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Share your insights on working parenthood with me in this quick survey. Enter to win a 60 minute work-life strategy session. 

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Ep 3 of the @ReworkingParent podcast. One listener said: "I love hearing other women talk about these issues. It is calming and makes me feel like i am not alone and not crazy for wanting something different from strictly stay-at-home or full-time."

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Hi All!  So happy to introduce my podcast.Every week I will feature real working parents who will discuss their career paths, how they got to where they are, what they have learned about professional life since becoming parents, how they connect parenting and professional life, and what they feel about having it all.

How can we redefine “having it all” on terms that work for us? As Anne Marie Slaughter so diplomatically says, “Lets clear away the half-truths we tell ourselves,” the “not necessarily lies but at best partial truths” about how to balance work and life. Simply put, let’s cut the bullshit and talk this through. That's the REworking Parents Podcast. 

Check out Episode 1, with the amazing and lovely Manoush Zomorodi. 

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-Are you trying incredibly hard only to feel you aren't doing the working or the parenting thing well?
-Are you overcompensating to avoid the mommy/daddy track instead of setting boundaries and advocating for yourself?
-Would you like more control over your schedule so you have time for more rewarding time for you at work and at home?
-Are you ready to make a serious change for the better, but need to point (and maybe a push) in the right direction?

You just need the right tools and guidance to really make it all work ... and it all starts with defining what “make it all work” as a parent and a professional means to YOU.

For years before owning my own business, I worked as an organizational development professional. It was my job to help leading companies and entrepreneurs shape management policies to encourage flexibility, productivity and motivation among their employees.

Using the same skills and techniques I used with so many clients over the years, I created a customizable system for working parent work-life based on 5 key areas: Professional, Personal, Partnership, Parenting and Pay. With this system, I have developed a way to make consistent progress in all areas of my life while feeling happy, fulfilled and motivated.

I discovered that once you gain clarity on your 5-Ps, you become a better parent, a better partner and a better person – not to mention a better example of life-work balance for your children.

To kick of the summer, I’m offering a free 15 min clarity consult by phone. In 15-minutes we’ll identify the key work-life issue that has you stuck and some ways to you can address it using my 5P method.

Here’s the link.

Hope to talk soon!

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Claim your value. Today through mother's day. 

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