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• Character Creation  - 
// update...Argos new apperance WIP \\

" I Argo Leonitus shall not bow to any man,monster or god i swear it by my fist that will one day be known threwout the world let my attacks ring the bell of the gods and devils. as i tear them down from thier throns and crowns"

Name - Argo "Sigfried" Leonitus

Nickname - Argo The Immortal

Titel - Undefeated/Immortal/ Mighty

Titel meaning/reason - earned after fighting constant battle and never loseing a single one. as well as fighting for a long explosive battle with several powerfull opponets and comeing out on top every time. like some kind of immortal
Alias - Argo the Immortal / Argo the Monster
Tropies 210

Age: 25
Gender: male
Species: Warrior
Blood Type: O+
Rank SuperNova (Era-1)


God Piller : a special marterial called iron-cloud stubstance from a supernatural god like being bathed in the light of god himself that expands,shirnks and grows or sharpns to the users will it is made entrialy up of clouds as hard as Damaskus and steel and conduts powerfull lighting threw it he can wear is as a jacket, ride it and command it at will. it weights 50 tons but in cloud form it weights as much as a rain drop , it manipualtes weather just liek cloud as wellas mixing wiht existince weather makeing the clouds and attacks larger and stonger

Type : Holy wepon (( Cannot be destoyed,can be broken but will repair itself since its make of clouds, EXTRAMLY DUrable and tough . will harm and damage anything demonic in nature))

Cloud-Cloak :- the Gods-piller turns into a crimson cloak they he wears when no useing it. when e\he activate's it though it turns from a jacket into plated armor of clouds his enitre outfits changes with it as well. in this form the coulds drain magic aas well as certian other elemted powers from the area that feed to them makeing more thunder clouds witch he can add to his armor

Cloud Clone - clones of Argo make form the clouds thought he can only make five with the normal amount unless his cloud cloak has been feed. these clones carry only half the power of argos true strenght so him at base but can take any hits five times before vanishing. unless however cut or attacked with a slashing wepon

Jabberwock : the form of this holy sword being 10 feet long and at least a foot and ahalf wide it is a massive buster type sword with a double edge thoguth large it contains extream desuctive power able to cleave threw solid mass like a buzz saw and cushe bones wiht ease

Personality: Argo's personlity is wild and all over the palce deppending on how he feels at times most of the time. he has a cool head on his shoudlers and even acts in a very serious manner he doesn't joke around unless fighting in those instnce he like to say he lets his beast out were he is more out going and insulting to someone even taunting but make no mistake he is not a bad guy all the time

Apperance- As seen thought with several smaller scars across his arms and chest hidden underneath his shirt.

• Likes- animals,street fights,challenges, a proper fair fight, a respectfull fight, being able to leave an opponet alive, the feel of warm blood on his hands

• Dislikes- gangs, 1 vs many, those who taunt other during a serious man to man fight, haveing to take a life if it could have been avioided

Hair Colour: crimson red with several long braids tied toghter now this was caused by him contatnyl being covered in the blood of his victem and thus it permanlty died his hair this way

Eye Colour: Normaly an golden yellow but changes to gold and white slit eyes when useing his Lions Coat and apperance changes more with the diffrent modes he uses to fight in

Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 190

Status: Scars But Healthy
Family: All Deceaded as far as he knows
Friends: (good question ?
Enemies/Rivals: Spectre,asura,Damien,12 diffretn goverments ..Everyone else he meets
Role/Job: r,Body guard,Mercinary,bounty hunter & Royal Guardian
Class: Warrior
Kill Streak: 6
Highest Kill Streak: 6
Individual Oc Killed:4

Physical Condition:

Herculeas Strength:

Argo has shown strength numerous times throughout his life during many fights. has blown apart arenas, buildings, mountains and even a city a size surrounding with a single conecting punch or kick even after fighting for hours.his biggest feet of strength is blowing away a full sized contenant sized chunk of teh plaenet wiht his fight wiht asura he gets this strength by beign a direct decindanct of Hurculeas the Monster Butcher as thus he figures he has enought Phsyiscal strenght to lift gaint moutnian sized mosnters easily the peak of his strength is unknown except he has shown to strain under heavy pressue trying to lift the moutain he has shown that at his max strength a single punch shatters every bone in his arm as well as reduce his opponets bones to dust if not combpletly oblitrates them in all wiht a single blow too someone like asura so he tries to avioding useing max power. even without it he is still fully capable of overwelming foes withouth going to use his full he has thstongest physical ablities of anyone so far excceding to 100x what they are capalbe if not more

Raw Power:

The vast majority of argo attacks are sourced from his strength, thus negating the necessity of actual martial arts techniques despite argo often adopting a fighting stance during combat. argo strength is so immense that a single strike from his fist is capable of generating waves of energy that are strong enough to destroy or damage his desired target. Using 80% and above of his maximum power, this demonstration of raw strength is often characterized as red energy waves that argo can produce while punching. thought its is not neccisary he offten uses taekwondo style as well as an extream close combat martial art when fighting makeing his stikes even more deadly.

Strength Dc- Country lowest - content highest [ can push his strength furher infact if it calls for it but it will hurt/injure him if he does not use the lions coat ]

Superhuman Endurance: Argo has shown remarkable endurance and stamina. Several times he has received massive injuries from opponents only to continue fighting despite pain and fatigue, as well as takeing large attack head on and tanking threw them attack such as metors,massive salshes and strength driven punches with ease

Endurace Lv - mid Conteniet

Superhuman Agility: Due to the natural strengthening of his body from training he has supernatural Agility. He is agile enough move any any position as he sees fit. He has shown the ability to effortlessly flip and jump around a fight using most surfaces to his advantage.

Agaity Lv - Hyper sonic Mach 4 at most [ cna have burst of light and light in exodus mode a well]

Eye sight/reaction time - his eye sight is one of his best quailites as a fighter and warrior being able to see and reactd to speeds up to hyper sonic with ease like childs play and even FTL with some degee of difficulty his rection speed was grat enought to catch a blade throw by asura at FTL and break it ith a single arm

Sight/Reaction time - Muilit Conteninal/ FTL

Speeds - base hyper sonic Mach- 6-7 [ cna push his strength to go FTL with side effects thought ]

instict protogy - Argo doesn't learn or train like normal people or even warrior's do the more he fights and with muilplte opponet the more he learns how to do diffrent things or discovers new attacks/skills for new uses the tougher the opponet the more powerfull his growth will advance him both physicaly and mentaly. becuase of this attacking him carelessly might end up harming someone untitanly


Power feedBack : is the ability to absorb energy from the damage he's taken, or attacks thrown at him and redirect it at his opponent, or cuase it to build to his own strength,defnece and ednurace as well as speed as well effectively making him stronger with each hit. this ability also causes his eyes to change color from lilac to red, which is a "side-effect", this effect only works on magic and other powerfull sorces of energy or physical attacks wiht enought force and only if he is hit with them. he can also form fire,frost and now lighting to a mastery of his ablity by useing this same power

nema Lion Coat-:something he summons onto his head the fur of and head of the nymen lion that herculeas strageled to death its fether light fur harder than the thicks and heaies armor as it appears as a clock of thick gold and black aura that beocmes liek a solid piece of clothes makeing blades wepons and all magic unless on him as well as makeing all elemenrtal damage deflect off him and now to were it prevents any otehr effects excpt physical combat but is halved while he stillre cives damage from close rang eexplosions and large attacks non mamgic based and can be summoned in samller places in an instant niow as well his as well unless fused with thir physical attack to his body and decreasing damagae on imacpt wepins/damage as well it alows hardens his body such as fist and skin like metal now he can null all magic with a single touch if he holds on no magic can be cast

Phantom tremors: he was born with a unqiue gift of control shockwaves threw his body and to be able to letting him produced shockwaves makeing samll and quicke large earthqakes putting other off guard or lifting loose earht up makeing walls of earth for defnece or attacks vibrating his body distubing and breaking up other attacks as well as pass threw opponets defence directly attacking thier intnals instead shaking them for a number of side effects as well. he cna vibrate his entire body to become ethernal like a ghosts to avoid large scale assults for a short time thought he can only do it as for around a few minutes before soldifing again but he can float and hover freely


1nd Stance: Basaltic Fist & 1st stance evolution : Fist of the black turtel - fiirst It interrupts and disrupts opponents attack. desotying it with a powerfull stright punch / fist od the black trutel- an attak that interrupts an opponets attack this version is momentum and speed based and the punch is thrown a giant shockwave is prodced before the fist hits forming a large crator in the shape of a gaint turels shell as the fist would hit casuing massive physical tramua

2nd Stance: Phoenix Kick & 2nd stance evolution : Kick of the red Phoenix It offsets the balance of an opponent. by sending a powerfull shockwave threw the gorund that blast them off thier feet and sents it threw thier feet vibrating thier insides / it offsets the balance of thier opponet but is momnetum based as the kick to performed it has a much greater range offsetting the balance of everything for a mile around in all difrention cracking the ground and makeing the plates shift underneath the earth best way to aviod this is to be high up

3nd Stance: White Tiger's Dance & 3nd stance evolution : White tigers barrage It penetrates their defenses by attacks with several well aimed punches. a total of 8 / it pentates the oppnets defnce by attacking rapidly with a barrage of punches that delivr a heavy blood and surge of shckwaves into their body with each hit at speeds that makes the fist blur ending with a either a strong uppercutn or stright right punch with enough froce to launc them away at amazing speeds

4nd Stance: Blue Dragon's Storm: & 4nd stance evolution : Black dragons roar First three stances are used to set up the flow of air of Blue Dragon's Storm. The attack is strong enough to leave Most bleeding through his complete body and destroy the nearly half of the ring like a wave. / First three stances are used to set up the flow of air it manipuats all the energy that was used in the last three attacks focused into one shockwave punch as he forms a large black mist dragon from the air preassure as he hit it has enough power and force to whip out a moutain range though it would severly harm his own body even in the lion coat this is used in a distance it appears as though the blakc dragon has bitten the opponet and took him away into the background

Blue Dragon Reverse: It manipulates the energy wave of the opponent and releases it back to them

Reverse Dragon Sign Hwechook: Elder Blue Dragon: It is used by controlling Dragon Sign Hwechook and channeling it into Blue Dragon.

5th Stance: Black dragons Bite & 5th stance evolution : twin black dragon twister - after reasleing the previous 4th stance move elder blue dragon at his opponet for whatever reason it is turned back towards him in whatever shape or form he seperates the ir flow in the elder blue dragon and moved his fists and legs to bring it back together useing the atmospear and riseing air currents kicking in a extreamly fast kick that sends out the dragon in a second double layer bite to the opponet the first casuing severl cutting damage and blasting high into the rising air current then backdown crashing into the earth easy a multi-mountain range attack / it starts out like the regular 5th stance but sepreates its full power in a riseing and falling aircurrents that spiral around both legs incrasing in their power and speed as it is used to kick both othr spiraling around each other they erupt in a multi-mountain sized black twister that both several shreeds and crushes the opponet

Dance of Four Gods: Ultimate: The Blue Dragon's storm was actually only a Premove for the ultimate. This move is performed by containing the energy produced by the first three stances(I.E : Not using them for attack but for building energy) The 4th move was used to circulate the air around His Hand. The energy and the wind then will be released by a simple punch. the attack is so powerful that one victim said he felt like being hit with a mountain. It also leave behind a deep crater

Hydra Drop: a move the orgianl Herucleas once did to the Hydra by grasping ahold of the opponet fist/leg or other appednaced he sweeps them off thier feet ans lifts him above his head after witch he brigns them down with all his might easily putting them in a giant hole makeing a large crater nad makeing the earht crumble for a city block with the force of it has a last force like that of a nuclear bomb meaning it can turn a forest into a wasteland in a split second if used with enough momentum


Cerberus drop - similar to his hydra drop only muhc mre powerfull becuase he not only uses his ful strength of his might but also uses power from the lion coat as well useing its holy energy to power the extra force used by grasping ahold of the opponet fist/leg or other appednaced he sweeps them off thier feet ans lifts him above his head after witch he brigns them down with all his might easily putting them in a giant hole the size of a country/contenia; crater to the earths core this attack also breaks/fracturs argo's bodyd as well if he had any previous injuries the strength is doubed still if he used both hands or if he is in exodius hybrid mode

xon lion fist an attack he untilizes wiht the nemia lion coat coating his arm in the metal like fur forming a half lion/human arms and vibrating it violently asa he lets out a stright right punch that break bones and send a shockwave that in the directin of his fist casuing a earthquake in the dirction distubing the brain waves and cauing internal bleeding

Dragon Sign Hwechook & Reverse Hwechook : The technique seems to be a variation of the Hwechook technique that sets up the flow of air to become a whirlwind like vacuum. It is strong enough to render an opponent unconscious / a powerfull reverse back kick spin this attack alone holds a great deal of power but uses the atmospear to rebound back attacks and break threw them blasting out heavy air pressue tht can split a moutain four ways the stonger the person the stonger the atatck

Axe: After jumping in the air then performing a spin while coming down with a foot stretched out horizontally a huge wave of air is generated. The force of this attack is great enough to split the ground.

Baekdu: A knee attack delivered to the opponent causing the them to fly at a considerable distance. It can be combined in quick succession to change the direction of the opponent.

Baek Rok: An upward kick performed to the opponents chin.

High Kick: A kick where you deliver the blow as your foot goes up.

Cutting Bull's horn: A diagonal punch aimed at one's head. the name implied that it can be used to cut bull's horn.

Renweal Oxen Horn : A plam stike that pirces threw magical and solid defience like a bulls horn going threw it hitting in the angle the palm stike hits at

Renweal Doulble oxen horn : same thing but with both palms and use in close quaters. the effect of this is that it leaves physical injuries such as going threw flesh and breaking bone

Mujang Pressure point stikes : this is a fighting stike useing the tips of the fingers to attack speical pressue points and energy sources inside the oppnets body attackign it from the inside out it has many effects it can produce as well as stop bleeding it can also be used to unlock the bodies limiter and stope pain

mir Smash - used my creating ice around his fist were he c an either attack ata distance or close range the effect is that the ice produced instatly freezes the air manfesting a event much like the ice age instatly creating a mssive moutian sized glaicer or ice to trap his oppoet in and casue sever frostbite thsi effect also covers the ground,tress, and house in sevrly thick ice if used point blank it is sure to cover limbs in solid ice

Maxmum Helios - a special attack that can only be used while in hybrid from while in this mode he absorbs magic,elements and other powers sources from his oppone turning thier attacks into a pure form of power that stockpies in his arms gowing golden aurathe more he builds up the stonger it is when realsed when he final reasles it along with the force of the physical punch all the stockpiled energy is reasled all at once that is like gtting blast with a sun level energy of heat incentrating evreything in its path of the punch capable of easily burnin g threw 4-6 countries borders

right arm of the God-Killer : his max power techuie were he charges the honly power in his lion coat golden tribel forms on his skin as he punches out a golden fist with the size of a moon or contenete depending on his opponets with the physical strength much ike begin hit by GOD himself after witch all the built but holy energy at once that hits in a country sized golden blast and vapaorizes the vry atmospear and has shown to even blast a hole in mars

God Cross - similar to the right arm of the god-killer except in this one he concentrates the full power and realses it at his palm realseing all that power at one in a massive hand than manfest with pure power like god himself was bringing his hand down crushing and smashing anything inthe direction of the palm easily cpable of crshing a large part of the moon away fromexisting this attack does massive physical damage and can disimvbody peole if attacked at closer range


Liger Death Mode: a mode appart from the rest were the Lions coat tuns white as snow and forms animal print on it much like a tiger while keeping its form and hed mane like a Lions fuseing Argo's hands,legs,arms,feet and parts of his back and head together with the coat growing a pair of large white animla ears and two cat like tails as well growing massive large claws on both fingers and toes as well in this mode his speed drsticly increases in all forms of movement and reactions to were he is ablet to easily blitz most targets or keep up with his quicker opponets and can even push his speed furhter with his strength that does not increase as well as all magic is nulled wepons still graze off the coat and can't be pirced ontop of that he is abl to cut threw or bhave any magic r energy form bounce of his Liger mode like a bullet off armor he can even send back thier attack with double the power by adding his own it reflects everything away from his powers/ablties anything he cannot abosrb power but reflects it away from him in all manners are forms of any size and shape this was evolved afte rhis fight was asura and his atom slash to defend againt such unsee able attack its last once deactivated as well up to 3 hours

Exodus Hybrid : a mode were the lion caot fuses to his body turning him into a hybrid of an human and creature giveing him demi-god potential for 45 minutes this make shis arms clawed and fured and his legs alos beast like and fured his head a pair of long golden red ears stand up and his mouth bares animal fangs his eyes slit as well this make shis speed hyper sonic and strength umparlled during this time and hisn reacting tiem greatly increasies as well as his speed and strength increases gradual with ever second that passes and gains another effect of beging able to reflect magic damage and add his own strngth to it doublein the damage he can turn magic into a pure power or energy that can be built up and focused and relased all at once

Valefor Eon - a mixture of useings his Muscle manipulation up to at least 80% highening his strength,speed and endruace as well as activating the lions coats exodu mode at the same time were the godly tool completly murges with his body puttling him into a godly state for a short period of time with speeds cose to Light and with strength that is superior than anythign he could do before hand as well while the lions coat fused to his body would null anything non-physical damage aimed towards him and would force it to vanish of seal away incrreasing everythign about him putting him at his absolute MAX !! power his apprerance changes become much taller to thehight of 7 foot 4 and built but not excessive lik beofre he has long silver gold hair that was shade before white you could still see glimers of gold and silver in it he had long/large hear over his head that blended in with his hair his arms were clawed like a lions as well and had muilplte tails behind him with the same fur as well

:Eons Eyes in valefor form witch he is powerfull enough to play god on the palms on his hands are an extra pair of black eyes with red slits that send out pulsing waves that can turn even atoms into pure forms of power that can be absrbed threw them and then channeld in my diffrent way he can turn any force of element,energy or magic in a pure form of power that the eyes gaze upon but does not protect against raw physical attacks

Liger Death mode - Massivly Hyper sonic Mach 9-12 easily and can move any part of his body as fast as well pushed at max Mach 20 but harms his body for any second past 30

Exodus hybrid- massivly hypersonic [ give it enought time to built up and it can get to light-FTL]

Valefor eon- only mach 10-16 but reacts at Light speeds, as well as able to activate his feedback ablity now with physcial attack and all forms of enegy negating them in the area he motions with his hands. as well as useing the phantom solider witch is a massive solider like ghost samurai

Nymbas Lion cloak - a fusion between the nema lions coat and Iron-cloud cloak seeing as the cloud cloak can change its shape it formed over the lions coat. witch gives it a second layer of defence as well as the offiive properties of the cloud cloak as well as havein thunder and lighting imbuted stikes with it that when hit will sever any negy or magic source froms its host mometarily

Theme Songs: (optional) White Rabbit Egypt central/ im a surviver

Bio:Argo is lenial decendamt of hte Demi-god herculeas and has been blsse with so much strength he doesn't know what to do witch when he was a baby every times he cried he caused a small earth quakes that ratthed seveal city blocks and when he laughed makes things not tied down leviatate as he grew older he was teased a lot for having ADHD withc promped him to fight out of rage and aggrestion the first punch he threw was normal the only one breaking other kids jaws,necks and nose and sending them flying as he got older into hsi teen stonger and stronger people keep comeing to fight him one dya he was out numbred when a stange veil of black and gold covred him and he felt nothing but hte oressureo of their hits when he looked up a liosn cloke covred him tunging any part he wished hard like metal giveing him defance and added attack powers makeing it easier to beat the mdown when he was but 14 he meet an old man by the anme of Seo and they foguth what happen was Agro was defeated in the very beggining not by sheer strenght but skill alone the man made him a deal agree to help him out and he would teach agro how to fight like a martial artist he agreed and leanred thigns form very basic to very advanced techiuqes and skills that would make him an eer stogner fighter in the world his mother supposted him al the way but the father constatly taunted and made fun of him and his mother for him haveing ADHD and calling hi ma cursed child one day he came home and found him mother in the bath room blood dripping down her head busied face wiht a borken glass beer bottle on the floor the bastard was in the living room drunk in his rage Agro killed the man snaping his neck liek a twig now he fight in the battle royal as a way to try and control his anger and learn to use his power for the bettr while fighting off 24 govrments trying to capture him for his hercules DNA to attempt to make an army of solidrs with his strength even though it would never work but they do not kow that now adays he fights to live and lives to fight he does not like to take aife thught it happens quite a lot he works time to time working a a body guard to royalty or leader and even generals as bounty hunter and even a mercinary to earn money to live on and off of truth is he is actuall quite loyal to the honrabel knights and soldiers even the king of the kingdom of greece and the Army of Olympus seeing as his childhood freind is the kings daughter who gave him food when they were little she a royal princess and him a motherless orphan with great strength with pure fighting talent and only she knows that the Nema Lion Coat is truly Greeks Artifact Key only Argo the Kings Daughter the King Miolidus and his head knight Lance know this fact. he has recetly recived a speical wepon one only someone as strong as him can weild the gods-piller a gaint staff that weights over 50 tons in any forms. made of a substance called iron-clouds from ancient times

Trivia :Most of his moves are named and modled after diffrent animals including his ablities 

and all his past scars will show themselves when angred,pissed or under extream stress when fighting or if he is near his limit
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Jagger Winberry

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One Piece Shin Sekai
Live One The Sea, Die By The Sea
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Jagger Winberry

East Blue  - 
Squalo.D.Kaidou arrived on a small island it was large enought to house several habrors as well as stores and inns as well as atavern thought it wasen't by any means a large island the a navy ship had stoped thier to trasfer information via-den den mushin to Hq as well as resupply Squalo decided to take it on himself and check out the time witch he would use to get a bite to eat and streach out his legs from the long trip he had spent most sleeping he keep his sword easien whip in its ship and in his left hand as he walked threw the town until walking into the Local Tavern he would be noticed immedaly because of the navy jacket and kanji for captain on his back as well

(( Open for +Kasuke Darkness ))
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Ahh i get it really freedom thought im just not sure what too do wiht mine all i know is the sea calls to me he said he had a grin over his face thought Viro would know thier was more to this man and why he was nicknamed "Angel of Death" as the word angel was tatooed on his kuckles and Death in trible down his spineal cord thought it was unseen ...still im a navy captain thought being the only son of Kaidou the Hundred Beasts
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Jagger Winberry

• Regular Role Play  - 
// location - cursed forest \\

// reason - apostil hunt \\

Argo with the ehlp of his famialr pikaff went to the scena of the kingdoms eratication his familar a 4 foot 5 insecet elf mother tracked the several of the demons pharamons however when he meet then thier were many of them  thought it didn't stay like that for long as they attack he shattred their armor and wepons with ease bare handed useing his Holy sword "Jabbawock" to cut threw each of them or the lions coat to cursh them and rip threw their dmeon bodies like paper with ease he easily overwelmed and defeated them until but one was left he quickly charged it a snake like being cutting off its legs at the hips as it bled all over Argo as he slamed his foot into its back crushing the spine with ease as the ground beneath it cracke dopen for hundreds of miles aorund suckings int eh forest around it

Argo: Thats enought running for now we have a few questions to ask you aposiltes about the gods-hand and thier involvement in the incident in the west 

he siad calmly as he looked ove rthe beast coffing up blood and bleeding out his series of wounds acorss his body as the gorund turned red argo sighed and picked up the demon by the remainder of its tail and begun to drag it back the holy sword he carried turned into gold and black clouds as it vanished around him

(( Open))
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Jagger Winberry

Marine HQ  - 
//Location - navy traning graduation \\

It was the eventing as two navy traniees walked otu of teh buidling on their backs were the symbol of jutsice of the marines of captain level as the rest of their class saluted them they were a protigy amoung them all the only two to show suhc promiss that they were promited driectly to navy captain one man looked almost excally like red0haired shakes except he had both arms no scar and jet black hair and carried his sword esien whip in his right hand

he stuck the sword acorss his waste as he fliped threw bounty posters one after the ohter comeing across one of hundred beast kaidou with a boutny of 850,000,000 be looked at it and stuffed it inot his pocket sticking out easily and teh rest flew out of his hand into the wind

Sigh well crap still an easy 3 years of traning wasen't it freind now here we boht are navy captains and with ower own ship to set sail on so were we off to now one of the blues or directly to te grand line to do an assinment for the navy Hq ?

(( +Tyler Durden +Clara The Elegant  when you get your character up ))
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[[Well then congratulations speaking of witch +Tyler Durden  shall we countie on your comment to start]]
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Jagger Winberry

• Army Creation  - 
//Army of Olympus\\    update

Kingdom of Greece

House of the Dragon

King-Miolitus Arthrer Pendragon


Daughter-Prcilla Ikaros

Royal Guaridan

Argo Sigfired Leonitus

[ Familars]

1sr-Dogma Zodd

2nd- pikaff archne 

the 13 court of Sparta

Head Knight/palidan - Lance Pendragon 
sword- Baragon [ half demoic sword and half Holy ]

Knight - Sig Gilsunger 
Sword - Pelaber [ holy sword that summons holy lighting for it]

knight - kizar illumina
sword- Pikasa [ sword make completly of holy light but solid like steel]

Palidan - jero kaza
spear - lerochio [ holy spear that can perice all shadows and armor]

Archer - grimadin jin
bow - artimis [ a holy bow that fires out arrows make of holy energy that are homing]

Kight - Saber razps
sword-calibur [ a weaker holy sword of excalibur but still powerfull enought to cut threw the land she is a woman]

Paliden - jerico holmes
sword- gliph [ a holy rapier that can send its trust several hundred meters away]

location- Greek & Rome

South Planet

Army Forces

13 Stongest Knights/Gladators 

Army Generals 5



info on army consits of a large number of extreamly well train and tough men who all fought as gladiators too exlie thier fear of death and scarficing themselves making them into a excellent fighting force as strong as thier tough bodies are taught to fight as young as 7 years old given wepons and armor that reduce,null or absorb magic makeing it usless and makeing them one of the more lethal and well trained armies while higher ranked and stonger fighters get armor and swords that channel their own power and can absorb more than jsut magic while the head knights including lance hold one of the 13 dragon  blood swords unbrekable relics  from the time of old as sharp as it was first forged and able to take in anything that makes it stonger...and these blades were extreamly Holy 

Bio-though the kingdom and king of greece is a kind soul that loves it people and country more than anything with a mighty army to back up anything he calls he brings in wealth t his coountry and long after seperating the royal and goverment of the country into two diffrent politicl focus the kingdom and royal do good providing and feeding and gained the love of the people focuign on honor and grace and prowess of battle while the goverment sneaks around sucking the wealth from the poor and commiting horrible acts of nature behind the kings back with human exprmentation and advanceing tech makeing parts of the country poor and horrible states while others swim in wealth ..the current pricness of Greece pricilla activly seeks to abolish the current goverment and reform it within the current trsuted courts of haveing an equal say in thier country she also is childhood freinds with argo and has titeled him with teh royal guardain his presanse alone was enought for the pricness to rightfull start weeking out the coruption threw the fear of his presance 

Argo-is from the old house of the Wolf all member deceased except him, and an old man 
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yeah pretty much thought he has half as many troops as the greece he has a 1000 they have 2000 really its not a matter of numbers it more of a strength one of two powerfull Oc can end up being stonger than the 2000 soliders really like your fist
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㊉NE PIECE SħIN SEҞAI Welcome one and all to One Piece Shin Sekai made and sponsored by Role Player's Road. Where the world of One Piece comes alive for your own characters placed 50 years into the future of the current story line. Who will be the next Pirate King or Next Fleet Admiral? Maybe a world ruler? Whatever it be aim to rule it all !!

will also need a few mods that are relativly active to help me run this communtiy since i started working as well this is going to be one of the only ones i will try and keep active 
One Piece Shin Sekai
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Jagger Winberry

• Regular Role Play  - 
// Location - The empire \\

// Reason - convice them to join the fight world war that is soon to come

//reaon- to test their power\\

Hum so this is the empire its way smaller than i imaigned someone who talks so big would have Heh

Argo would say as his 6 braids of red flowed down his back he had battled so much that the blood form his vitciem seems to have permantly died his hiar blood red thought he walked stright threw the middle of the town to the Hq of the army. the soliders did nothing to stop him either they knew of Argo and the Strength and power he possed as well as the legndary fight againt Asura that we won twice now he marched stright up to teh armies of the Empires Building and with a solid kick to it shook the entire building to get their attanetion as the shockwave traveled threw their country rumbling the earth as if it was terrifed of him his Aura flared up as well a massive feeling of immenate Death was felt threwout the base for a split seconds as he spoke

Oi Empire i have something to ask you and Who Wants a fight with me i need to guadge you gues personal strength

(( Open too +Fiona Hills +Jennifer McKenzie ))
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Jagger Winberry

Invade/Conquer Land  - 
// Southern Kingdom-invasion expanding its rein over the south \\

Argo led an Army from Greece the Army Of Olympus it wasn't the full army they had 700 soldiers and three of the round table great Knights with him as well as argo had his famialrs Pikaff and Dogma the country stood before them he waited as storm clouds formed overhead black and gold he controeld weather threw the strom clouds nymbas as he did purple lighting rumbled overhead as thier armies glared at them shakely all Argo Did was smile as he let them feel his own Power ( Pictured Below) It formed an Aura of this massive black beasts with rows of teeth in front og them as he did he droped his hand down as lighting struck thier city right in the middle the bolt that hit it was as large as thier town squar as it ripped threw the ground and toppled large building over on each other fires spread threw the town as he finaly spoke

Kill them and take the city you know the rules of battle see to them or face me in direct combat

he siad calmly withc made the regualr soldiers shiver with fear even the round table knights had sweat droped on thier heads as they charged their holy wepons pirced threw even the thickest armor with ease as Argo and his famialrs watched not a single solider lost his life until he noticed with his several enhanced eye sight heat signatures comeing from the left and right a pincer formaion Argo jumped to his feet as he shattred the earth learing forward as a blur only ordering pikaff and dogma to take care of the men on the left and right they did as he was tolf as Dogma Crashed in front of the Army on the right black and red sparks flew from his mouth they all lifted their sheilds but it was of no use Dogma''s Breath attack was of a fire that coulden't be protected againt unless you had something as strong as Argos Lions coat the fire as dense as a beam forma laser tore threw the gorund to solid bedrock and molten earth the army from the right only puddles of magma and ash reamined of them as he roared it sent a chill down the oppositng mens side. meanwhile pikadd dealt wiht her side diffrenly she hovered about them and blasted out a plume of ink dust that covered the lot as the dust was highly toxit to the point were it melted metal onto skin and once the mens skin and flesh started to melt off from their bones she flaped her massive wings witch cased a sonic boom of air pressue to hit them breaking them appart and sending teh goo like bloody reamins scattred across the battlefeild...Argo's attack was just a simple punch however hit strength was capable of obliterating an entire continate size area at his full strength this attack required much less thought one he leaped all the other soldiers of greece hit the dirt as he came direcly down in the middle of what remained of the opposing forces army thier was a massive explosion as Argo's fist hit the ground the earth Cratored open several hundred feet deep and a shockwave casued the gorund to shiver and the city nearby to start to crumble appart with ease the soliders were tossed like rag dolls being killed instant threw the froce of the blast that curshed their insides to pure liquied every bones curshed into fine dust as if it were sand as they fell down from the sky like rain the attack also could have been felt from the east and west sides of teh world as well

Argo: Hem jeez is this really all they were capable off i didn't think such weak armies still existed here in the south oh well they were theives and crooks mostly anyway
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Jagger Winberry

• Regular Role Play  - 
Argo flew on Dogma's back all the way towards the Hell army's captial he knew no one could really stop him as well dogma was with his a famialr that had greater endruace than even he thought as he got clsoe he send down his pressue of intimidation that was so strong that it force the soldiers on their knees it weight so much however it was sure to bring out asura if he felt it Argo stood on Dogma's back as he took a deep breath argo's hair has grown out he was like a dark shade of red almost orange he wore a black jacket and red undershirt

Welp here i go lets hope he actually listens to me instead of trying to kill me right off the bat this time around ...welp here goes nothing !!

he siad as he leaped off the dragon thosands of feet in the air ashe calmly feel to the ground his long dark red braids flaping againt teh winds a funnel of fire fromed around his feet as he gained speed and hit the ground of the center of their base the force of it sent large crakcs acorss thier main castle struckture and the earth rumble as if it was terrified a crator formed as well and the soliders located in teh squar were not shot threw the building and out the other end thought he was sure none had died he landed in jsut the right way a flash entrace but a safe one he dusted himself off and cracked his neck as alarms sounded warning them of Argos arrive he elbowed the air as a blast fo force shot out takeing out the entire watch tower and blarring sirenes in one shot scattering debry everywere as he dug out his ears

Jeez don't set off such noisy things its annoying besides i just came here to have a word with Asura its a matter of great importance as it involves the entore planet and all the kingdoms as well 

(( Open to +Clara The Elegant +Tyler Durden ))
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+Tyler Durden +Clara The Elegant +Jazz Ƭɛиɢʋ +Jazmìn Jazz  I never know witch one you be on XD
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Jagger Winberry

• Regular Role Play  - 
// Location - central kingdoms negotation tower\\

a few weeks ago the entrei world heard of a frightning report in a matter of hours an enitre Kingdom feel not but a single survivor who has his legs crushed floated down stream however they were not able to determind who excally attacked this country to the far away nearly on the opposite side of the world however they manged to conqor a huge portion of the western country as well a meeting was called for by the central nations to discuss this matter as all leaders were proritized to come if they did not it would show them that they may have commited this crime and would casue a great war amoung themselves with most would want to avoid

the first to arrive was the Kingdom of greence the king was thier he stood towering at 7 feet tall with a sword sheathed in a walking staff it glowed a holy light and was magnifisent it screamed with the blessing of a god, he sat down in a chair as he let out an old sigh he was 50 years old by this time next to him was his only daughter pricness of olympus Pricilla Ikaros she has of a half breed of white dragon king as she was pale white from her skin to her hair she had a fluffy dragons tail as well as green slit eyes however she was still a butiey to behold among those in teh room as she shined white however behind her was non other than Argo Sigfried Leonitus standing right behind her his familars waited out side both Dogma and Pikaff the dragon shoot eh building slightly as he moved Argo just waited sliently for the others to arrive he was stiff at this he personality investaged these insicent however he found nothing as in no kingdom left

Ikaros - Please argo could you be a little less high strung right now its makeing me nervous that you'll do something this is a neutral state were in rember

Argo- i know that but if one of the other countries really did do this then that would mean a full on war between everyone together....and honestly i trust you vesions more than their words 

he said as she blushed a bit but she thought deeply the pricess aside from behind half holy white dragon could see posislbe outcomes of teh future but she had no idea if they were comeing to pass or not and offten times wer ein riddles however she did see this utcome of the four kingdoms gathering and their stongest comeing together for this meeting now

(( Open to +Ganondorf The Dark Lord +Tyler Durden +Demetri Alastor +Clara The Elegant ))
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Argo- Sigh well if thast the case then...were going to need the god of war Asura Almigty then  if we have him ill feel better just a bit Princess ill be off 

he said as he put pressue on his foot as it shattred the ground cracks formed acorss teh stone on the room as alomost in an instant he had shot by ganondorf and everyonelse else going threw the open window outside as Dogma flew by and Argo landed on his back taking him away

Pikaff- Phew im glad im not going on that trip iv heard of their fight...and of thier contenintal destuction they casued as well 
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Jagger Winberry

• Character Creation  - 
Name: Pikaff Aracne

Alias: Insect queen/ Elf Mother


Gender: female

Species: humanoid elf/insect

Personality: she was rather tomboyish and adventurous, however she surrfred great Despite the horror ofher past and these actions, they were done out of a childish desire and child-like morality, which she adapted from the cruelty from living in her village. She grew up regularly being beaten by her father and probably often had to watch the cruelties of the war, which made her believe that this behavior is what a normal society is built upon. She did not truly understand what she was doing and believed she was doing a kindness to the children.  She is shown to have a black and white morality in which she is right and adults are wrong.
She does on the other hand seem to truly care for Jill and love her as a friend

Appearance: In her preferred form, is a green-blue "elf" demon of comparable height to her original, human self with insect-like eyes, two antennae and wings that grow from the sides of her head and enable fast flight. When she introduces herself she takes a slightly different, more human appearance in which her face appears like that of an insect and lacks antennae; this is most likely however merely a disguise as she reverted to her base 

In her true Apostle form, she takes the form of a giant moth with several protrusions from below where her humanoid form appears, along with several legs reminiscent to that of an insect, and two antennae as well as a stinger for attacks in combination with blinding speed.

on her ground mode she is three times as large takeing on the apperance of several diffrent insects as a black widow lower half gaint centitede like tails gaint moth and wasp like wings a hardend exoskelion as well as mantis like arms with her humanoid face as well

Height: 4 foot 5 Humanoid / 67 foot  apostle/ 260 foot insect queen

Weight:  90  pounds humanoid/ 1 ton apostile/ 200 tons insect queen/

Status: healthy

Enemies/Rivals:  anything against argo

Master: Argo Sigfired Leonitus

Role/Job:  familar


Poison Dust: produces a toxic hallucinogen from the dust of her wings, exposure is shown to disorient sensory perception and induce uncontrollable vomiting as well as suffocation. However, the effects seem to vary in severity as in some instances only drowsiness is induced, suggesting thatshe has some control over how much of the dust she sheds in order to achieve the desired can also be highly toxic corriding even metal and flesh off in minutes makieng it deadly to thise traped is heav armor

Apostle Transformation: She has polymorphic capabilities - running consonant to her fixation with the Peekaf fable - for transforming the children she captures into insect-like demonic minions whom she dubs as elves. She achieves this by pupating them inside giant hives of sticky cocoons spanning the entire valley. She is also shown to be willing to transform co-operative adults into 'guardian' pseudo-apostles, whose duty it is to protect her so-called elven paradise.

Enhanced Speed: In her most advanced, and most aggressive apostle form, Rosine is able reach extreme speeds in flight. she is cappable of this speed even in her regular form 

Enhanced Proboscis: Combined with her blistering speed, she demonstrates the ability to use her moth-like proboscis as a lance for skewering enemies, or as a makeshift rapier for slashing and evisceration.

acid spew - she is capable of spitting out massivly corrosive acide that is capable of melting threw even enchangted and magic armor of any kind this allowed her to even melt demonic and holy like metals

spider webs - she is capable of sending out large amounts of spider webs from her mouth as well as spider like attachments witch can easily cover an entire building in mere seconds and contain higly toxic posion in the webs as well once touch and it will abosrb into the skin however only with direct contact will it effect

Magic rebound - in any of her forms if she is hit with anything magic weather it be magic,enchantment or anyway related the attack will be directly blasted back into the user with almost tree times the force of it orgnaly and it will alwasy effect them as its thier own attack

Telapotation : in her human form she is capable of being able to telaport for one place to the other and even carry thing with her problyem is that she has to be touching them and she has a range of telaportation of a full country 

Air pressue : she is able to attack useing sonic air pressue she can move so fast that she sends out razor sharp blast of air pressue capable of severing threw solid armor and steel 

Stealth wing : she is capalbe of bending light around her makeing her see threw and invisalbe to all in the area becasue of this she follows argo where ever he goes and makes sure he is okay

Healing pollen : her wings can give off a pollen or fairy dust that can heal serious wounds in short time close them off and stop the bleeding but only fully regnrate them if they stay around long enough

Speed: sonic at her apositle form she goes mach 9 even faster than argo is capable off 

Defence : she has low defence excet when she activates her exoskeliton form otherwise her main defence is her insane speed 

Strength : only in the appostle and insect mode does she had great strength enought to shatter mountains and has a strenght of several gigatons however this pales in comparison to argo or dogma who both could easily overwelm her in strenght but it is still too much for whole armies to fight alone withouth the right efford placed upon it thought she is strong enought that argo made her his famialr who sticks by his side 24/7 
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yeah i know just playing argo character personality he takes any kind of treat seriously becasue of his dark past etc so its only natural for him to act that way but won't attack unless someone makes a move first  lucky
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well im a 21 years old single thought looking fora girlfriend im crazy in the head at times but a cool dude love Anime of all kinds and i wrtie my own Stories love to Rp as well have for a long time thought graduated form collage so don't have as much time for them now and the most presious people to me are my Brothers Elijah Garrent and Danny Duvall i would protect them with my Life if it came down to it i stuided a buch of diffrent martial arts and did a lot of street fighting Bad neborhood and past its complicated my nicknames people have dubed me are Fox,Inu and Kitsune 
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i have two wonderfull brothers Elijah and Danny who helped me threw collage were not related by blood at all but i still consider them family and will protect that with everything i have and can do
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