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Videos [AMVs, etc]  - 
this is an Anime Amv i made on my youtube channel a few hours ago tell me what you all think
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not sure i got it out of my music library something i got form youtube 2 years back i think
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An RP community for the manga and now anime of Boku No Hero Academia. Humans developed a mutation, gaining powers called quirks that they use to fight for either the good or evil. Read the manga to understand more, it's good.

LORE- In a time were more than 80% of the worlds population manifested superpowers called "QUIRKS." Everyone gains quirks at Age 4, to be quirkless is very rare. Now Heroes and Villains would battle it out everywhere being a hero would mean learning to use your power. But where would you study?! the "HERO ACADEMY" of course!
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Random Rp  - 
Arriving along with a merchant carts lead from the Kou emprie they arrive in this large port side city as they arrive Yu jumps out of the cart he was in that carried him all that way thier he waved good bye to them and began on his way he was dressed in a white and black fure coat since it was getting to be quite cold and breezy thier

Mercant: Oh than you Prince but what are you doing we won't be staying here but a few hours ?!

Yu: yes but this is were we part ways im going to collect any more locations of dungeon on this side of the world and if not countie my way towards magnostaut then

he said as he turned around and began to head into the cernter of the city his 3 Metal Vessals equiped to him his two metal brackelts and his sword staped at his back he moved with a smile as he placed the large hood around his head

( Open Rp )
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Open community in need of more Role Players to actually make Profiles thier are 3 Magi's left to fill the places off as well as plently of Djinns left to aquire as well

A new Era, A New Magi ,A NEw King to rule the world Djinn pick your candidates to become the true King or Queen of this era for the new time has come come forth you fanlias,magicans,humans and magi come and conqor the labirith
Magi the labirith Rp
Conqore the world make it your own
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A new Era, A New Magi ,A NEw King to rule the world Djinn pick your candidates to become the true King or Queen of this era for the new time has come come forth you fanlias,magicans,humans and magi come and conqor the labirith
Magi the labirith Rp
Conqore the world make it your own
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Oc Profiles  - 
[[ Update ]]

Name:Kouyu Yuvain Ren


Speices: Fanalis,

Hair: He has shoulder length Red hair that grown longer when he uses his djinn equip

eyes: his eyes are also red but change color during his djinn equips

wepons: large double edge claymore he keeps on his back its name is Shomi-Sui Kuroi Volent back storm

personality: he comes off as laid back but also very serious most of the time he is a fun guy to be around when no in battle but he is a fanalis meaning he has a mean streak like abarbarian in battle not really knowing when too much is too much althought he is also a great stratigist and good at avoding situation all toehtehr that might get messy but still loves a good show down has a kind expression and likes to make other people happy, even people who he doesn't know, but looks up to him. However his attitude can change when danger can come to pass,

royal Standing: First Prince of Kou/Kings cannidate

Job- Dungeon Captuer

Djinn's :

1st- Baal He is a lightning Djinn and the Djinn of Wrath and Heroes.Yvain is baals Dungeon Capturer. As a Djinn, he can alter his size and rule his Dungeon. After he conquered, his Lightning Magic are being used by Yuvain. Baal's Metal Vessel is the sword that Yuvain has on his back.thier are no Members of Baal's Household yet

2nd:Barbatos He is a strength Djinn and the Djinn of Hunting and Nobility. Barbatos was found in the 8th Dungeon.HIs strength magic meffestes itself as shockwaves in a dark aura that can he shot at clsoe range or long range allowing for rapid attacks with power to puverize nearly anything it hits

Valefore: Valefor is a water Djinn which specializes in Ice Magic and the Djinn of Falsehood and Prestige. Valefor was in the 6th Dungeon, Valefor.Valefor has the ability to control the 2nd type of Magic subtype, Ice Magic.can manipulate ice and subzero temperatures. He can freeze everything around him, people included, in a matter of seconds. This ability only affects those who kouyu sees as enemies.

Metal vessal:

Baal - (( A silver and gold bracklet he wears on his right wrist it has a blue sapphire in the center of it wiht the magic circile))

Barbatos - (( a long sword he has over his back with Silver T shaped handle and guard and thick long doubled edged blade the magic circle is in the base of the sword)0

Valefore - (( a gold and silver braclet on his left wrist with a red gym in the center of it were valefores magic ciricle is))


Enhanced Physical Strength

As a Fanalis, Masrur was born with exceptional physical capabilities.
Enhanced Speed alowing him to shatter a magicain borg with a single swift kick and run threw entire large objects with hardly any force

As a Fanalis, Yuvain was born with exceptional speed.
Enhanced Sense Yuvain, as a Fanalis, has shown superior hearing and smelling as well as useing ecolocation

martial arts:He has shown himself to be a master of martial arts performing swift accurate attacks. This when combined with his strength and speed makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Magoi manipulation: during his time whenhe was a slave in leam he was taguth how to control and manipulate magoi to fight Magoi Manipulation (魔力(マゴイ)操作, Magoi Sōsa) is the ability to manipulate the energy created from Rukh, Magoi, within one's body. Magicians also have this ability, but unlike non-magicians, they were basically born with this talent; they didn't have to learn it making them unfit to teach it. The Yambala Gladiators are a group of people who specialize in this ability and its various methods. There are various ways to do it, such as:

One such way is the ability to use the Magoi within one's body to counteract an opponent's Magoi, thus negating their ability using the hands.

Another way is the ability to entrust one's Ki (Magoi) into a weapon (whether it be a sword, spear, shield, etc.,), thus making it strong enough to pierce something even normal physical attacks can't damage. witch he used in leam most of the time on his sword to cut threw the thick hide of large beasts

It can also be used as a form of medical diagnostic test as it allows the user to look inside someone by touching their veins and feeling the flow inside their body.

Baal -

Djinn wepon equip : useing Baal he trasforms his sword into that of a large handle and giard and a solid blade made of lighting that is as asolid as steel but capable of stiking at powerfull and far distance

Full Djinn Equip: In this equip, kouyu takes on the appearance of a dragon and gets two horns and a jewel on his forehead and an elaborate necklace along with blue scale-like armor over parts of his body and a long tail. He is able to attack with Lightning Magic in this form.

Bararaq (Lightning): kouyu summons huge amounts of electricity from the sky.

Bararaq Saiqa (Lightning Sword): When Sinbad uses this Metal Vessel, he draws lightning down from the sky. Once the lightning has been summoned and stored in the sword, it releases an enormous lightning blast able to fill the sky with light.

Bararaq Inqerad-Saiqa (Lightning Sword of Extinction): When this Extreme Magic is used, an enormous lightning blast able to fill the sky with light is released.

Djinn Barbatos :Spirit of Hunting and Nobility. I command thee...Be clad in my body. Dwell in my body. Change my body into a great Djinn, Barbatos!!!

Full Djinn Equipd :appearance is that of a lion. His hair becomes a long silver mane with two metal hair clips holding two bangs at the front, he has pointed feline ears, and feline-like feet covered in armor over the lower half of his body with wings at his ankles. He also gets a pair of wristbands connected to a pair of armbands by chains.
In this form, similar to a cheetah before running, his feline legs acts like a spring to increase his speed and power making him capable of crossing massive distances in an instant. They compare this to his body becoming a sword capable of breaking through anything.

Barbatos Javlin : He compresses Barbatos' Strength magic around his Weapon changing it into a javelin. This javelin is capable of easily breaking through rocks and barriers in an instant with only a thrust. so a single stike is all it takes to kill

Medium Magic: Cleave Lonieus is the secon stage of baratos magic comrpessing strenght magic arounf his javlin forming the dark aura he charges forward sending a pirceing stike capabe of drilling threw anything in a stright line of the trust

Extream Magic : Bard Longineus is the Extreme Magic of Djinn, Barbatos. It takes the form of a huge sword made of blue light which pierces through the earth. It seems to be capable of destroying faraway objects. all it takes is one slash to cut threw anything the light touches its made of conpressed strength magic thought after the extream magic like most his supply will he comeplty excaused

Valefor -

Full Djinn euip : Kouyu In this equip, Sinbad takes the form of a nine-tails fox. He can manipulate Ice magic with his hands. allowing him to turn the water molectules and anything liquird into ice in seconds of those he sees as a treat

Garufor Zairu (Ice Beast Howl )
kouyu throws multiples ice picks toward the opponent. It is said that despite its appearance, it is quite a powerful technique. this attack damage can easily cuase entire seas to freeze in an instant as all it takes in a single nick for the blood of someone to freeze and to lose a limbs movement

Stagnation: The ability to stop molecules and restrict a substances movement. This includes the ability to generate ice, which is done by stopping the movement of water molecules in the air and then manipulating them from a liquid or gas state state to form a solid. Using it on a person will separate their senses from their surroundings and slow down their movement. Because even the opponent's thoughts are slowed down they may not even realize the change.

Extream Magic :Garufor Kirestal (Ice Beast Crystal Formation): Kouyu freezes the target in stalactite of ice which knocks out the target . two large magic ciricles form at the palm of his hands as a large magic cirle forms in front of him and in an instant anything mad eof anykind of liquird is automaitic froozen solid the smallest form with knock out an opponet or even turn an entire kingdom uncousois however it can also freeze an entier country solid in an instant

Rukh: ( White or black) white and a good amount to double eqipd djinns one after the other but only perform one extream magic art

Magic :

Baal : Lighting Baal is capable of both controling lighting and creating it allow him to coat his body with it to gain electic blade capable of cutting threw any material to increasing his speed and reaction time as well as giveing a burst of lighting with every hit he can also create thunder/lighting stikes from his sword at will

Barbatos : Strength/Shockwaves sword that yuu carries with him. It is able to produce shock waves using Strength Magic that are able to fly to far distances. These shock waves can come in the form of whatever attack is used for eg. if a punch is used, the shock waves would look like a bullet but if a sword was used it would like like a slash of compressed air sailing towards the target. Each shock wave is easily capable of breaking a Borg and severely damaging the Magician.

Valefor : Water magic and sub strength magic this allows his to use the water molecules in teh air to stop someones movement with physical contact a punch or a kick withh effect him it can be seen as a pules of water will flow threw the opponets or victems blood as he feel it stop and freez by taping or stikeing the hed it will knock them out cold he can also turn water to ice instant and form wepons out of it in his hand useing it to his advantage in any situations

Bio: Yuvain was born of the previosu emporor and a fanalis slave when this happend their were off no children of kou makeing him the first prince however she was sold off and he was born into slavery as well although didn't play too well as he fought back againt the slave traders eventually he found himself sent into the leam colisum were he was force to fight for his life for 12 years until he was 18 then he was sent off into a country along with a bunch of others serpeated from him mother thier however they arrived during a rebellion of that counties between its people and the goverment he took this chance breaking his chains and breaking out of the carrage althought he was being hunted the only salvation he could escape too was the dungeon so he did just tat entering into it luckly for him being a fnalis he had superior strenght,speed and sense to naviate and survive inside but still took him 3 days to conqor the dungeon and make it to Baal were a lamp covered inlighting was their he meet Baal and he became his metal vessal in the from of a silver braclet on his left arm he also aquired all the trasue fround in that room on his return he was shocked to find the city calm with the Kou army when he got out he was told of his royal hertiage a new emporor has been crowned and his past children were reveled him being the first prince now useing the titel of Kou he seeks to resuce evey fanalis and outcast and to try his ahrdest to create a country were thier is no fear of famain or slavery were one not need worry of their freedom taken away were one can live and die happy he seeks to untie all nation like this thought he is alwasy seeking stonger trsuting allies and more power to make the world as he see's it
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just made this like an hour ago i have more vedios and amv's on my youtube channel if you want to check it out like and commnet also check out "The god of highschool" Manga its great
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It's only a small animation not anime I wish the he'll it was though 
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Yussei acadamy (Hero School)  - 
Arc - First taste of True Evil !!

the day began as a major test to with they had to go out of their way to go to site Alpha Gym pratice area they took the busses down takeing all teh students it was still on school ground but far enought away so powerfull quirks wouldent effect the main capmus once their cemetoss and eraser head apperared

Eraser Head: this is the major test to see just how far you can do with your quirks Cementoss has set up this area so everyone cna go all out its big enought to hold even mount,Lady he went on to explian the purpos of this exerocie was to find the strength and weakness of each quirks as well as their limits and device traning courses to work past them in the near furture the exceitce was much like the first day except the dummies ranged from a variitey of sizes

( Open to All Studnets this is an Arc what will happen in it i will not say and All Might will not be present during this reason being to be reveled in a furutre arc))
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Jire looked back at the man, his eyes widening upon seeing what he had done.

What the hell? Who is this guy? And how did he do that? I could have sworn Mr. Aizawa looked at him.

He thought as he stared at the man.

Well regardless, I can't give up yet.

He thought as he slowly began to stand up, holding his sword in front of him toward the enemy.
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Profiles  - 
Name: All For One

Age: ?

Gender: Male

Quirk: All For One - All For One's Quirk allows him to steal people's Quirks and renders them his own. He can even combine his stolen Quirks to create novel attacks with devastating effects. This Quirk can also grant stolen Quirks to other people. Sensei has stolen a variety of Quirks with his ability, including:

Search (サーチ Sāchi?): All For One stole this Quirk from Ragdoll. With this Quirk, he can observe and monitor up to 100 people at a time, including their location and weak points.

Transmission (転送 Tensō?): All For One can produce a black liquid that acts as a portal, similar in nature to Kurogiri's Warp Gate. It appears All For One can use this Quirk on a large scale as he produces multiple black liquid portals that transport dozens of Noumus to the League of Villains' hideout. This Quirk, however, has many limitations: it is not a coordinate-based warping and can only warp things to and from his location, and it only works if it is used on someone with whom he has a close relationship.

Air Propulsion (空気を押し出す Kūki o Oshidasu?): All For One releases an air shockwave from his arms. This Quirk is further strengthened by its combined usage with Musculoskeletal Coiling and several other power-up Quirks.

Forcible Quirk Activation (個性強制発動 Kosei Kyōsei Hatsudō?): All For One processes a Quirk that allows him to forcefully activate someone's Quirk against their will, whether they are conscious or not. This Quirk creates vein-like appendages that attach to a target and activate their Quirk. These appendages can also be used for offensive purposes. All For One used this Quirk to forcefully activate the unconscious Kurogiri's Warp Gate and make him create a portal.

Impact Recoil (衝撃反転 Shōgeki Hanten?): This Quirk seemingly enables All For One to completely reflect the impact of an attack back to the attacker.

Infrared Ray (赤外線 Sekigaisen?): This Quirk allows All For One to sense his surroundings using infrared rays. He uses this Quirk to compensate for his blindness. However the amount that he is able to sense is very limited.[14]

Air Walk (エアウォーク Eawōku?):[15] All For One is capable of levitating in mid air.

Longevity: All For One possesses unnatural longevity through the usage of an as-of-yet unknown Quirk, being older than any other human. (Unnamed)

Musculoskeletal Coiling (筋骨発条化 Kinkotsu Hatsujō-ka?): This Quirk seemingly enhances physical prowess and can also be used to power up other Quirks like Air Propulsion.

Four unnamed Instantaneous Impact Quirks.

Three Physical Strength Amplification Quirks.

Six healing Regnration quirks

Multiplication: the quirk ablity to multiply the force'power'strength'speed and desuctive of any other attacks though too much strain and it effect rhetoric body

Proliferation (増殖 Zōshoku?):[15] This Quirk seemingly multiplies the number of All For One's arms.

Hypertrophy (肥大化 Hidaika?):[15] This Quirk seemingly enlarges All For One's Arm.

Rivet (鋲 Byō?):[15] This Quirk possibly generates rivet like growths on All For One's arm.

Bonespear (槍骨 Sōkotsu?):[15] This Quirk probably generates drill-like bone structures on All For One's arm.

Skeleton augmentation : this Quirk grants him to control manipulate and grow his bones and increase their density as well multiplying them

Absorb and Release (吸収・放出 Kyūshū Hōshutsu?): This Quirk allowed an unnamed Artificial Human to absorb and release attacks.

Tongue Web: This Quirk allowed an unnamed Artificial Human to shapeshift his tongue into massive, branched web-like form.

Muscle Enlargement: This Quirk allowed an unnamed Artificial Human to momentarily enlarge his muscle structure, removing his injuries.

Pterodactyl: This Quirk gave an unnamed Artificial Human pterosaur-like wings and strong claws.

Tool Arms: This Quirk allowed an unnamed Artificial Human to generate numerous limbs fused with functioning metallic tools and weapons.

Shock Absorption (ショック吸収 Shokku Kyūshū): Quirk grants him the ability to absorb the shock of any attack, but Noumu has a limit to how much he can absorb.

Super Regeneration (超再生 Chōsaisei): this Quirk grants him the ability to regenerate anything, from injuries to limbs.

Mind Blank : a quirk that makes someones mind go comeplty bland putting them in a sudecued coma like state for an length of time until it is lifted can be by sufficate trauma

Hyponic Control: a quirk that uses sounds waves in a hypnoic fasion to control someones movemtns and actions without thier knowing most of the time when sleeping of not consious

Mind possesion : a quirk were the users controls anothers will by overlaping thier own thier eyes turns compeltle black and they can even talk threw them and use the quirks they posses but they must not be awake to fight it

Combustion : a fire type quirk with useing one own body heat to create large amount of flames from the pours of their skin capable of burning up to several thousands degees in minutes and can melt an eniter building down in 2 to 3 minutes

Muscle Augmentation (筋肉増強 Kin'niku Zōkyō?): Muscular's Quirk allows him to augment the muscle fibers that are beneath the skin, increasing the power,strength and speed of his movements.[18] He has also been shown to use his quirk for defense; by covering his whole body in augmented muscle fiber his reinforced strikes were able to cause destruction on a similar scale to Izuku's 100% Detroit Smash.

Atomic backlash: a quirk that is able to constatly abosrb damage inflicted to him minimizing it then able to realse it all back with all of it piled on each other in one big Atomic bomb like blasts or beam shot from he fist or hands

Ghost Trasfer: the quirk ablity to turn intagable beecoming immune to any kind of physical or forcefull contact makeing the ones around him phase threw him thought being comepltly visable he can trasfer this power to himself or anyone he is touching at the time however things suck as wepons,non-organic profperites or fire or lighitng with still touch him

BloodCloting : the quirk ablity to can paralyze,control and manipulte the shape and hardness of his blood and immobilize an opponent by ingesting samples or of their blood or touching his blood with thiers The amount of time a victim is paralyzed for varies depending on blood type. Blood type B being the longest amount of time and then decreasing from AB, A and O being the shortest amount of time. Regardless, the maximum amount of time anyone can be paralyzed for is 8 minutes.

Frostsbite : a quirk capable of covering anything he touches with his hands comeplty in ice in an instant casughing sever frost bite but the entire hand must touch it befer the quirk activates

Steel Agumentiation : gives him the ablity to turn his skin and flesh directly into hardened steel this ablity not only severs to protect him defsively but can also be used as one of the stongest attacks as the steel like body has sharpedn edges the quick is strong enought to protect form several tons of falling metal and large scale physical attack as well as powerfull elemntal types thought its weak againt attacks that vibrate or produce shockwaves

Earth Flow : the Quirk allows him to manipulate earth and create sentient beings made out of earth, which he calls Earth Demons. as well as useing it to create large onsticals and refinfoecing his own attacks

Quirk Rolute : this ablity is quite strange even amoung quirks were the quirk ablity to comeplty random and even All For One has no contorl over the quirk is unleashed weather it is as simple as super strenght or as complex as creation or anywere in between though he has found that he can gift the qirk roulete to other without looseing it


Overall ablities :

Overall Abilities: All For One is extremely powerful, as he battled Toshinori Yagi when he was in his prime and gave him a grievous wound (which would limit Toshinori's usage of One For All). All For One was able to easily defeat Best Jeanist, the number four Pro Hero.

Genius Intellect: All For One possesses a genius level of intellect, possibly due to his advanced age and life experience. He is the true mastermind behind the League of Villains and has been pulling the strings the whole time. He also seems to possess a vast knowledge of the Quirks he's stolen, as shown when he knew about the advantages and disadvantages of his Transmission Quirk. Using this extensive knowledge of Quirks and his All For One Quirk, he can combine several Quirks to create devastating and catastrophic techniques.

Immense Strength: All For One is extremely strong, being able to easily fend off All Might with his bare hands.

Immense Speed: All For One has incredible speed, as shown when he completely destroyed the League of Villains' warehouse, defeated all the Pro Heroes there, and dealt significant damage to the surrounding area in a split second.

Immense Durability: All For One possesses an extreme amount of durability and resilience, being able to survive All Might's United States of Smash.

Enhanced Senses: Due to All For One being blind, his hearing improved a lot and he is able to perceive his surroundings by sound. He can also sense vibrations in the air.[14]

Personality: All For One has a sinister, twisted, and methodical personality, able to coordinate multiple plans simultaneously. According to All Might, All For One is manipulative and exploits people; All For One also appears to be a misanthropist, as All Might noted that he laughs and scorns humanity for their continued hardships.
Perhaps due to his confidence, he has a calm and condescending demeanor, confident even when thwarted. For example, when Best Jeanist saved several heroes from All For One's murder attempt, All For One responded with a slow clap, facetious praise, and a debilitating gut stab.[1]

All For One uses forceful actions rather than emotional words. When the Police Force and associated pro heroes targeted Tomura and the League of Villains hideouts, he started by destroying a huge swath of city; only afterward did he calmly request that they not get in the way of Tomura's development.

He came off as quite impatient, as he wanted to get rid of the Pro Heroes and Police Force attacking the League of Villains as soon as possible. However, it's possible that his body has a limit and he only wanted to do what he had to before the limit was reached.

Appearance: All For One's face seems to be made entirely of scar tissue, extending from above his upper lip and covering his entire head and the back of his neck. As such, he has no visible nose, ears, hair, or eyes, though the outlines of eye sockets can rarely be seen. He has various tubes sticking out of his neck and jaw, presumably to help with breathing.
In flashbacks, he appears to be an ordinary looking man with short hair. However, his face is not shown clearly.

He has worn a suit in all of his appearances to date.

When All For One leaves his secret hideout, he wears a black, skull-like mask with angular pipes at the top, a collar-like life support system around his neck, and his suit.

Bio:The introduction of Quirks to the world led to a period of societal collapse and an age of upheaval. During this time, a man (who would become Sensei) with an overwhelmingly powerful Quirk called All For One, arose in Japan and decided to take advantage of the chaos. He stole many Quirks, attaining immense power and influence. Using his incredible might, the man gathered and unified dozens of people under his command. He then manipulated the people he gathered like pawns to further his plans and eventually became Japan's ruler. It's suggested that he ruled from the shadows, as most of his actions in the present day are only known as rumors on the internet.
All For One's younger brother opposed his evil. For unclear reasons, All For One used his Quirk to forcibly give his little brother a Quirk that could stockpile power. What no one knew at the time is that All For One's younger brother already had a Quirk with only the ability to pass itself on to others. The two Quirks mutated, blending together, and would later become known as One For All.

All For One's younger brother was not strong enough to defeat him with his new Quirk, so he passed it on to the next generation in the hopes that one day One For All would be strong enough to defeat his older brother. It is suggested that All For One would fight these successors.

Seven generations later, Sensei killed All Might's predecessor, Nana Shimura. All Might eventually fought and defeated All For One, but he received a debilitating wound in the process.[2]

Incapacitated by his defeat, All For One went into hiding as he attempted to heal from his injuries. He would later create the League of Villains (where he took on his "Sensei" identity) and begin grooming Tomura Shigaraki as his successor.

Disclaimer: no one is capable of defeating him alone even together it will be near impossible and he will use unarmed quirks with diffrent effects and may even use them on others makeing them into half nomu's
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Well he is well above even pro level only all might want able to beat him and their is not way any student is beating him either he not going to fighting students except maybe to make and set up and arch like the incoming ones but he will jump in at random rps and give random quirks to Ocs if it Benefit him in some way 
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well im a 21 years old single thought looking fora girlfriend im crazy in the head at times but a cool dude love Anime of all kinds and i wrtie my own Stories love to Rp as well have for a long time thought graduated form collage so don't have as much time for them now and the most presious people to me are my Brothers Elijah Garrent and Danny Duvall i would protect them with my Life if it came down to it i stuided a buch of diffrent martial arts and did a lot of street fighting Bad neborhood and past its complicated my nicknames people have dubed me are Fox,Inu and Kitsune 
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i have two wonderfull brothers Elijah and Danny who helped me threw collage were not related by blood at all but i still consider them family and will protect that with everything i have and can do
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