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Any one ever feel that life has that one time in a few monthes it decides to be a bitch and run my ass over with a lawnmower
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There are a lot of us
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this is the first 9 or so pages of teh book im typeing and going to try and get published im kinda just working on things as i go planed a few things out in advance but no too many so i t would really help on sme feedback about it also idea too thanks please leave a comment below if you read it or have an idea resahre with people you think can help me as well id apprcate it thanks.

The Myths
And the Horn of Gabriel

 Everything was going great until about 4 weeks ago I got into a fist fight with a guys son broke his neck by accoident.
 he just sorta feel down the staries on his own after that I was sent to a Missunder stood youth boarding school.
All the way in kentuky were I had no idea but it wasn’t long before I disliked the place with a passion. I made that clear as well to the head of that joint I headbutted her the minute she began to disgnose me with all my problem I had .
Massive ADHD  I was parniod for a long time I had a problem with trusting other since well I was always outcasted.
 more things keep comeing up form the years aggressive compulsive react violently and oh yeah dignerately rude to others.
Yeah I have a problems a lot of them but that’s not whats wrong with me no after I started their I started to see things very strange. things the kind that made me wonder if I was going even more crazy than I already was other kids were chaning psysicaly changing.                                                                                                                 
I saw things horns,fangs,wings,tails out of the corner of my eye for the past month I was their it was horrible until it fianly happen.
 I was just on cleaning duty moping the halls of the dorm one of them stoped in fornt of me and changed before my eyes into a creature it grew curly leather like horns out of its eyes. mouth elongated and grew shark like teeth and its tail lke a whipe lashed at its back wings long leathery black after that I escaped traping it in a janators closet and ran home to new orlens .
With only took me about 2 weeks to get to constantly avoiding that creature at some point I lost it so I race into my house still in the same uniform.
 thought now It was in rags with dirt and mud staines all over it I my brown hair to my neck had not been washed in over a few weeks by that point , I opend the door and slamed it closed 
Mom “I yelled “ do not tell them im hear okay “on the phone” hello miss Kim uinberii you son has run away form the facility .
 yeah I understand that um never mind well be find . but your son is missing we should call the cops and
 “click she hung up the phone and ran over to him taking him in her arms ”. 
Were have you been the last two weeks zeintiel I was so worried I mean you’ve Ran before but never for this long.
 ..why are you so filty you smell like a swamp ? “she held her nose and back up a bit spraying air freshneras I smelled my pits and nearly gaged I had forgotten the last time I had a bath “.
Yeah I know but I had to get out of there are fast mom and don’t call me zeintiel its too long just zein is fine alright how many times I have to say it.
 im your mother and I will call you by the name your father gave you when you were born.
“ I sighed she look into my silver eyes like daggers to my soul searching for what iv been up too “
…ugh alright ill talk shit mom..don’t talk to your mother like that im not one of your buddies understand …heh yes mama.
“and so I told her everything from the begginign to getting to that palce and the things iv been seeing to the creature. iv been running form the Game of hunter and prey that weve been doing since iv escaped she just stood their silent and still she got wide eyed at one point when I described the creature but remained quiet”.
…ugh yo mom your not saying anything no long speech about who I fucked up or punishment on how im slowly losing my mind ?
Oh no not at all truth is before your father had to leave he told me about what was going to happen .
wait dad left you told be he died in the military during battle over seas the fuck he’s alive ! 
“I shouted so loud it felt as if the house shook no the house did shake “
..clam down your going to attract them .who are them what aren’t you telling me something going on here and I don’t like not knowing .
“she passed back and forth threw the living room a small space for the house were I just sat on the couch of maroon with sunk in cusions “.
..sigh …don’t you have work mom …crap im late look ill be back at 6:00 alright until them take a shower and your room still has all its old clothes ditch those ill be back.
 do not leave the house under any reason “she pointed at me making a line with her finger over her neck ower own symbol of a promise so I did the same “ yeah I promise so long as nothing happens .
“and so like that she left the house leaving me alone in a two bed room half a bath house all alone “…damn alright guess first things first I need a bath .
else were in the city comeing out of a swamp were the creature comes out his shape chaning back into that of a young boy again.
.shit he got away too long ago…the scent leads into the the city I need to find the exotic before anyone else “he let out a loud rawr like a bears it echoed and worms came to the surface for under his feet. turning into two teenages one with a black jacket and the other a black sababth T-shirt”.
Parsites good ill need your held tracking down a exotic in this city .your having trouble tracking down a single 17 year old child of a myth.
 “said the one with the jacket”..he is a worth opponent to chase he’s not stupid like most I chase he knows how to mask his scent in these swamps do not make it easy even for me .
 so the patch job monster needs ower help then we will give it to you .
Then get to it we need to find him before anyone else finds out what he is before his awakening is complete lets get to work.
 “all three of them walk into the city sniffing the air in the croweds as a cop comes up to them imedatly “.
.sorry son but can I see some id on you I think you may be lost . Kill him “the creature ordered as the other two opend their mouth and their tonges streach out like a leech and dig into the neck of the cop his body twitched as they suck out all of his blood and interal organs until he was a husk”…I love being  a demon..”he stoped and sniffed the air “…that’s it that’s the scent.
“meanwhile zein finshes his showe putting on a fresh pair of black and oragnae camo pants with a sleeveless grey shirt and black callored button up shorsleeve shirt “…
.ahh that feels so much better still my dads alive huhg…gabe ? …look over their he has to be around her his scent stoped here !! .the hell “I but my back to the wall near the closent window nad peeked out threw the curtain seeing the boy before he turend into a creature and two others “…
shit fuck me now there are two more how the hell is this house any safer than ..i can’t be stuck in this house sorry mom..firebomb.
 “I rushed to the kitchen and filled a skillet full of peppe, silver foil and flints filling it full og lightrer fluid “.
Alright ass hole hope you like a hole made firebome special “zein slamed open the window “…HE ASS FUCKER  “zein took of the skillet and sprayed them full of gress and fire covering them “…
AGH YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY FOR LONG WE WILL FIND YOU MYTH !!...east shit asshole whats a myth ? 
…I have about a few minutes need a few supplies “ he filled a duffel bag full of canned beans,hot dogs soda cans he stoped only to put my faviorite jean jacket that my father always wore before he disappeared .
GET HIM NOW !! “they rushed into the house only to be shot back into the metal dumbster by a bright blue light “…its warnded form us find a way around the house !!.
Roof get to the roof “zein raced to the top of the house and climed out of a window onto the roof with a slight angel”.
.their he his on the roof !!.shit the park is half a mile away .stop now surrender and we will suck you dry faster to a quick death 
Fuck no who would agree to that ? “ zein  jumped across the first roof landing on the house next to it and I booked”.
come on then you cockly Son of a ugly mother “and that seemed to piss them off casue their head turend into the ugly things with a long parsite tonge and insect like eyes and mandables formed out of their mouth.
 as they chased me I jumped across another building as they folled I stood and kick one int the chest knocking it down in the ally below “..BROTHER .
Well you seem to be in a bad mood now . I will suck out that pethtic use of a brian you have “it madea loud clicking sound as it came closer with its tonge until it lashed out zein bend backwards avoiding it as his leg came up to a kick to his nuts.
 it made a loud inscet screech after ward” good to know if you kick them in the provates it still hurts like hell .

Exotic piece of crap the Knights will find you and they will kill all of your kind “the one in the black hooide taunted him holding his privates”.
what the hell does a fiary tail princess want with my kind go take a dive now “zein Spartan kicked the crearture in the face sending down the ally landing ontop of the other brother.
 “.Hehahah man I love being a rebel “zein commented as the beast that was chasing him before lands in fornt of him throwing up dust and dirt form the roof with its large leathery wings “…
shit !! Iv found you Zein uinberii “it let out a roar in zeins face blowing his har back he got up and kicked it in the provates except the beast did not react “…well fuck ..Huhhahah that’s not going to work on me child of exotic .
Tch what the hell are you and why are you chasing me anyway ? ahaha I am whats is known as Bredoth the zombic parcite as for why its my job killing your kind before they make it to the church .
Ha you think ill go to a church hate to say it pal but im not the most church going guy out their and as for you.
 “zein brought out a can of soda form his back pack shaken up by the jumping form the roof and pop the top spraying the contents in his eyes he roared in agony zein took this oprotunity to run ducking avoiding the whip like tial that sliced into his back “.
RAA THIS WILL NOT SAVE YOU CHILD I WILL END WHAT YOU ARE “it took off in a blind rage tumbing towards zein with its massive body”.
.shit three feet left and a 12 foot drop im going to break bones but its has to be better than letting this guy crush me HERE I GO damn I wish I wight light enough to float !.
…marry suzi were not here to sight see and enjoy owerselves were suppost to be searching out the myth were after understrand . 
“ said the young girl about 16 years old with pale white skin and white hair to her shoudlers and black eyes like two coals she wores a white sweater and black pants “.
Ooh come on shiro you need to learn to lighten up a bit no need to be so shy and drawn back alright were here might as well have a bit of fun while were at it right.
 “ said the other girl 17 years old with green eyes and orange curly hair to her back and wearing a yellow dress with a lgith green hoodie unzipped with sandles carring something wraped on her back”
Thast not why mr’fields sent us here to new orlens alright and I don’t know about you  but I can’t seem to figure out his damn riddles and it stuck in my head.
come oh shiro his riddles could just be a bunch of non sense just like they always are I mean come on thing about it for a minute. 
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yeah its longs that only 9 pages im up to 76 needs to be at least 200 i got a long way to go 
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sorry i didn't post it sooner its a thunder storm outside and i keep freezing so
ill try and make this fast i made a post yesterday explaining that i was typeing
up a book and try to publishe it i have a hand full of charicter including the main 
ones and a few side but i need help with a lot of hte rest both good and bad so 
i would like your help since a lot of you are extreamly creative for unique chariaters 
the information you will need is below and please comment teh profile i will add
your names to the boo as thansk as well

background of the world-istory background- beings called myths came into the world out of no were casuing all the economy to go into chaos the death
toll was extensive many years ago and thus the goverment needed a way to deal with teh so called myths as it happend while their 
the myths had many ways of making more of their kind some of the ways involed the birht of child half human and half myth but
the govement found a way to use them by taking them into custody and traning them in secret underground traning area trianed to 
be a type of relife prject made to kill the myths thought the more pure the child the more things inhreted form the father 

Myths-myths [ any being of mythology that suddenly came into being and that is some how cuasing trouble in te world today as well and 
some have turend againt humanty preying on them 

Genrations-generationg [ myth children and loged by wht genration they come form the easiest manged more human then myth for 3 to 5 
g-2's are stong who have manged to inhert pysical traits form their myth parent some g-3rd as well G-1 are rare and have powerfull
inhanced bodies as well as physical attributes (their will only be one G-1 nothing higher than G-2)

exotics [ a type of myth thats is exceedinly rare and powerfull including well known names in mythology such as demosn and angels
 and mythical creatures as well these are rare and their children often get much more deadly "Skill"

Father-needs to be a myth of any mythology children of gods only up to G-2 {genration}

MONTEHR-needs to be human the one who rasied you 

hight=no slenderman hight please 

weight-nothing too excesive please

age-perfeable betwen 10-24 i will accept older but no younger

skin tone

hair color and length and sytle colored hair perfered 

color and shape of the eyes 

bio-must contain a bio it can be anyhting the time is modren thought 

skill-  [a type of self-defence power that take  form in the body of the child mostly inherted thier are four types of diffrent skill
that they can inherty and including trasmuter,,morph,voodoo and specalist for rare types ofchildren of myth that are G-1 or 2s


trasmute [ a type of skill user these can change objects like a stick into any number of wepons of equipement ones especially skilled
can even make speiclized wepons that have very uniqe qualites to them can also inhance the amoung of strenght,speed etc to their 
body and can even bend element to their body to thier control

morph [ a type of skill to whith the user can trasform a part of his body into that of a creature of beast inchresing speed,defence,intellec etc
masters of this can use this on their enitre boy and in many diffrent levels as well 

voodoo [ a type of skill user to withc the one can cast rituals and curse that can cause many of diffrent affects or to summons 
diffrent creaturss as well as being able to bind and command them as well masters of this can even be know to cuase something 
as angerous as the black-plauge

specalist [ a rare type of skll user normal only assocate with a genration 2 or 1 with has more than one skill type as well as 
being able to tap into the great-power lock insdie them ableing them to tap into it for amazing feets thought the larger the 
power drawn out the greater the draw back as well as having a complete unqiue power exculsive to them and not any of the other 
types of skill class 
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+Jagger Winberry Thank you and no problem. I can try to come up with more if you'd like.
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Ayakashi Blitz
Chapter 1
the second year reunion

- a few months have passed sicne the war and the entire world knows of what happend as people new and old faces return to ksyshio acdamy but without the two who sacrifced everything to save them all -

luluna-(sits holding her piller staring at her picture wiht jagger sleeping wiht tears in her eyes her medium brown hair was now had two braids comming down form them )
hashia-(organized teh entraced ceramony with marath as he keep glancing at teh sky mi-chan and jason was tryint to ceer to lucy sitting on teh benches )
-meanwhile miho and miyo was assinting nemu in her lab seeing as how she was still so short -
elijah-(was driniking sake in fornt of a new stature of the three of them all togher danny with attenping to pull the hood over his head jagger with elijah in a headlock fliping the bird and elijah lightign a cirgerate)...its teh second year brotehr damn i miss you ....sigh 
student-so these are the guys who did all oft hat shit last year 
student 2-yeah i hear that they were some kind of crazy mosnters around here 
student- ha alright then im gonna take a wize on it then watch me ahaha (as hte said that elijah appread throwing htem into the air with a twinkle )
saku-...elijah you need to get over the sulking as far as we know their as good as dead now gather the student that are new its time for the entrace ceramony 
Elijah-fine but im not giveing up on them i never will udnerstand 
saku- i wish i could do that but is not like their jsut going to appear on the stage in the middle or orentation (they went their sperate ways )
skiping looking at the school was a girl wiht half pink hair and half black in short pig-tails wiht a gothic lolita dress cut to be the lenth of a skirt with white stockings / two boys one with dark-skin and a headband around his head  anotehr with short dark hair and a leather jacket they all started to walk into the auditorum were everyone started to get quiet
Hades-thank you all for comming and welcome you all to Keyshio acdamy home of the best figher in the world (he went silent then strightend up again) i well all teh repairs have been made thoguht id like to bow for a remberance of all teh lives lost durning the war 
-they did so as the names of those lost appread on the screen above them jagger nad dannys above them as arthur took the stage -
arthur-normaly i would be happy and give a great speech but this year id like to start dirretly durning that war their were three individual who face outnumburing odds and powerfull foes wihtout hesitation no fear no question no doubt two of them as far as wel know are dead 
Noah-ugh as far as they know ?
mia-shut it punk unless you want little off the top of that head of yuorse (she said rasing her figner that were blades he srunk back into his seat as mia showed with a frilly skirt and top)
arthur-danny death i tranied myself he was increadtly fast but a very distrubing child with a recules hated most things in life loved things are the darkner side but a realiable as they come and could out smart neally any obstcal..the next not so much out smart as jsut force his way threw it Jagger Akuma by far the psysical stonget person i have every meet and as crazy and monster as teh creature we fight he love teh fight anger issues at times but he was loyal and boy could he put on a fight 
luluna-..if only he was here ( she clenched her fist as she stood in the corner )
Arthur- now then lets forget aobut the past for a minute and focus on the furture your enrollment into keyshio now then elts begin with the first commet 
-as he went to look suddenly the stage exploded into a cloud of dust as a heavy pressure hit hte crowed cracking the walls and a sense of dread rolled over the crowed msot drew wepons teh few inched forward as the smoke cleared they saw two bodies in them Danny with a ripped black hoode wiht four black lines over his mouth with two black feathred wings and white of his eyes black with yellow eyes and jagger with nine white tails with blackned arms with eyes and teeth red blood eyes slit with teh white black with long black fox ears -
elijah-(Walked forward and smiled)..damn took your time didn't you Pricne of Death Danny and King of Dogs Jagger (a shock went ovdr the crowed)
danny-yeah well you try finding an exit in hell their aren't too many of those in their 
jagger-yeah i said i could end it never said i could get us back (he cracked his neck )...fuck this bullshit man (he flicked his wrist as a stong gravidy prssure hit the wall and blew it out leveling the ground lettign teh breeze in )...much better 
luluna-(walked then ran and leaped onto the stage )...JAGGER !!!! (tackled right into jaggers arms )...yuo back 
Jagger-yeah yeah sorry for the wait but were back now (as he said that danny was getting surroded by akiko and hashia glareing at him angrly )
Danny-okay waht did i do seriosuly to get this welocme serupusly girls (he said as they both huged him tighght  mia snuggled up to jagger chest soon after ) two came back ?...that amazing im going ot have to make some calls and ...TONIGHT WE CELEBRATE 
danny-aren't you in the middle fo somethign right now 
Arthur-im in the middle of what ?....AH  the ceramony right well then after we celebrate then 
elijah-well in teh meantime you two had better reseal your powers casue i don't know if the student can handled (he looked over the corwed some cowering and some getting crushed in the floor only a handfull stood upright )
-they both reasled themselves danny returnign ot normal and jagger putting his collar back onto his neck as they stop emmiting teh dangours vibe form them -
Jagger-ugh damn i was just starting to get use to it too (he cracks his neck back and forth )..though ower clothes got completly shrreaded down their 
Danny-indeed they did good thing i own a lot of my blakc hoodies we still are enrolled right saku ?
Saku-He walked out stern but with a smirk on his face shaking his head )...well normal i would say fuck no and get the hell out....but since its you two and i doubt you would listen to me anyway might as well give yuo the okay 
Arthur-Hahaha true enought you two don't neccisarly lsiten to any rules of man unless you feel conviced to 
danny-eh can't be helped jsut how we are now then since we were gone any problems 
hades-non other form the terrirst threat they say since the war it was inhuman to the Devils without a mindset to understand 
Jagger-....are they idiots the only things devils care about it getting as much blood on their hands as possible that why we fight and slaughter their asses 
hades-thast what i tried to explain to them but it result in death threats but no immediat action luckly (as she said that an explosion riddled threw the school shaking it )...REALLY NOW COME ON !!!
Saku- pull up the vedio (a montor vedio poped on of men in ski maskes holding Ak-47 and auto matic wepons destoying property )....seriosu today of all place....well then since you two are back and had no part in helping why don't you clean up this little mess then 
Elijah-great idea after all we need to make sure you two didn't get rusty down their and all you get the drift (elijah said giggling )
danny-yeah alright we get well take out your trash but you do know what you asking right 
Jagger-(jagger slamed his fist into his palm making a loud echo threw the gym )....oh i think he knows Hehahah lets go fuck them up 
hades-WAIT !! please before you go gets some better clothes on Hsashia,luluna,mia and akiko help them 
-wiht thet hashai and akiko draged danny away and mia and luluna jagger -
Arthur-why did you have them do that i don't think it really matter what they were when they fight 
Hades-silence for the past months iv help those girls make clothes for those boys if they retunred like hell their not going to wear them 
- a few moment later they came out of the tunnels danny wearing a black zipper hoodie with skull desings on the forward with a clean new red button up shirt with black skull tie and jagger a long black jacket wth red fur trim on the hood arms bottom and between the zipper and a clean new red buttom up shirt and blue jeans -
danny-ugh look aobut like 20 of them and they got bombs palnted all around this isde of hte campus 
Jagger-damn they drinched gasoline in blackpowder and C4 amutrus about 12 bombs in all danny 
Terriorst- ahh here they are you must be here to hear ower damands well first (jagger jumped of his leg crachign the groundand vasnihes he reapred with his arm implaed threw the terriorst chest holding his heart in his hand on the other side ) ...w-what ?
Jagger- yeah i don't think so were her t murder all of you (he said crushing his headr and grabing his spin and ripping it and hsi head out of his body droping it on the gorund and crushing it benrath his feet) then your up danny 
-insidethe gym people scream and some throw up -
jason/noah-......(jaws droped as they look at each other in terror)...holy shit !!
neomo- (she pressed her finger nail painted black to her bottom lip with pink lip-stick on it and hummed)...well that was a bit intresting ....i wonder whast hes like ?
danny-yeah yeha i got it (as some one yelled detonate them danny vasnihed ina a black blur and att 12 bombs was in ther vasnity as he pressed the buttom)...and Boom (the bombs exploded takeing most of them with them as jagger stood their unharmed and untouched by the explosion)
terriorist-what the heck these guys are mosnters !!
jagger-sigh waht a sahme only about 7 left split the diffence nad decied the last when it comes 
danny-yeah ill do that (he said appreaing form of one nad saprtan kciking his chest sending him flying away he pulled on his figners as black threads pull tight on him and cut his in pieces he jumped nad kciked out as darkness swelled and imapled into the side of antother danny vansihed in black smoke yet again appreaing behind the third guy ).."Death-Skull" (he formed it in hsi hand griping it and slamed it on him exploding in black flames blasting body parts againt hte school)..well im done 
Jagger-Heh nice finish well now my turn (he took a step towards then one fired his gun jagger summoned his swrod cutting the bullet and hit gun then cut both his arms of slit his throut and impaled him in the chest and reverse kciked him off painting the ground red stabing the sword in the gorund handstading on it and kciking one in teh neck removing his head landing on the ground and striking his chest sending him flying threw the reinforced steel wall of the gym and rolling on teh gorund then calmly pointed his left hand out at the last and pointed down )"Fall" ( downward force of gravidy crushed him flat as blood filled a crater )
saku-sigh oh boy (he look at the courpse )...well they deffinaly haven't lost their touch now have they 
hades-yeah ill say that 
Elijah-well what did you expect for my sworn brother you really thing they would go soft they take their possitons very seriosuly more than me ill tell you 
hashia-...when are you not silly elijah iv never seen you serious EVER ..i mean even in the fight with amimon you were still jokeing around with those two 
elijah-jsut goes to show you how close we are even in a fight we mess with each other 
danny-well thats didn't last long at all sigh what a shame nii-san (danny said putting hsi hood up on his head pulling at black-threads in his hands )
Jagger-yeah but what do yuo expect form weakling like this i mean bullets normal and bombs that are poorly put together (jagger rached over and crushed teh gun in his hands while danny yanked it away form his grasp with threads )
terriorst-(he threw up his hands in surrender)..please i give up i surrender il ltell anythign just let me live 
Jagger-Like Hell fucker im going to gut you open and feast on your insides (smiled as his blues eye turned red laughing under his breath)
Danny-damn brother but he's right yuo made your choice already as punishment i issue you it as...Death (danny draged his arm out as five threads cut his bottom half severing his foot,shin,calf anf wasit into seperate pieces as blood poured out of him he reached up to the clouds )
jagger-Damn it i wanted to do that danny oh well i get seconds then (jagger arm gets coated in blackness with eyes and teeht all along as it buldes up on the ground into a soild form opeing its eyes containg three pupils and opend its mouth with double layers of sharp teeth and snaped away leving only his amrs and it vansihed )....Burp wired still i can alwsays taste whatever it devowers 
danny-...that is strange im glad i didn't have to fight adiez else i would have gotten that one 
Jagger-yeah thought i love the face its can be shaped any way i want it has so many uses comes in handy (hi arm returend to noraml)...lets head back now 
saku-and those are two of keyshio's best in a nutshell their not the nicest or the most eliqent or hell even proper but they get shit down they get thier hands bloody and they have a hell of a time doing it too these are what we train these are the Zero-S Classes 
hades-of course thast a speciatly class normaly the highest allowed is S-class teh Zero-Squads or Zero-S Classes are made to combat stonger Devils off course during the evaultation tommarow you will be given a rank as well as discover you soul wepons (as they finsihed jagger and danny come threw the door).
jagger-man they were weak should haveleft more alive danny might have killed more time that way teh last guy didn't even fight back picked up his severed arm and started to eat it you ATE TEH DUDES ARM !!
jagger-yeah .....i seem to liek the taste of human flesh now especial raw meat anotehr side affect oh well right ahah (he siad wipeing blood of his mouth )...dude tasted horrible anyway 
danny-man what am i going to do with you dog (she face-palmed as they waled threw the middle of teh asile )
saku-students well done they trampled on keyshio they pay the price anyway lets start the ceramony now 
-they waited catching up with ever one else luluna and mia snugglign to jagger the eniter time nemu and miho crashing into danny and jagger jaun seeign them and screaming silently as they its ends and they walk out -
danny-wait now that i think about were's my little sister mi-chan ?
nemu-ooh her lucy and jason akuma are all together she had to leave wasen't feeling to well thier in the nurse's office now 
jagger-nurse's office alright i can get us their in a flash alright then danny (he smiled as blackness spreads around jaggers feet eyes and jaws every cangin as a jaw fileld with teeht smiled and opens it mouth up and choms down over the top of them as tey vansih )
jaun-eh ugh ...DA FUCK WAS THAT JSUT NOW !!!
nemu-oooh my guess the power possed by jagger now that he has defeate adiez and stolen his soul adding it to his own 
-meanwhile lucy was laying in a bed as jason and mi-chan sat nexgt to her -
mi chan-you know the ceramony is jsut about over we should go explain what was going on to hades senpai
jason-yeah i just feel bad its partialy my fault i never knew lucy felt this attacked to my older brother 
mi chan-well he was their for her with anything she need help with he was that person you really can'y forget even if you try too 
-as they were talking a blackness covered the ground asthe eyes looked around and jaws full of teeth smiled and the and satrted to open with stands of drool on them -
jason-wait ...thast master adiez's ablity nightmare what is it doing here (btoh mi-chan and lucy jumped up as it it enlarged into a dogs head as single forward slaming on teh ground cracking it as it opend it mouth and danny and jagger walk out as it vansihes ).....(he stand their with his jaw droped )
Lucy-....ONIISAN  YOUR ALIVE !!!! (she said yelling )
Jagger-well what teh fuck did you think seriously i die just to die again and what are yuo doing here sulking 
Lucy-but you ...send the supernova down to hell....AGH WHY ARE YOU SO CONFUSING !!!
jagger-...hehaha yeah sorry oh right i nearly forgot (he turned to jason cracking his knuckles)...right little brother i have some sense to knock inot you 
Jason-WAIT WAIT !!! mom already had a go at me alright i don't need anotehr month in recovery alright leave me be she even forced me to go to this school 
danny-yeah great and all (as he was talking mi-chan tackled his leg and he went down )....FUCK !!!
Mi chan- onii san were did you go 
danny- i sorta went on a little UNWANTED vacation (he glared at jagger)
Jagger-for the last time danny their was not other way i could think of it was the quickest solution alright 
lucy-(she steadly started to laugh )...eehahahahahHAHAAH well its like nothing changed then i think we all have a party to go to 
jagger-ugh i hate parties they annoy the crap out of me 
Danny- you locked me in hell for 5 mounthes you going to this party casue i want to go 
jagger-ugh your not going to let that go are you ...sigh fine guess it won't hurt too much if i went for a little while 
- later the night they meet up with elijah and they all go to the celibration of the dance and they celbrate as tehy walk slow-mo into the gym were the part was going down they had not changed at all and was still wearing the same clothes as earlier -
Jagger- so then whast fir-(as he was trying to talk jagger gets meeled by luluna form behind )....MY ASS !!!..damn it luluna 
Luluna-hehehe sorry its been too long since iv done that but for now dance with me (she drags jagger dead weight to the dance floorsmiling )
Danny-.....well thats just happend 
Akiko-hehe danny dance with me (she yanks danny away and moves peopel out of the way with ehr cleaver)
Elijah-well tehn time to hit on teh freshmen (he fixes hsi tie and top hat and struts over to the ladies)...hello ladies your perfect man has arrived 
marath-well then mister saku you seem like you ready for this thing (she said stuffing chicken wingsi nto her moth and wore green dress than comlemented her dark skin )
saku-sigh i hate events like this (he said but wore a black and purpel suit as he shaparnoed over the student )...but they sure are going to get a ruide awakening in a while 
luluna-hahaha this is fun (she said danging with jagger as they bsautcally spared as they swung each other around one at a time )
jagger-atually i have no idea how to dance so im jsut going by fighting moves and the music (saying flipung over luluna and tipign her by the hip )...and what iv seen on the tv 
Luluna-well your not too shabby danceing i must say (said in along frilly black and pink dress )
danny- no he's bad really bad you have no idea how long it took me teaching him to dance to get his far (he said as akiko held onto his arm )
hashia-well i see you guys are havieng a great time (hashia said wearing a black dress withred lip stick on )
danny-damn hashia you look hot as hell !! (he said makeing her blush red )
hashia-ugh ,,,um yeah well....ugh what was i saying ...ugm i-im ...overhere (she said walking fast away )
Jagger- i think you scared her away danny hahaha 
arthur-(he walked up on stage in nicer medevil type suits with exlabur staped to his side as he claped )..thank you i hope you all enjoy the party we have set up asside form the sudden but welcome supise we had today it all went well a few minor murders but oh well right 
-most claped but was unsure how to feel aobut it Neomo claped heartfully shouting YEAH !! happily as other jsut stood bad -
Arthur-of course this is apart so i won't be takeing too much of your time class starts tommarow so tonight we will assing you what room you will be attenting we had to make some last minute adjustiments alos jagger Inu Akuma,Danny Death and Elijah rot ower war hero's retunred to us for another year at Keyshio can we have a few words 
Saku-hahaha so true who would after all you did basicly save the world but only once we all had a part in that war those of us that survived thoguht i will say thing since then you three have been called the "Three-Kings" of Keyshio acadamy and was put into the history books as well King of Dogs Jagger inu akuma Price of Death Danny Death and Lord of Decay Elijah Rot so its nothing specal kiddo's 
danny -well when you put it like i guess it mean were big shots now 
Elijah-oh im on STREAKING !!!! (elijah ran down the hall stark naked as mai cut hims ,luluna shot him,hashia burned him, he regnrated form it all danny and jagger both him sending him flying out hte window )
Danny-damn idiot whast was he thinking runnign naket 
jagger-well thast jsut elijagh he can do anything he wants i just he wouldn't steak when were watching i think i saw his balls (said covering his eyes )
saku-....and with that taken care off im going to annoce the classes depending on your home room decied who you sennior Students are in the class based on the information you put in you could end up in a various array of places 
he goes threw the list naming off sudents on the list as jagger and danny talk to the girls and what not bored as hell
saku-now then for class Z-1 codenamed "God-Slayers" (they all lsitend in as he named off the freshment ) Neomo ally (pictured the girl with half pink and halfblak hair wiht one pink eye and pink bottom lip)...Noah Maziku (picutred a short dark haired and skin bow with a white head band )..inami ina (pictired a girl in a long red dressed with long blond hair with white ends and a red boy eating cheese cake )..Jason yamata (pitcure a boy with meduim black hair and a leatehr jacket ) and Homura (pictured a short boy in the back glareing wiht grey eyes with burn on each sides of his face ) those are the feshmen 
the started to clap for them but saku stomed his foot and the one in the fornt row toppled over as it hit jagger he didn't budge and smiled
Saku-i wounden't calp jsut yet teh Senior list we have a lrger group of feshmen so a more seniors are required hashia oharu,mia ikabihime,luluna oharu,akiko,..Elijah Rot..Jagger Inu Akuma and Danny Death are the second year students 
Elijah-so they put us in teh same class again this year sweet (they all excahnge fist bumps )
jason-wait thsoe dudes are going to be in ower class seriosuly IS HE SERIOUS ?
Saku- the home room teachers are myself and marath scale yuo satrt tommarow meet in the class room we also detemine you rank by you perfomace on the battle a new rule we got going and it done by the againts other students drawn randomly seconds year studens may fight frehsmen you do not hold back understand 
-they all let that sink in and all three of them start busting out laughing as they stop and go on aobut their buisness - 
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Jagger Winberry

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no not yet 
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Have him in circles
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Jagger Winberry

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who would be your vongola guardians in my famila reshare your guardians and boss

sky flame/boss- +Jagger Winberry 

Storm guaridan-+Akane Shiper 

Sun guaridan- +elijah garrett 

Mist guardian-+Danny Duvall 

Rain guaridan-+Carmen Brown 

Lightning gurdian-+Erina Le Roux 

Cloud guardian-+Jazzmen F 
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No problem mind resharing this i want to see how many reshares i can get
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so i decied to try to type up an atually book to witch ill try and publish so far haven't gottne too many charicter around but enought to try the first few pages tell me what you think the basica idea the creatues called myrts who are every myhtologic creature,god or deity known to man jsut showed up one dany 40 years ago and torn the world down making hte goverment start over form scrach the goverment then decied to use their children as a way to kill the myths when they decied to casue trouble the rare the speces the more powerfull the child withc is what the hero is a an extoic type form a class of legndary biblical warrior the arch-angel and togeht with the church of St.cross he will need their help to follow the trail of blood to his father gabriel and retrice his horn before war erupts all over again 

Zeinteil Uinbuerii (goes by zein) is the son of a human and the arch-angel garibel and rebles out againt jsut about everything and everyone the comeplte opposite of what an angel should be 

Shiro Kurona the daughter of a witch and eihter some kind of spider monster or vampire haven't decied yet jsut she is extreamly shy and either lashes out as a shy sweet girl or abusive wiht words 

Marry juzo the daughter of a centuar is upbeat and cheerfull all the time tricking the other too to take shortcut jsut to sight see and take pictures of famous momuments is very frendily but deatly afraid of any small insects 

Mr'feilds he is merling and alwasy predicitng something in the frutre with riddles a director and St.cross church and old man that looks after those under his care 

this is all i got so far still working on a few 
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ill post it now just need to work out a few details 
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Well monday will be my 21 birthday yay i guess nothging too important right well better part found a good job and possible might get a 1970 corvett stingray from my uncle for 2500 so gonna save up some money for 
my first car i will buy instead of set on fire a welder so im also a fucking pyromanic and psyco eh comes with the job besides we definaly have the most fun out of everyone why be normal when you can
be a crazy freak 
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what else anything we does 
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the meme +elijah garrett 
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martail art combat, sword traning
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