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bountys  - 
new navy bounties-Viro.D.hood while the sea gulls recored the massive slaugter on the Celsital dragon island were former Admiral Jaguar commited a genoside of Nobel Dragons severly Injuring both a War-lord and Caprain as well 

Viro.D.Hood known pirate now and former Vice-Admiral i nteh marines he is wanted know as a rought Pirate his crimes unknown to us but are sever

he fought againt the Admiral well even thought the Admrial sued nothing but Haki to fight him off reserving his strenght to blwo the island away t onothin gwith his Devil fruit powrs 

but thus we witness the ture fighting potenital of Viro's Sping Sping fruit as he manged to injure teh Ex-Admiral a feet only seen capable of the Lighting-Corw sasuke 

with this in mind and the amoung ot damage they both casue the naby HQ and world goverment now Deliver a 82,000,000 boutny  onto the Ex-Vice Admiral Wanted Dead or Alive 
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Jagger Winberry

Stories Posted Here!  - 
and chapter 4 this will be all today 
+Jazzmen F +Aria Hofferson 
Chapter 4
A Truth Revealed And A War Fortold
Rawr rawr cafe is the number one maid cafe and has a number of staff even are anti-heros who were sent on a assignment to stop a series of murders happening at the rawr rawr cafe as well as the reunion of the brothers childhood friends, but can our anti-heros handle whats comming next.
(Starts with jagger opening the register and taking out 500,000 yen)
Jagger- I'll just call this our payment for the job
Danny- You do know we are getting paid for this
Jagger- Eh just call this our bonus then(Shrugs)
Danny-(Face palms)
Elijah- One order of two cheese burgers and medium fries with a chocolate shake
Hashia- I'm on it
Elijah- It says they want danny
Hashia- Grr...(Those girls trying to sink their claws into whats mine)
Danny- Ugh...(Danny takes off towards a group of cougers)
Rika- Some of those women are old enough to be rika's mother
Akiko- HANDS OFF BUCKO(Akiko summons her machete and points it at a group of guys who look like a group of tipical frat d- bags)
Mia- You'll get use to it..
Luluna- I don't like this grr... the guys here keep grabbing my ass or tail
Guy 1- Oh hey the yuzuki sisters are here mmmm... what I wouldn't give to get me a piece of that
Guy 2- She's blond so I bet she's a freak hehehe
Guy 3- Hey naori-chan I dropped my cup can you pick it up for me
Naori-(Now in her human form with a black dragon tail and horns) Sure
(Naori walks over to the group and bends down)
Hashia- Their staring at her panties, pervs
Akiko- Looks like she isn't as in love with danny-san as she says she is
Rika- Fine with rika
(Danny smacks guy 3 with the metal carrying trey)
Guy 1- What the fuck punk
Guy 2- You have a problem wolf boy
Danny- A women is more then ass and boobs and what not, they have a face and a personality and a will of their own. So I would appreciate it if you didn't stare at naori's panti....(Danny tilts his head slightly and also starts to stare at her panties)
Guy 1- Yo is this guy for real
Guy 2- I'm not sure what to do
Guy 1- I uh.. don't either
Guy 3- ....(Passed out on the floor with a knot on his head)
Jagger- You just controdicted yourself
Hashia- Naori get up now!
Naori-(Picks up the cup quickly then looks back at danny and winks)
Luluna- She knew he was staring, clever (Luluna looks over to see that jagger is staring at mia who is bent over cleaning a table) JAGGER!
Jagger- I maybe a monster but i'm still a guy
Mia- Huh?, jagger was you staring at my panties
Jagger- Nope (Blank look on his face)
Danny- Come on girls I can't help it i'm a guy...(Danny slowly backs away from hashia and the others well except for naori)
Hashia- YOU... YOU..
Naori- Come now you shouldn't be jealous just cause he craves me
Nemu- Onee-san!
Danny- I DO NOT!
Hashia- I would do way more for him then you would!
Rika- Rika would go all the way
Akiko- Hehehehe.. I'd make his mind go blank intill he yearned for my body and soul like a drug addict does their next fix
Danny-....... Wait a second hashia I thought you hated me
Hashia- I.. uh.. I ment like I would do anything for you like if you needed my help with something hahaha(Laughs nervously)
Danny- Hmmm....
Jagger- She's lying to herself
Luluna- Yep
Mia- Mhm
(The owner of rawr rawr cafe suddenly appears at the bar with a glass of red liquid)
Old man- I'm afraid it is closing time
Elijah- Yay lets go party!
Old man- Unfortunately I would ask that you all stay behind and clean up
Danny- Eli! relax
Danny- Will be there when we are done
Elijah- Oh.. right
Jagger- Heh
Elijah- Can we have a beach party after we are done
Jagger- Eh I don't mind it
Danny- Why do you want one?
Elijah-(Hides a flier behind his back) No reason
Danny- Hmmmm...
Hashia- We would be happy to stay behind and clean sir
Old man- Wonderful, also I would ask that you don't go into the freezer room
Hashia- Yes sir
Old man- Be sure to lock up(Walks out the door and disappears from view)
Mia- So I guess we start cleaning
Danny- Nope we go into that freezer room
Akiko- Why?
Jagger- I second that motion reaper
Elijah- Thats probably the best place to start our investigation
Hashia- Agreed
Mia- Huh?, are you guys also here cause of the murders
Rika- You know?
Mia- Thats why aruther sent me
Jagger- Heh guess that means we are in this together
Luluna- Yay...(Sarcastic)
Mia- Yay!(Hugs jagger)
(The gang heads into the kitchen straight towards the freezer door then opens it to reveal a shocking sight, Bodies of humans are hung on hooks bleeding on the ground some are even chopped up in a bloody mess)
Jagger- Anyone else hungry
Danny- You would say that
Elijah- The freezer room isn't even on, it looks more like a slaughter room
Hashia- These bodies are being mashed up and turned into burger patties
Elijah- How do you figure
Akiko- Probably that(Points at the meat processer way back in the room with traces of human blood and flesh on it)
Rika- Rika ate one for lunch
Akiko- So did I
Danny- So basicly the owner is turning humans into burgers, how ironic
Jagger- How was the burger akiko
Akiko- It was delicious actually
Rika- Mhm
Naori- Wouldn't be the first time i've eatten flesh
Nemu- Onee-san thats nasty
Naori- Don't you use human blood for alot of your spells
Nemu- Thats different
Naori- And that it has to be fresh(Glares at her little sister)
Mia- So if we know who, the question is why and what rank is he
Luluna- Judging by the style of the room and the hooks I would say we are dealing with a harvester and a high level one at that
Mia- So this is bad
Luluna- Thats what it looks like
Hashia- Damn perhaps we can trap him
Jagger- I got a better idea
Danny- How bout you let me handle the ideas
Jagger- Why? afraid i'll destory him before you get the chance
Danny- No i'm afraid you'll DESTORY THE CAFE!
Jagger- Eh who cares
Elijah- It wounldn't be wise and it would reduce our pay
Jagger- Pfft fine
Danny- Thank you
Hashia- So whats the plan
Danny- Okay everyone heres whats gonna happen
(After hearing the plan everyone gets into position intill the devil arrives which doesn't take long cause soon the door to the freezer room blows off its hinges and lands in the middle of the room revealing the old man but this time he was wearing a red suit with a black tie and his eyes were red and slit)
Devil- Hmmm.. I should have known you wouldn't listen
(Danny steps out of the shadows)
Devil- The young prince of death well well, tell me why did you not head my warning
Danny- Don't take it personal I don't listen to anyone
Devil- So it would seem(The devil changes form and turns into a red skinned winged demon with ram horns and the lower half of a ram) I am amsheal the lord of baphomets
Danny- My name is danny death the death knight
Amsheal- What do you plan to do now young reaper
Danny- I simply want to know why
Amsheal- Hmhmhmhm.. why, well its simple, humans eatting humans is simply amusing
Danny- Lovely
Amsheal- Yes quite but now that you know i'm afraid I must devour you
Danny- Death Spikes!(Danny slams his hand into the ground and summons millions of deadly black spikes, sprouting up fourth from the ground impaling amsheal through his arms, legs, and torso)
Amsheal- Argh! insolent insect
Danny- Jagger, Elijah
Jagger- This will be fun(Jagger steps out from the shadows followed by elijah)
Elijah- Lets get this over with I have a watermelon waiting for me
Jagger- Sure this will work reaper
Danny- Oh i'm sure, after you
Jagger- Severing Fox!(Jagger summons his katana and slashes in a arc 3 times sending waves of red energy in the shape of claw marks at amsheal, severing his arms and legs)
Amsheal- This is impossible!(Stands there imapled as a torso and head on a spike bleeding profusly)
Elijah- Elijah Kick!(Elijah jumps forward and kicks amsheal in the face)
Amsheal- Traitor to your own kind (Amsheal spits blood on elijah)
Danny- Jagger its time(Summons a ball of darkness)
Jagger- Lets do this brother(Summons a ball of red energy)
Amsheal- What are you doing!
Danny/Jagger- Oblivion!(The orbs combine and explode sending everyone to a dark realm with the sky dark, the trees dead, and the rivers running with blood)
Danny- Your resting place
Jagger- Your hell
Elijah- Your demise
Amsheal-(Death spikes sprout fourth and hell hounds come out of the shadows tearing into amsheals remains then the trees come alive and wrap around him)
Danny- I am the prince of death and I judge thee guilty
Amsheal- Hmhmhmhm... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Elijah- Never knew someone could be so happy about dying
Jagger- Maybe we broke him heh
Amsheal- I have a message for you hmhmhmhm..
Elijah- A message?
Amsheal- The puppet master and the nightmare are comming, soon the dawn of the apocolypse will arrive
Amsheal- You may have beat me thanks to your trap but nothing you do will stop whats to come AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Jagger- Shut up and die(Snaps fingers and the realm implodes sending bits of amsheal all over the place)
(The girls step out of the shadows and stand next to the guys staring in shock at what had just happened)
Hashia- You.. what did you do
Akiko- Theres nothing left...
Mia- Holy shit...
Luluna- Jagger...
Rika- Danny-san?...
Naori- Darling? that power...
Nemu- Onee-san i'm scared
Danny- Tsk... time to go
Jagger- Agreed
Elijah- Time to go home then
Hashia- What about the paper work!
Danny- Good luck with that
(The brothers disappeared in a puff of black smoke)
Hashia- Danny you IDIOT!!!!!!!
Luluna- Nee-san wow
Mia- We better call a cab its a long way home
Akiko- Wayyy ahead of you
Naori- Or we could take the limo
Girls- Alright limo!
(The girls pile into naori's limo and ride back to keyshio university)
To be Continued......

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start back on chapter 1 i jsut got the Final Versions in yesterday 
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Jagger Winberry

Stories Posted Here!  - 
final draft chater 2 +Jazzmen F and +Aria Hofferson 
Chapter 2
Love, Fear, And Zombies
Jagger and danny had a rough first time and a even rougher ending when they met with the others, saku came to invite the brothers to join a organization and the guys refused. However it seems fate has other plans
(Starts with danny asleep in his dorm that was assigned to him)
Danny- ZzZz
(A shadowy figure loomed over danny, staring at his sleeping body)
???- Soon my love, soon your heart will be mine fufufu..(Evil grin showing off sharp teeth)
(Jagger kicked in danny's door and the shadowy figured vanished)
Jagger- Reaper its breakfeast time wake up
Danny- ZzZz go fuck yourself ZzZz
(Jagger picks up his brother with gravity and throws him against the wall)
Danny- I hate.. you(Glares at jagger in annoyance)
Jagger- I'm hungry
Danny- Then go eat
Jagger- Food reaper
Danny- Ugh fine (Quickly grabs the drawing he was working on last night and follows his brother out of the dorm room)
(Danny and jagger head towards the college food lounge)
Luluna- Jagger!
(Jagger is meleed by luluna sending them both into a near by table)
Jagger- Ow...
Luluna- Hehehe... I missed you
Jagger- Did you have to plough me
Luluna- Ooohh your naughty hehehe
Danny- Your sister is nuts
Hashia- Hmph(Turns away with arms crossed)
Danny- What you hate me or something?
Hashia- Yes
(Danny shoves a picture he drew of hashia into her chest)
Danny- A thank you for protecting my brother (Turns and walks away)
(Hashia looks at the picture and blushes)
Hashia- Why..
Danny- Happy v-day bitch (Walks out of the lounge)
Luluna- Way to go sis
(Jagger pushes luluna off and walks away as well)
Luluna- Jeez thanks now my jagger is gone
Hashia- .....
(A shadowy figure is hidden behind a corner watching everything)
Akiko- Tsk that hashia
Rika- Akiko?
(Akiko jumps with a loud screech)
Akiko- Ahhh! rika go away
Rika- Are you spying on rika's danny
Akiko- Your danny!
Rika- Rika is the only one for danny
Akiko- He's mine
Rika- He's rikas
Luluna- Your face is red did your heart skip a beat when you saw his drawing
Hashia- No!(Blushes more)
Luluna- Admit it you like him
Hashia- Well what about you huh
Luluna- It was love at first sight, jagger is mine
Hashia- That was way to blunt!
Luluna- At least i'm honest with my feelings
Hashia- Okay! I like him hmph
Luluna- See that wasn't so hard
(Back to rika and akiko)
Akiko- Grrr.. that hashia
Rika- Rika will not let her have rika's danny
Akiko- Rika what do you say we team up to take out hashia
Rika- Rika is listening
Akiko- Lets combine my zombie dna with your necromancy
Rika- Rika doesn't understand
Akiko- Lets turn yomishida city into the zombie apocolypse
Rika- Rika agrees
Akiko- I'll be right back i'm gonna have a little snack
(Akiko leaves the lounge)
(Hashia spots rika and storms over to her followed by luluna)
Hashia- You heard didn't you!
Rika- Danny is rika's
Hashia- Grrr.. so I guess that makes us rivals huh
Rika- Rika guesses so
Luluna- I'm glad I have jagger all to myself
Hashia- May the best girl win hmph
Rika- Rika will
(Sparks fly between the two)
(Meanwhile jagger and danny have left and headed towards down town)
Danny- Hmmm... that guy looks really slugish and bloody
Jagger- Maybe he has had to much to drink
Bloody Guy- Ahhhhhhh...
Danny- No cause he's bleeding from his neck
(The bloody guy lunges at danny trying to bite into his neck but jagger takes the guy and smashes him against the ground)
Jagger- Focus reaper
Danny- No I think you should(Points at all the walking corpses surrounding us)
Jagger- Zombies.. great
Danny- I think we should get back to the university
(Jagger and danny arrive back at the university and sees that it is in shambles)
Danny- What the hell is going on here, we was only gone 5 minutes
Jagger- Strangest thing is we didn't cause this
(While the brothers are lost in shock they don't notice the horde of zombies comming towards them)
Danny- Jagger! (Pushes jagger out of the way and gets bitten by a zombie wearing a hoodie)
Jagger- Danny!, grrr you undead fucks(Punches a few zombies in the face causing their heads to explode in a mass on blood and brains)
(Danny stabs the zombie bitting into his arm through the head with his right hidden sword, but another one came up behind him and sinks its teeth into his neck spraying blood everywhere)
Danny- Guhh.. fuck you(Coughs up blood)
(Danny is surrounded by zombies and they are sinking their teeth into every part of his body, he eventually slices all of them up and crumbels to his knees covered in blood)
Jagger- You okay bro(reaches a hand out to his brother)
Danny- Yeah... sorta(Grabs jaggers hand and jagger helps him up)
(Hashia, rika, and luluna come running out of the university followed by saku)
Saku- Well good to see you two are fine
Hashia- Geez your really hopeless without me
Danny- Ugh not now hashia
Hashia- Well its true
Luluna- Jagger nooo!(Luluna melees jagger crying)
Jagger- Omph!. Why me! Ow!
Rika- Are you okay danny?
Danny-(Coughs up blood) I'll live
Rika- Ah! rika will help (Rika pulls out a huge needle from a black bag)
(Rika tries to stick a needle in danny while he struggles to get away, while as jagger is trying to pry luluna off him)
Hashia- Quit being a baby(Hashia holds danny against herself stopping him from escaping)
Jagger- Saku do you know who did this
Saku- Hmm.. only one name comes to mind
Jagger- Tell me that bitchies name!
Saku- Her name is akiko and shes a zombie
(At that moment a women with long light brown hair and deathly grey skin wearing a white sweater with a black skirt and covered in bandages jumped down from the top of the university landing in front of the others)
Saku- Ah there she is
Akiko- Your still alive disappointing(Akiko glares over at hashia)
Hashia- What I didn't even do anything to you!
Akiko- Your trying to steal what is mine!(Akiko sends fourth some of her bandages and wraps them around hashia's neck lifting her off the ground)
Hashia- (Choaking)
Akiko- I'll just destory you myself
Luluna- Nee-san!!(Luluna lunges at akiko who just swats her aside with her tentacle like bandages)
Jagger- Ugh damn it(Jagger steps forward and close lines akiko sending her skidding across the campus)
Jagger- Danny
Danny- Already on it(Vanishes in a cloud of black smoke)
(Akiko slowly raises up from the ground and stares at jagger with blank yandere eyes)
Akiko- You dare stand in the way
Jagger- You dare attack my brother(Summons a 6ft long katana with the runes fox demon along it)
Akiko- What.. no I
Jagger- I'm gonna crush you
Akiko- I'm sorr....(Akiko suddenly falls forward unconcious)
(Danny steps out of the shadows and looms over akiko)
Danny- Nite nite crazy bitch
Saku- Oh good I don't need to step in, I'll take akiko here to the dean and deal with her(Saku picks up akiko and walks towards the university)
(He turns around half way there and tosses two badges and a piece of paper at the brothers)
Danny- Whats this(Danny looks at his badge which is shaped like a skull while jagger's is shaped like a fox paw print)
Hashia- Your ID
Rika- Yay we can form a team of love!
Jagger- Huh?
Luluna- Your a member of the keyshio assassins now(Hugs jagger)
Danny/Jagger- WHAT!!!!! WE SAID NO!!!
Saku- Hmhmhm.. who said you had a choice
Danny/Jagger- GRRRRRRR!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!
(Elijah jumps down from a near by tree)
Elijah- And are first mission is a fun one
Jagger/Danny- ELIIII!!!!!!
Elijah- Hahaha..
(Saku suddenly pokes his head out the front doors)
Saku- Oh and rika you come too I know you was part of this
Rika- Rika was?, Oh yeahhh. Uh oh(Tries to run off but she trips over air and lands face first into the ground)
Elijah- Have a nice fall hehehe
Danny/Jagger- ELIJAH!!!!
To Be Continued....
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Jagger Winberry

Stories Posted Here!  - 

Chapter 3
Escape and the link

Lobos and lily bell the dragon stoped in the cover of clouds as she twisted around moveing him to her back as she floated over them landing on a cloud as it turend snow white and solid she landed as Lobos rolled off laying on it like it was apillow
Lily bell- are you alright caller ?
Lobos-ugh give me a warning next tiem you do something like that again who was that anyway 
Lily Bell- i do not know however i rembred her voice and certain people wanted me or my power i was jsut being cautious 
Lobos-ah i see were are we now thought (he said seeing only white fluff of hte clouds that was soft but held togheather )
Lily bell-were are currently over the town on a cloud i need to catch my breath i haven't travled that fast in a long time 
Lobos-WHAT THE HELL !! (he didnt move not moveign an inch )..wait how are we on a cloud !!
Lily Bell- Eheme well this is how we deastern dragons stayed hidden we touch clouds and they become solid for us to rest and lay ower young so long as we remain on them 
Lobos- okay then huff good to know im not going to fall threw and go spalt..
Lily Bell- i would never let that happen to you i promise 
Lobos-..Lily Bell right thanks for all of this but i still have not hte slightest clue what is going on right now 
Lily Bell-yes is supposei will try to explain but i do not even know the full details (she went on to explain what "Nature-Systems" were and what the astroid that hit the earth really did to them)..and me and 6 other dragon while this was immentate went to confont a powerfull foe but we were intertupted by the astriod thus returing us to the current forms you see now 
Lobos-well i would not belive this unless i saw it for myself honestly but since i am ill belive it so whast going to happen now since im now your Owner ?
Lily bell- i do not know the current world we live in so i cannot awnser that question all i can do is protect you my "Caller"
Lobos-my names not "Caller" is Jaguar Lobos just call me Lobos most people do except jack who jsut calls me crazy 
Lily bell-very well Lobos-san this is the Western culture correct what is the date today ?
Lobos-ohh its June 23 2015 why do you ask ?
Lily Bell-(she went silent jsut looking at the clouds)..i have been sealed away in japan for the last 2000 years it has been so long (she jaguar palced his hand on her head and rubed it )..Hugh ?
Lobos- it'll be alrgiht this world is pretty cool once you get use to everthing may take some time but im sure you'll find somethings you like about it 
Lily Bell-ehehe i thank you for you kind words perhaps i will (she whiped around and snarled out )....others are comeing i hear teh beatting of large wings 
-as she said that a large brown egeal sored threw the cloud kncoking her off as she did jaguar fell threw the cloud -
Lily Bell- MASTER !! (she sthrew the bird off to the side diveing direcly down a second winged creature tired to interspet her but she just moved around them catching Jagaur in her claws twising around putting him on her back)..Hold on please 
Lobos-huff huff no problem...son of a bitch i never want to do that again..huff huff !!
he looked forward seeing two winged creatues a large brown egeal and another with the body of lion with head of a egeal and large wings a griffen one was a man and the other was a woman
woman- we have located the target dragon "nature-System" its right in fornt of us...[static chatter]...understood we will attempt to bring both of them unharmed 
Lobos-i don't like the sound of that 
Lily Bell- neither do i nore do i plan to go along with it (she said slaping a close cloud with her tail as it did it slasmed agaitn them explodiong like a pillow stuffed with feathers as it makea nexcellent smoke screen she open her mouth blowing torretns of flames into it covering the smoke screen)
the egeal flew out first screecing covered in fire as it did a qucik dive bomb into a small pond to put out its fire as the woman swam out carring hte bird with her to shore as the other was no were to be seen until an arrow grazed across jaguars backhe came out of hte clouds
Lobos-Agh bitch (she said wincking in pain but staied on the dragon)
Lily Bell-Lobos are you alright ?
Lobos- stay focused were both in danger if this guy keeps comeing after us !!
-just like he said she came out of a clouds fireing arrows out at a rapid pace Lily bell lit up the sky with her flames reducing the arrows to ash ttrailing the griffen with her fire as it crashied into the slended 17 foot body draging it down Lily Bell lached one with its fangs and claws digging into itsneck right wing and arm -
man-ugh let go of him right now !! (he went to kick at Lily Bells head were jaguar stoped his foot with his own standing on her back)...what are yuo doing !!
Lobos- something i should have been doing a while back (with that he kick up at the mans chin with his other foot knocking him back as he noched antoehr arrow jaguar broke off the tip slashing it acorss his shirt as the bundle of arrows on his back fell to the ground) more arrows for you to shoot her with now 
Man-(he reared back punching jaguar dead in the face as his head jarred back he stumbled on the back of the griffen both creatues trying to remain flying in the air with what the yhad left)...we got orders to take you two alive were not taking any chances with you Two (he punchedo ut again jaguar catching it and spining his fist around until he hear a loud pop)
Lobos-and were just trying to figure this shit out owerselves !! ( and the tables turend in their favor as Lobos hit hte man in his chest and uppercutted his chin several times reasling his right now broeken arm from his grip jumping up and kicking him dead in the chest knocking him off of the griffen)...Fuck i didn't think this threw !! (he said lossing his balace and falling off )
Lily Bell-(as she wathced him fall he grabed him with her hind claws as she realed her grip form the griffen breathing flames at its chest pushing it back as Lobos climed back on the back)...thank you for helping me 
Lobos- no problem this can't jsut be some one sided think i jsut hope i didn't kill the dude ? (he siad lookiung down as he had appreatly crashed threw a glass roof into a bath house)
Lily Bell- i do not think it has killed that man jsut yet but i still msut deal with that thing (she spoke towards the griffen running itself threw the clouds putting out the fire on its chest) put of my fire but now you are soakeing wet (he comment as sparks joltend back and forth between her horns she opend her mouth as a loud boom occured blasting a bolt of lighting forward stikeing the girffen in seoconds as it falls down to the ground threw the same roof)
Lobos-hey lets land somewere i don't want to stay in the air any longer i might fall again 
Lily bell-very well (she flew gebntly to a flat white roof were she laid down excasuted)
Lobos-are oyu alright you don't look to well he said as the white dragon was panting hard 
Lily bell-do not worry about me im jsut tired thast all it has been some time since iv had to move im still a bit weak my it will take time for me to regain my full strength Lobos 
Lobos-alright then but what am i going to do now im don't want to leave you here while those two are out their still ?
Bell-then perhaps i should perform the "Link"then that would make me feel better knowing you have it ?
-he looked at her with a hint of curiosity even thought she was a dragon no ones let her fly as she was slender and skinny like a snake only with four inch claws and white fur whiter than snow with two big emraled slit eyes and long white wiskers as well -
lobos-well if it makes you feel better im up for it do what you have to do alright bell 
Bell-Ehehe im glade that you said that Lobos (she spoke as her long think wiskers touched his forhead and a surge of power crashed into him knocking him on his ass his head throbed like smokeing hard liek a truck had jsut hit him) sorry are yuo alright i didn't think it would be that strong this was my first time doing it 
Lobos-ugh..damn it feels like i got hit by a damn truck !
Bell-what is a Truck ?
she turned her head to the side wondering what it was witch as cute in a way even thought i jsut witnessed her when he was fighting with was terrifing when a horn sounded
Bell-what is that are they signaling for war !!
Lobos-no no calm down its jsut a dumb teacher mr'sanders he's singling us that were about..too..leave ......SHIT !
-he got up leaping off the building grabign hold of a near by tree and sliding down it to the floor taking off running down the street were Lily bell soon followed above were she could keep an eye on he took a sharp turn accdentaly knocking over Shoku -
Shoku-Ouff Hey watch it you punk !!
mamba-Shoku that the same boy as with the dragon He's the Caller !!
Shoku-what but the air support was delayed at the base i have to call the mback their back on the ground 
mamba-no time he's getting away catch up to him (the sword tuged towards teh direction )
Shoku-OOOH Fine have it your way then !! (she took off after Lobos but he was great at running espcialy in rought terrian he jumped off tras cans to the roof tops and sung form the flag poles until he was bording the bus and she was out of breath as it began to take off)...n-no wait...damn that guy can move huff huff 
mamba-sigh sometimes you disappoint me child 
mamba-hem (the eye in the handle slooked up to see the white figure of Lily bell above folling he bus)...were in luck thought the "nature-system" is followin the bus so all we have to do is follow it until then 
Shoku-right then were going to need a ride good thing i have this emergcy credit card now waht car should i get (she said with too much entusastum in her voice )
mamba-do you even know how to drive a vechical
Shouk-ha how hard can it be they make it look easy on Tv 
meanwhile on the bus sitting in the back lobos covred in dirt and his jacket wet as well from going threw the clouds as jack look at him
jack-dude what in the world happend to you your covred ?
Lobos-can't help it a foutian malfuconed and sprayed me man i never even got to eat too 
Misy-well you should have gone with us the vegan taco's were good 
jack-and by that she means we coulden't taste a thing it had no flavore like everything esle vegan it tastes like crap 
Misy-boy don't make me slap that look of you face !!
jack-okay i plead the fith then jsut saying thought they could at least add in some spice to it to liven thigns up
-as they were talking teh bus shoke vering one way as every was talking one person screamed but mr'sander shut everyone up but i knew what was going on could they not see the 4 foot of tail out the window of the back of the claws threw the roof as Bell peeked threw the window seeing me her mind racing -
Lobos-what the heck are you doing bell (hse said in a wisper )..everyone is going to see you how am i going to explain a 17 foot long dragon !!
Bell-do not fear only others who have had contact with System and callers can see me as well as hear my voice as well you need not fear it would jsut feel like an invable force hit them if they were to touch me as well 
Lobos-ooh well thats good i guess but woudlen't you rather follow me form the sky rather that hitch a ride on the school bus ?
Bell-no i was being tracked while following your chariate so this was the best psossible i could think off please allow me to remain 
Lobos-ugh jsut try not to hit anyones car alright 
Bell-what is a car ?
Lobos-right jsut don't hit anything alright 
jack-dude who the heck are you wispering too outsdie 
Lobos-nothing im jsut crazy let me talk to me reflection in the window 
Jack-okay you just went form Loco to jsut strange (he tunred around in his seat )
Lobos-damn it i need a nap someone wake me when we stop (she said quickly falling asleep in the back of the bus all the while they were being followed by Shoku in a 2015 Mustang ash she swrved every minute with the saber in the seat next to her)
mamba-girl i thought you said this was easy you can barly keep it on the road !!
Shoku-shut up its harder than it looks as it turns out jsut be quiet  i need to concentrate on my drivieng 
mamba-well thast obviosu to me 
shoku-I siad be quiet what does a giant snake know about driving a car anyway !!
Mamba-i do not i have no arms or legs so i cannot even attempt to do it 
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+Jazzmen F here is 3 of nature-Systems
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Jagger Winberry

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// Authors Of Authors \\  This is a community of Role Player, we're all publishers, editors and authors who belong to a company. The tree company(for now are): simply a palce to share you Stories yuo write well help yuou with anything you need 
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yeah im currently posting a few chapter of mine each day 
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Jagger Winberry

Stories Posted Here!  - 
Chapter 2
Arkansas Tresure 

- 2 months pass after that incident both sides were unable to locate the mysterious wepon until one day nature had a plan of her own leading a sting of fate in a completly diffrent dirction-
goes to a school bus with bars on the window traveling down a busy road in grid lock the side was half rusted off saying Arkansas public School were a boy leaned on the back seat ripped up with loads of other school kids drawing on the seat as he drowned out all off the noisy chatter wiht his ear-buds he wore a simple grey jacket with white fur along the hood and a Jurrasic-Park T-Shirt regualr blue jeans and camo new balace shoes he wore glasses over his face as his Bright blue eyes staried into space he had very fluffy brown hair to his ears with a pony tail that streached all the way to the middle of his back
Hey Lobos this is for your summer school not some trip you can zone out of again wake up (he would slame his note pad on the leater seat as most kids would keep quite he just sighed turing up his volume on his Phone so he couldent hear Mr'sanders loud voice)...Mr'Lobos jaguar Valintine im talking to you 
Lobos-great im trying to ignore you what sucks is i do this so much iv learned how to read lips i didn't even want to go to this stupid trip in the first palce 
Sanders-well if you woulden't have spend my entire math class drawing and sleeping and work instread i would have been glad to leave you behind 
Lobos-ugh but i suck at math and you suck at teaching it lets admit we both suck and get this over with what you say old man 
(he would say mr'sanders face getting os red that he syampers off and sits down takeing his anger out on his assitant a nice woman that was the only one that helped him attempt to understand math it confused jaguar too much and so he got a D but instead of flunking him they decied to send him on a trip during summer brake instead unfontatly Mr'sanders the evil math teacher was over it this year )
jack-dude why can't you leave that poor dude alone loco 
Lobos- becasue he tries to pick on me and i won't stand for that crap beside why are yuo defnding him anyway ?
Misy-Ha he's not he's jsut trying to get on your nerves is all just like the rest of us 
they were jack carlos jaguar was partnered with in shop class helped get too many nails out of his hand he was a mexian kid in orgian thought har working and would talk to you so much it annoyed you but has a nack for circitry dude would make a master plumer or electiciton and the Misy Niles the girl that was alwasy talk bad about by the snoty cheer leaders she wore mostly black even in the middle of summer died her hair evey few months as it satrted to get its natural shade of red she alwasy hung around jack so when he satrted becomeing friends with jaguar she came with him
lobos-so how did you too get stuck going to this educational seminar anyway i flunked math but misy is a stright A student jack i ca nunderstand 
Jack-hey dude thast hitting below the belt now 
Misy-yeah but because of my little spat with the head cheerleader they gave me this option instead of being held back a year jack flunked out in gym
Lobos-how the hell do you flunk out in gym all you literly have to do is show up 
jack-hey dude thier a reason i don't exercize im skinny enought as it is i need to keep what fat i got on me as it is Loco 
misy- you know iv alwasy wondered why does jack alwasy call you loco anyway you first name is jaguar anyway ?
jack-oh i call him Loco casue it means crazy in spanish and this dude is massivly insane 
Lobos-come on im not crazy alright jack 
jack-stop denieing loco you took the quarterback and threw him threw his own windsheild of his car for slasping mickys books out of his hands and oh yeah who was it that gave a swily to the school bully for yelling at myself yuo know who 
Lobos-good grief jack don't bring that crap up okay i might be a slight bit protective in my own right but they had no right to do that and get away with it the quaterback his dad is the couch and that bully never gets caught either 
-they were saying as the bus came to a screeching halt everything moved forward as Mr'sanders stood up clip board in hand thumping his hand againt it -
sanders-alright you failers up and at em get inside tiem for you to get educated even though some of you it don't matter supids already left its mark (he staried stright at jaguar beofre smiling and walking off)
jack-dude is he still grumpling over what you did to him in middle school i mean at you didn't cuase the heart attack the black widow did you put in his desk 
misy-whatever lets go shorty (she pushed down jacks hat as they all got off waling towards the musem )
2 Hours later
while in the back allies a blond haired girl carring a saber on her back jumped over a brick wall into a pile of trash bags
shoku-ugh jeex whats with all of these trash filled allys seriosuly now (she got up a bandgae over the bullet wound in her leg as the purpel eye opend up)
mamba-it matters not i feel that "Systems" Feild in this area of building it somewere 
Shoku-can't you narrow it down a bit mamba theier has to be at least 15 building here ?
mamba-sorry i cannot the feild is too wide the most i can do i aim you as the feild getting stronger or weaker ?
shoku-ooh that not much use but guess ill have to work wiht it jsut hope i find it beofre anyone else has a chance to get their hands on it (she takeso ff running down the street as the the group exits the educational musume streaching out and poping their backs)
Lobos-jeez that might actually be more boreing that one of mr'sanders math lectures 
Sander-oh you don't like my lectures now how about i give a 300 word essay due by tommarow 
Lobos-then i would right shove it up your ass on each page excally were you treats towards me should go right now 
Lobos-shove it up your ass
Lobos- up your monthers ass 
Lobos-you daughter ass is too loose to shove anything up it sorry Heh (Lobos smiled and he got frsutraigted and walked away kicking over a trash can screaming) whats for lunch ?
Misy-ha was that last one really called for you know he still expects you to turn them in (jack was still on the floor cracking up laughing ) you crack me up were going to get something to eat man why do we have to spend ower own cash comeing ?
Lobos-and eat that vegtarian garbage no thanks ima go look for a BBQ place or something that serves real meat catch up later alright 
he walked down the streets looking at all the stores mostly a bunch off anuqie stiores other business no restuarunts that he could get something good at when suddenly he felt froze as he heard and felt something like a heart beat all around him
Lobos-..what the (he turned around really fast scaring the people behind him )...ugh sorry thought someone was..never mind 
he said as he felt it againt the same feeling like electricty moveing backwards around his entire body this time he heard a voice that sounded like an angel speaking it was so soothing as he heard the heart beating again
voice-Follow my may be the one i have waited for...for the least few thousand years ...
the voice and feeling stoped as he turned to the store next to him a old japanese antuiqe store it felt like something was draging him into it leading him he took one step into the air condition room and heard the heart beat once more and the voice in his head
voice-yes this way...near the corner in the back i sit...are you the one iv been searching for ?
Lobos-..who are you (he ran at full speed threw the sotre skidding to the back were no one was lookign up like he was crazy)...waht the hell no one is evern hear mabye i am crazy or some shit 
Voice-Ah you Charged right in such courgae and rightious intent...(it made a sound like it was sniffing him )...and a small hint of blood lust as well for such an occasuion its intoxicatng (it echoed in his head as he looked around no seeing anything)
Lobos-what the hell am i hearing things who the hell are you !!
Voice-my name is long since lost its meanning but now i guess it trasates to Lily Bell child of Nature..will you become my caller ? (it asked as a power white wave threw back things stacked on top of it reveling the woodne box)
Lobos-a wooden box is talking too me im not jsuting going crazy im seeing thing now too jsut great how am i going to tell my mom i went on a trip and lost it Just fucking great ?
Liliy Bell-Ehehe your a funny one as well....if you crazy then opening the box is the least of your worries then am i right 
Lobos-ha i guess you right about that at least well here goes nothing i suppose (he reached on the box as the lock rusts and falls to the floor) goes nothing (he opend the box and a blast of power blast him back againt the self other getting thrown out of hte windows )
Mamba-Shoku wathc out behind you !!
Shoku-Raaa (she drew the saber as it slahes threw the wooden fram with ease looking in to see the large film of white surroding hte building )..wait thats not the "Nature-System" and its chose its "Nature-Caller" too !!
Mamba- thats not all its the System were looking for as well Shoku its decied on a Caller !!
Lobos-Agh well thast was unexpcted 
Liliy Bell- are you unhardmed caller forgive me it seems my power has been surpressed by that box for some time you got hit with the excess 
Lobos- yeah its alright ? (he said looking up at the face of a 17 foot long eastern dragon with long wiskers and white fur body with three toes on eahc leg with 4 inch claws )...wait your a dragon im not going crazy !!
Liliy Bell-ehehe afriad not instead you jsut entred into a world you could no possible belive in and im happy 
Shouka-Hold It Right Their "Nature System" and "Caller" as well !!
Liliy Bell- (thw htie dragon snariled opeing its mouth breathing a torrent of fire out as shoku dives behind the concret blocks fire shoots out into open traffic Lily Bell wraps herse;f around lobos and flys out and into the sky )
Shoku-son of a...DAMN IT !!..i have to get head quaters on the phone now to get air support to get to them 
Mamba-it was a draon i new it better tell them to be carfeull it really was a dragon Shoku 
Shoku-yeah i know were not takeing it lightinly since its reasled but it shoudlent have its full power back jsut yet and it still hasne't bonded yet either their still a chance to aqcuire it back !!
they watches the dragon vanish in the white clouds in the sky blinking with her golden colored eyes
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+Jazzmen F  Chapter 2 of nature -Systems indrocuces the main chariter Lobos Shiro Valitine 
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// Author//

Name: Jagger.Z.Winberry

Pen Name-Shiro Lobos

Books Created: 
Ayakashi Blitz:Season 1 & 2


Works for: Psycho Brother Productions [P.B.P]
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2 Or 3 a day should do 
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Have him in circles
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Jagger Winberry

bountys  - 
((+Eienai Fuyushi sorry if i got thename wrong ill redo and get it right next time))

mairne Newspaper new Bounties added-Asurai Kadakura the Vermillion Blue as he his called has a run in with Marine Elite captain Commadner 
V.bane of the G-5 

this run in had thus of course caused a fight between the two casuing massive damage on both sides lucky it was in the middle of forzen sea so their was no civilan casuaties thoguth he being able to draw war ships to life give him a frightning advantage on teh stragic battlefeild

thought boht sides were injured that day and the Vermillion Blue escaped with his life after severly damaging V.Bane's war ship and so the Navy HQ has revoewed his progress

Recently noticing that he has Aligned himself with Fromer Admiral jaguar.D.inarizuki the "Hell-Dog" of the South being now wanted for over a 1000 Muders in cold blood and a supernova wanted wiht a 420,000,000 boutny Asurai is his Second in commanded abourt teh Neo-Pirates or as they also call themselves the neo-Navy

and so the World Goverment and Navy HQ thus delvier a  44,000,000 beli boutny onto him wanted Dead or Alive 
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yeah and its a good start now its really what you do now to raise it be smart and cuase dmaage 
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Jagger Winberry

Stories Posted Here!  - 
Chapter 3
Rawr Rawr Resort
Are anti-heros didn't have much of a choice to join the keyshio assassins and on top of that they had to deal with a little zombie infestation, makes you excited to see whats next right.
(Goes to our group of anti-heros in a rented suv driven by elijah on their way to their first assignment)
Elijah- Over here you will see lots of water and to your right you have MORE WATER YAY!
Danny- Ughh.. why did we get stuck with this mission
Jagger- Forget already reaper
Danny- Fuck you mutt
Jagger- You wanna go
Danny- Bring it bitch
Elijah- Hey don't make me stop this vehicle and spank your asses
Danny/Jagger- Fag!
(Luluna lifts her head off jagger's chest and looks at us with groggy eyes)
Luluna-(Yawn) are we there yet..
Jagger- No
Luluna- Okay.. hehehe(Snuggles back against jagger and falls asleep)
Danny- Awww you two are so cute hahaha
Jagger- Says the guy with a girl asleep on each side of him
(Danny looks over at a sleeping akiko then at a sleeping rika)
Hashia- Grr...
Danny- Whats your problem
Hashia-(Thats suppose to be my spot) Nothing hmpf!
Jagger- One minute she causes a zombie infestation the next she is laying her head on your shoulder asleep
Danny- Strange I know and it turns out she did it all for me
Jagger- Creepy yet ramantic
Danny- Indeed
Akiko- My danny(Mumbling in sleep)
Hashia- Grrrr...
Akiko-Hehehe mine (Akiko sinks her sharp teeth into danny's shoulder)
Jagger- Ow that must hurt
Danny- Actually it feels strangely good
Hashia- GRRRRR!!(Bites into the front seat glaring at akiko and rika)
Rika- Rika loves you(Mumbles in her sleep then sinks fangs into danny's neck)
Danny-(Shivers) Oh man..
Elijah- Ohhh danny's a freak hahaha
Hashia- ARGH!!!!!!!!!(Hashia bursts into flames causing the suv to explode)
(Later at the yuzuki resort our group manages to make it in one piece but since the suv exploded they had to travel the rest of the way on foot, when they arrived at the resort they was greeted by a women of high class)
Mrs.Yuzuki- Welcome to our resort, we are so happy our request was accepted
Elijah- WATER!
Mrs. Yuzuki- Ah yes you all must be very tired from your long journey
Danny- More like roasted( Brushes ash off his grey hooded jacket)
Hashia- Sorry..(Looks away blushing)
Luluna- Nee-san got jealous cause her man was being fawned over(Giggles)
Jagger- We may have lost the vehicle but I gained a nicely cooked bag of steaks
Jagger- Back off reaper my steaks
Danny- You selfish dog
Elijah- Now now boys behave
Jagger/Danny- Shut up eli
Elijah- Meep
Mrs.Yuzuki- Errr... would you all follow me into the resort
( Mrs. Yuzuki lead our anti-heros into a very lavish and expensive looking 5 star resort)
Akiko- Wow this place is very swanky
Rika- Rika feels like a princess
Hashia- This place must have cost a fortune
Mrs. Yuzuki- Oh good heavens no it only cost me a million dollars
Luluna- Awww good for you
Mrs. Yuzuki- Who says money can't buy happiness hahaha
Elijah- Oh hey a pool(Elijah runs towards the pool stripping off everything but his boxers and jumps inside)
(Elijah flips off hashia then cannon balls into the pool)
Hashia- ARGH!!!!
Mrs. Yuzuki- Hahaha your wife is quite a firy women young man
Danny- I'm single
Hashia- Wife...hehe...(Blushes)
Akiko- Grr...
Rika- Rika is his wife!
Mrs. Yuzuki- Oh my quite the ladies man you are
Danny- Ugh..
Mrs. Yuzuki- Hahaha single huh, you look like the type naori would love
Jagger- RESTRAUNT!(Runs off into the restraunt)
Luluna- Ah jagger wait for me(Runs after him)
Danny- Naori.. hmmm that name seems familiar
Mrs. Yuzuki- I think it would be good for her to meet some new people her own age...
Hashia- Is she okay mrs. yuzuki?
Mrs. Yuzuki- Well ever since my husband was locked up she hasn't been the same and to top it off her childhood friend disappeared one day.. poor girl never stops smiling covering up her pain
Akiko- Thats depressing...
Rika- Rika feels sad
Danny- Oh look a library(Starts to walk off but is stopped by hashia who grabs him by the hood)
Hashia- Oh no you don't
Danny- Damn it..
???- Mom where is he!
(A blond long haired women with twin tails wearing a pink frilly dress and beret on her head runs into the room followed by a short girl with medium blond hair who was wearing a frilly black dress with a witch hat)
Mrs. Yuzuki- Wheres who dear?
Naori- I can smell his scent
(Danny slowly starts to sneak away)
Naori- You!(Runs and tackles danny to the ground)
Nemu- Onee- san
Naori- I missed you so much!(Naori hugs danny tightly and snuggles into him)
Hashia/Akiko/Rika- Danny!!!
Nemu- Onee-san what are you doing to death boy
Naori- I'm fawning over my long lost lover hehehe
Danny- Uh oh..
Hashia/Rika/Akiko- YOU CHEATER!!(The girls attack danny all at once)
Mrs. Yuzuki- Oh my..
(Meanwhile at the restraunt with jagger and luluna, jagger is piling food on his plate)
Luluna- This place is very romantic
Jagger- Greatest first assignment ever, Whoooo
Luluna- Hard to believe we was sent to a place like this for a devil attack
Jagger- Hmmm these girls are wearing animal ears and tails
Luluna- Jagger..
Jagger- Me and danny was thinking that if we posed as workers here we would be able to investigate better
Luluna- Hehehe I like that idea, hmmm I'll be a ram
Jagger- If only we knew who ran this restraunt
(Suddenly a well groomed old man wearing a tux appears behind the two)
Old man- You called sir
Jagger- Heh talk about quick service
Old man- It's what makes rawr rawr cafe number one
Jagger- We would like to apply for work here
Old man- Marvelous, mia come here
(A women with medium white hair with a long braided pony tail wearing a maid outfit with crow wings walks up to jagger and luluna)
Mia- Yes sir
Old man- Please get these two dressed up and inform them off their duty
Mia- Jagger..
Jagger- Heh hey mia long time no see
Mia- Jagger!(Mia melees jagger)
Luluna- Get off him he's mine
Mia- Who are you(Hand turns into a huge cleaver)
Luluna- I'm his lover, who are you
Mia- I'm his lover also
Jagger- She's mia ikibihime my childhood friend
Luluna- Grr...(Summons her pistals and points them at mia)
Mia- He's mine
Luluna- No mine
(Sparks fly between luluna and mia)
Jagger- Ugh i'm gonna go find danny
(Little does he know that danny has already arrived and is in the back with the others)
Danny- Oh hey you made it
Elijah- We actually got here right after you applied us all
Danny- Grilled t-bone steak with bbq sauce
(Jagger places a hand on danny's shoulder and smiles with a thumbs up)
Jagger- I forgive you
Danny- Jeez your easy to buy off(Face palms)
Naori- Hello my name is naori yuzuki, your sister in law
Jagger- (To busy nomming on steak) Huh? oh nice to meet you
Danny- SHE LIES!
Naori- Whats so wrong with me being your wife, am I that ugly(Naori pouts cutely and poses very sexyly)
Danny-(Tries not to look or blush) Uhhh....
Akiko/Rika/Hashia- D-a-n-n-y heh hehehe(The girls are looming over danny with their weapons summoned)
Danny- Oh fu..(Bursts into flames) Ahhhh!!!!
Hashia- Hmph!
Rika- Rika can pose sexy too
Akiko- You stay away from him(Akiko points her machete at naori)
Mrs. Yuzuki- Now now this is no time to argue, its time for work(Holds up maid outfits and animal ears and tails)
(Danny is laying on the ground burnt and smoking with elijah kneeling over him with a marshmellow on a stick)
(Later that afternoon everyone is dressed up and ready to work, naori revealed she is a devil and her form which is a dragon mixed with a lamia, luluna is a ram, mia a crow, hashia a red dragon, akiko is a black bunny, rika is a black cat, and nemu is a panther. The guys are wearing tuxes and animal ears as well)
Elijah- I look good with goat horns
Jagger- Heh of course they give me fox ears and tail
Danny- Can't believe I was forced to wear these black wolf ears and tail (Danny has his arms crossed and is looking annoyed)
(The girls are staring at danny with blushing faces and are giggling)
Danny- What are you looking at....
Elijah- I think you look adorable
Danny- Are you gay or something
Elijah- Noooo... I just like cute things
Danny- .......
Naori- You do look really adorable and tasty( Naori stares at danny like a piece of meat and wraps him up in her tail)
Danny- Help!!
Naori- Hehehe no one can hear you scream in here my love(Licks her lips)
Jagger- Sorry but we have work to do(Jagger rips danny out of naori's coils and drags him out of the kitchen)
Danny- I hate this assignment....
Jagger- Heh just bare with it a little longer are investigation starts tonight
Danny-(Sighs) Fine..
(Our anti-heros start their day of work preparing for the night ahead but nothing will prepare them for the battle thats in stored for them)
To Be Continued.....
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Jagger Winberry

Stories Posted Here!  - 
the final draft version of Ayakashi Blitz chapter 1 season 1 man do i love my brother and to tag to read +Jazzmen F and +Aria Hofferson 
Chapter 1
Heros Of The Dark
This is a tale about three dark heros who never looked like the pair to ever do anything.
(Starts with danny walking up to keyshio university and jagger comming from the other direction)
Danny- Ughh can't believe I had to run away to another country over such bull shit, well at least I ended up in a familiar one
Jagger- Heh tell me about it
(Danny and jagger look over at each other)
Danny- Jagger?
Jagger- Danny?
Both- Dude small world (Fist bump)
Jagger- So you ran away to come back here too huh?
Danny- Yeah( Looking up at the university)
Jagger- Hmm.. I don't really feel like going to class
Danny- I don't feel like going to the university( Starts walking away)
Jagger- I second that motion reaper
(Danny and jagger head towards town)
(Goes to keyshio university)
Aruther- WHAT! they ditched, find them at once
Elijah- Shall I gather up the assassins?
Aruther- (Sigh) yes and elijah bring them back in one piece, we need these guys
Elijah- Can I hump their leg off hehehe..
Aruther- Ugh seriously why
Elijah- I don't knowww (Snickers)
Aruther- Saku
Saku- Yes?
Aruther- Send in the huntresses
Saku- Ohh this is quite serious, very well ( Walks out of deans office)
(Hashia, luluna, and rika come into the deans office)
Hashia- You sent for us (Runs hand through blood red hair)
Aruther- Yes I need you to hunt these two and bring them to me(Places pic of danny and jagger on the desk)
Rika- Hmmm.. such a waste, rika thinks the one with the black hair is really cute
Luluna- I can deal with destorying that one but can we spare the one with light brown hair up in a pony tail
Hashia- It is our duty to take them both out so no
Rika- ....(Glaring at hashia with red slit eyes)
Luluna- (Glaring at her older sister also)
Aruther- You are not to harm them, your mission is to bring them back
Elijah- Be careful though these guys are s-ranked
Girls- S-RANKED!
(Outside of the deans office saku is listening to everything)
Saku- Heh looks like it will get interesting around here
(Meanwhile at a karaoke bar downtown)
Jagger- Just pick one already
Danny- Don't rush me, we are americans damn it(Flips through song book)
Jagger- And?
Danny- I can't read fucking kanji
Jagger- Heh better learn quick then
Danny- (Face palms) ugh, Oh hey they have caramelldansen
Jagger- ...... No
Danny- Panzie, I'll do it if you do
Jagger- Give me 50,000 yen and its a deal
Danny- 30,000
Jagger- Good enough(Takes 30,000 yen from danny and picks up mic)
(Jagger and Danny start singing and dancing to the caramelldansen song, as they reach the middle of the song the door to their room gets kicked in revealing elijah and the girls. And before the door hits jagger he smashes it to pieces with his right fist)
Danny- I'm not paying for that!
Jagger- Looks like we have company
(Elijah and luluna step forward standing in front of danny with their weapons drawn, luluna points two 9mm pistals straight at his head while elijah has a nagito with a purple handle at the ready. Meanwhile hashia has her chain sword pointing directly at jagger while rika is starting up her chainsaw)
Jagger- Uhh... wrong room
Danny- I didn't do it, I plead the 5th
(Elijah and the girls look at each other confused)
Rika- Okay... wait what, rika's so confused..(In her confusion she smacks her head against her soul weapon knocking herself out)
Danny- Good gosh this girl is a ditz
(Jagger and danny look at each other)
Jagger/Danny- I'm out
(They both take off running out of the room but before danny could speed passed jagger, elijah grips the hood of his jacket and throws him out the window shortly following after. Hashia and luluna quickly charge at jagger, luluna fires a few rounds into jaggers ass then winks)
Luluna- Thats a little slap from me hot stuff
Jagger- Thats your way of flirting with me!, you shot me in the ass
Luluna- Would you rather the front cutie
Jagger- I'd rather you not have shot me in the ass little lone the front(Digging bullets out of his ass and throws them out the broken window)
Danny- Ugh what the fuck!, who hit me with bloody bullets
(Jagger leans out and yells to danny)
Jagger- Thats a present from my ass
Danny- I'm gonna kill you when I get up( Elijah lands and t bags danny)
Elijah- Hmmm.. landed on something really hard, good thing it broke my fall though
Jagger- Never mind i'm happy now (Turns around in time to see lulunas bullets comming at him)
(A gravitaional force stops the bullets in mid air)
Luluna- Eh?
Hashia- Thats impossible, luluna run!
(Before they could react jagger flicked his wrist sending the bullets back at them with a force so powerful it sends hashia through the wall and into a female staff member)
(Meanwhile at danny and elijah)
Danny- Ugh get off me....(Pushes elijah off him)
Elijah- Angry one arn't we
Danny- You.. you have really pissed me off(Pupils slit and his yellow eyes glow a little)
Elijah- Very well I will be your opponent(Points nagito at danny)
Danny-(Rips off pentagram necklace and tosses it aside, and a black aura surrounds him)
Elijah- Getting serious? suppose I should as well(Purple mist surrounds him)
(Danny charges at elijah with a fury of punches which he gently brushes aside with a evil smirk on his face, this goes on for awhile intill danny manages to get a hold of elijahs shirt collar. He brings elijah in close with a twisted smile)
Elijah- Oh your quite fast (Slashes upwards with his nagito slicing open danny's chest)
(Danny refuses to let go and summons his two hidden swords which sprout fourth from the sleeves of his grey jacket, Elijah dodges just enough so the blade doesn't go through his head but loses a ear in the process, luckly he regenerates it back)
Danny- Hmhmhmhm.. I'll crush you
Elijah-(Eyes turn icy blue and pupils turn side ways like a goats) lets end this then shall we
Danny- Death Skull (Danny throws a black flaming skull at elijah)
Elijah- Rotting Wave (Elijah throws a wave of purple miasma at danny which collided with his skull causing a explosion of black and purple energy sending them both flying in different diections)
(Back to jagger and the others)
Jagger- Your pistals look different from normal ones
Luluna- They are my soul weapon(Twirls pistals)
Jagger- Interesting.. soul weapon hmmm..
(While jagger is lost in thought hashia run back into the room in a panic)
Hashia- Its a trap, this place is crawling with devils
Jagger- Devils?
Luluna- Creatures of black hearts that devour humans and slaughter for amusement
Hashia- Quickly summon your soul weapon, this is no longer a capture mission its a battle
Jagger- What makes you think I have one
Luluna- Your aura and heart tells us so
Jagger- Heh very well, how do I summon it
Hashia- Focus your life force into your hand, give it a form and let it be unleashed(Fights off a few devils that look like demonic rats)
(Jagger closes his eyes and focuses his life force into his right hand, after a few moments his arm is flowing with red energy)
Hashia- Hurry up we can't hold them much long(Slices a devil in half and burning it at the same time)
Luluna- 7 Sins Lustful Barriage (Fires 17 rounds of magical bullets into several devils causing them to explode into a bloody mess)
(Jagger continues to focus and is just about to have it intill danny and elijah burst from another window crashing into jagger causing his energy to become unstable)
Elijah/Danny- Oh fu..
(The karaoke bar explodes with a burst of red energy sending everyone flying into different directions except danny and hashia, danny skids a couple of times into the street and crashes into a tree followed by hashia who crashes into danny. Jagger is thrown into a near by building followed by luluna who smashes into a ice cream stand not to far from him, elijah is sent straight into a adult store his cloths completely blown off)
(Danny and jagger wake up in a infirmary bandaged up)
Rika- Oi you okay, wake up rika is worried
Danny-(Slowly wakes up)
Hashia- Oh your finally awake, morning
Jagger- I'm being crushed and yet it feels nice at the same time (Mumbles half asleep)
Luluna- Hehehe.. morning(Snuggles into jaggers chest)
Danny- My body feels like I hit a tree
Hashia- You did and uh thanks for breaking my fall(Blushes and looks away)
Rika-I landed into a mall spending a hour trying to find my left arm
Danny- What the fuck did you just say, wait a minute (Danny notices rika looks like one of those dolls with all the joint markings)
Rika- Rika's name is rika artiste and rika is a demonic living doll
Danny- Uhhh...
Hashia- Well since we are now introducing are selves, my name is hashia oharu and im a fire spirit, the women over their snuggling your friend is my little sister luluna oharu
Luluna- I'm a succubus hehehe..
Jagger- Wonderful but uh can you get off me
Luluna- Hehehe no
Danny- I'm
(Elijah suddenly bursts into the room wearing nothing but boxers)
Elijah- Their name's are danny death and jagger akuma
Danny- Right.. uh dude wheres your clothes
Elijah- I was to lazy to get dressed
Danny- Uhhh..
Jagger- .....
Elijah- Do not question my sexiness!(Runs out of room)
Rika- Rika's nanites are healing up your body quickly(Leans in close to examine danny closely)
Danny- Uhh.. your in my personal space
Rika- Rika is your personal space (Moves in closer)
(At that moment saku steps into the room)
Saku-Ah your awake good
Jagger- Who are you
Saku- My name is saku and I am a professer here at keyshio university
Danny- Thanks for the welcome mat by the way
Saku- You can thank the dean for that one, I however am here for another reason
Jagger- And? that is?
Saku- I'm here to welcome you to join the keyshio assassins and help us defeat the rign of madnesss
Danny- Huh?
Hashia- We are a secret organization whos soul purpose is to fight the never ending horde of devils and protect the humans of this world
Jagger- Soo.. your guardians of the earth
Saku- To put it simply, yes
Danny/Jagger- Pass
Luluna- Awww I was looking forward to going on missions with jagger
Jagger- I only work with danny or alone, everyone else will just get in the way
Danny- I second that motion
Rika- Rika will not get in your way..
Danny- No offense but your kinda a ditz
(Rika started to tear up and her lips quivered)
Jagger- Way to go danny you made the living doll cry
Danny- I don't care(Looks away)
Luluna- Your emo friend is really mean
Danny- I'm not emo!
(Rika starts crying)
Hashia- Ugh here we go
Rika- Rika... really likes danny... why are you being.. so mean..
Danny- You don't even know me!
Jagger- Danny she won't stop unless you give her a hug
Danny- Ugh.. rika i'm sorry for being so mean, would you like a hug...
Rika- Rika.. would.. love.. a.. hug..
(Danny hugs rika but soon after her arms fall off causing danny to crash and land on top of hashia)
Hashia- You..
Danny- Huh?
Hashia- PERV!(Punches danny with a flaming fist straight through a wall)
Jagger- HAHAHAHAHA! ow my sides
Luluna- Wow sis now he'll never like you
Hashia- LIKE I CARE!(Storms off)
Saku- They don't pay me enough for this(Starts to leave but stops in the door way) oh and welcome to keyshio university, get some rest tomarrows valentines day (Leaves room)
Danny- Gahh... (Out cold laying in rubble)
Jagger- Well this is quite a interesting college, maybe it won't be so bad here after all heh
Luluna- Yes I look forward to our days together(Hugs jagger then runs off)
To Be Continued......
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Jagger Winberry

grand line  - 
jagaur.D.Inair zuki a new Supernova with a 420,000,000 bounty since his revolt againt the navy he has quit being an admiral and forged his own crew called the neo-Navy he has worked the past few weeks recruting 10,000 men egarly wanting to fight the World Goverment and navy as well as Celsital Dragons as he walk out of a building havieng his Crews jolly Roger tatooed upomn his back in a small town full of trouble as well as kind people he makes his way to the harboor were a secret ship vegapunk worked on was being keep

(Open to Crew or +Aria Hofferson post were yuo join the crew if yuo want )
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Thanks for the concern. I'll definitely have some later. smiles
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Jagger Winberry

Stories Posted Here!  - 
[[ and my second storie trying to type it like a book not the best at that but hey im giveing it a try ]]

Nature Systems 
a long very long time ago creatures of such great importance and power that once inhabited this world were thought to go extinxe or simple became fair tails we now tell ower children the truth is they never did creatues such as Elves,Gaints,Witches,Griffens,Dinosuars and even Dragons existed but jsut like the Dinosaurs a astroid hit the earth but not all of them died they were sprayed with a spore called "Nature Systems" as strage as that sounds but the creatures of legened turned into wepons of great power only asseable by a single indivadual the chose and even since then battles have been fought over who should weild these mighty beast over the centureis into modern day but you see their is an Order for "Nature Systems" only revel themselves to the One master who meets their likeing the weilders of these mighty wepons are called "Nature Callers" and i happen to be one of them !!

The Girl and the Snake

-gun fire was heard as a girl ran threw a maze of pipes diveing threw a hole rolling into a cave clunching a long case wraped in anicent brown looking cloth -
Were did she go !! search over their you two over their we have to find here else Boar is going ot haveo wer Hides in exchange !!
they run off in diffrent directions flash light going over her face it was very pretty she had golden eyes with fluffy blong hair then ends white breathing heavily as a long saber shook at her back
shoku-stop shaking "Mamba" your going to aleart them if you keep own (as he said that the sword stoped and a purpel eye with a yellow split pupil opend up at the hilt looking down at her)
Mamba-Shoku Raidama i do not like the fact were are here to steal such a thing its power is disgusting to me 
Shoku- well we can't jsut let them have it even if it still stealed im surpised you can feel its power mamba normal you calmer with a Natures-System ?
mamba-as you know very well i have had 3 years as your partner i do not upset easily but this creature you hold is not normal
Shoku-and yet a gaint water snake thast is now a saber is soo freaking normal right (she said while walking down the long dirt tunnel speaking to the sword)
Mamba-im diffrent and very good talker at that 
Shoku-you are so no helping your case but what do you mean no normal none of you guys are normal iv seen minotaurs as giant hammers and dinosuars melded inot stone age wepons 
Mamba-what you hold in your hands now is one of natures greatest children a beast so powerfull it once rules every inch of the worlds crushed towns beneath thier talons and infucled culture so much 
shoku-what are you seriosu (she looked at the box undoing the wraping reveling a wooden box with a curled anicent lock jsut as shinney new as it would have hundreds of years ago as a dragon desin appread on the wood) this what i think it is ?
Mamba-no you relize it it would have be bad if we let them get their hands on this one and it run wild now you understand (the eyeball shot forward)..i can feel vibrations ahead and behind us as well hurry now !!
Shoku-Right we better hurry too (he ran ahead takeing short cuts threw tunnels avioding large guards fireing at her ducking under collapes tunnels jsut to get away as she moved ahead large car lights blinded her)..ugh Who's that ?
as she said a man with a cane walked forward he had a long white fo-man sho style facial hair but with blakc hair in a militray style haircut on his head in pajamas and house shoes but his eyes radiate danger as men lined up behind him aiming their automatic wepons
shoku-this is not good ill ask again..Who the heck are you why did you want this Natures-system in the first palce !!
youpi-ah allow me to introicduce my self stupid little bitch i am mr' Youpi Lagoon and you have my fucking wepon as to why i want it is too restor my damn youth you Bitch Kill Her !!
Shoku-(he gave the command and she moved jsut as fast drawing the saber pircing it into the ground as the gorund water shot up like a gizer the armed men unloaded their guns but she flew up too fast going threw a large drain the water pressure making the cracks grow pushing her to the surface )...huff huff that crazy old bastard 
Mamba-shoku you've been injured (she mentioned as she had been shot threw the leg blood was bleeding out)
Shoku-damn i can't carry this with me any longer (she look around toa crate and pried it open tossing the sword in thier)...this is going to some musmem or something we can retirve it later 
mamba-thats a good idea we should escape for now live form another fight 
she left the warehouse as the tarp over it fell off reveling hte saying Anitque Stores Arkansas !! it read-
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No not exvally he is part of a group of high school summer scho kids to an education musume he starts hearing its voice luring him to the antique shop were the wepon is 
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well im a 21 years old single thought looking fora girlfriend im crazy in the head at times but a cool dude love Anime of all kinds and i wrtie my own Stories love to Rp as well have for a long time thought graduated form collage so don't have as much time for them now and the most presious people to me are my Brothers Elijah Garrent and Danny Duvall i would protect them with my Life if it came down to it i stuided a buch of diffrent martial arts and did a lot of street fighting Bad neborhood and past its complicated my nicknames people have dubed me are Fox,Inu and Kitsune 
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high school didnt end up killing anyone so their and was in band , music you now
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