playfull alwasys seen with a smug smile on his face but alwasy hidding agendas for himself as well however in battle he retain the sadisticness and offten toys around with his opponets but this hides him beign serious and is willign to make heavy sacfices to ensure totall and utter victory him and saku have had a past of tie matches againt each other 

Soul Wepon-[Hexblade] a black iron looking large busted sword he weilds with a signle hand it is curved at the handle forward and is quite descutvie he is able to form a second one excally the same and duel wild them with the same skill and focus as saku with his scyth

Ablity-[ghost-Touch] a maniplator ablity he is able to control the property of his body makeign it much like that of a ghost letting his phase threw solid masses and energy.Aura based attacks he has shown that this ablity is not a spaical but deminsions based letting him bypass the creator that try to counter it he is able to alos make anything he touches phase threw easily taking out lungs,hearts,brains,chunkcs of flesh and even whole buildings after witch he can move in any direction 

Sword mastery-he is a techincal master of the sword dispite his body size easily weilding two enormous buster sword as easily as two katanas and would be able to easily overwelm a regualr S-class with jsut sword-play

strength/speed- his strength and speed thought not his main focus is quite great about equal to that of saku i nfact so he is able to pull of great feats but only able to run mach-2 on foot and lift a few tons 
Electro contruction-he is able to conduct,contain and suck electricty form circets and cannhel and store them in his boyd eaisly for later use enought to blast out bolts of lighting and even change their shape but mostly he like to fry his opponets form the inside out 

psysical hack [Automatic-relfex] the one thign that makes wren des ghost so formidable is his Reflex unlike msot he never hesitates and will automaticly reacted to a attack or movemtn or event even if his mind does not his body will move on its own with instict he had leanred to control this fact and can activate it at will but mostly it does it by itself [Similar to garras sand]

Levitation- he is able to make himself levitate ghost-form or not if he uses his ablity on you he will then be able to make you float and be able to easily control every little things in it as well makeing something as harmless as a penny shoot as fast as a 50. cal bullet and chunk bulidngs with such accuracsy as to crush entire armies

[Godspell]-he jabs a hole into the chest or back of a liveing creature of titan level devil or highter attacking their soul with a speictail attack as black runes spread over their body and then chants CONTACT!! at that moment the soul of that creature appeards in his hands with a sting tied to the soul and creature the creature then morphs to a form that would but its full power to the best effect and Wren would have full and utter control of that creature even allowing him to use his ablity on it withcout touching it 

Black arts-Wren is a master in the Black arts of magic and is capable of doing a large amount of it as it drives off of spirtual energy instead of aura letting him burn armies to ashes and send demosn to a deminison void as well as rain metors down on entire battle feilds 

Soul crush-affter landing a strong open handed push on his oppente middle of his chest sending him back he truns them spectral and crushes his fist crushing their soul and heart at the same time as all life leaves them 

Black art Dispell-useing his speed in ghsot form witch is roughtly equal to devil-lords he stikes his index finger into his opponet the area is instatly covred back and then impoldeds in on itself vanishes form that plain of existance however dependign on were the stike hits may not kill them 

Spirt Bound- he slames his palm on the gorund as a wave of white aura is send threw it much in the same way as a shock wave but like most it does not hurt the opponet isntead it turn them all spectral after withc he reaches out and pulls away withc permantly removes their souls form their psyiscal bodies thus killing them isntantly¬†ÔĽŅ
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NPC i will try to add other later as well¬†ÔĽŅ
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Jagger Winberry

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So i was born in january with makes me Rivaille
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I'm christa cous I'm born in may ÔĽŅ
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Basic Information
Other names
Fox or Cerberus
well im a 21 years old single thought looking fora girlfriend im crazy in the head at times but a cool dude love Anime of all kinds and i wrtie my own Stories love to Rp as well have for a long time thought graduated form collage so don't have as much time for them now and the most presious people to me are my Brothers Elijah Garrent and Danny Duvall i would protect them with my Life if it came down to it i stuided a buch of diffrent martial arts and did a lot of street fighting Bad neborhood and past its complicated my nicknames people have dubed me are Fox,Inu and Kitsune 
Bragging rights
i have two wonderfull brothers Elijah and Danny who helped me threw collage were not related by blood at all but i still consider them family and will protect that with everything i have and can do
martail art combat, sword traning
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