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Jagger Winberry

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Ayakashi Blitz
Chapter 1
the second year reunion

- a few months have passed sicne the war and the entire world knows of what happend as people new and old faces return to ksyshio acdamy but without the two who sacrifced everything to save them all -

luluna-(sits holding her piller staring at her picture wiht jagger sleeping wiht tears in her eyes her medium brown hair was now had two braids comming down form them )
hashia-(organized teh entraced ceramony with marath as he keep glancing at teh sky mi-chan and jason was tryint to ceer to lucy sitting on teh benches )
-meanwhile miho and miyo was assinting nemu in her lab seeing as how she was still so short -
elijah-(was driniking sake in fornt of a new stature of the three of them all togher danny with attenping to pull the hood over his head jagger with elijah in a headlock fliping the bird and elijah lightign a cirgerate)...its teh second year brotehr damn i miss you ....sigh 
student-so these are the guys who did all oft hat shit last year 
student 2-yeah i hear that they were some kind of crazy mosnters around here 
student- ha alright then im gonna take a wize on it then watch me ahaha (as hte said that elijah appread throwing htem into the air with a twinkle )
saku-...elijah you need to get over the sulking as far as we know their as good as dead now gather the student that are new its time for the entrace ceramony 
Elijah-fine but im not giveing up on them i never will udnerstand 
saku- i wish i could do that but is not like their jsut going to appear on the stage in the middle or orentation (they went their sperate ways )
skiping looking at the school was a girl wiht half pink hair and half black in short pig-tails wiht a gothic lolita dress cut to be the lenth of a skirt with white stockings / two boys one with dark-skin and a headband around his head  anotehr with short dark hair and a leather jacket they all started to walk into the auditorum were everyone started to get quiet
Hades-thank you all for comming and welcome you all to Keyshio acdamy home of the best figher in the world (he went silent then strightend up again) i well all teh repairs have been made thoguht id like to bow for a remberance of all teh lives lost durning the war 
-they did so as the names of those lost appread on the screen above them jagger nad dannys above them as arthur took the stage -
arthur-normaly i would be happy and give a great speech but this year id like to start dirretly durning that war their were three individual who face outnumburing odds and powerfull foes wihtout hesitation no fear no question no doubt two of them as far as wel know are dead 
Noah-ugh as far as they know ?
mia-shut it punk unless you want little off the top of that head of yuorse (she said rasing her figner that were blades he srunk back into his seat as mia showed with a frilly skirt and top)
arthur-danny death i tranied myself he was increadtly fast but a very distrubing child with a recules hated most things in life loved things are the darkner side but a realiable as they come and could out smart neally any obstcal..the next not so much out smart as jsut force his way threw it Jagger Akuma by far the psysical stonget person i have every meet and as crazy and monster as teh creature we fight he love teh fight anger issues at times but he was loyal and boy could he put on a fight 
luluna-..if only he was here ( she clenched her fist as she stood in the corner )
Arthur- now then lets forget aobut the past for a minute and focus on the furture your enrollment into keyshio now then elts begin with the first commet 
-as he went to look suddenly the stage exploded into a cloud of dust as a heavy pressure hit hte crowed cracking the walls and a sense of dread rolled over the crowed msot drew wepons teh few inched forward as the smoke cleared they saw two bodies in them Danny with a ripped black hoode wiht four black lines over his mouth with two black feathred wings and white of his eyes black with yellow eyes and jagger with nine white tails with blackned arms with eyes and teeth red blood eyes slit with teh white black with long black fox ears -
elijah-(Walked forward and smiled)..damn took your time didn't you Pricne of Death Danny and King of Dogs Jagger (a shock went ovdr the crowed)
danny-yeah well you try finding an exit in hell their aren't too many of those in their 
jagger-yeah i said i could end it never said i could get us back (he cracked his neck )...fuck this bullshit man (he flicked his wrist as a stong gravidy prssure hit the wall and blew it out leveling the ground lettign teh breeze in )...much better 
luluna-(walked then ran and leaped onto the stage )...JAGGER !!!! (tackled right into jaggers arms )...yuo back 
Jagger-yeah yeah sorry for the wait but were back now (as he said that danny was getting surroded by akiko and hashia glareing at him angrly )
Danny-okay waht did i do seriosuly to get this welocme serupusly girls (he said as they both huged him tighght  mia snuggled up to jagger chest soon after ) two came back ?...that amazing im going ot have to make some calls and ...TONIGHT WE CELEBRATE 
danny-aren't you in the middle fo somethign right now 
Arthur-im in the middle of what ?....AH  the ceramony right well then after we celebrate then 
elijah-well in teh meantime you two had better reseal your powers casue i don't know if the student can handled (he looked over the corwed some cowering and some getting crushed in the floor only a handfull stood upright )
-they both reasled themselves danny returnign ot normal and jagger putting his collar back onto his neck as they stop emmiting teh dangours vibe form them -
Jagger-ugh damn i was just starting to get use to it too (he cracks his neck back and forth )..though ower clothes got completly shrreaded down their 
Danny-indeed they did good thing i own a lot of my blakc hoodies we still are enrolled right saku ?
Saku-He walked out stern but with a smirk on his face shaking his head )...well normal i would say fuck no and get the hell out....but since its you two and i doubt you would listen to me anyway might as well give yuo the okay 
Arthur-Hahaha true enought you two don't neccisarly lsiten to any rules of man unless you feel conviced to 
danny-eh can't be helped jsut how we are now then since we were gone any problems 
hades-non other form the terrirst threat they say since the war it was inhuman to the Devils without a mindset to understand 
Jagger-....are they idiots the only things devils care about it getting as much blood on their hands as possible that why we fight and slaughter their asses 
hades-thast what i tried to explain to them but it result in death threats but no immediat action luckly (as she said that an explosion riddled threw the school shaking it )...REALLY NOW COME ON !!!
Saku- pull up the vedio (a montor vedio poped on of men in ski maskes holding Ak-47 and auto matic wepons destoying property )....seriosu today of all place....well then since you two are back and had no part in helping why don't you clean up this little mess then 
Elijah-great idea after all we need to make sure you two didn't get rusty down their and all you get the drift (elijah said giggling )
danny-yeah alright we get well take out your trash but you do know what you asking right 
Jagger-(jagger slamed his fist into his palm making a loud echo threw the gym )....oh i think he knows Hehahah lets go fuck them up 
hades-WAIT !! please before you go gets some better clothes on Hsashia,luluna,mia and akiko help them 
-wiht thet hashai and akiko draged danny away and mia and luluna jagger -
Arthur-why did you have them do that i don't think it really matter what they were when they fight 
Hades-silence for the past months iv help those girls make clothes for those boys if they retunred like hell their not going to wear them 
- a few moment later they came out of the tunnels danny wearing a black zipper hoodie with skull desings on the forward with a clean new red button up shirt with black skull tie and jagger a long black jacket wth red fur trim on the hood arms bottom and between the zipper and a clean new red buttom up shirt and blue jeans -
danny-ugh look aobut like 20 of them and they got bombs palnted all around this isde of hte campus 
Jagger-damn they drinched gasoline in blackpowder and C4 amutrus about 12 bombs in all danny 
Terriorst- ahh here they are you must be here to hear ower damands well first (jagger jumped of his leg crachign the groundand vasnihes he reapred with his arm implaed threw the terriorst chest holding his heart in his hand on the other side ) ...w-what ?
Jagger- yeah i don't think so were her t murder all of you (he said crushing his headr and grabing his spin and ripping it and hsi head out of his body droping it on the gorund and crushing it benrath his feet) then your up danny 
-insidethe gym people scream and some throw up -
jason/noah-......(jaws droped as they look at each other in terror)...holy shit !!
neomo- (she pressed her finger nail painted black to her bottom lip with pink lip-stick on it and hummed)...well that was a bit intresting ....i wonder whast hes like ?
danny-yeah yeha i got it (as some one yelled detonate them danny vasnihed ina a black blur and att 12 bombs was in ther vasnity as he pressed the buttom)...and Boom (the bombs exploded takeing most of them with them as jagger stood their unharmed and untouched by the explosion)
terriorist-what the heck these guys are mosnters !!
jagger-sigh waht a sahme only about 7 left split the diffence nad decied the last when it comes 
danny-yeah ill do that (he said appreaing form of one nad saprtan kciking his chest sending him flying away he pulled on his figners as black threads pull tight on him and cut his in pieces he jumped nad kciked out as darkness swelled and imapled into the side of antother danny vansihed in black smoke yet again appreaing behind the third guy ).."Death-Skull" (he formed it in hsi hand griping it and slamed it on him exploding in black flames blasting body parts againt hte school)..well im done 
Jagger-Heh nice finish well now my turn (he took a step towards then one fired his gun jagger summoned his swrod cutting the bullet and hit gun then cut both his arms of slit his throut and impaled him in the chest and reverse kciked him off painting the ground red stabing the sword in the gorund handstading on it and kciking one in teh neck removing his head landing on the ground and striking his chest sending him flying threw the reinforced steel wall of the gym and rolling on teh gorund then calmly pointed his left hand out at the last and pointed down )"Fall" ( downward force of gravidy crushed him flat as blood filled a crater )
saku-sigh oh boy (he look at the courpse )...well they deffinaly haven't lost their touch now have they 
hades-yeah ill say that 
Elijah-well what did you expect for my sworn brother you really thing they would go soft they take their possitons very seriosuly more than me ill tell you 
hashia-...when are you not silly elijah iv never seen you serious EVER ..i mean even in the fight with amimon you were still jokeing around with those two 
elijah-jsut goes to show you how close we are even in a fight we mess with each other 
danny-well thats didn't last long at all sigh what a shame nii-san (danny said putting hsi hood up on his head pulling at black-threads in his hands )
Jagger-yeah but what do yuo expect form weakling like this i mean bullets normal and bombs that are poorly put together (jagger rached over and crushed teh gun in his hands while danny yanked it away form his grasp with threads )
terriorst-(he threw up his hands in surrender)..please i give up i surrender il ltell anythign just let me live 
Jagger-Like Hell fucker im going to gut you open and feast on your insides (smiled as his blues eye turned red laughing under his breath)
Danny-damn brother but he's right yuo made your choice already as punishment i issue you it as...Death (danny draged his arm out as five threads cut his bottom half severing his foot,shin,calf anf wasit into seperate pieces as blood poured out of him he reached up to the clouds )
jagger-Damn it i wanted to do that danny oh well i get seconds then (jagger arm gets coated in blackness with eyes and teeht all along as it buldes up on the ground into a soild form opeing its eyes containg three pupils and opend its mouth with double layers of sharp teeth and snaped away leving only his amrs and it vansihed )....Burp wired still i can alwsays taste whatever it devowers 
danny-...that is strange im glad i didn't have to fight adiez else i would have gotten that one 
Jagger-yeah thought i love the face its can be shaped any way i want it has so many uses comes in handy (hi arm returend to noraml)...lets head back now 
saku-and those are two of keyshio's best in a nutshell their not the nicest or the most eliqent or hell even proper but they get shit down they get thier hands bloody and they have a hell of a time doing it too these are what we train these are the Zero-S Classes 
hades-of course thast a speciatly class normaly the highest allowed is S-class teh Zero-Squads or Zero-S Classes are made to combat stonger Devils off course during the evaultation tommarow you will be given a rank as well as discover you soul wepons (as they finsihed jagger and danny come threw the door).
jagger-man they were weak should haveleft more alive danny might have killed more time that way teh last guy didn't even fight back picked up his severed arm and started to eat it you ATE TEH DUDES ARM !!
jagger-yeah .....i seem to liek the taste of human flesh now especial raw meat anotehr side affect oh well right ahah (he siad wipeing blood of his mouth )...dude tasted horrible anyway 
danny-man what am i going to do with you dog (she face-palmed as they waled threw the middle of teh asile )
saku-students well done they trampled on keyshio they pay the price anyway lets start the ceramony now 
-they waited catching up with ever one else luluna and mia snugglign to jagger the eniter time nemu and miho crashing into danny and jagger jaun seeign them and screaming silently as they its ends and they walk out -
danny-wait now that i think about were's my little sister mi-chan ?
nemu-ooh her lucy and jason akuma are all together she had to leave wasen't feeling to well thier in the nurse's office now 
jagger-nurse's office alright i can get us their in a flash alright then danny (he smiled as blackness spreads around jaggers feet eyes and jaws every cangin as a jaw fileld with teeht smiled and opens it mouth up and choms down over the top of them as tey vansih )
jaun-eh ugh ...DA FUCK WAS THAT JSUT NOW !!!
nemu-oooh my guess the power possed by jagger now that he has defeate adiez and stolen his soul adding it to his own 
-meanwhile lucy was laying in a bed as jason and mi-chan sat nexgt to her -
mi chan-you know the ceramony is jsut about over we should go explain what was going on to hades senpai
jason-yeah i just feel bad its partialy my fault i never knew lucy felt this attacked to my older brother 
mi chan-well he was their for her with anything she need help with he was that person you really can'y forget even if you try too 
-as they were talking a blackness covered the ground asthe eyes looked around and jaws full of teeth smiled and the and satrted to open with stands of drool on them -
jason-wait ...thast master adiez's ablity nightmare what is it doing here (btoh mi-chan and lucy jumped up as it it enlarged into a dogs head as single forward slaming on teh ground cracking it as it opend it mouth and danny and jagger walk out as it vansihes ).....(he stand their with his jaw droped )
Lucy-....ONIISAN  YOUR ALIVE !!!! (she said yelling )
Jagger-well what teh fuck did you think seriously i die just to die again and what are yuo doing here sulking 
Lucy-but you ...send the supernova down to hell....AGH WHY ARE YOU SO CONFUSING !!!
jagger-...hehaha yeah sorry oh right i nearly forgot (he turned to jason cracking his knuckles)...right little brother i have some sense to knock inot you 
Jason-WAIT WAIT !!! mom already had a go at me alright i don't need anotehr month in recovery alright leave me be she even forced me to go to this school 
danny-yeah great and all (as he was talking mi-chan tackled his leg and he went down )....FUCK !!!
Mi chan- onii san were did you go 
danny- i sorta went on a little UNWANTED vacation (he glared at jagger)
Jagger-for the last time danny their was not other way i could think of it was the quickest solution alright 
lucy-(she steadly started to laugh )...eehahahahahHAHAAH well its like nothing changed then i think we all have a party to go to 
jagger-ugh i hate parties they annoy the crap out of me 
Danny- you locked me in hell for 5 mounthes you going to this party casue i want to go 
jagger-ugh your not going to let that go are you ...sigh fine guess it won't hurt too much if i went for a little while 
- later the night they meet up with elijah and they all go to the celibration of the dance and they celbrate as tehy walk slow-mo into the gym were the part was going down they had not changed at all and was still wearing the same clothes as earlier -
Jagger- so then whast fir-(as he was trying to talk jagger gets meeled by luluna form behind )....MY ASS !!!..damn it luluna 
Luluna-hehehe sorry its been too long since iv done that but for now dance with me (she drags jagger dead weight to the dance floorsmiling )
Danny-.....well thats just happend 
Akiko-hehe danny dance with me (she yanks danny away and moves peopel out of the way with ehr cleaver)
Elijah-well tehn time to hit on teh freshmen (he fixes hsi tie and top hat and struts over to the ladies)...hello ladies your perfect man has arrived 
marath-well then mister saku you seem like you ready for this thing (she said stuffing chicken wingsi nto her moth and wore green dress than comlemented her dark skin )
saku-sigh i hate events like this (he said but wore a black and purpel suit as he shaparnoed over the student )...but they sure are going to get a ruide awakening in a while 
luluna-hahaha this is fun (she said danging with jagger as they bsautcally spared as they swung each other around one at a time )
jagger-atually i have no idea how to dance so im jsut going by fighting moves and the music (saying flipung over luluna and tipign her by the hip )...and what iv seen on the tv 
Luluna-well your not too shabby danceing i must say (said in along frilly black and pink dress )
danny- no he's bad really bad you have no idea how long it took me teaching him to dance to get his far (he said as akiko held onto his arm )
hashia-well i see you guys are havieng a great time (hashia said wearing a black dress withred lip stick on )
danny-damn hashia you look hot as hell !! (he said makeing her blush red )
hashia-ugh ,,,um yeah well....ugh what was i saying ...ugm i-im ...overhere (she said walking fast away )
Jagger- i think you scared her away danny hahaha 
arthur-(he walked up on stage in nicer medevil type suits with exlabur staped to his side as he claped )..thank you i hope you all enjoy the party we have set up asside form the sudden but welcome supise we had today it all went well a few minor murders but oh well right 
-most claped but was unsure how to feel aobut it Neomo claped heartfully shouting YEAH !! happily as other jsut stood bad -
Arthur-of course this is apart so i won't be takeing too much of your time class starts tommarow so tonight we will assing you what room you will be attenting we had to make some last minute adjustiments alos jagger Inu Akuma,Danny Death and Elijah rot ower war hero's retunred to us for another year at Keyshio can we have a few words 
Saku-hahaha so true who would after all you did basicly save the world but only once we all had a part in that war those of us that survived thoguht i will say thing since then you three have been called the "Three-Kings" of Keyshio acadamy and was put into the history books as well King of Dogs Jagger inu akuma Price of Death Danny Death and Lord of Decay Elijah Rot so its nothing specal kiddo's 
danny -well when you put it like i guess it mean were big shots now 
Elijah-oh im on STREAKING !!!! (elijah ran down the hall stark naked as mai cut hims ,luluna shot him,hashia burned him, he regnrated form it all danny and jagger both him sending him flying out hte window )
Danny-damn idiot whast was he thinking runnign naket 
jagger-well thast jsut elijagh he can do anything he wants i just he wouldn't steak when were watching i think i saw his balls (said covering his eyes )
saku-....and with that taken care off im going to annoce the classes depending on your home room decied who you sennior Students are in the class based on the information you put in you could end up in a various array of places 
he goes threw the list naming off sudents on the list as jagger and danny talk to the girls and what not bored as hell
saku-now then for class Z-1 codenamed "God-Slayers" (they all lsitend in as he named off the freshment ) Neomo ally (pictured the girl with half pink and halfblak hair wiht one pink eye and pink bottom lip)...Noah Maziku (picutred a short dark haired and skin bow with a white head band )..inami ina (pictired a girl in a long red dressed with long blond hair with white ends and a red boy eating cheese cake )..Jason yamata (pitcure a boy with meduim black hair and a leatehr jacket ) and Homura (pictured a short boy in the back glareing wiht grey eyes with burn on each sides of his face ) those are the feshmen 
the started to clap for them but saku stomed his foot and the one in the fornt row toppled over as it hit jagger he didn't budge and smiled
Saku-i wounden't calp jsut yet teh Senior list we have a lrger group of feshmen so a more seniors are required hashia oharu,mia ikabihime,luluna oharu,akiko,..Elijah Rot..Jagger Inu Akuma and Danny Death are the second year students 
Elijah-so they put us in teh same class again this year sweet (they all excahnge fist bumps )
jason-wait thsoe dudes are going to be in ower class seriosuly IS HE SERIOUS ?
Saku- the home room teachers are myself and marath scale yuo satrt tommarow meet in the class room we also detemine you rank by you perfomace on the battle a new rule we got going and it done by the againts other students drawn randomly seconds year studens may fight frehsmen you do not hold back understand 
-they all let that sink in and all three of them start busting out laughing as they stop and go on aobut their buisness - 
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Jagger Winberry

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ayakashi Blitz

chapter 37

The Final Act

Part II

-Holy motehr of fucking hell last time the hero's still not sure but holy fucking shit that fight Elijah,Jagger and Danny all fought againt Amimon the Light who with teh "White-Horn" was nearly invicible no matter what damage they did to him it harly mattred seeing as he could simple create and heal himself and stamina and strenght to go on more and with his light ablity he was far supeior to the other supernova or enemies they fought until now so what will happen next -

Amimon- i mean really if i must say this Child of Death...Danny Death is it you've jsut recently defeated Ala-mare yet you are already profecient in useing his ablity you cold to the bone as well 
Danny-yeah so fucking what i jsut do everything i saw him do in ower fight nothign sepecial
Amimon-Son of Astroth Elijah Rot your...randomness confusess even me turning you back on the Devils for the Humans confounds me yet you have proven your choce in relying on people like these a wise investment 
Elijah-...i don't need praise form someone like you the only people i care for are right her fighting with me 
Amimon-and Son of Cerberus Jagger Akuma ...whats their to say jsut like your dad powerfull and reckless as well as every bit as blood thirst and crazy ...this is why i have a proposal to you three 
-they look shocked and all look at each otehr -
Danny-alright well listen to what you ahve to say at the very least 
Amimon-excellent as you know you cannot kill me as it stand the "white-Horn" protects myself and recovers all stamina,strenth and health i loose to were its jsut like iv jsut satrted no matter how much damage i take were as you wear down and weaken and astorth son is slowing down haveing to heal you 
Elijah-damn it buts its true it take stamina to heal other to this extend so what do you have in mind 
Amimon-as long as im in possetion of the white-horn its like have the right arm of God teh Creator its power can only be canceld out ...directly in hell and thus be killed join me children im in need of stong worriors in my ranks together we could corrupt this world kill them all turn them into ture devils like us take ower armys to the devil-lords in hell and over throw them and rule over all of hell and fianlly we can get ahold of the hevans and change the very fate of the worlds forever 
Elijah-are yuo fucking nuts i mean shit hell no were not going to follow you anywere at all 
danny-and you might as well give up on that nut job of a dream as well cause were goint stop you and it 
Amimon-well well iv alread awakend teh Twin-piller seal the same one you parent sealed Lucifer the King and all the other devil-lord in once open he will rain down terror on the world yet again 
Danny-Fuck off asshole "Diablo-Mark Living Scyth" (he called slaning the hiltso f both swords toghetr makeing a long black scyth four black lines formed on his mouth )..."Grand-Reap" (he swung as shadow bulged and ripped out at amimon he moved and kicked out i na blade of light clashing iwth it disspelling it ) turns "Diablo-Mark True Devil" (he called as horns formed on his head and scaly tail form as well his eyes glowed green and arms turned demonic as he tunred into his devils form ).."Cross of Rot" (he aimed toward amimon as it surged forward stight towards him he threw a piller of light at it as it clashed they hit a stailmate )..Jagger go your turn 
Jagger-right (he throws his collar off to the side )....since iv already done my Diablo-mark ill do this instead Relase gate-Complete (he called out as his hair tie breaks and his brown hair turn white he grows a total of 7 tails and tail fox ears red slit eyes with and fangs,claws with slit on his face like wiskers two on each side ) then "Nightmare" (he called as the black runs along the sliver bone stuckture fuseing to the tails,ears and hands molding them balc with eyes glareing with teeth and Jaws all long )...."Over-Drive" (he reared back as the earth behind him cracked and lifted up he swung as the grund trenght and caved in on itself as it hammer amimon into the wall pushing a crater sized hole out the side of it )
Amimon-coff (he glowed white) three really aren't o give up on this are you thier no hope left 
Jagger-Who needs it we didn't come here with hope we came here to lay your ass out got it 
Danny- were not some preachers to tell you what wrongs you've done were the hoursemen comeing to drag you down to hell along or with us 
Elijah-besides why would they look to us for hope were the farthest things from it in this world but we love each other jsut the same now its about time we get this fight on with it 
Amimon-perhaps i misjudge you three are fools (he droped down to crashed down blasting a wave of light towards them skidding them three back he appread at elijah first cuttign down into form his shoudle to his chest kickign him crashign into the wall turning towards danny lunging at him he deflect with his scyth imapling him with a black thread scyth imbuted with shadows as it impalded it spiked out lieka sea-urchin he backfsit danny in the had shockwaveing him into the ground )
Danny-fuck (he disolved into shadows and reapred next to elijah helping him out of the walls he instantly regnrated back)
Amimon-tch (he turned towards jagger)...your next Dissaper  "immortal-Light" (his radiated a gold and black arua gathreding in his amr then discharging in a large area blast scorching the gorund leveitation teh earth in mid air )
Jagger-nah i won't "Swollow" (he opend his hand as the blackness flowed out and enlarged into a twisted jaw opening to swollow the blast and retuning to nomal he radiated a blood red aura)....Now have it back"redirect-Eyes" ( the eyes on the tails moved forward and pointed towards Amimon glowed and blasted the same beams out of each of the 7 tails shocked he swung with the White-Horn severing each blast )
Amimon-Raaaaa (he draged teh sword on teh gorund and swung it up with a crack of lighting he slamed it on the gorund in fornt of him surging at jagger jolitng him back smokeing )
danny-your gaurd is down Bitch (with his speed and coated in a smokeing black mist he swung danny ducked he held it high as he brought the scyth threw his upperbody bout skiding to the sdie)
Elijah-make that double "Drunken-Decay kick " (he wobbled and kicked out amimons lower half rotting it out and fliping off to the side as a white-glow healed he pointed at danny and yelld PAIN in a puff of black danny vansihed as a large crater fomred were he aimed danny now on jaggers left )
Amimon-RAAAGh fine them you (he lunched at elijah stabing into his shoulder he stuck it with his fist upward healing instatly and elbowed amimon skiding back he stuck the gorund with lighting elijah leaped and clawed down amimong face and chest that spilt blood he glowed white and yelled PIRCE as he stabed elijah piece of him flew back as his head flew and regrnated all together on jaggers right) going to put you all to you ends !! ...why can't i move ?
Danny-Ha suprised this was the purpos of us fighting you jsut then (he held fast black-threads holding amimon togheter )
Amimon-aggh damn you dead child (he tried to force his way out of it teh wries only cutting into hsi body drawing blood)....DAMN YOU !!! (danny smiled and tied the threads into a knot and let them go )
meanwhile arthir looked threw a screen on the wall next to akisa in the control room tying to find the switches
arthur-excllent my student just grand that how a keyshio student does it now 
Akisa-wow their doing really good but with that wepon its not going ot be easy for them to win
Arthur-yes Kiabara was a tricky son of a gun with that wepon he made out of the Right arm of the god 
Akisa-great now are you goint ot help me find the fuckign thing to open it or are you goign to watch it all day
arthur-yes yes alirght im looking i jsut get diustracted easily damn it amimon were did you hide it ?
kotoboa-(pulls blood spirt sword out of the spinx's neck)...i feel masters aura growing stonger 
Luluna-i know i feel it two its like he's right next to me its storng so miho were to now since we helped you kill this thing (saw luluna sitting on its head with bullet holes all in its face )
Mia-(stabding on the ass end of hte spinx covred in blood)....the cave entrace collapesed so were going to have to find another entrace 
kotoboa-lets try to get some higher gorund their should be a way directly in threw their (they all take off gaining higher ground looking for away in)
Akiko-damn it why did we have to go threw the long way threw the tunnels 
hashia- cause thast the only path we could fine (said hashia holding fire up to light the way)you don't feel it were getting closer 
-back at the main battle feild -
Elijah-and with this amimon were going to win this fight 
Amimon-how when you can't even wear me down eh WELL !!!
jagger-then well jsut break the thing keeping us form doing that and in this case its 
Amimon- the "White-Horn" ?...immpoible you have any idea the power you would have to put toghter to do somethign like that not one of you can single handly do that 
danny-yeah we know good thing were combining them toghterh then hugh (he smiled at amimon cockly )
Jagger- i give it strenght with the "Black-dog Fist" (his eyes glows red as a eigith tail formed black for his back and reared back ssurging the blackness into his right hand teh graivdy pressure crushing the gorund behind him levitating large stones and feet shatter the gorund beneath him as teeth and eyes form and float all around him)
Danny- as i will give it the speed its need "Forsakend-Death" (he reared back teh scyth he held as it caught black flames and darkness molded it into a giant skull whead with a blade out its mouth wires forming a alrge more twisted looking blace darkness sweeling up around him in the mold of black skulls )
Elijah-and i will maintian its form with my regneration "Astorth-Devil palm" (large Dark-green aura flowed over Elijah as a pupel misama swirled around his hand he was ding the palm on the gounf rotting away )
Danny-and guess what amimon
Jagger- we jsut came up with this fucker too 
Elijah-so lets shout out the name of you doom shall we fellas 
Dannt/jagger/elijah-...Its Name "Ayakashi-Blitz" [traslation-demon Burst] ( they all swung at teh same same time jaggers strenght made form first of graviy seen with a blacknes of eyes and teeht blasting forward crushing all and then devowing it as dannys combined with it adding speed going even faster darkness mixing with the blackness and the fire grew huge blazing along the walls as elijahs palm his it keeping its form togeth it grew even larger as alrge as a mountian as it rotted away and spread the rot before getting devowed had a mist of skulls and dogs as a Cannine Foxes head fomred Roared and clashed with teh "White-Horn" wiht amimon yelling at it as well their was a huge clashed of black and white as teh HQ jsut explodes into the sky form the undergorund up throwing all three of them againt the wall as the waves washed over the entier countyside cushing and devowing people devils nad ally alike setting forset and house abliaze and decaysing livestock and lands for miles around )
Danny-fuck me thats was ..damn (he got up out of the dirt jagger standing in fornt of them hand extend with his back to the blast )...teh fuck are you doing 
Jagger-ugh..sorry just kinda moved on my own like i want anything ot happen to yall 
Danny-well damn i was gonna do the same thign right elijah 
Elijah-(missing his head moveing around )...murmem mueMEEEHHHHH
Elijah-(regnrated hsi head)...haha got you 
Jagger-that was jsut a dick move 
Elijah-ahahah sorry but i just had too not many time i get a chance like this 
Danny-so hows mister invisavle
-they all tunred to see amimon still standing their in teh same position bleeding heavly missing his left arm part of his leg rotted to bone his right side crusehd and devowed and 60% of his body burend -
amimon-huff huf ahah AHAHAHAHAH ITS STILL HERE THE HORN IS STILL INTACT YOU LITTLE ANTS NOW IM GOING TO KILL YOU ALL FOR THAT BUT FIRST (as he tried to use it glowed whit then half of it cracked and borke hitting the ground he droped to the gorund holding hte tip of ut )...n-no you borke it DAMN YOU ALL !!!!
Elijah-yeah thats right we manged to break it (smiling with a demonic smile and sharp teeht with glowing eyes )
Danny-so i wonder what were going to do to yuo next i like the idea of beheading your ass (said spinning his scyth aorund in his hand)
Jagger-what ever we do im going ot enjoy this next part (he said cracking his nuckes eyes glowing red glareing at amimon)
Arthur-(carring akisa jumped down form the boulders still levlitating and landso n a piece of rock )...hello their students i see your doing well 
Danny-he whats that zombie doing here 
Akisa-were all marching toward the center of the blast too so we can finsh this guy of once and for all 
Akiko-ah DANNY KUN AHAHAH (waved akiko form a cave above them with hashia wiht a ball of fire in her hand )
hashia-yo see you've all been fucking shit up againt but ill let it go this time around 
Amimon-you litte bitches ill chew you up and spit at the ones who gave you life in the first place (he tired to move and bullet shot threw is legs,body and shoudler as slits of cover his body )...what the ?
kotoboa-i told you i would make it back master (said her holding her spirt sword )
Luluna-yeah yeha you have a crush on him whatever ...Jagger i fianlly made it too you now lets sent this fucker back to whatever shit hole he was born out of 
mia-....that a bit grusome luluna but im tired of this war jsut as mcuh as the next person i want some quality time wiht jagger
Hades-(looking over the top edge )....Amimon the light surrender immediatly you have no way of makeing it out with the horn destoyed you have no way of opening teh seal 
-meanwhile outside into teh battle feild nemu useing her magic-mirror spell reflect what has been happening as all the soldier cheer for them -
saku-Ha nice going boys i knew you three were worth that gamble 
amimon-...(he held the tip of the horn in his one good and and fell to his knee gritting his teeth angerly putting the horn in his mouth)
Arthur-whast he doing SOMEONE STOP HIM !!1
before they could stop him he plunged the tip of the horn into hus right arm thier was a powerfull white pressure that hammerd everyone as amimon laughed his wounds healed in a bright white light his arm changed in large claws like peal white wiht a silver cross in the palm
Arthur- no NO he has the Right arm of god KILl HIM NOW !!!
Amimon-its too late for thats Former King arthur (he smashed his arm on the gorund creating a barrier around him and teh seal )...
Arthur- No "Excalbur-Crash" (he called leaping down the blade extended gold and he struck the barrier it spark and threw him back on the gorund )..damn anyone 
eveyone attack att the attakcs was bounced away or threw themselves back nothing could get in
Amimon-yes arthur eveything can get out but nothing can get in thats what i set inot my mind to do and what i created 
Elijah-umm yo were still in here ass hole (elijah waved with danny adn jagger)
Akisa-they must have been clsoe enought ot were they were traped inside it as well 
jagger-then back to teh drag then guys (he smiled and rush forward sticking his fist at amimon he blocked with teh arm of god it shook the gorund as the area around them cratred but amimon didnt move)...da hell ?
Amimon-oh ahahah intresting seem its immune jsut like hte white-horn is so then (he said pointing his hand underneath it and blasting jagger away skiding he made teeth impale him form all around him he coffed up blood then borke them off healing him more slowly )..what i can't regain my stamina ?
Danny-thats too bad for you aint it well TOUGH SHIT !! (said danny hitting his side hard caving them in as he spit up blood ) "Death-Skull" (he slamed down on his face point black having him blast back with its seal)
Elijah-yoloahahaha (he droped kicked amimon rotting away the gorund around the seal as a white light regnrated his body be turned and struck elijah in the chin sendhinf him flying up as he was about to go outside the barrier he was forced back down)
Amimon-WHAT !! (confused he looked at them and jagger holding his palm towards the gorund smiling with his sharp canniens )...right you can manipulate gravisy thats waht yuo did here ain't it 
Jagger-yeah a simple use really if anything can go outside i finxed that with gravidy repelling inward we can't go flying out sure will harm us too but it keep us insdie 
danny-ah nice going nii-san so what now 
Jagger-what else what we do best (he threw his hand out as a long sword formed with a red guard and black and red grip wiht stight black blade )....we fuck shit up (he smiled leaping forward clashing with his arm kciking his head hooking aorund his head and slaming it on the gorund he twisted and round house kicked him blocked by jagger knee as amimon moved back to his feet and shot out the Light-Pillar jagger stood their and slashed with his sword as it split in half he took a step forward)...."Two-meter cut" (he vansihed as two deep cuts go threw amimons side and threw the gravidy into the root)
amimon-geh Light-piller (he summoned form below slaming jagger into the celling as he added more pillers around him amimon felt intense pain as his wounds stared to eat him teh blackness of teh "nightmare"was spreading fomr the wound he stoped the pillers to cut out the infected wound and heal himself after that sticking jagger falling who blocked with his tials wraped around stabing amimon with long teeht he still went skidding back )
danny-(ran around amimon wiht black-threads pulling tight cutting into his flesh he lets the gods arm burn bright and sever threw it danny pulled againt haveing a large bolder salming againt him he stoepd it with the right hand and motiong both hands forward severign the bolder and amimon left arm and left leg ) go now "death-Hunter" (he called heafting his scyth swing up as a scyth og darkness lasertaed his chest he appread all around amimon cutthing piece of flesh off of him one aftetr the other )
amimon-(waited until his time the whiped the forward out of the gods arm as huge light hit danny sending him back breaking sevetal ribs in his body and his left hand sending out beams into his side bleeding) then who's nex-
Elijah-(before he got a chance to finsh elijah stuck him in the cheeck rotting away his feature followed by more hits to his chest and cut a kick to his caf muceal uppercut the jaw and finsihinf with a cross of rot that clashed with the gods amr that sendt him flyign back)...Jagger throw me 
Jagger-alring you aske for it (being able to see elijah at high speeds he he outreached his arm witch his shoes touched his amr jagger planted his feet ferm crushing inti teh ground smiling and launched him out )...Take Him Out !!!
Elijah-bet your ass i will (he gathred his aura into a single fist condesning rot into a single fist as he lauched amimon held out his right hands as it glowed white he telaported as a black aura collapes the space elijah was at he appered jsut left to amimon and stuck him in the chin the built up energy relased itselve blasting a mountian sided hole in the wall as it removed amimons head)
Danny-damn elijah (danny said holding his side were the beams of ligth went threw him putting pressure on the injureies)
jagger-yeah nicely done brother exally like i would do it only less epic (he knuckle bumped elijah)
Elijah-thank you thank you but if that dealt with him then why is the barrier still up
Danny-thast is strange...unless he's not dead yet (he turned to see the headless body standing as the white-light surge bright and he grew new head gasping for air )
Amimon-huff huff i thoguht that one atually killed me really in a tight bind but as yuo can see (he held up the lower half of the horn)...i still WIN (he shoved it into teh seal and twisted the handled dissapred )...
Arthur-NO NOT THE SEAL !!!
jagger-damn arthur cool off already we have thing under control 
Akiko-under CONTROL your fighting liek maniacs destoying shit left and right are increably heavly injured are countless deaths and injures amoung everyone and the devil-lords seal is about to be unsealed is THAT CONTROLED 
Jagger-YES now shut the hell up and let us work already damn woman stop nagging me ...hey guys all at once while his back in turned 
Amimon-NOW NOTHING CAN -(before be finshed jagger lunged himself at him digging his fist inot his gut and draging him along the seal walls and over to danny and elijah danny with his wires moveing at speeds to fast to see cut his body leaving thousands of gashes along his body blasting his back with a Death-skull sending him flying down ward to elijah who uppercuts him and with his fancy footwark break boths legs with kciked knee him in teh face and bring his heel down on amimons face and lands four blows on his chest and spartan kicked him away as jagger apprears graing his leg over the air as it coats itself in flames twist in mid air and kicks his out crushing his rib cage nad sending a explosion of fire outward setting him ablzae)
Elijah-think that solve it or is he still alive and kciking 
as they looked threw the smoke created form their fast movement rising fomr it was amimon bleeding and holding his wounded areas
Danny-shit whast it gonna take for this guy to bite the dust already ?
Amimon- i thoguht i already said how can i die with the hand of God while on the surface he CREATED and with the twin-piller seal unlocking their nothign that can defeate me children of pethitic places form worthless whoms and form even more degenrate and dispicable bloodline worthless fucks !!!
Jagger-alright tehn amimon if were going to result to that guess im just going to have to take you down a few hundred thousand feet (he helf his hand over half his face )...Elijah get everyone FAR away alright 
Elijah-why what chu going to do ?
Danny-wait are you .....damn guess this is sorta the only way alright elijah do as he said well be back shortly got it 
Elijah-um mind telling me what you two are going to do 
Jagger- Heh hey trust me brother eveyone gots a trick or two up his sleeve im going to literaly send this fool and teh seal into hell i don't want everyone else to get sucked in with us thought (he sanped his fingers and tha wall of gravidy forceing them out vansihes)..get to it man 
Elijah-got it (he leaped out of hte barrier and useing his telaportation made luluna and mia vanishe and so forth with the rest )
outside still in the battlefeild elijah apprears with eveyone next to saku
Saku-elijah...whats going on in their ?
Elijah-yeah ill explain later for now tell everyone to GET THE FUCK BACK ..ALL HELLS ABOUT TO BE SET LOOSE 
saku-those two...i won't doubt it nemu get on it tell everyone to fall back for safty never thoguht i would say that on a battlefeild 
Jagger-sorry aobut this danny but were going to need youe speed with me care to put up with my shit again
Danny-Ha like it ever stops beside got to rember my brotehrs burden is mine as well so what are you waiting for let it rip 
Amimon-wait what are you two going ot do TELL ME !!! ?
Jagger-Right letting it rip "Hell-Gate open" (he slams his palm on the gorund makeing a solid thump as the gorund rumbels and changes to a massive gate the size of a country takeing up most the entire HQ and then some more ) i Jagger Inu Akuma comamnd you OPEN !! (he called as the doors opend inward suckign everything in with them )...this was ower trump card all along 
Danny-well teh reason for it any way we thoguht about this a bit back if were in hell we should get a massive power boost as well being ower demon halfs here and all 
Amimon-wait no NO teh gods hands wont work..wait you knew that the seal won't opperate correct in hell either you bastard ILL KILL YOU BEFOER THAT HAPPENDS !!
Danny-bring it on then bitch it already happend theirs no stoping us now 
as they said that the doors open fully and the earth then and teh seal all got sucked in with it as the gods right hands stoped glowing white danny surged with darkness as two large black feathred wings form on his back and jagger the blackness drianed from him forming a ninth tail snow white with a black tips his ears as well hsi shit rips off reveling his clans tatoo that adds on an extra desin as they fall deeper tehy swell with aura bloodred and black
amimon-no die die die DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE !!! (he shot a giant light-piller 10 times the size of the other woth boths hands danny vanished in black smoke jagger swated it away like a fly as they fell faster) im 
danny-don't you ever (he said with two scyth carving into his chest as the wings imaple him wint feather of darkness )
Jagger-treaten ower family ( he stad lashing the tials out implaing into his limbs pulling himsef forward and sticking his chest as a massive pulse of gravidy slamed him down crushing his body danny threw his scyth imapling threw his arms spread eagal)
Danny/Jagger-Without expecting Death in return (the both said danny fist in black flames and jagger consumed in the blackness of eyes and teeht as they hit him at the same tiem the combned power blasted a stight black explition levleing countries and countries of earht in hell upwards as a black line hit parts the sky and keeps going before the gate closes and vansihes leaving nothing but bottomless hole the size of a contenent as amimond arms lay their the only things left of him the rest gone no sighn of him except for blood)
danny-so this is ower power of hell damn man i could get use ot this and you've got nine tail 
jagger-yeah so i do guess this is ower knew diablo-marks now so then with his its finally over 
Danny-great now open another gate so we can get back 
Jagger-yeah i can get us in i never said anything about a way to get back 
Jagger-yep so guess we should start walking trying to find away out 
Danny-ugh jsut fucking perfect realy PERFECT FUCKING PERFECT ASSHOLE !!!
jagger-shit get over it well get bck jsut might be later han sooner i still have thingsi  need to do 

to be countired 
in season 2 revilation
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Jagger Winberry

Discussion  - 
aAyakashi Blitz

chapter 36

The Final Act

-during the last chapter the war was comeing to its end most of hte artifcal devils have result in their demise and of the four supernovas three are dead and one changed sides as amimon eches closer to what he disiers to do keyshio and the rest move in to finsih him off but are they too late for that -

Elijah-this way threw here (he says pushing a hidden door open and rushes inside at full sprint )
Danny-yo hold up man (he followed right behind elijah heading deeper inside)...were the heck does this thing lead 
Elijah-i have no idea and i can't telaport places i don't know so that won't work 
danny-oh right guess we all got new ablities now too Ala-Mare's threads Eh (he closed hsi fist)...guess ill have to test them out soon ...what about jagger ?
Elijah-yeah i don't know hopefully he'll meet us thier before the party starts 
Danny-this is your idea of a party ?
-meanwhile jagger and kotoboa stoped in fornt of a giant spinx -
kotoboa- it seem its blocking the door way with its tail master
Jagger- i can move it easily but when i do its probly going to wake up and it might bright down the castel on us too 
Kotoboa-...heh i know a way master and don't worry about me "Fox-Arror" (she aimed at its head and unleashed it as it explodecd in its face covering it in a blue flames as it wolk up )
jagger-was this part of your plane (she grabed jagger nad threw him into the doorway) waht the Kotoboa !!
Kotoboa-go on ill take care fo teh spinx form collapsing the castel alright Go !!! (she yelled as she commaned spirt fox to attack it form all over she leaped cutting open its neck with a spirt sword )
Jagger-alrigh then i order you to Live no matter what then (he turned around and took off in a dust  cloud )
kotoboa-...hem if my master orders it so it shall be (she aimed five arrors at the spinx)...and it shall be sealed with you pethitic blood Spinx !!
meanwhile within the main chamber amimon places vial into two colloums that seal shut and slowly begin to glow as behind it within a mountian it a huge seal kuma and neo appread threw a rift in space
Amimon-...damn company already fine then guess i can start playing with you (amimon said giveing a wicked grin on his face with the "White-Horn" on his back)
Neo-we can't let you do this so im going to have to drain you away of every ounch of demonic power yuo have 
Amimon-ooh is that so well then why don't you jsut try it (he said a gold and black aura enveloping him form everywere)
-meanwhole outside flying in the sky -
Luluna-mia i sense jagger go down dive (she said blasting holes inot hte roof and flying inside as mia follows behind )
Akiko-huff huff fianly iv made it to the building lets go hashia (she said taking her cleaver to a harvester neck removeing it )
hashia-hey jsut focus on the mission at hand 
-in the main forces battle againt the devils main forces that countie to come out one by one -
Saku-this is going slow seems bull,nellthose are damaged as well and Wren is busy dealing with his side ...Arthur take lead go on ahead me and marath will handle things here 
Arthur-are you sure....alright then lets go Excalbur (he went stiright threw the crowed burning a hole with his sword and into the building )
Marath-amimon is going to be underground were the twin-piller seal is located their not anywere else we don't know the passages thought that leads their he was too carefull
Saku-got it nemu relay that information to everyone else 
-meanwhile danny and elijah exit out of the passge and race to the end of the tunnel seeing amimon with kuma heavly injured both legs broken wiht large holes in his body and Neo missing and arm and still sanding with his palm extended -
Elijah-what the hell is going on here ?
Amimon- ahh seem like death is here and jsut in time too this one is about to go see your father (he said motioning at neo )
Neo-Shut it you monster "Ra-Cross" (he commanded blowing outward a flaming bird of light at amimon who laughed at it and simply held his open to the bird clashing with it then in a golden light ripping threw it in a jagged beam ) even that was usless 
Amimon-sorry but my powers aren't demonic in nature its light witch in your books i s more holy that demonic Hahaha the only thing demonic about me is my mind and personality not my power so you can't do shit to me (he said appearing at neo shoveing his hand into his chest nad blasting him back threw the rocks outside )..ahhh that felt great 
danny-you bastard im going to tear you appart for doing these things waging this war againt the few people we like 
Elijah-well i came to protect the school and you all 
danny- not dureing my speech elijah look were was it....GAH I FORGOT !!!
elijah-pheff sorry man ahahah well not really (he stoo their laughing at danny glareing at him)...Come on stop looking at me like that 
Amimon-...enought of thos chidness begone now (he riased his hand to attack as it glowed danny kicked elijah out of hte way and moved away as a beam of light burned itno the gorund )....ooh you dodged it im impressed 
danny-then be impressed with what we can do form this point on we are here to make sure you won't survive today (he said drawing his two sword )...ready elijah 
Amimon-try all yuo might (he held out hte white-horn toawrds them as he did form the dirt spouted golems )...ill have these deal wiht you 
elijah-how about nope (he snaped his fingers and the golems turned to dust before reaching them)....sorry amimon but your going to have to fight us head on 
Amimon-well i don't know aobut that but it does seem that you are more capable than the rest so in thast case (he flashed in a bright flash appreaing steping in fornt of them)...lets do this thing (he spartan kicked danny only to hit black smoke with him at his side nad elijah on the otehr he flashed again blinding them and running itno each otehr )
Elijah-"Cross of Rot" (he called and uppercutted as a cross of dark-green grazed over Amimon's chest he doged back as it did standing on a stone as the decay spread)..anything my cross touched rots and spreads 
Amimon-well now thast defianlly a problem form me if it wasen't for this things thast is (he taped the white-horn on his chest spreading white glow and healed him )....great thing about this wepon fellas jsut the sheer things its capable off to the users mind 
danny-fine then eat this !! "Death-Skull" (he launched a metor sized black flame skull at him he lifted his finger blasting beams of light into it collapsing on itself as elijah ran to his side with his naginata sweeping his feet form him)...Raaahhh (danny came form the skull with his sword aimed for his chest he lifted himself kicking danny in the jaw and blasting elijah in the chest with light sending him flying back )
Amimon-nice try but for a suprise attack your going to have to try a lot harder than that my oppents 
Jagger-(busted form above the celleing flayling out )....DDDDDIIIIIIIEEEEEEE !!!
Amimon-...what the hell is that ?
Danny-theirs an oppenting (he rached out as and black threads covered amimon and danny pulled holding him together )...NOW DOG HIT HIM HARD !!!
jagger-wha....Got it Brother (he kicked off a wall of gravidy rushing forward too Amimon his arm turned black flowing of it forming eyes with the same shapes and design as his own and maws and jaws rippling of it )...Take this you piece of Shit a gift form Adiez he wanted me to give you "Nightmare-Arm" (he struck amimon the arm connected to his shoulder and went stight threw him cuttign him in half and the strenght cratering the wall behind and breaking the stone he was standing on )
danny-damn it (he let go and let amimon go flying into the wall )...about time you made it Jagger i was starting to get worried about you 
Jagger-sorry i had to find my own way to here 
Elijah-its fine bro at least ya made it here now then think that did it 
Danny- for a last boss i doubt it (danny said lifting up his lower have with threds and clossing his hand shrreading them to blood and pieces )
amimon-coff nice suprise chidren (he said glowing white as a new lower half formed he drew the "White-Horn")...seem i shoudlent let this go form my side now (he slashed with it a pressue hit them hard sending danny and jagger flying elijah rotted a hole and dove in it keeping him in the ground )
danny-crap (he threw out his hands threads keeping him form slaming into the wall ) then Twist and "Spear" (he called as the threads twisted together nad shot forward before it hit amimon kicked up sending a wave of light into the celling and threw the threads as fast as light)..damn 
jagger-fuck me (he slamed hsi feet into the wall cratering it and look ahead of him ) fuck you bastard (he claped his hands as two walls of gravidy clsoed in on amimon he jumped up only one leg getting completly crused)...damn i missed 
Elijah-but i won't (he lifted his naginata and threw it it hit amimon in the chest and rotted it away as his wepon vnasied in green mist ) then "ROT"!!! (he open his hand as a wave of rot hit the celling in the shape of his hand amimon appread next to him draging his sword across his back drawing blood nad pain form elijah in returned elijah elbowed him and threw him over his shoulder witch he then moved to the side ) me pretty good but i alwasy heal (as he stood stright up back healed perfectly )
Amimon-ah the wepon can harm you and kill you but can't keep you form useing you ablites that may be a probelm but guess ill jsut have to live with myself heh who next 
elijah-not so (he swung sending a fist of rot but he vansihed powing a hole in the sdie of the wall)...look out he moved 
amimon-your next son of Cerberus (he said thusting his hand as fast as light into jagger chest threw his lung he stuck at the same time hsi fist going threw amimon's chest and ripping up to his neck jumping up and drop kicking his face down in shattering teh ground )
danny-yeah thats my brother you light mother fucker ill bring down the celling (he said molding the darkness to go threw the crackes in the celling ot bring it down on top of him )....
Elijah-phew way to go bro's (he climbed out of the hole he made as he did the ruble was blasted in all directions he stood their and let it turn to dust as danny doged )..well damn 
amimon-hem (he looked over at jagger the hole in his chest healed) you can heal as well that explain a lot well then (he moved at the speed of light appreing at dannys back roundhouse kicking him in the shoulder sending him flying itno a wall and then to jagger stikeing his chest and cut and with a kicked to the chest skiding back tearing up earth and he skid back ) now how many attacks can you take form me (he said as his hand glowed golden and black )
elijah-nope (elijah telaported right in forn of him touching his hand and it rotted away to bone )...sorry their my brothers pal so this is going to hurt you....a lot (he said he stopmed his foot and uppercutted his chin making him fly back telaporting above him with a stight kick down and then a arm to him side to make him shift positions finsihing with a double palm to his chest that decayed his sides and blew him back rolling on the ground )...
Amimon-Coff fuck that smart...a child of the Rot god astoroth ? (as elijah appred in fornt of him he smiled as four large pillers of light slamed againt elijah senidnging him into the ground crushing his chest as he glowed white healing his sides )....your not going to be vitcorus here 
Danny-well see about that you twsited fucker ..."Shadow-Reap" (he commanded as a shadow formed a giant grimm-reaper with his scyth in mid swing at amimon danny raceing towrds elijah he tried touching the light and it burned him)
Amimon-silly child ( he riased out his hand and in a flash the shadow vansihed and he rose form te ground ) can darkness defeat light who can extnguish it 
Danny-shit jagger help elijah ill hold him off until you do 
Jagger-Yeah i got you alright "Dog-Driver" (he blew forward destoying the background )...its light so i can't normaly hit it so ...."Diablo-Mark Hells Gate" (he said as a silver fox skeliton attacked his self to his skin inches form teh light)....Get Your Ass Up Eli (he yelled striking the light it wavered and cracked them with a heavy wind broke as jagger contuied running towards Amimon as danny foguht )
Danny-come then you light fucker (he clashed with amimon's "White-Horn" over and over amimon takeing no damage as he cut gashes into danny legs,arms,shoulder and chest )..."Black-X" (shadows twisted themselves around it as he slahed amimon moved back a shadow made itself slicing itno amimons chest)..Hows that feel bastard "Death-Burner" (he caught his swords on black fire spung and slashed at amimon he backfisted with his fist in an orb of light they clashed creating a shockwave sending dannt into the groudn and forcing amimon back )
Amimon-Childish (he send three beams of high pressure light into dannys chest as he screamed cureing the world bleeding form the hole's )
Jagger-..Don't You Fucking Touch My Brothers (he said his eyes sliting red withteh white black as he drew his sword with a silver bone handle clashing with the Horn the force sending amimon flying jagger leaped ahead he a prices ball of light at him exploding jagger hit it and went threw it as he went above amimon)..."Nightmare-Fall" (his leg turned black moveing with Eyes and Teeth with jaws and Maws with a heavy pressure aorund them as he struck amimon gut the gravidsy forced him into the ground liek a rocket the stiker eaten part of his gut away he coffed up)
Elijah-Danny hold on (elijah palced his hands on danny as his holes healed up nearly instatly together )
Danny-fuck he got me ...we need to get rid of that fucking wepon of his 
Elijah- i know iv already tried to rot it away it's not affected by decay in any form 
Danny-alright then what if we all hit it the same time together then 
-they both looked at each other and smiled liek the devils themselves as a pressure hit them hard -
elijah-but first we all need to be at ower stongest that includes jagger alright do lets hit this ficker where it hurts the most (he fist bump and elijah takes off )
jagger-DIE !!! (he bend over amimon striking everywere he can crushing his body amimon looked at him opend his mouth and a piller of light sending him crashing itno the celling )..RAAAAAAHHH "Devower" (he riased out his palm as behind his darknend and formed eys and teeth as form teh side formed a form of a crude head and jaw it opned it and bite the piller as it was devowed reasleing jagger)....two can play wiht fire "Wolf-Drive" (he used gravidy on his legs to make him lighter jumpung form walls of gravisty to the risen amimon back) "cerberus Hell Kick" (he said as amimon started to looked behind him jagger brought down his leg to amimons shoulder the roof blasted out into the battler feild as a heavy gravudy pressure spliting the HQ )
Amimon-.....(he sizzled for a moment before pointed the tip of the "White-Horn"at jagger)..Pain (it lift up and blasted jagger back his body was mangled and bleeding as he yelled in pain he turned arund againt and poited it )"torture" (it flashed again as his bones became to crunch and images for luluna,lucy danny and them being killed flashed in fornt of his eyes ) yeah how does it feel Tell me TELL ME BASTARD !!!
Elijah-(as he raied his palm elijah moved it to the sid haveing a light piller crash threw the wall forming his nignata and implae it into amimons chest and kcik the handle spining his around )..danny !!
Danny-got it (danny rech out and grabed hold with black threads yanking him away he smashed his feet on the wall and blasted light at danny who moved in a black blur moveing his hands cutting amimon open with teh threads and sending black fire along them catching him ablze as he tried to land a hit on him with the Horn)
Elijah-(telaported over to jagger and palced his hands on his in a instant everything snaped itno place he yelled in pai and glared at elijah)...great your still alvie 
Jagger-were is that fucking bstard im going to skin him alive and eat him too (he started to get back up again elijah puth is hand on him)
Elijah-wait jsut a damn moment we have a plan but we need you to go all out alright 
Jagger-Sigh what did you have in mind ?
as they talked blurs of gold and blakc clashed in mid air sparking off each other then showed danny removeing his pendent lettign black aura ooze off him the white of his eyes going black and a gas mask formingo n his face with black claws as the black blur moved everywere againt the gold slashign violently as black threads loped off layers of earth until a white wave swung by the gold hit danny and sent him crashing next to elijahand jagger amimon stood on the seal
Jagger-got it guys sorry for going berzerk back their 
Danny-its cool were use to it anyway by now still it doesn't seem were wearing his down at all with that thing 
Jagger-so then thast what teh plan if for destroy that thing casue fucking shit up is my speciatly (he smiled cracking his kuckles togetehr )
elijah-oh trust me i and teh entier keyshio knows that all too well my brothers either way this ethier ends or start with us here today 
-they all stood to confront amimon for the second round -
Amimon-so then guess i have to say this about you three .....(he smiled wickdly ) wonder they lost to thigns like you i mean its only natural the worse monster alwasy wins thats what happend back then and how this came ot be (he slaped his hand on teh large thing behind him)

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Have him in circles
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Jagger Winberry

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Well monday will be my 21 birthday yay i guess nothging too important right well better part found a good job and possible might get a 1970 corvett stingray from my uncle for 2500 so gonna save up some money for 
my first car i will buy instead of set on fire a welder so im also a fucking pyromanic and psyco eh comes with the job besides we definaly have the most fun out of everyone why be normal when you can
be a crazy freak 
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what else anything we does 
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Jagger Winberry

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the meme +elijah garrett 
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Jagger Winberry

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iv decied to start posting teh drawing i do form now on seeign as i won't be on as offten as i use too might as well show what im goinna be doing in the mean time well ill jsut post this oen for now then yuo may also comment somethin you want me to draw as well myself on teh left and my art on the right 
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no i ont et over it 
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Jagger Winberry

Discussion  - 
Ayakashi Blitz

chapter 35

comming to the end 

-last we left bull rea Wrath was victorous againt Shroud teh Maiden thoguth he was heavly injured and Wren Des Ghost succed againt Levath the Ocean Eater even turning him into one of thsi contacted Ghost to fight for him now all thats left is the two reaming Supernovas Hevath and marath -

Nellthos .VS. Hevath 

Hevath-hemp off course i would end up getting stuck fighting a messly girl tch just my luck (he spits in disrespect to the thought )
Nellthose-Oh so thats how its gonna be Eh fine then keep talking while i remove you limbs one by one then degnerate Fuck (he stoped her heel onto the ground as it made a loud echo then shattred up in a bed of thorns as sharp as blades Hevath quickly moved away dodgeing them one by one as they cinrcled him and spouted at him grazing his sribs,shoulder and face as he raced into the sky with wings of fire)
Hevath-Tch mabye you not so messly but your still a girl (he said running his figner over his wound to his face)
Nellthos-well thank you i know i look young but stop compelmenting me i have to kill you eheheh im Nellthos Tsuma head of the Prison and concil woman 
Hevath-then ill make the next more then (he said raseing his hand towards her like a gun)...Boom (he shot it as metor sized fire balls launched towards her form every angle he skided her foot and uppercutted in mid-air as a large wall rose forward in layers clashing with the fire and taking heavy fire )..seem this one has experice on her ?
nellthose-(he ran up and kciked the wall as the middle of it launched the center at him at full speed under the cover of hte fire it slamed right againt Hevath who spoted it with his hands )..."Thorn" (she said as the circle spiked out like a thorn bush imapling itno his hands nad arms he yelled and threw it down )haha not to bad right (she held a small spiral of dust then threw it at him it enlarge to tornado size hitting hevath and slamingh im down on the ground).."Rock" (it solidfied to solid rock )...hemeheh
Hevath-(the solid rock glowed orange and two blades of fire busted out and cut all along the solid tornado toward nellthos she doged and with her cat liek relfexes moved cut the fire still grazed lower back as she moved back bleeding hevath erupted out )...well thats was a suprise to me 
nellthos-well it was suppost to kill you but you are a supernova so i guess its a bit too little right now (she said smiling with the pink line over teh bridge on her nose )
hevath-yes it seems thats goes for me as well then (he reached into his wings coating his hands in fire )..ill do this then (he smaled his hand into the gorund heating up the earth nellthose winced in pain and send a large piller up to aviod the heat as everythign touching it melted itno it and turned to glass )...if its earth you control ill just elimnate the earth for you to control 
nellthos-ah i see what you did their but (he stoped her heel onto the earth piller she was standinhg on spliting it in too reveling a long metal blade and handle spinging grabing it and slashign down he blocked with his wing but it went threw heating up the blade nad going threw the glass like butter she smiled with cat like reflexs cut twcie more on his back and slamed him in the sides of the blade sending him rolling )....didn't know i coould do that right (she said resting the sword on her shoulder)
hevath-(stoped himself as his back was bleeding coating both arms in flames and lunging himself forward she swung at him he blocked with his arms on fire lthey sparked of each other he swiped at her cutting into her cut tearing her clothes with it the blood droped in the gorund )...your not immortal nor invincable yuo act as if this is but a simple fight for you i would not ..."Magma" (he dug both wings into the gorund as the glass gorund molded she jumped as magma sprewed up for severval some lianding on her shoulder he manged to get back safly )
Nellthos-damn (she wincked ripping the melted rock of her shoulder )...he is better than i thoguht but...i don't control jsut the earth i control all its menirals as well 
Hevath-all earths minerals whast that suppost to mean when i can control this endless streams of mangam 
nellthos-how good is that when you don't control the flow of it form the glass (she said moveing her hands and the holes opening way for the magam sprewed on him form five directiosn them closed off )...Ha now "Cage" (teh glass shot up like chains locking on him and wrpaed around him frm all over ) ill bury you "Earth-Flower" (she said snaping her hand and a giant flower of glass formed around him and wiht harp thorns on hte inside clsoed in on him and crushed itself inward)...pretty aint it Hevath Phew that was a close one 
Hevath-(a few minutes later giant fings of red hot flames pirced out of the flower and moved its way up cutting Hevath out arms nad legs coated in a red hot flames his eyes extering flames as on its heads were Stright horns liek a torch) forced me to revel my Devils -forms i consum flames and fire to make myself stonger than magma jsut super charged me 
Nellthose-well craps (she winced and her shoulder and gut)..i need to get those fixed before this carries on too long so Catsith-Lion (she said as blong ears poked form her head and a two long yellow fir tails as her finger nails turned to claws )...i nomaly don't show this side of me to jsut anyone feel lucky honey 
Hevath-then bring on all youve got (he opend his hand towards her a tornado of flames swirled at her with a metor ball infornt of it heading stright at her in a moment she vansihed as it hit rasing up the earth and she was as his side )
Nellthos-hello Honey (he snired and lashed open his ribs sprewing out blood and kicking him down on the face sending him into a freefall she leaping on the rocked below)..."Spanda"(she reared back her fist and lunged out as a huge glass blade stuck out at him he saw this and flaped his wings nad it cut across his chest blood painted the gorund )....oooh damn it 
Hevarth-huff huff too close THATS IT YOU FELINE MOTHER FUCKING BITCH (he grasped holed of both wings that surged hot with fire making large swords)...I WILL REMOVE YOU AND ALL YOU HOLD DEAR but have no fear ill keep your closet as my persnal slaves in the next world order Ahahahahah (he lauhged uncontrlably as nellthos roared with rage )
Nellthos-WHY DON'T YOU JSUT FUCKING TRY IT WITH ME HERE THEN !!! (she claped her hands together "Flower-Bed" (thousands of large flower formed and opend up form the earth and they shot 12 foot long spines out at him form every direction he moved jsut as quick cutting them without toruble he laugh as he did several got stuck in his legs in thats instandt she aimed all of his wings nad back ) mine now fire-bastard 
Hevath-Geh YOU BITCH !! (she lashed out with his winged-swords as it send out red hot waves of fire incenrating the land and peple nellthos avioded it easily and lauched herself forward with as piller jumping form one and another as she lashed open his side with a front kcik they back with her claws his faced down a knee ot his gut he rasied quick draging his sword on her left arm cutting it deep she screaed then stuck him in the chind aimed him down and unleashed he crashed on the gorund harnd as he camed two earth attacked him with the flower bed laching onto his right arm and leg and they crusehd it he could not get loose)
Nellthos-once they lach on its almost near immpoible to get them to let go trust me palm (as he truend she shoved a small earth flowe into his open wounds )
hevath-what did you jsut ?
nellthos-goodbye "Bloom" (as she commanded large earth flowers expanded out his chest sprewing blood out painting the gorund she licked her fingers covred in the blood)...too bad i like spicy food too oh well yuo were a bad man (she turned and walked away )

Saku .VS. Marath the Scale

saku-alirght as long as we understand whats going on we can start (he cracked his neck with his eyes closed )
Marth-yeah (she smiled)..i wouldent look away (she lunched forward and stuck out Saku turned his neck and dodged putting his scyth at her feet stoping her from moveing )...What !!
Saku-you take traps too easily martah (he opened his eyes looking dead into her's as his eyes changed shape now a symbole appread in them she felt a wave of naussiua run over she qucikly dismiseed it thought and pushed him away) ready to get serious now 
Marath-off course more of a question is if you are (She smiled lungin her self forward at him clashing with his scyth sending him backwards skiding they hit the mid air as scales launched out at him he dodged and deflected them as two nicked him face and shoulder drawing blood)...i drew first blood now what-
Saku-(as she said that he was behind her thre large cuts between the armor sclaes on her blade sprewed blood she saw the one she hit vanish and laped and grabing her by the head and tossing her to the ground) a master illusinist i fought in the last great devil war and im fighting in this one as well you think those littly attacks are really gonna hurt me thats much 
marath-(she grip her teeth as he raised his scyth her sacles grew long on her back implaing inot his shoulders nad chest ans he backed up )....i got more tricks that you think "Mansa" (three scales swirled in her hands nad grew as she threw them like a buzz saw cutting the gorund saku planted his scyth and jumped over it )...Eh ? (he kickd her dead in her face bring blood to her nose )..AAAHHHH 
Saku-come on now this is not the fight i expected form a supernova 
Marath-fine then (he lunched forward he cut it open with his scyth and it vanished an after image he came to his back stricking upwards as scale going threw his skin and lifting him upwards she leaped and draped kicked him down on hte gut imapling threw him he broke his fall with his hand sweeping her legs and stiking wiht his scyth in her leg keeping her still) then "Static-Charge" (he placed his open palm on her gut ans send an staic-pulse threw her makeing her twitch and kicked her to the side) im advanceing to this bout (he moved forward he blocked his first sticked he rolled the blade off and cut open her shoudler rolling ot her back lashing open the back of her legs nad her back upwards running his hands threw the oppening grabing hold of ribs brakeing them off nad ripping them out )....intresting you bone stuckture is much harder and lighter than most it has more mass to it as well 
marath-what the fuck did yuo just remove my ribs form my body ?...Are you INSANE !!!
-everyone says yes ...yes he is -
Saku-so im a litty insane give me a break but going to give yuo a proper examinationg under my doctor's-table "Realm" (a purpel orb surrounded her and him and a larger portion or the main-forces)
Marath-wait...Realm ? and doctors table....herm were have i ...AGH right Levath said somethign about you called you...Psych Ward-Saku 
Saku-correct my nickname if you will i like to examine a good opponet with certain compoents about them 
Marath-..hem-..."Razor-Stright" (she threw out a puch a scale grew nad extend at increadiable speeds imapling saku into the air she smiled )...GOT YOU NOW !!! (as he said that an artifacal devil is switch instead and saku is off to the side perfectly fine nad running towards her )...What ah whatever (she planted her foot and ran forward stiking his were his gut meets his chest feeling his organs crush and send him flying too fast towards teh wall as she watched a harvaster hits nas paints the wall in its blood )...What the i know hit him ?
Saku-true you did (he said lashing an X on her back as he rose blood and runs the Stactic-charge threw it sending her flying forward)...but illusion master so real i cna change who takes the damage for ally or enemie really usefull (he siad she forced her fist into the gorund and a scale rises form the gorund into saku's side and out the other end)...Fuck (he cut it off and removed it bleeding form his side)
arthur-he can only do that if he can predict or see it comeing else he will take the damage 
marath-if thats teh case "Scale-Dance" (she slamed her fist into the gorunfd nad it cracked as a forest of sclaes rose form the gorund saku moved aviodeing them grazing his body all over )...Ahahah now what coff (he tarted to choke  on nothing at all )
saku-alright then lets see who can do this longer me dodgeign these scales or you without oxogen (he sid holding out his hands still dodgeing moveing closer towards her )
marath-Gah bastard that low (he planted her other fist makeing more comeo ut hte inetal attack cut him open form the leg nad body as he sucked hte oxogen out even more as they closed in she stoped the scales forest nad saku still held back the oxogen until he lifted his scyth wth both hands letting her breath ) GASP !!!
saku-too late for that breath "Pantom-Killer" (he lifted his scyth in a purpel aura blade and he swung at marath who closed her body off in a block coating it in layers of scales it cut stright threw them and into her body as the blade vasnihed )....Shit .."Psych-ward" (he commanded as Marath was palced straped into a medical chair with saku holding his scyth ) then lets the examination begin haeh
Arthur-oh dear god i can't belive he's doing that here and now (she blocked the vison of his eyes )
Marath-GEh (she screamed and then walls of layer of scales covred her that saku cut like papaer ) no no no no "True Devil Form" (as he said sclaes rose form teh gound and bent going after saku he doged cutting htem apart as he saw marath arms and legs in thick scales wiht a long scalt tail and long horns on her head now )
Saku-oh great just perfect (he lunged forwrd nad attack they clashed nad sparked off one anotehr she samiled dragin her foot kciking his cut as a scale implaed threw it he grabed his as his scyth goes threw her chest and send a static chage threw it he then stickes her wound on her chest with his bare fist sending her flying back jumping fomr the gorund up slicing open her back she retaliate stike the air sending homeing scales at him he defelcting most hiting the crowed exploding two hit him though skiding his back with sever burns)
Marath-well you are a good opponet Saku (she said attacking relentlssly he blocked most of it but she manged to stike his lef shoulder breaking it and pushing him back he then attacked with his right cuttign open the side of her neck and leg )..."Rising-Scale" (he jumped wiht a uppercut saku aviod a massive scale carved into his body speweing blood her tail wraped around his leg slaming his on the gorund then up again he wrapedh is body arond it and severed it clsoe to the base )..."Sclae-Razor" (large slcale teh side of buster sword form on her arm as tey clashed over and over excanging attacks painting hte gorund with each other blood saku manges to send most damage to other enemies in the corwed until marath clocks him in the had sending him rolling )
saku-huff huff damn (he saw her commeing at him ).."Aura-Scyth" (he said sling his scyth around mid air severing the crowed in half as it hit her pelling of layer of scales at a time drawing blood she ducks avioding him takeing her head nad hits his knee feeling it breaks he in relatation digs the tip of his scyth into her legs and dragds in all teh way to her back they push of each other )...damn this one is almost out of time for doing this long of a duration 
marath-Im Going To End This Saku Boy "Kane-Scaler" (all her sclae shook and condensed into her right hand like holding down a bow as she amied carfully)..normal this is a finisher i use in close combat but with you thats peobly a bad idea so this will have to do (she smiled covred in laserations and blood and brusies)
Saku-...(he held his scyth in his working right hand and his crushed knee cap in his leg leg makeing his wobble)..damn she did a number on his body so hope htis doesn't kill her "anti-God Killer" (his scyth and entire body glows purpel as the scyth peel )...and "Redirect" (he switches spots with a ally moveing 20 feet ahead )
marath-Agh (suprised she realsed her hand surgin fortah a scale the twice the size of an ocean liner carving threw teh ground layer with sclaes one over the other )..damn but at his range it will do its damage a lot more 
Saku-....hemp (he clsoed his eyes then opend them holding a 40 floot dark purpel blade that was curved toward teh oppent on teh end he swung it carving threw the gorund like its wasen't even their and threw the scale cutting her form ehr hip to her shoudler her then cutting a gash on her waist she droped ot her knees ) lose Marath the scale 
Marath-...sigh well jsut fuck alright then ill work for you guys then 
Saku-....thats was a bit too easy i thoguht yuo would be a bit more loyal to them ?
marath-...well i only joined casue i was promised something exciting to dull my boredom this is jsut a good for me beside amimon is an asshole if you ask me 
Arthur-great i thought saku was gonna lose their for a minute 
Saku-nah i won on that first contact Arthur (he smiled as the area turned to mist and disolved even saku himself reveling destoyed artifcal devil everywere as saku sat on a mound of dead mongrels completly unharmed)
marath-wait were...WHAT THE FUCK ?
Saku-confused i traped you in my illuison space when i looked into you eye's on that first clash after than i jsut had my illsuion copy so real fight againt you it still took my power to produce it thought and it still injured you 
Arthur-wait so yuo traped everyone in that space wither her while we were traped you planed everythign ...damn it saku !!!
Marath-you mean i lost to your copy so you weren't even fighting me for real DAMN IT...(she glared at him angrly but returned to normal and sighed)
Saku-great and we got work the other supernova's levath,shroud and hevath have been killed off so now all thast left is the captial HQ ..Send out the order were invading 
Danny-well you heard that elijah lets get a more on 
Elijah-yeah lets go now it should be under the earth i hear something beating underneath it 
kotoboa-looks like this war is commeing to its conculion now master
jagger-seems like that ....feels like it under the earth so looks like were heading undergorund kotoboa so if thast the case "Dog-Driver" (he plowed the earth down makeing a short cut and jumped into it )
kotoboa-wait for me master (she jumped down and floated along side jagger)
as the order was recived by everyone they attacked reletlsy to eliminate the rest of the artfical devil army as main forces uninjured like luluna,mia,hashia,akiko and them as well as kuma and neo was surge forward insdie to stop him form going threw with his plan
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Have him in circles
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